How do you explain this, drumpfags?

How do you explain this, drumpfags?

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It means people should get real fucking jobs

Minimum isn't average.

what's minimum US rent $/month? sage

What's the average wage then?


Ur not average if ur at the minimum do libs even statistic

>source: deep inside the asshole

mass media is a coded psyop
nothing is real
gg faggot

average rent
minimum wage


>the average US rent is $1234/month

No it's not

my rent is 700 dollars

If the poorest people could afford the average apartment, who would live in the 50% of apartments that are cheaper than the average?


Consider New York and California exists.

> medium not median
> minimum wage buys average house

With critical thinking skills like this, I can see why xe is on minimum wage.

Parsley sage rosemary and thyme.

My rent is $400. It pays to rent from a member of your church.

It's not stated by law that rent NEEDS to cost less than a quarter of your income.

why are leftists complaining about rent and wages? I thought they were all college educated high IQ city people... if Drumpf (orange hitler) can become a billionaire, surely it's easy for everyone.

Men am charging 700 a month better raise that shit

Why are people getting the idea that:

>You should only be paid wages that can afford rent or higher
>That people are entitled to only work up to 40 hours per week
>That you NEED to make a wage worth 4x the cost of rent to afford shit

Hell, I pay $1350 for rent in a nice neighborhood, only make $55,000 a year (about $4,600 a month BEFORE taxes), and can afford food, entertainment, and one overseas vacation a year cause I'm responsible with my money.

I had to work 72 hr weeks as an intern a few years ago making just $16 an hour. What could these libshits possibly be bitching about???

Came for this.

>end HB-1 HB-2 visas
>ban chain migration
>point system only
>focus on immigrants from high IQ nations 90>
>reduce legal immigration by half at least

This will make wages higher and reduce rents by curtailing supply of cheap labour and demand for housing. Happy liberals?

>comparing average rent to the lowest wage

Get roommates, nigger. That's what everyone before this miserable generation did. You can't expect to move out from your parents straight into a 2000sqft home on barista pay. Get a brain.


>rent is $350
>Have to usually pay an additional $100-$200 because housemates and I split the bills
>TFW I know I got it easy in this day and age
The problem is we don't have enough house diversification. A lot of these new houses that are being built are only getting bigger and more ugly like a factory line type style and they all look the same. (I swear to god there are not enough independent house developers and they are all under one large company at this point who doesn't give a shit) If people invested in making smaller homes that are around $50,000 then maybe things might change but the problem is that since there are not a lot of tiny homes the supply VS the demand makes them raise the housing prices anyway when you wanted them built to be cheap. Shelter should be a human right and these prices are ridiculous.

Poor people are poorer. Boo hoo, if you contribute more to society you can have nicer things, otherwise you are lucky if you don’t get eaten by the niggers.

In your scenario minimum wage makes them less in the same hours worked than the average monthly rent, it's obvious that below average wages get you below average houses. Average is combination of best and worst, not an expectation.

>average US rent is 1234/month

Average isn’t a minimum and that average is grossly inflated by coastal nigger filled cities

You can easily get a place with utilities for around 600-700$ a month in the Midwest

Teenagers live at home. Losers have roommates, and they live in places with below average rents. If you wanted to live in an average home in a big city you should have planned how you were going to pay for that.

Good point actually.

I'm all for living wages [spoiler]in the white ethnostate[/spoiler].

The average person does not work minimum wage.

Don't live in a city and it won't be an issue.

Meanwhile, I pay a mortgage of 675 a month for a comfy 1300 square foot house with about 1/3 of an acre of land. Not a lot, but its plenty for a nice vegetable garden and the house is big enough for me. I could also have a 4 person family live decent, much more though and I would need a bit more room.

I voted for Trump, but idiot capitalists think the lower class needs to suffer because they "didn't work hard enough" despite a lower class being necessitated by capitalism itself.

How many of you make $30 an hour?

Just asking not related to the discussion or to muh Trump.

My rent is $1250 a month for a 2 bedroom apartment deep in the southern california valley. It eats up about 3/4s of what I make after taxes just to make rent. I work for the State and am head of my department. Shit just sucks now.

Holy mother of God. Haven't laughed so hard in ages. I love Cred Forums and their hours spent in paint

minimum wage jobs are not meant to be professions, they're for older children and young adults in college or as supplemental income.

Still not enough according to OP's pic.
>I had to work 72 hr weeks as an intern a few years ago making just $16 an hour.
That's probably what they're bitching about. What do you do for work though?

