Cred Forums why should you own an AR-15

Cred Forums why should you own an AR-15

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It's pretty overrated desu


Why would anyone need an Assault Rifle 15?

It's a common gun and upgrades and replacement parts are easy to find.

Seems like an effective weapon, and I have a right to.

Overrated enough to be outlawed?

Rifles are approximately 2.6% of firearm homicide

Because it's my right, just like you have the right to be a faggot; far away from me.

According to the UN small arms survey more guns = less murder when all nations of the world are investigated

because I'm a soyboy without the real man's weapon - AK

So when we get these people you can get a shot in.

The trend line remains a negative slope which means more guns = less murder even if you remove non-industrialized countries and also remove the USA because the USA is such an outlier that throws off the stats.

Even with USA and non-industrialized nations removed, more guns still = less murder


because the government has M16s

For the upcoming race war and its a great Nigger repellent.

Armalite Rifle*


Cause the PKM is a bit expensive to shoot very often, and the 37mm cannon is too noisy for the indoor range.

To shoot up schools apparently.


>gun control argument #3 thread 984758918715187591591435713571


Because I can.

Prefer AK desu.

>Cred Forums why should you own an AR-15
Because it's the firearm the government doesn't want us to have.

Anything the government has, I should have it too

>Overrated enough to be outlawed?
No firearm should be outlawed.

That's a violation of our rights.

Because they're affordable and versatile

Just seeing how I can combat arguments against owning an AR

Why would you want free speach?
Do you think it is an inalienable right?


>Overrated enough to be outlawed?
No. It would require selective fire for that. It is overrated in the popularity however. I prefer something with more power. Just a personal preference.

This is the Armalite AR-17 shotgun.

Is it an assault rifle too?

I'm done arguing in good faith or pretending to care anymore. If you want them try and to take them.

it's 30+1, has good penetration and fast rate of fire. why wouldn't you want to own it?

Way way over!

holy shit who cares literally anyone who supports gun control with an the arguments you see in these shill threads is so bluepill braindead they wont even respond if you argue

shitmeant for u

Because controlfreaks like picrelated hate you having them.

Practical non-2nd amendment reasons to own a high capacity rifle

>riot situation where police are unable to respond in a timely fashion to every individual call (LA riots)
>national disaster where emergency services are straight up cut off (hurricane)
>you are very old and you hear multiple intruders breaking into your home
>to form a local self-defense group in the scenario of corrupt unhelpful police and local organized crime (Mexican vigilantes)

Someone please explain to me why you need an ar15 when you could just put your glock in one of these

>Why would anyone need an Assault Rifle 15?
To defend against our government should it become tyrannical.

I've been in literally hundreds of gun debates in my life, both in person and online. I don't think I have ever swayed a single person. But I like to think the other people listening or watching me argue realized what a retarded piece of shit the anti-gun person was and how all my arguments were backed up by data and sources.

You obviously don't understand the 2nd amendment or the difference between rights and needs.

Because it a great weapon for killing communists.

It's my right.

>Just seeing how I can combat arguments against owning an AR
You don't need to, you are an American and it is your right to own one if you wish for a plethora of reasons. To answer your original post, because I fucking can. all fields

Because that shit is retarded. Strapping more bullshit onto a pistol doesn't change the fact it is still only a pistol.


Because we like our puppers

Finally, I'll be white just like you guys!

The Constitution is a charter of conferred powers. We the People surrendered limited powers to the government through the Constitution and retained that not surrendered. Congress was granted warmaking powers and thus the exclusive power to control the weapons of war that follows that. Because of this supremacy, laws that restrict access for the citizenry and the states to the troops, devices and weapons of war are constitutionally legitimate. The principle is quite evident in the Constitution itself.

Anything used to assault a person is by definition an assault weapon

Because squirrels are faggots and they get the bullet.

You see. AR-15 is like a big penis. And Glock is like a small penis. What you have posted did not make a small penis bigger. It's the same small penis with a make-up, which only makes it even more gay.

