In order to deal with the porn industry, Cred Forums will conduct one of the most cunning role reversals.

We will false flag feminists all over social media, to attack porn studios for their "Apparent" marginalization and abuse of women for the sake of money.
This will inevitably force feminists and commies to attack porn, because if is a beneficiary of sexist men and capitalism. We will be united with everyone by deception. and will have one target, the Juden in porn. We make the left attack themselves with a very coincidental silver lining, feminists and hard right shitposters have one thing in common. They hate porn, if we use feminists as the main rule of engagement, they won't see it coming.

We can dominate magazines and headlines all over the web including fox news which may pitch into the fight based on their supposed "Traditional" views.
This operation also has more than one victory, it will red-pill normies about porn and at the same time debase feminism to centrists.

We attack porn on facebook, Twitter, ...
Main twitter account that we've made:
Main hashtag is #Pornispatriarchy
(if someone can make a facebookpage that would be great aswell)

For those that are interested: I myself use a website for free followers, likes and retweets.
(follow for follow site) ref link:

Also, if you're participating, we must gradually begin this adventure, to not alarm anyone about troll accounts please only tweet once or twice per day about said topic,
talk about other feminist shit and viewpoints to muddy the water. If we can get media outlets to report it we've done our jobs, we just need to get the snowball off the crest of the mountain.
Because this has huge ramifications for porn studios and will highlight the disgusting practices of feminism. Feel free to repost when this post dissapears, the operation might take some days to take a hit.



>Reeeeee get rid of porn!!!
You're no different then the fatties who want to ban fast food because they lack self-control.
Also the only people who should not watch porn are normies since they can get girl friends and relationships. Thanks to kikes ruining women, some of can never get that, and porn is the only way to vent sexually without going crazy and doing rash things like sexual assault..



We know what to do lads, keep the thread alive. If you have any ideas for the plan to succeed faster, let it know.

Can we get this to FOX?

Excellent plan, getting rid of porn would be a great step forward!


what about hentai. 3DPD am I right?

just need to get rid of the inferior race of girls
2d girls are dimensionally superior


You should post some anti porn studies

Can we just attacked the blacked shit? Advertising trolling im just sick of it existing.

Reported to the FBI.

Guaranteed this is a Russian bot ring trying to recruit gullible skinheads.

Attacking porn and feminism will deepen divisions in American society, exactly the goal Putin wants.

Don't let them fool you again.

link me some, i'll take a look at it.


go ahead

Post with your real flag, GCHQ.


Shulz! I fucking knew it.