How come America is so bad at the Olympics?

Isn't America dominating all the world sports? Like the World Series and things like American Football?

We made America great again. We don't need sports to prove our dominance in world affairs anymore.

US has never dominated the Winter Olympics you mongoloid. Summer Olympics? Yes. It's hard to be good at Winter sports when winter lasts for like 3 months.

>too many non-Whites
>lazy soyboy nigger culture that promotes faggotry and equality
>no national sense of pride
>attacks own VP
>adores Best Korea's waifu

What do you need? This should be obvious lad.

its winter olympics, its domain of white people, just shows you that 56% meme is real

>Summer Olympics? Yes
only your niggers are good at sports you subhuman mutt

Its because people of colour dont like the snow

Shut up healthpack faggot

>It's hard to be good at Winter sports when winter lasts for like 3 months.

We haven't even had a proper winter since 1997.
And even if we did we don't have any mountain anyways.
And we're STILL ranking higher than you.

Stop making excuses and get off your fat ass.

because they were picked based on their political pandering and not skill

Why are you niggers so good at ice skating anyways?

It's god damn impressive desu

Its because theyre all fags


Superior genetics and hard training.

>Team USA goes full multicultural
>lowest medal count ever






The Olympics are filled with mostly gay sports that no one cares about

See you in Olympic basketball

sage by the way

Diversity isn't our strength obv

country's a fucking wreck. they should introduce competitions in identity politics and we could bring home dat gold

How can anyone train hard in a country that has legal weed and brothels?

too busy focusing on real sports for summer games instead of sledding and figure skating

It’s probably planned so they can blame it on Trump not being an “inspiring” leader

Don't worry, I'll bet you'll manage to with that curling gold.

We're not the ones spending weekends in Amsterdam.

This. If people moved to cities and states where everyone shared political beliefs, the US would balkanize pretty quick

>Yes. It's hard to be good at Winter sports when winter lasts for like 3 months.
Norway is subject to the Gulf Stream and hardly gets even a centimeter of snow these days thanks to your GLobal Wobblimg. You have like 7,000 miles of cold rocky mountains.

a lot of them have to agree with leftist cuck political shit or they don't make it

As if basket "contact is a fucking foul" ball is not a pussy sport, you could have picked a better example

Too many old has-beens that get selected for their status.

I don’t understand, perhaps we are not diverse enough.

I've only met one of you swamp people and I got the impression he'd never had fun in 50 years.

The dancing chink choked
The nigger was terrible at speed skating

Statistically speaking Dutch people spend more weekends in Amsterdam than any other group.


IOC need to kill themselves. They take 70% of money and keep it for themselves. In old day, IOC only took 4% and actually made Olympic great.

Funny, modern IOC is runs by entirely Jews.

Lindsey fuck drumpf Vaughn

Though scummy English tourists are probably a close second at this point.


The winter Olympics are the European Olympics, this is known. BTW did anyone catch Gabriella Papadakis 'wardrobe malfunction'? Flat but nice

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