Yeah, remember when Obama fixed that problem for you?

If you didn't have tens of millions of illegals in the country, renting apartments and buying homes would be a lot cheaper.

What is the average hourly wage in the US though?

My mortgage is $683 before taxes (property, etc) and my house was built in 2008 - 1700 sq/ft not including the finished walkout basement on .7 acres on the outskirts on Omaha, NE. Have a great job in IT due to high demand from Offutt AFB bringing the main internet pipeline right through our city bringing many IT companies to the area. Life is good in the heartland.

I make $27. Non union. I get a lot of overtime as well. Time and a half after 40 hrs $40.50 and hour.

Inflation of pries, but not inflation of salary.
That's all the explaining you need.
Funfat: rich people don't want to sell, if they sell then they have less, renting is good for them. And this is exactly why market will never crash. They bought up everything, so no crash is needed any longer. In previous market crashes banks merged into super banks, question is if they can merge any further, everybody works for them already. And private business in a way behaves like banks too, they just don't want to crash the market, don't want to burst the bubble, they just want to hold unto their ownership and leave everybody else to starve or be replaced by bigger retards from Mexico who need even less ownership. A Mexican can survive on corn alone.

renters are dumb. They are paying the mortgage plus a profit to the owner.

It is when you have a uniform distribution...

It means the rent is too high for you to afford alone and you have to adjust your lifestyle accordingly by getting roommates and living in a below average dwelling.

Outliers in rent cost for high prices "uptown" apartments surely drives up the price.
Here in DFW $1200 Will get you a very nice single apartment or $800 for one with niggers

Can I get the average rent of a place that doesn't include the 5 largest metro areas?


>my rent is 700 dollars
my mortgage is $339

For fulltime workers it's 44k a year so slightly less that what OP requires to be first world

>implying average rent is the rent for the average person.

Very expensive city rents boost this number disproportionately compared to most rents. Minimum wage also shouldn't get you the average rent anyway, it should get you the lowest.

Raise minimum wage to $30/h
They raise average rent to $5000

What part of that dont they get

>tfw rent is around $2000 for a 1bed/1bath apartment in the ghetto

It doesn’t matter how much the people on this biard make. $30/h is considerably more than the average person makes in this country and even that wage is pure shit. I make a bit more and I still stay at home because I’d be dropping nearly 2k a month to the rent jew for a shit box. The ghetto here still costs $500 a month.

I live just outside whats considered "suburbs" of chicago. I commute a little to work but rent is only 850 a month for a 3 bedroom house.

>What do you do for work though

When I was an intern, I was working for a civil construction company. I was basically in charge of quality control testing for a section of a dirt dam that was being redone.

Now I work for housing developer. I basically have a cushy desk job where I manage a few small projects, but I also get to go out into the field and take a look at the houses from start to finish. Not fantastic pay at $55,000, but its a comfy job and my boss is super lenient as long as we get work done.

its almost like the systematic import of desperate foreign migratnts exists to further flood the workforce and ensure employers can continue to offer you piss poor wages.

Its almost like the policies of the left contradict themselves.

dubz chekt

Stop renting a shitty studio apartment in the city.

t. dimwits everywhere

Yeah, you're also paying property tax, general maintenance, mortgage payments, and the decision to insure or risk losing everything. Don't get conned by these Jews, by the time you own your home it will be a worthless investment that you have to sell just to struggle through retirement. Not worth it.

12 dollars an hour here.
Work about 24-30 hours a week.

get a fucking roommate, you precious little faggot

>using the word "average" instead of mean or median
>believing that either the mean or the median rent is $1234 per month
>believing the goal of minimum wage is to benefit landlords


don't tell me she got a degree in Women's Studies or someshit

Maybe it's time to limit the salary. Maximum 150 thousand would be good enough, unless you going to cry for those 1000 billionaires and destroy country. Solutions for American migration and debt are very easy, but rich people don't want to lose money.

Trump had really nothing to do with this dumbass. Also, b8

Fuck you for triggering me hard with your retarded post.

>tfw a studio flat costs the same as a 3 bedroom one here

Life is pain

If you are paying over one thousand a month for rent, you are retarded and should probably an hero.