And 2nd of all, I'm pretty sure that 2nd vertical grip ahead of the trigger would classify this as a short barreled rifle and require a special permit.

The gun laws leftists have put in place are literally fucking retarded and can send you to prison for nothing more than putting a grip in the wrong place on a gun.

To intimidate federal agents.

>Cred Forums why should you own an AR-15
Apparently it is the superior weapon. Nothing gets the job done like a AR-15. Who wants anything inferior?

Seriously, gun sales are going to go back through the roof!!! Buy one and keep it in the box. Worth more than gold if they try to ban them.

Already do. Going to buy another one to bury in the backyard too because fuck the democrats.

You should own an AK like a real man, those things never fail, never

>The gun laws leftists have put in place are literally fucking retarded and can send you to prison for nothing more than putting a grip in the wrong place on a gun.

But no matter how large the penis, how do you stop unplanned pregnancy? Size does not matter, as it is all in the use.


size matters but anything over 6 inches is wasted. It's all about the girth after 6 inches.

Because niggers pour over you in waves, user.

pls gun friendly and white country

Even the smallest one can create a pregnancy.

>leaf turns into a roach

Stripped lower receivers (legally the AR-15) can be purchased for as little as $35 some places. Legally this is the AR-15.

If anybody is interested in an AR-15 but can't afford one right now I suggest getting a stripped lower receiver. Every single other part of the gun can be ordered through the mail with no background check. Only the lower receiver requires the background check. If they get banned you are grandfathered in and have one before the ban so you can keep it.

Fancy ones can get expensive but a cheap one will still get the job done.


I don't think you need a special permit for this but I see your point.

It actually stands for "Adolf's revenge".

Already own one, nothing you can do about it.

You just have to pay for a $200 tax stamp and submit a form to the ATF for approval

I was at a gun show the day after sandy hook. It was nuts. Normally gun shows are just a few dozen middle aged men walking around checking out guns. There was a line out the door of well over 1,000 people trying to buy AR-15s because everybody thought they would get banned the next day.

Shitty $500 ar-15s were being sold for like $3,000 to idiots in a panic.

the keywords there being WELL REGULATED and MILITIA

So my government doesn't have a monopoly on violence.

My point is that it isn't trivial to own that thing and if yo owned it without the required paperwork you might find yourself in prison. and your right to own a gun forever taken away since you are now a felon.

Easier to just own an AR-15. Less hassle and superior in every way.

why not two?

To protect yourself from mass shootings

Killing Redcoats and other Agents of the King

That’s a separate statement from the one with the other key words THE PEOPLE and SHALL NOT

The keys words being GO FUCK YOURSELF COMMIE

in good working condition
the populace at large as well as the individual as ruled by SCOTUS in interpretation of the legal definition at the time which was any able bodied individual age 17-45

Only busters have one. Anything less than 4 is bitch nigga soy boy tier


No, they are together but well regulated militia comes first and when he's referring to "the people" he's referring to them in the context of them being a well regulated militia.


Fuck fuck stamps nigga


Basically. Trump winning the 2016 election has been bad for gun sales. Hillary was really the gun salesman wet dream. No one really feels the need to get a gun while a "pro-gun" president is in office but when an anti-gun Dem is in office sales are through the roof.

"Why Donald Trump Is Bad for Gun Sales"

No doubt. It has become painfully clear to me that arguments don't matter. This is about political power by the use of the moral high ground. Once someone has be labeled a "victim" we are all supposed to give up everything we have earned, through hard work and responsibility, including our respect to be "fair" or "just". The victims have a right to demand justice from who done them wrong. NOT US! We didn't shoot up a school, I am not responsible for a deranged kid in Florida. IF anything it was the responsibility of his family, friends, school and community that he was abandoned. Again, Not my responsibility and fuck you to anyone who says it was.

What do you think militias are comprised of? Individual private citizens with firearms. You. Stupid. Fucking. Leaf.

It doesn't have to be AR-15. AK-47 is fine too. And it's used to shoot the militia when they come to take you in a gulag for voicing politically incorrect opinions on the internet.

