Thoughts on fed owned public land?

Thoughts on fed owned public land?

It protects the wildlife, which is good. America isn't America without protected federal land and national parks.

It's illegal, same as most "native" lands.
The DOE/DOI is what feeds the shadow government and cabals with resources like oil, gas, gold, metals, uranium.
The BLM/ACOE /DOE/DOI/BIA/NPS should be totally gutted and reworked with usable laws.
China owns half the federal lands now as Reserves/collateral.
look at the U1 deal.
Look at all the mines run under the TSX or why that crook Nixon did ANSCA and the gold standard at the same time.
Fuck the feds, thats not Fed land.
It is Solutrean First Nation's Land

It's one of those things where it's wrong and illegal, and they probably abuse it for their own gain, but it also does a lot of good.
BLM land is well taken care of.

It's the govt way to lease land to foreign govts.

At the cost of billions of taxpayer dollars.

>muh wildlife
>muh greater good

whats going on in nevada?

everyone in nevada is a fed

Give it back to states.

Some of it should be chosen for the Ethnostate

>t. cityfag whose never seen a wild animal before

This 100%.
The Feds have been weaponized just like the FBI.
The EWC/BIA/NOAA/DOE have actually spent millions to surpres the Solutrean hypothesis and force a theocracy with "Indian" sovereign laws.
The BLM was built to help miners and ranchers, same as the 1872 mining Act, timber/Stone acts.
The BLM does a shitty job and only cater to foreign corporations for resources that belong to citizens of the States.
All Fed lands need to be granted to the state they reside in or China/Russia will own it all.

The states would probably sell it to China/Russia anyway after they go bankrupt from the cost of fire suppression.

The fed government shouldn't own any part of MY state. FUCK OFF

Exxon is the largest Petro fascist on Earth.
Trump picked Rexxon for a reason.
The feds utilize native corporations, some Russian blood even to control the actual corporations that feed the cabal/shadow government.
Exxon needs aleyeska, doyon, bbnc,asrc, and especially chugach.
Guess which native corporation mans all the secret fed bases?
Communist soviets subverted the US, thats why all Fed lands need given to their rightful states now.
It has become a rogue creature.

It is the collateral in case the government defaults on its debt.

Feds don't do fire suppression, the recent fire near crater lake that turned the entire state into an immense smoke-house so bad the sun looked deep red during the afternoons was because they were just letting the fire burn due to it being federal property.

It was supposed to be given to the states. End of story.

The feds NPS/BLM.
this summer will scam the nation with a new ancient "mammoth kill site" and "camp" with salted tools in Alaska to false flag the US into finally only believing Indians (Siberians) were first and all those yummy native mines and ASRC got all those sweet Shell Chucki Sea Leases, and Nunavuut formed.
Maybe Cred Forums is not really smart enough to see what exxon has in store for you, since they own the DOI/DOE/BIA/EWC/NOAA/NPS/BLM now.
The Fed is spending hundreds of millions right now to "prove" Indians were first and their sovereignty for resources, by fraud-anthropology.

Interestingly this is what the second Bundy standoff was about. The BLM poorly managing land. They refuse to do controlled burns leading to tinder boxes. The family in question was fined for a failed controlled burn or something like that. We figured out decades ago that if you start small fires it is better for people and the forest than letting it get so overgrown and filled with dead wood that you have massive forest fires. For some reason forestry services quit doing controlled burns.

Apparently it's because too many of them in certain states went out of control and caused massive damage because retards who didn't know how to do them properly were responsible.

Again. native corporations and in canada "first nations" corporations are taking over that billion dollar forest fire fighting ability.
Only Indians know how to fight forest fires dumb white man. "smoke jumpers" 80% Indian.
feds scam everything using " indigenous" corporations now.

They still do when necessary which is the case 90% of the time.

The NDP is bonified Communists and subverters planted by old KGB.
The entire pipeline, LNG, mining structure that was just built is going to get "donated" to all those poor sovereign Indian corporations so the rest of Canada doesnt share in the wealth.
Nunavut/ Nunavuut is a huge Commie issue and no one even cares.
Soviets won by subversion, The US Fed pushes the entire native " sovereignty" with canada to support that old soviet 1971 plan.

Most of those lands are part of the United States because tbe government either bought it or conquered it, which also costs money. Texas, the original 13 colonies and perhaps some of California are the only areas the federal government isn't directly responsible for becoming US clay.

Guess what the mystery 13th corporation is?


Prescribed fires are still a thing. Millions of acres of land is rx burned a year. Also fire-use from lightning starts is becoming more prevalent when it's determined the urban interface won't be affected.

Also there would be more prescribed fire if the general public didnt complain about the smoke so much.

They're saving it for us.