Weak gun arguments by alt right

"Outlawing drugs didn't work so outlawing guns won't work"

But we want illegal immigrants to be outlawed and removed. This will work!!!

Removing guns from people however is tyranny and unconstitutional.

Removing people from a country they've lived in for decades is not govermental abuse nor is keeping them out.

If you take anyone's gun though it is abuse by the goverment.

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It only works when it's something I dislike and it's American and the right thing to do.

If I like it, it's not going to work, it's abuse and we shouldn't do it.

But I hate women logic they are irrational unlike me!

1. Who will be taking the guns from the populace?
2. Will they have guns?

I only have one right I will argue bitterly over and genuinely kill another human for. That is the right to bear arms. All other rights you think you have are predicated by your ability to effectively protect them. Protect them with force if necessary. There is no first amendment without the second.

Yeah, but laws and shit right?

Simple rule of law seems to be a tough concept for you.

Your only right is to bear arms?

That's all you have?


There's new laws being made to make immigrants be removed. That is no different than if we made new laws for guns.

Anti 2A thread#80

This is anti 2a. It's pointing out hypocrisy. No reading comprehension

How about "shall not be infringed"? That good enough for you?


Read user’s post slower. If you still don’t understand, read it again. Once you roughly get the point, neck yourself, because THERE ARE NO RIGHTS without the 2nd, to defend the others from leftists faggots like you.

That's just a law written.

Written nearly 300 years ago.

I'm talking the semantics of the law compared to the other demands being currently made and how they compare. You are brain dead if you cant objectively comprehend this.

It is the lynchpin that allows you to respond to the abuse of the citizenry by a government or others. Force is still the gold standard. You only have rights as far as you can protect them.

Say you have the "right" to be safe in your home, but a roving gang of youths can come and hurt you and take your stuff because you are unarmed? Do you still have the right to safety in your own home? Or is that "right" dependent on force to maintain it?

yes it is you retarded nigger, theres nothing in the constitution granting niggers or spics the right to come here, and only recently did we even start allowing their asses in here. guns have been here from the beginning and always will be.

Guns are not the reason we have rights.

You can’t because it’s an inalienable right, you pole smoking leftynigger.

>How about "shall not be infringed"? That good enough for you?
It doesn't matter if thats not good enough for that twink or any other little bitch. Its the law of the land and our birthright.

Wrong. If you read the bill of rights, it states that rights belong to man, given by god. The document merely enumerates, and recognizes them as rights within the framework of our country.

I still have the right regardless of my ability to defend.

When i have a license to drive I have the right regardless of if I am a NASCAR driver or a horrible driver who consistently gets in accidents. My ability to perform does not equal my rights.

ILLEGAL immigrants
LEGAL guns

Get the picture?


The constitution is not the only relevant piece of law. We have a whoke set of statues and laws that are relevant to present time. Many of them which help you live the comfy life you do today.

we dont need an argument

try to take them and you get perforated

Are you slow? The ability to defend yourself with deadly force, on par with any other human is literally how you guarantee your fucking rights.

>given by god

Most of you are atheist so I dont know how you can defend that definition at all.

>Deporting people that are in a country illegally
>Ending a right to -legal- gun ownership, something which was guaranteed by the constitution of the country

I'm not sure you could come up with a worse false equivalency, my slide-thread shill

So what happens to your "right" to free speech when people come with guns and tell you to shut the fuck up? Or come to say that your property is no longer yours? Or that you no longer have the right to raise children, the government will do it for you. Or that you dont have the right to vote?

You had better be baiting.

No it's not.

Goodluck fighting with your gun against a guy who tries to rob you and had his gun up first. You are going to die on the spot and your mother will cry.

Those people are breaking the laws which you are describing. They are criminals who go against everything we are describing.

Fuck off, retard.

>le /pol is one person faggotry

I'm not a Christian, but I do recognize a higher power. That's still not the fucking issue, you clearly haven't read the constitution or the bill of rights.

God in this sense is a legal concept. The State has no authority to take any of the 10 enumerated in the Bill of Rights,even by amendment.

>Shootings in ranges where thousands of high caliber rifles are fired weekly.

>Shootings by law abiding members of the NRA.

>Shootings by people pumped up with drugs prescribed by lobbied doctors who hand them out like candy.

If You are quoting that the right was given by god and do not believe in God it has no relevancy to you or merit

You're presupposing immigrants are necessary for any purpose.

This is so irrelevant to anything being discussed.

What happens when the people trying to do these things write the laws? Its no longer illegal for the government to doit, its legal. Here comes the "ensure your own rights or die trying" part.

Why do you think that the government deserves a monopoly on force? They are just humans like us. They arent special.

No I am not. Don't put words in my mouth

Are you retarded or something?
1911 – Turkey disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1915 – 1917 they murdered 1.5 million Armenians.
1929 – Russia disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1929 – 1953 they murdered 20 million Russians.
1935 – China disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1948 – 1952 they murdered 20 million Chinese.
1938 – Germany disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1939 – 1945 they murdered 16 million Jews.
1956 – Cambodia disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1975 – 1977 they murdered 1 million Educated people.
1964 – Guatamala disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1964 – 1981 they murdered 100,000 Mayan Indians.
1970 – Uganda disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1971 – 1979 they murdered 300,000 Christians.

Implications exist, idiot.