>minimum wage
>should aim for average rent
no they should aim for low rent

>a landlord
>has nothing to do with rent prices

>1 post

>$1234 a month
>MFW I pay half of that for my rent at a 7/10 1B/1B apartment

That’s why you have a wife or roommates and don’t rent the average house by yourself. I live with three people my rent is 1500 in a nice two story house. I pay 500 a month in rent. I would only need to make $12.5 to have my rent be a quarter of my income

>For rent to cost less then a quarter of income, as suggested, you'd need to make #4924 a month.
Or you need to spend

>Trump owns and manages every rental property in the United States

yeah, but she is a young, spoiled brat. so she deserves a high class place when she works at MacDonnells

the average person doesn't live alone, fuck off

>no one owns every rental property
>so let's not talk about it

>work in NYC
>live in burbs
>choice is either to buy a whole house to myself, a huge waste of space for a guy who will never marry
>or rent and pay some kike landlord and maybe not have my lease renewed anyway

I just want a small house that I own and don't need to worry about doing cuck stuff like taking care of a "lawn".

>I don't understand free market economics
you first

Sweden isn't USA. USA got bigger salary, but they have less money at end of the day, their interest rates are also by 2% higher than other parts of Europe.

I have a big boy job and am salaried. If I worked 40 hours a week (I don't, I average 30) I would make about 39 bucks an hour.

>I just want a small house that I own and don't need to worry about doing cuck stuff like taking care of a "lawn".
Isn't that what a condo is

It's almost as if you purposely breed them to be autistic

Kiddo, you're embarrassing yourself.

Yeah, but condos aren't even really cheaper than houses around here.

I've never paid for me then 450 in rent and i'm paying

300 is too much, you could buy a house with land for 10000 euro in beginning of euro.

The fuck kind of shit are you expecting for an apartment or house for rent? My god I spend like $800 on rent for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment and that includes my gas/water/electricity.

its because his dad gave him money, a million i think? thats why he is rich.

Buy a house and get some room mates to pay your mortgage?

>The fuck kind of shit are you expecting for an apartment or house for rent? My god I spend like $800 on rent for a 2 bed 2 bath apartment and that includes my gas/water/electricity.
What zip code

> Minimum wage should be the average wage

Million these days is worth much less and he also got ownership, ready to rent out, so he didn't need million.

> Uses national average inflated by overprices shit holes like NYC or LA.
> This is why we need to raise the bare minimum that people are payed everywhere
Please do, that will just make companies to hire less and hire more part time positions.

I rent a small room in a house owned by a married couple. Rent is $550 and utilities are split between me and four other people. I can pay all of this with half a month's pay working my wagie job.

Stop living in luxury apartments by yourself if you can't afford it faggots.

It means
> get a better job
> move out of high-density, democrat controlled shitholes
> stop importing spics that drive up the cost of living (more consumers in market with same amount of real estate drives up price)

It's not hard.

You're not entitled to a single bedroom apartment in the prime part of town.

>ad hominem attack with no substantive explanation of how Trump's status as an owner of a handful of properties affects the national average rental rate


You make 1600$ a month in commiefornia? I can hardly belive it.

It is called minimal wage for a fucking reason.

If you have seen more than 25 springs and yet the only worth you have is flipping burguers then you should recobsider your life choices or fucking kill yourself

>paying 3000 dollars per month to live near Mexicans

Comparing AVERAGE rent to MINIMUM wage.

How about you compare the MINIMUM rent to the AVERAGE wage and tell me how well off Americans are? No?

that's for 2 or 3 bedroom houses retard, apartments in a not the best part of town are on average 500-800 a month

Not to mention the benefits a minimum wage mother receives... Bumming get up to around $40k lifestyle

strong misuse of statistics. it's really stupid to use an average in this case. guy is a moron.

Nice user, my parents are from Lincoln. I live in the Northeast now but I love visiting. Midwest cities are only going to grow as the years go by, I think. Cheap to live coupled with younger people moving there for jobs / starting families.

Average doesn't mean you have to pay it, nigger. Get a slum apartment for 500... ;_; like me

So work more, Musab

Minimum wage is the MINIMUM wage, not the average wage. This is Bernienomics.

If rent is costing you 1234/month maybe you should move somewhere where it doesnt fucking cost that much.

There's your problem. Use local median and it will be correct.

>just move
>just get a better job
>just become a scientist or doctor

you can tell who still lives off their parents and who actually gets it on their own in threads like these.

I live in DFW and I pay $1200 a month (and that includes water) for a decent 1-bedroom place right next to the nice part of town (also right next to a shitty part but haven't had any problems yet).

I have a good job but I don't have enough to put down for a house.
Hell, I could get a better apartment with roommates and pay even less then.

I make $47.50 an hour, but I am salaried and generally work less than 40 hours a week (closer to 30).