Instead of taking the tools to kill people away, has anyone thought about fighting the mental health problems and unhappiness? Maybe you wouldn't have school shootings, if your people weren't depressed.

The Sutherland Springs mass shooting was cut short by a civilian with an AR-15. He ran out of his house barefoot with only one magazine for his AR-15, engaged the mass shooter and wounded him. The shooter fled in his truck. A fellow citizen driving his truck saw the shootout between the killer and the good guy with the AR-15. The good guy with the AR-15 hopped in the stranger's truck and they pursued the mass shooter until he died of blood loss and crashed his truck.

Police arrived like 15 minutes later.

Assault Home Depot trucks? Fuck your logic

Got 2 in the mail to my ffl bruh

I don't own one. I own 3 and am nearly finished building one for boar.

Get out, loyalist cuck. Don't make me call you by anything but your preferred pronoun.

God you’re retarded. Shouldn’t have expected so much

Why shouldn't we?


because i can, bitch

Because I can.


Because I can't accurately fire 2 at the same time.

when the govt makes me an outlaw, there is really nothing left to do except behave like one.


Theoretically, yes, but it is financially unfeasible for just about anyone who would actually want to launch it at someone; weapons grade nuclear material is EXTREMELY expensive to manufacture.

Ooga booga

The military isn't a militia. A militia is made up of citizens (the people) not professional soldiers. If the people weren't armed there would be no way for them to form a militia when needed.

when someone is enraged, or mentally ill, they just yell at the tv and throw their fist (or finger) and the person they're yelling at. Maybe they might drive by that throw a brick at their window... maybe they might attempt to hit them with their car in a parking lot....

by if they're a gun owner.... it becomes a homicide or murder-death-suicide.

I lost a friend in high school who was shot at a red light in the back of the head by someone with road rage who had a fucking gun rack in his truck. If he didnt have that gun rack in his chevy I'd have a dirnking buddy right about now.

Shit fucking thread

That picture needs an update. It doesn't have Omar Mateen, the muslim who killed 50 and wounded another 50+ at the Pulse gay night club in Miami.

He would be #1 on that list.

Show your flag leaf

>I lost a friend in high school who was shot at a red light in the back of the head by someone with road rage who had a fucking gun rack in his truck. If he didnt have that gun rack in his chevy I'd have a dirnking buddy right about now.
Your country still has free speech. Blood is the price of freedom.


He’s not from here. And his country has no such thing

Why do they sleep like that? Is it a personal space thing?

Anyone willing to kill over traffic will likely have had previous incidents that would get them flagged, behavior like that doesn't just appear out of nowhere, also, assuming I notice the nut job quickly enough, I would rather be able to fend him off myself rather than rely on others to possibly not get there in time.

Because tanks require too much maintenance and are an insurance nightmare.

I'd rather own a G3.

I hear they don't get very good fuel mileage either. But they are great in the snow.

Why would you eat a coyote?

>does have gooseneck
>cant use carry handle
such a shame

cos its fucking awesome

Slam and dunk.

I would much prefer an ar-15 with an aa-12 under belly.

Pest control?

They kill livestock and eat pets. I live in Kansas. I hear them howling at the edge of my medium sized city (100,000 people) every night. They come into the city and get small dogs and cats at night. When my small dog is outside at night I keep a rifle handy.

I can't use these without a source to back then up

AR's are over rated. I was actually thinking about getting a Thompson M1, they just released a 9mm version of the infamous Thompson M1. That would be awesome, a Semi-auto Thompson that won't cost a fortune to take down to the range and fire.

You are correct. I need to update those with a URL. I literally just screencapped them a few months ago and have been meaning to make them higher quality.

Here is the source

Because trumps a nazi and he is going to overthrow with his fascist regime and you need to be armed and ready for when that happens.

More expensive than something like a CZ scorpion and less reliable.

You can put a folding "wrist brace" on a scorpion and it isn't a short barreled rifle. It is still a pistol legally.

