Daily Poland hate thread

Hate on this shithole here

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t. angry jew.

well fuck you too

fuck off hohol

fuck off kike

at least it shows where their allegiance lies

Obviously a Ukrainian dude...

Then don't visit Poland and you will be ok

You mad heeb?

or angry jew.

Poland did the Holocaust, killing Jews and themselves, what a bunch of dumb fucks


>t. average pole

Stay mad TurkVPNroach

Well, I just made my first company, and i have to pay like 150 euro per month in taxes for it.

No idea if I should laugh or hate, cuz im anti tax.


>forgetting that if you kill yourself, you win.


yeah, good idea OP
it's shit here, nobody immigrate pls


Learn to draw a swastika proxy jew.


Poles defended Jews for most of its existence despite stabbing them in the back eventually.

baaased pooland

le based poland


From Berlin to Warszaw in not even 1 month. Strong winged hussar genes.

average pole

I bet thoose hussars wreckt the panzers didn't they?

Kill yourself turkroach

can we all agree polish grills are the cutest :3

yea, you captured all the local blacks in PL this year

you clearly don't know real style and elegance

Calm down because from this angry your foreskin will regrow.

>oy ve- i mean oh no we must destroy nahtzeeizm Hitler slaughtered 10 million brave hussars in my hohohohlohoax NEICMY PAY REPAREYSHUNZ WAAWAAA EBIL NAHTZEE

Have you moved here from Cred Forums Marcel?


based best ally



Jagiellonia, o kurwa xD. I co z tego?

>everyone I don't like is a jew
sandnigger spotted.


subhuman battle tictacs


shoo kike

Odrob Tel Aviv, Shlomo

>Bulgaria and german ally

Do you like fisting so much ?

like how we fisted you in ww2 aaah great times

>posts israel
>as "polish women.jpg"
now that's some mega kikery hier

Go back to cleaning toilets, Mykola.


>the one who really got fisted by germany
good job hussar stable boy

>banish all Jews
>pooland becomes an African shithole
>Jews create a silicon valley from a desert


It’s tatars from Russia. It’s Ural city
Google Varlamov photo

>>>/gas chamber/

>silicon valley


>t. Ahmed Dimayev



memefag aus

good slide thread

who ? Bulgaria? Lets be onest expect italian you were worst army in axis ally

I think its trying to communicate with me

better to be the worst fighting ally than to be absolutely useless in allied war contribution

so you rly think that hitler would let you live in peace? You have to be stupid as hell.


Sure Engloshits and francowords left us.

read Mein Kampf nigger

>USA, EU and Russia can't defeat 30k isis members for 5 years

almonds=in orbit


average polack

>implying isis isnt controlled by your shit goverment

>aperitif countries doing the shittalking
that's a new one

>charging tanks with horses

very funny how Germans used a Polish philosopher's most famous writing as anti-Polish propaganda



>guys based Poland amirite?...?? Guys?

>its the others fault my bigger army lost
never admit grzegorz

okay, now you revealed yourself, jew

you forgot your proxy


biggest fail 2018

you're even worse schlomo

you didn't

shoo shoo kike

i did and if you look at this book you will understand you are do blowjob for germans.
Purpose of your life is only serve your master german.

imma pro

>pirate flag
>calling someone else a kike
neck yourself

>based israel
hope the little girls beat the IDF into submission as last month

I hate that Poland doesn’t have its’ own nuclear arsenal to keep Germany and Russia out forever.

How about I neck (you)?

Russia would end them in one month if not for public opinion and US support

nigger while hitler was trying to save europe you were chimping out because you were the whore of (((britain)))

show flag first nigger

Mass report this shit thread

>polish Ikea

>chechnya grozny
i thought kikes were smart

make me

Sure its do. But what can i say? Tell me story of your fight for independence

t. Shlomo and Cohen tandem

>polish ikea
Try harder Schlomo

our fight for independence was exactly that, a fight unlike ur anal rape by germany

>polish central park



How? sorry but Poland dont like suck a dick like bulgaria. No one can rule us forever.


>le independant poooland
>ass fucked by germany and russia its entire history

more like poorland

Too be fair, Poland was occupied by the Russians and forced to live through communism. Plus, when did Poland actually banish all Jews?

bulgaria, more like bul-shit xDDDDDD

>phahah kek bul-shit lelel
bad meme




>when did Poland actually banish all Jews
never actually they gave them refuge


Ha ha nope. After war, jewish bolsheviks took over

>still trying

>still crying

izrael main market

In 68 the commie party threw out it's jewish members for whatever reason.

Im not Marcel and i dont plan on moving here

nope, that's still pooland

delicious butthurt

shut the fuck up already

polska to gówno

>keeps posting polish deathcamps

all paid with uncle Sam money, backed by uncle Sam military.

jews never created anything on their own


I know u live in Haifa, now shut up go kill arab children and leave europeans alone


so jew marketplace in poland, happy? We have to do the right for kikes otherwise they are burned down like last time.

usury money

reparation money


>not having a country for 2000 years
how does it feel?

you mean, #JewishDeathCamps?

Butthurt kike

Jews are still rightful Egiptian slaves tho.

lest we forget...


read about jewish communism and it's effects

also Palestine was already inhabited you useless fuck. it wasn't a desert.
and it is still as shity as it always been.

+people are waking up and you are running out of nations to jew from

i was in bulgaria and its not better place than Lithuania,Estonia and Poland commie shit hole. But we still have perspective.

actually Alexander Gronsky Norilsk. Siberia not poland. try again nose.


fuck off faggot, poland is god's country

there were no death camps, only if u mean the commies the nazis had only labour camps



Seite an Seite

That last pic is pretty based though, reminds me of Nakagin Capsule Tower; both were pretty radical and good ideas(easy, cheap, dense and efficient, plus modularity/extensibility/future-proofing for the japanese version), but people didn't maintain them as much in either case. Nakagin was only saved from demolition by the 2007 financial crisis. Honestly it doesn't cost much to tuck-point/acid wash the place section by section, the point is to want to do it in the first place.

go back to shaving your sisters back you filthy bulgar-turk roach

Jesus was Polish duh


>t.Rabbi Steinberg

How can I hate the land and people that saved Europe against islamism (among others, of course)?

How can I NOT hate the nations who betrayed Poland twice?

no one asked you to chime in slovenac go back to jacking off your austrian boyfriend you fucking meme