So in reality my hourly is higher. I pay $650 in rent for a room though so it is expensive.

then you are a fucking moron.

>not owning property

lmaoing at ur life rite now

>1 post by this ID

The average wage is around 50 grand. Wow looks like the average imaginary person is good!

"Average" haha on the worst coast maybe.

There are many medium size nice safe & white cities where $800 will get you a beautiful multiroom house.

>expecting an average home while working a below average job

Know your place and find a below average house which will have below average rent or get a better job. Entitled little shits.

This is what 1.2k gets you in Boston, a very expensive city btw.

Community that sidesteps usury? If there's an anti Christ, you must be the equivalent anti-kike

seriously. Anyone who thinks you cant afford to OWN a house on a modest salary is a moron who never left mommies house. I OWN a house in a nice enough area, on a pretty large chunk of land, and I only make 1800/month. It really isnt that fucking hard to budget yourself for christ's sake.

>deep state insider at the Asshole

and where do you live? Kansas?

1 bed 1 bath in Fort Wayne, Indiana is 550 a month usually. Minimum wage at 40 hours a week is like 900 a month after taxes. It’s not hard to live on minimum wage unless you live in a big coast city

That people making the minimum believe they should be living with those making the average

Average includes luxury suites the 0.1% live in. Liberals are retarded

I thought doubling minimum wage was going to fix all of that in California.

sheeeeeit i pay ~2200 for a 1br in DC

As a dental specialist I will take home $1200 a day, before taxes. This starts for me very soon. I think the meme about them being depressed was to stop people from becoming dentists. I guess all you have to do is work really hard for 8 years, performing in the high percentile of your peers.

If we deported all non-whites, demand for housing would drop greatly, lowering housing prices, making home purchases affordable for real white Americans.

Dude, that's DEEP south Boston. Maybe the interiors are nice, but you're gonna get mugged the moment you step outside.

Same situation in Houston. Fun fact: some of these ((luxury)) apartments are literally right across the street from the boonies and some unlisted section 8. Imagine, your street view is a nigger den

>tfw make $5000 a month after taxes
>own and live in duplex
>renter pays my mortgage

Feels good man.

Sup fellow dentist bro. Going to do my GPR at Columbia, hyped af.

>How do you explain this, drumpfags?

What is the minimum rent? Also if you make living wage you better not live alone.

>"Why can't I afford the average rate with the absolute bottom wage available in the market!?"

Woah, you mean that somehow the bottom end of the bell curve can't equate the median of it?

Fuck man, 5th grade math is fucking racist.

but u dont, moron

>Average rent compared to minimum wage
Well there's your problem right there.

what are your thoughts of columbia?


>Average includes luxury suites
Liberals can't into math.

>wah, I work at McDonald's and don't make enough to cover
>my weed habit
>my fast food habit
>my weekend partying
>I think I'm entitled to more money for a job that literally a retard can do

Why are liberals so pathetic

Shhh, don't tell them that :^)

I just wanted a nice looking interior room for the pic. The other apartments in downtown and Cambridge either look like ass or if they look nice they are 1800+. Pic related is in Cambridge.

Jews and government interfering in the housing market artificially driving prices up

Stop living in overpriced cities. Here in NM I can find 2 bedrooms for 600 bucks and I make 12 bucks an hour.

minimum wage jobs are meant for highschoolers

also that includes apartments in fucking New York, you can find a decent enough apartment in most places for 600 or less so long as you're willing to put up with shitty management

Where is that average rent at? I pay 475

>muh rent
so this is what the american dream has been reduced to huh

>paying 2200 for literally anything monthly
Dude. You'd be rich if you'd just get a 500-900 apt and chuck the rest on an IRA or BTC. seriously, you're flushing all your cash down the drain. You better be FBI user :^)


To expound upon this literally outside of the cities here there are 3 bedroom homes for rent for 800 bucks a month.


>work a job at minimum wage
>save every penny you can
>open a line of credit
>pay for trade school
>finish in just a few months for a very cheap cost
>do a paid apprenticeship program


550 for a room and you still have to pay and share with other people. that's not cheap. My mortgage is 400 for 4 bedroom house

skewed. Use per-state and median.

>the alpha owner
>the cuck rentee

average house hold income is the us 2017 was 4916$ a month

>wah, I work at McDonald's and don't make enough to cover
>my weed habit
>my fast food habit
>my weekend partying
>I think I'm entitled to more money for a job that literally a retard can do

Why are liberals so pathetic

Where the fuck do people live where rent is $1234 a month? Here in St. Louis anything above $1000 is considered overpriced.