Thompson fires from an open bolt meaning it pulls the bullet from the magazine, loads it into the barrel, and fires it all in one motion in a fraction of a second. It is an obsolete design. Shit like the Uzi and other shitty submachine guns from the 1950's use that method. Newer guns like the MP5 etc. evolved to a better mechanism.

Good enough! On phone right now so I can't add them myself but I'll save this for reference

its fun and i like it and i have passed the necessary background checks/registration/etc.

I wouldn't be buying a Thompson for reliability. I figured that was kinda obvious lol. I just want a Thompson for the nostalgia, and just a fun gun to own.

rolling negros

oy vey

I'm less likely to die from an AR-15 than from opioid overdose

I don't know OP, why so you need to be able to say the word nigger?


come and be reborn!

Freemasons and other threatening mobs of intruders

Why are you so paranoid?

Other than:
>Communist China - Tens of millions killed
>Communist Russia - Tens of millions killed
>Communist Cambodia - Tens of millions killed
>Nazi Germany - millions killed
>Communist Cuba
>Communist Venezuela
>Fascist Spain
>Fascist Italy
>Japanese Empire
>Saddam Hussein in Iraq
>Muslim controlled Iran (used to be secular)
>Numerous military coups in Turkey

When has a single government become insane and tyrannical in the past 100 years. I dare you to name a single one. Checkmate.

There is no need to own guns and be able to defend your liberty. Give up your guns!

uh everyone knows nazi germany dindu nuffin


lets get them nigger countries

Heavens me, I don't own any of those scary guns. I lost all the ones I had in a boating accident years ago and have never gone back.

Rollan for Argentina and Poland

Well that blows


2nd Amendment.

I'm a white male, and my rights shouldn't be defined by niggers' and degenerates' bad decisions.

actually it makes it very cool and assaulty

>66 get
>free choice
kawaii japanese school girl please.

To get back ontopic: AR15s are awesome. Super modular and can become anything you want. Long range guns, short range guns, PDWs, etc.

Criminally underrated.

Can confirm, they eat young calves and sometimes old/injured cows that are too weak to run away and get seperated from the herd. I live in northeastern Texas, and the county actually pays people awards for a "varmint hunt" tournament about every 3 months or so. Otherwise, the coyote population would get out of control. They do the same with wild hogs, which are even more of a nuisance, and not even native to North America. Texas Parks and Wildlife actually promotes limited hunting periods as a method of preserving the environment. I just wish we could do the same to niggers/beaners.


To shoot niggers comin to steal my shit from 300 yards away.


why would you not own a AR15?


Reminder than the American people paid for those nukes.

Yeah, but with a suppressor it'd look super sweet.
Plus hitting zombie-shaped targets with that thing would be slightly more fun.





To defend your other guns from tyrannical gun-grabbing kikes?


Look up Japanese Internment Camps, that is why we can't trust the state to keep our rights.

>I just wish we could do the same to niggers/beaners
Their population needs to be culled. Just look, they can hardly even find enough to eat and can't even provide for their young. It is the humane thing to do.

Feeding them only makes them dependent and makes it so they can't provide for themselves in the environment. Giving them handouts seems like the humane thing to do but hurts them in the long run.

Or LA Riots and the numerous other examples like it.


because hordes of rabbit leftists and illegal mexican criminals who want to lynch any maga-hat wearing conservative exist


The Koreans who kept the niggers from burning down their stores during the LA riots are a great example of why the 2nd amendment is awesome.

its like saying every citizen has the right to own a nuclear bomb

no, its not

Not an AR-15. Multiple AR-15s.

Militia means unregulated not state or federal ran. Every man is considered part of the militia, so every man needs a gun you fucking leaf.

>Cred Forums why should you own an AR-15
because I can? It's just a rifle

It's the Bill of Rights, not the Bill of Should You?

Why should you have dicks up your ass, OP? AIDS kills more than guns.

They do. The cost of entry would keep everybody but Bezos, Musk, and Gates etc. from owning one.

Well maybe. A crazy russian would probably sell you one for a case of vodka.

Because. That's all you need to know you slack jaw faggot.

>Cred Forums why should you own an AR-15
you shouldn't own an AR-15. You should own an AK-47. AR's are prone to jamming. Plus you can get AK's in 7.62 x 54 (.308) rounds that will go through armor plate that AR rounds won't.

pussy rifle. You need a Battle Raifu

I don't. Ban the piece of shit. I have a Sendero, Mini-14 and 30, Nugget meme gun and a Marlin 1895. Every single one of these is a better rifle than the ar-15.

I agree, it's garbage. But you can get the ar15 platform chambered in damn near anything.

The real question is, is why do I need heat seeking scope optics?

Because when the race war starts the winning side will be who owns the night.

Take a look


lets see

because i want it
it might come in handy if i ever have to kill a bunch of communist rats some day.

The only thing is, is sort of a bad investment because I doubt many batteries will be being made in 10 years.

Because I prefer my ruger mini 14. These never hurt anyone.

The real question is, why wouldn't you?

They are the ultimate home defense weapon. Light recoil and accurate our to 400 yards so fun to shoot. Look cool. Not very expensive. Loads of history around the AR-10/AR-15 development, symbolic of the greatness that is this country.

Something has to kill jews

>It is an obsolete design.
no it's not. it's perfect for submachine guns. it can be made to work with an absurdly cheap manufacturing process.

Only because it's not the killing machine liberals envision it as. The fact is it's a compromise of firepower and mobility. There are much deadlier options but they're more expensive and heavy.


This outta be gud

The current year is 2018. We, as a nation, need to move beyond outdated ideas like the 2nd Amendment and instead rule by emotion first.

There is not any reason for people to own AR 51s!

>why should you own an AR-15

to piss off white soyboy democrats and protect myself from thug negroe democrats and to protect myself from illegal mexican ms13 who also support democrats

Because foreign influences work inside the United States on all levels of government?


You know our second amendment keeps you leaves safe. Well shitposted, guy friend buddy

one individual who practices their marksmanship is a regulated militia. or are you implying the left would be more comfortable with gun owners/ownership if we all trained separate from civil supervision with the intention of waging war on the standing government should shit get Orwellian like in the UK?

Somebody is gonna rape this commie bitch hard and make her suck on the glawk



having that flag and not knowing that you can kill coyotes as pest control?

Bubba pls

lel you got reborn in Leafland. Rolling to see if I can do better...

Sheit, got digits. I'll take Burgerland again any day.


This. Anyone who lived through that shit knows that it was this close to going over the tipping point and becoming total war. It's only when the shit started to encroach on We$t Hollywood that the guard was called in. The cops just stood back and let it happen.

fun fact: he never said that


The 5.56 round was a compromise between weight and power. A soldier can carry almost twice as many 5.56 rounds for the same weight compared to 7.62 NATO. The 5.56 is powerful enough to be deadly but lets the soldier carry as many rounds as possible into a firefight.

In a prolonged firefight it often is more important how many rounds you have than what caliber you are shooting.

Wow. My entire viewpoint on guns has been overturned. Thanks for that video.

I'm going to go cut all my guns in half with my bandsaw right now. I feel so guilty for ever have owned them.


if you live in the inner city, it will help in self defense. best to just leave tho, there are a ton of guns everywhere

Well that changes everything!

>there has been one rebellion. that comes to one rebellion in a century & a half for each state. what country before ever existed a century & half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? let them take arms. the remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. what signify a few lives lost in a century or two? the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants. it is it’s natural manure.

Thomas Jefferson

Nice meme flag by the way, faggot. Afraid to show your true colors?

To complete my extended phenotype

5.56 NATA is a casualty sub 300yd. 7.62 NATA is casualty sub 600yd.

5.56 100yd means the fucker can shoot you from the ground as he bleeds to death

7.62 100yd means the fucker has a baseball sized exit wound and half his lung on the ground. he is dead already.