Not giving my zip code to someone here but it's just outside Atlanta

When I got kicked out I worked a minimum wage job and I paid 200/month for rent in a shared house. As of now I make $43/hr and manage to save about 70% of my paycheck and I don't even know what to even spend it on since I made up with my parents and now pay their bills.

I've got one of the cheapest units in my neighborhood and it's still $1850 a month. Where is this cheap ass $1200 rent?

It means the government should set the rents too

Such bullshit, I live in a metro area and rent for a decent two-bedroom is $950

Shit, I'm buying a 2bd house for $300 a month. Move somewhere else.

why not jsut go back to feudalism at this point? at least serfs had better job security

that's not the average rent in the US lmao

$80K/yr here. I work in the aerospace industry.

Salaried here but it works out to $88/hr if I worked 40hrs/week

Because St. Louis is nothing but niggers, everyone is evacuating.

>import a fucking million and a half people every year
>to say nothing of illegals
>act fucking startled when shelter costs begin to reflect that population pressure
fuck drumpf he has no plan to restrict immigration fucking drumpf

or fucking enforce immigration laws fuck drumpf and fuck wh*te people

he hasn't deported anyone fuck him fucking cheeto


>the average earner earns minimum wage
>Minimum wage should be equal to the median family income
>I deserve a nice place for fucking up simple orders at a fast food chain

only people in the US making under 20 per hour are niggers, white trash, and kids.

Interesting, because by that math, if you raised the minimum wage to $15.00/hr, you still wouldnt be able to afford your own place.

Salary isn't a human right. People are free to work for themselves

Now that ((((women)))) are part of the work place all forms of government and economics now take in to account that people have duel incomes despite the fact that the majority are single.

dental bro, we ought to do business eventually

I bring home 975 a week live at home with mommy and have zero debt & 96k in cash sucks to be the avg american fag paying 1234 a month. Blahahshsahshddjdkfir

I'm unironically wishing for UBI even though im an anarco cap.

The WWII and Boomer generation ROYALLY fucked the entire western worlds economy.
I was raised upper middle class but my parents died and im now im low working class. I cant afford anything (luckily no debt, didint fall for the college jew) but i make more than $12,500 a year (just barely) and so since im single i dont qualify for any Gov benefits. I cant even afford health inssurence but again, dont qualify for any wavers.

I work as a janitor and cant even afford to life by myself in a one room apartment. I have to have two roomates. One fo is my sister sadly, we are all we have left for family. Fuck the boomers. They actually deserve to be gassed.

This has NOTHING to do with Trump and everything to do with the 2008 housing collapse (caused by Jews making subprime loans to nigs, spics and single mom strippers).

After the housing bust, all the construction workers, electricians, plumbers, etc. (everyone needed to build a house) had to find other work. Population is still increasing, on top of massive immigration (legal and illegal) from shithole countries. This means the demand has exceeded the supply, and all the people that were building housing a decade ago moved on. So now a house you bought in the 90's for 50k is worth over 200k in most markets.

Rent increases as a result, and only the top end of earners (which is decreasing in this shit economy) can afford to purchase a decent home outright. Banks will no longer take risks on said nigs, spics and singe mom strippers, so you need very good credit to get a mortgage. This leaves the lower classes competing to rent shit apartments in shit cities paying 3x what they are worth. Only useless boomers are happy with this housing market (they can sell their house for 10x what they paid and fuck off to Arizona or Florida to die in comfort). Gen X, Millenials and Gen Zyklon B are fucked.

Welcome to the new economy, brought to you by (((them)))

I make $26.35 an hour and I'm don't just fine

>making 100k
>Rent is only $550 with a roommate
>Take the train to work from the suburbs
>Saving up cash and waiting on the next market crash to buy someone's house on the cheap
These faggots don't know about my frugality.

Nail on the fucking head.

>Meanwhile, average americans, 300-600 house payment.

Get an electrical engineering degree and make 66k a year starting.....

eh I can still afford it and still have money left over. The key is to not waste your money on frivolities like most millennials.

How is this your parents fault?
I had the same thing. Parents found me having sex with my ex and kicked me out. I managed to finish school lived on minimum wage and got a job with the power company here and I've been set ever since. I don't blame my parents for anything and now I even pay their bills.

>comparing an average to a minimum

This. Most of the problems are because of a surplus of labour thanks to illegal and visa foreigners, and muh womyn in the workplace. Funny how these problems didn't exist in the past until those two things were ramped up more and more.