US military likes "Maneuver warfare" which entails lots of ammo expenditure. thats why 5.56 real fuckin' neato is used.

For the same reason you want to take it.

Idiot. And then the Constitution was AMENDED by the Second Ammendment explicitly giving the right to the People indidually.

Reminder that nearly every republican flag is a shill.

i'm jealous you bitch, you now have to give me that g3 or consequences will happen.



why does everyone pretend like a kid with a plan couldn't thunder fuck a school with an over-under. Hell if eric and dylan weren't fucked up spergs they might have even gotten the same kill count with singleshots if they worked together.

The columbine shooters wanted revenge on the people they hated. Not maximum kill count. They let lots of people go. In their minds it was about revenge. Not saying I agree with them, just pointing out they weren't out for maximum death toll.

but thats still my point, someone determined hitting a school looking for high score could do it with the weapons libs think are ok. Unless you want zero weapons and therefore an unprecedented repeal of one of the pivotal first 10 amendments or want to allow only muzzle loaders for private ownership, you can't really stop this.

5.56 was designed as a wounding round, To Prolong Wars Not End Them. Many States Wont Even Let it Be Used for deer hunting, because it is inhumane. Outside of 100yards it's crap. It's the 9mm of rifle rounds.


6.5 master race


You can get an AR platform chambered in 7.62 (the Ruger SR-762 for example) or .308 if you like the bigger round. Just sayin'.


9mm of rifle rounds? do you even know anything?
all pistol cartridges are extremely similar. 9mm and .45ACP use the same amount of gun powder for most loads.

5.56NATO 55gr military ammo is designed to be light weight so soldiers can carry more. has nothing to do with "prolonging wars" lol. stupidest shit i have ever read.

2.23 80gr cartridges have better ballistics than 7.62x49 NATO after 300yd

OK I agree with you. And here is an example.
>The Cologne school massacre was a mass murder that occurred at the Catholic elementary school (katholische Volksschule) located in the suburb of Volkhoven in Cologne, West Germany on 11 June 1964. The perpetrator, Walter Seifert, attacked the people at the school with a home-made flamethrower and a lance, killing eight pupils and two teachers, and wounding twenty-two others. When police arrived at the scene he fled from the school compound and poisoned himself. He was taken to a hospital, where he died the same evening.

Dude fucked up his school with a home made flamethrower that was built from a fertilizer sprayer and a spear.

ay man the worst thing to happen in the history of warfare was the switch away from 8mm lebel

fucker should have suicide by cop, would have been way cooler to have dash cam footage of a kid with a fire lance getting blasted like the end of an action movie

Hey if you want to put some dime sized holes that wound instead of quarter sized holes that kill no wonder you need more rounds.
Name the war the US has won using 556 & 9mm?

It was in 1964 so no footage. Cameras were big and clunky back then.

We only lost the wars because of unclear objectives. We could have genocided all the countries we fought in a matter of days. It's trying to occupy a country that doesn't want you there and retarded rules of engagement that makes us "lose".

Our kill to death ratios are still like 50:1 or better in most cases.

30-06 was (is) the best caliber. bring back the M1 garand. patton was right.



M-14 is better in every way. Box magazine instead of *PING*, full auto if you want it.

guns should be banned in america so the next school attack involves more creativity, how are we letting german boomers beat us in murdering kids?

dude. ping is the best part. full auto? more like fully wasted magazine.

Because it’s my God given right

M-14 has single shot it you want it too. But if a dude is right on top of you there is the option to turn him into swiss cheese with full auto as well.

Best of both worlds.

30-06 is way overpowered for most military use and even a lot of hunting uses at least where i live in the south east. Intermediate rounds pack enough punch since dropping a guy in a combat situation is just as good as killing him and allows more ammo to be carried by one soldier. 6.5 of some type will be the future, it worked for the 6.5 swede, 6.5 carcano, 6.5 arisaka and the new grendel and spc

Because there are people in power that don't want me to own one.


I posted a well formulated rebuttal of her video on youtube and she took it down right away! Didn't even reply. I was completely civil and polite and provided links for my stats.

What a stupid commie bitch.

i like the m14. last top loaded us issue rifle. its a close contest. but my heart lies with the M1.

Garand and M14 were good in the 40s and 50s but really aren't suited for modern mobile warfare

M14 is my dream gun
don't have 2-3k to spend on one though


>Because there are people in power that don't want me to own one.

The louder you bitch, the less I believe your position.

SPC is the suck but the 5.6 grendal is pretty incredible.
.270 bullet size/weight with more penetration than 7.62 real fuckin NATO.
ar10 6.5 gren is a monster indeed.

30-06 is a man killer, bar-fucking-none.
overpowered? youll never say that about the jihadi shooting at you with 3 rounds of 5.56 in his gut. you might say that about the chap with his guys all over the ground after your 30'06 tears his belly apart.

i know which id rather have at the end of my irons.

Please don’t let it be shit

Which is why they are worth blocking.


To defend against a tyrannical government. Until then - coyotes.



nothing changes

Literally shit HAHAHAHA

Can't wait

Because I want one eventually and it's better to have iron and not need it, than not have iron and suddenly WISH you did.
I also believe the 2nd is more for protecting Americans from each other than for protecting us from the government.

Get a real fucking dog.

But 30-06 requires so much over engineering to deal with the power of the round and it has fucked up good designs in the past, US might have been able to adopt the lewis gun for WWI if there weren't problems making it work for 30-06 allowing the gap needed to let army politicking get in the way.

Only if you slap a black plastic forends and stock on it, along with a picatinny rail.

Source: me. I have a Remington 870 that I turned into an assault rifle by doing all of the above

>fun to shoot

Cred Forumstards existed in 79ce

Does this address economic factors? My first assumption would be that more firearms means more affluent economy so less homicides overall


im not seriously advocating 30-06 lol im just saying historically it was a hell of a round.

if i had to choose a military round of course it would be 6.5 grendal in something like an ar10 format (but less weight you don't need all that head space for the 6.5 you could redesign the ar10 to closer fit the 6.5).

having shot a 6.5 gren ar10 i can say that it hits fuckin hard. harder than 7.62, harder than .270, maybe not as hard as 30-06 but then again you have an ar platform semi without a cartrage that takes a laughable amount of powder to fill (expensive).

i shoot a steel target with 223 and get a plink. shoot it with a 7.62 and i get a plink + swing, shoot with 6.5 gren and the entire target frame jumps backwards. holy shit.

Meh. roll out!

to kill the double niggers trying to build a wall around my wakandana.

*ARmalite you fucking dingus

Absolutely this. Chimps were randomly shooting whites on the street as far north as San Jose. Media was silent about it. Arm yourself and protect your family.

We should own AR15s to protect ourselves from Liberals.

You should not own an AR15...

you should own two, because when it comes to the ethnic cleansing, one is none.

>the absolute state of south america

All these people saying the AR15 isn't a good rifle, it seems to do it's job pretty good. Just please use it at more gay nightclubs and fewer schools.

Not too shabby.

to keep the Marxist communists from an October Revolution

because we can hit a Copenhagen tin at 100 yards and a head at 400 yards all day with ease and you cannot.

If you saw a wall of scorching ash and lava headed your way wouldn't you want to rub one last load out before you died?

Nork or bust

German before shooting my AR15: Vat do you need such a gun for..crazy

German after shooting my AR15: Ja Super! Das ist geil!! I want one!

drop 2k on your ar15 and get 1/4" MOA. nothing sweeter. nothing.


Pretty nice. I had one like it until that tragic boating accident.
Le sigh...


80gr 223 hits on steel - no dents, 130gr 6.5 gren punching through.

c'mon 76!

i dont want to leave


AR-47 style semiautomatic machinegun with quaddrum magazine extension that shoots 600 clips a second

fake news

SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED you syrupnigger

i think the last ban required the weapon to be assembled to be grandfathered in

All other Canadians besides me are retarded