You dont make enough on a wagie job
If 500 is half you are fucked.
200$ base for life inssurence
100$ for a phone/net
200$ for food

Now you still need to pay for utilities, cleaning supplies and hygiene supplies. Car and car inssurence.

NO WAY you have a comfortable living as a waggie, ESPECIALLY gient he numbers you jsut suggested.

>Double minimum wage
>cause disproportionate inflation
>rent now costs triple

i make 52/hr
>i rent

or get into a good trade. I'm at $27 an hour but constantly am getting double time thanks to being a lineman

I dont blame my parrents. I blame their generation that enacted all these policies that have fucked the economy so much that I cant even afford a one room apprt as a full time Janitor. I get it Janitor... fuck me right? I do the dirty work no one wants to, and over the past several years its been getting worse. Im making less and less cause Mexicans will do the work for $7 an hour.
I make 11$ an hour and still dont take home more than 13k a year workign full time. Not my parents fault, they gave me a decent up bringing in middle class... again not their fault... its the boomer and WWI generation that sold out their grandchildren and children universally. Not specific parents you idiot.

I'm not saying you can't afford, just seems a little expensive. And i agree, i only buy appliances when my old ones break down. Altough i do like paintings and antiques but i buy them at low prices and could make profit on it any day

That's it!

Lets just all be electrical engineers! Crisis solved!

I'm no fan of shitty people who make poor decisions but the economy is seriously fucked at the lower end mainly due to years of unchecked immigration. There are WAY to many people depressing lower wages and at the same time taking up all the rental market space. We need mass deportations ASP before another housing economic crisis.

Min wage fags can kill themselves though it is not hard to climb out of that status and its just meant to be supplemental income for teenagers and spouse looking for some extra cash but our society has been so warped its just over saturated with shit skins. Your average nurse or construction worker should be able to make enough money to afford a house and feed a family without the spouse working but fuck the nuclear family and all because MUH ECONOMY WE NEED MORE IMMIGRANTS!!

You could buy half of Detroit for the price of a six-pack and some smokes right now. It needs some fumigation though.

If you work for minimum wage you should live in minimum housing not average housing

>Parents found me having sex with my ex
Why? Was you and the ex the same sex or something?

500-900 in DC means living in the ghetto or 30 miles outside of the city. Very expensive housing within city limits and the immediate suburbs. I'm lucky I pay $800/mo for a 2BR basement with one roommate. Still a bit of a nigger pit tho.

>buy all of Detroit
>kick out all niggers for "remodelations"
>le 99% white ethno-city-state owned by user

Most people don't live alone

im a realtor, we use the rule of threes, aka your rent must not represent more than one third of your income (before tax). mortgages are something like 28% of income (more difficult) but no one uses 25%. not to mention the obvious -- minimum wage earners will likely not be able to afford an average apartment (duh)

$4,924 X 12 = $59,088

The median wage for workers in the United States in the fourth quarter of 2017 was $857 per week or $44,564 per year for a 40-hour workweek.

Naw dude. It was his sister.

>what are (((landlord/tenant laws)))

Oh look, it's this thread (again) almost maxing on posts (again) using the same exact twatter post.
yeah well guess what nigger, 5678% of stats with this numerical pattern lack factual basis.

Americans cut their son’s penises to stop them from masturbating. They don’t have a healthy conception of sexuality.

unironically spend less time on this board

Thankfully I am uncut. That process isn't manditory.

>one-quarter of income

what the fuck? one-quarter of income? thats fucking ridiculous.


Maybe in fucking Manhattan. Mine is 500/mo, and it includes free heating in the winter and a free-to-use swimming pool.

OP is a faggot.

>$1234 rent
In faggot libtard cities where you live by niggers, yes, but in real America, no.

Sorry user, I'm not white. But word of advice on those "cheap" home listings. A lot of them are condemned, and back on taxes.
This means you owe the local government some insane amount of money on closing and you are also legally required to get the building up to code. You're better off buying somewhere that isn't a complete shit hole.

See my earlier post.
Just put up some posters before turning on the gas. Niggers can't read anyway. Especially if it's in cursive.

Simple really, if you consider that the majority of Americans are above minimum wage?

unless you do your own work with your own hands restoring said place, but I do agree that that is not everyone's skillset. I can't wait for it to happen to chicago, I've been putting my companie's excess proffits away for the last 6 years in anticipation. I will buy chicago.

>How do you explain this, drumpfags?

Prepare to BTFO Op in 3... 2... 1...



snygg get broshan

Look at this asshole. Starts out begging his own question listing what "average rent is", then presents the absolutely BOTTOM OF THE BARREL in wage earners.

Fucking moron.

Cash definitely seems like the way to go. At least for a decent portion of your portfolio to buy the market when the crash we're overdue for happens

Takker! Synd jeg er norrbagge da. ;^)
OS guld er ikke nok. Nå tar vi svenske GET's også!

>average income
Meaning there are places that are lower than that

>minimum wage was never meant to be for grown ass adults , it’s a starter job to for high school kids

If you’re poor you live in a poor area with rent below the average

If you’re an adult that makes minimum wage and have no useful skills that will get you more than that, you deserve it. You are responsible for your own actions, you are responsible for training yourself and educating yourself to be useful in the work place

The only exceptions to this would be individuals that are mentally retarded or those with physical disabilities that don’t allow them to hold a normal
Job, and we have programs to help those people

I'll stick it to you this way, I don't have a personal bank account, only accounts for my buiseness. Otherwise, everything I deal with is cash. I bought my current home from a friend's mother in cash, and when the time comes my accountant and I are planning to make our move.

It's not to stop us from masturbating (because it doesn't), it's because it's the mark of slavery to the kikes. There is no medical reason for the procedure. By 2020, we will be able to buy back our genital parts (the frenulum, the ridged band, 20,000 erotogenic nerve endings, thousands of Meissner’s corpuscles [also found in the fingertips]).

du kan ta vad du vill, svennecuck som man är

The average wage in the US is $24.57. I don't know why you're going off of the minimum wage when you're talking about average rent. You're not talking about the minimum rent, so the minimum wage is irrelevant.

God speed my nigga

we're going to make chicago great again nigger, and once again with true midwestern architecture.

Jeg noyer meg med billig svenskt ol. Stockholm er fylt av "blattor", men det virker som om folk begynner å våkne. Alle på jobbet her er borderline Völund Smed allerede. Soon brother!

Real estate is overvalued. This is because a few decades ago liberal judges decided it was racist to not give out loans to different groups of people at equal rates, even if different groups of people had different credit ratings. If the government had not fucked with the economy, the problem would not be as big as it is.

I just looked up the median rent for my city, which is one of the largest in the country, and we are at around $1020. So the per hr income would be closer to 25 for us to make that a quarter of your wage.

Where did she get that though, is that in normal apartment lease documents? I don't even remember what my lease says about income. The CPI weights housing at something like 1/3 of spending.

Where the fuck besides large cities is rent $1234 a month? When I rented at 4 different locations, in 2 states the rents were: $615, $700, $520, $715

When I was 20 I was making over 5k a month in a factory. These people spend more time bitching about not having enough money than actually improving themselves to be worth more to a company.

I know it's a troll post but holy fuck I bet the tweet is completely serious.

Well thanks to daddy big dick government, my first and last buiseness loan came at a 1.9% interest. My lead laborer just got a car loan at .37% interest. He complained to me on friday that he had missed the last 7 payments. He's still driving that new 300. Fuck the banks.

Minimum wage is for high school students. If you expect it to support a life you are a retard and just killself.

No? People making less than 10$ in a Gaussian distribution would be, what, three SD away from the mean?

This is a woman working at McDonnell's. I'd wager she makes more than 15$/h.

It was like that under Obama as well...

Oh look this leftist is talking about post-tax costs with pre-tax wages. She's in for a rude awakening when she moves out

there is no excuse to make less than 1k a week by the time you're 30.
I dropped out of school at 17 and threw burning napalm all over my life for a decade before i finally made a decision to got my shit together and now im 31 and make 1.5k a week as a coder plus other income that totals anywhere from 1k to 5k every month. There is no excuses unless you have severe development issues or brain trauma

>threw burning napalm all over my life for a decade


Buy, pay off as much and quickly as you can. Prioritize.

>Not living in a van or RV
Do you guys really like giving your money away?

actually it's east of Dorchester, so meh

Congrats on making amends

The average rent for a one bedroom apartment is $500.

that fucking side mirror

Send the illegals home and rents will drop

>Americans cut their son’s penises to stop them from pulling down the pants on gods chosen and shoah'ing them

Are you me? Buying a house right, 1355 sq/ft on a .33 acre. Should be around $650-700 depending on interest.

They're comparing average rent to minimum wage. Compare it to average wage. Apples to apples.

Boomers need to be shaken out of their properties which they hold indefinitely on the market at exorbitant prices. Crashing the equities markets, bankrupting social security, abolishing their pensions and Medicare should do nicely.

Average doesn't mean everyone is renting at that rate, also roommates

1.25 in 1920's silver quarters is worth about that much. So minimum wage in silver quarters at 1.25 is sufficient.

average != minimum

Where NYC?

Average US rent is $1234
Average US wage is $25
Not bad.

I live in a newly renovated 4 bedroom 2.5 bath with a back and front porch for $1100 in WI. My sister, her husband and their 2 children share it with me and my gf and our 8 month old child, we split rent so we each pay $550. Our landlord is some chinky fucker.

no it's not retard.
Did you just wake up from your 2010 coma?

what the fuck is this implying? to raise minimum wage to $30/hr

Why do you lefty fucks always think that the absolute minimum wage, designed for kids wanting to jumpstart their work life rather than to be what failures live off of, should be enough for someone to live singly off of? None of you even possess basic logic skills, it's fucking depressing having to deal with you children.

What is median, the thing most statisticians use when looking at rent prices and wages...

You do know that's only for federal employees, and most earn more than that depending where they live right?....

wow if only housing wasn't in high demand raising prices and there weren't tons of people willing to work for cheap preventing companies from giving raises

I wonder what the reasons are for these problems, could you help me brainstorm this guys?

lmao who seriously pays $1234 in rent hahahahahahaha like nigga move somewhere else

minimum wage isn't meant to live on, if you can only earn that than kill yourself, can't compete in the real world faggot

But it's the most common.

no it isn’t

With 7 people living in a 4 bedroom I think that are charging you too little.

every now and then a leaf gets it right

Should stop getting drunk and high and going to high school parties and start studying to have a profession that pays more than 30k a year.
I only make 15 dollars an hour

>not buying a house
>instead renting it

Daily reminder rent is high cause you need insurance, and need to pay certified over chargers to fix your tenants shit.

I live with my parents, so let them deal with it.

$30 an hour is well into salary if you're getting 40 hours

new law passed



I live in a 1 bed 1 bath in a decent neighborhood 20 minutes away from downtown Indianapolis for $600 a month.

Move away from the city retard.

Spics aren't driving prices up, chinks are

>1234 a month for rent
I live in one of the more expensive cities in America and my rent is several hundred dollars cheaper than that. I also split rent with my wife while we look for a home well out of the city.

>what are roommates
>what is not trying to live in a studio apartment in the heart of a major city

Liberals perpetuate all of the problems they whine about.

Nice get

Damn I hate people that don't know statistics. So misleading it isn't funny.

for starters, if you use the average us rent then use the average us salary which is $21/hr

Wait, are you telling me the poorest people should be able to afford the "average" apartment by themselves?

I have a funny joke about that
The head of a laboratory is looking to hire someone new. Since he is well respected at a well respected institution applicants flood in, and he narrows down his canidacy to three bright young promising contenders. A grad student, an engineer, and a statistician. As a test he presents a problem in where some data has been collected and asks them to interperet its meaning.
The grad student researches what others have done on the subject and presents his conclusion, making sure his citations are of utmost quality
The engineer builds a model with certain parameters so to best identify what was causing the data to act as it did
The statistician however, during his interview cooly looks around, shuts the blind and whispers
"what do you want it to mean"

the absolute level of new-pol.

Dirac would be disappointed of you user. You have failed your race.


Everybody says there is this RACE problem. Everybody says this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY white country and ONLY into white countries.

The Netherlands and Belgium are just as crowded as Japan or Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve this RACE problem by bringing in millions of third worlders and quote assimilating unquote with them.

Everybody says the final solution to this RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-whites.

What if I said there was this RACE problem and this RACE problem would be solved only if hundreds of millions of non-blacks were brought into EVERY black country and ONLY into black countries?

How long would it take anyone to realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem. I am talking about the final solution to the BLACK problem?

And how long would it take any sane black man to notice this and what kind of psycho black man wouldn’t object to this?

But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against my race, the white race, Liberals and respectable conservatives agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

>Minimum wage
>Median rent

What is this gay shit? If I'm making minimum wage I'm living in a minimum rent place. And the suggestion is around a 1/3rd of your income.

Why do liberals need to lie to support their beliefs all the time?


You should really be getting someone to explain to you what an average is.

Housing prices will never fall permanently.

Boomers will rather import 3 billion 3rd worlders than have housing values fall.