You can argue about the numbers, but the point here is that disarmed citizens are vulnerable, and that there are many historical examples of disarmed citizens being killed and oppressed by their own government. The excuse given by authorities that they need to take guns away from citizens in order to lower crime rates is not supported by facts. Even if a government does not turn on its own citizens after disarming them, people are less safe – because unarmed citizens are easy targets to criminals. Over and over again, it has been clearly shown that taking guns away from citizens does not lead to a decrease in crime but rather a dramatic increase.]
Australia has disarmed it’s citizens, and a year later the homicide rate in the largest province is up 300%. The burglaries of seniors is “dramatically” up.
I guess the criminals did not turn their weapons in. Only the innocent law abiding citizens turned in weapons.
In US cities with the highest crime rates, taking guns away from the citizens has not lowered the homicide rate. All it has done is to make it easier for criminals to operate.
The 2nd amendment is not about duck hunting, or deer hunting. It is about having the ability and the right to defend oneself and your family. It doesn’t matter if that threat is a burglar, or the Federal Government. A disarmed population is fair game for any president who may be aspiring to become a dictator. Having its citizens armed was the plain and simple intent of the founding fathers of our country.

So what is the point of laws period if you think theyll all just be overthrown and launched out the door at any moment and we will enter an apocalypse?

I'm not a Christian, that doesnt mean I don't believe in a higher power or Creator force.

op is one of men in my pic

>Germany disarmed it’s citizens, and between 1939 – 1945 they murdered 16 million Jews
>they murdered 16 million Jews

come on man

Completely irrelevant to what is being discussed.

The hypocrisy of saying removing immigrants is good and forceful removal as well as banning and isn't abuse by government but removal of guns is abuse and not ok or banning.

Not speaking of results

Driving is not a right you memeflag faggot. Kill yourself.

>illegal immigrants to be outlawed and removed
>illegal to be outlawed
What is your definition of illegal, OP?

We will never get 100% of the illegals out of our country, but we CAN reduce their numbers significantly. Guns don't breed & multiply once bought. Guns don't get up & walk down the street shooting bullets by their self. Guns don't have a brain, they cannot think. Walking across a countries border when you didn't apply for the proper paperwork, requires thought. Those people KNEW what they were doing was wrong when they did it, they KNEW there was a chance they would be caught & deported. They took the risk, they did the crime, now they must pay the fine & the time.

Because the ability to defend myself with deadly force is what secures my rights. Not the law. Personal responsibility for my life, my family and my belongings. Force or threat there of is the law.

When you have a license driving is your right dumbass

>"Outlawing drugs didn't work so outlawing guns won't work"

>But we want illegal immigrants to be outlawed and removed. This will work!!!

Outlawing a nearly hundred constitutional right with billions of guns over the country is different to don't let people smoke weed, also illegal immigration is already outlawed autist

Removing guns from people however is tyranny and unconstitutional.

>Removing people from a country they've lived in for decades is not govermental abuse nor is keeping them out.

>Lol why you are gonna kick me out of your house, i already have lived 10 days here illegaly but that don't matter :)

I know you are a shill or leaf but c´mon buddy


My forefathers used them against the CROWNs Lobster soldiers.


Then I guess we should make murder and theft legal since they still occur, by your logic?

But is it god you believe in? As constitution says?

If a quran or a bible grants you something and you don't believe in it, it's not relevant to you

Read the law carefully. The license is not your property. It belongs to the state. They can revoke it if you don't follow the law. Look up "implied consent"

We can also reduce the amount of illegal gun ownership but will never get all out. Works both ways.

>we want illegal immigrants to be outlawed
user, you need to re-read what you have written.

There is a chance of dying every time we step outside from cars, planes, weather, criminals, animals, etc.

Dosent mean we must pay for this.

Like I said, you can argue about the numbers. Maybe it was 50. Holohoax or not, that’s still 50 unarmed civilians unable to defend themselves.

No it's not. You dont need a gun to secure your rights.

Guns ownership is legal.

Illegal immigration isnt.


Driving is a privilege granted by the state. You don't even understand the concept of a right vs privilege.

>A privilege is a certain entitlement to immunity granted by the state or another authority to a restricted group, either by birth or on a conditional basis. ... By contrast, a right is an inherent, irrevocable entitlement held by all citizens or all human beings from the moment of birth.

Illegals are illegals you insufferable moron. They have no constitutional rights.

Gun ownership is a constitutional right.


That all sounds completely reasonable

One is illegal, the other is a god given right. Why the fuck is this so hard for you to wrap your brain around?

You are pretty much the type of person my post described. Thanks for posting.


Definetly not

Approx 200,000 opioid overdoses from 1999-2016. Yet approx. 400 school shooting deaths from 1990-2018. GUNS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM, LIBTARDS!

They don't need a gun to defend themselves.

>Constantly shifting the subject because it's the only way to defend his narrative
what a faggot

You wanna talk about guns? talk about guns. But don't bring in the POH WITTLE IMMIGRANTS as an excuse for why gun control is shit

>god given

You dont even believe in God.

A man wrote that constitution not god

Off topic

Then why didn’t they defend themselves with what they had?

Because illegal aliens (criminals) operate the same as illegal gun owning criminals.
Neither are navigating under the law of the land.

You replied to this because the had something in his post you could deflect to (god)

You didn’t respond to Because he said the same thing and didn’t haven anything in his post you could deflect to. You are dishonest and a coward. Fuck off.

Okay. I be laid out the literal framework why an armed populace ensures they cant be casually abused by the state. All you have is
>nuh uh it doesnt work like that

Explain to me what powers grant you rights? Other people saying you're allowed to have them? People that happen to work for the state? Please tell you you aren't this fucking sheeped.

Good job brah, your meme flag and shitty arguments triggered me for a sec. I hope some young user's are reading this and learning something, it's always useful to see what kind of arguments naive liberal faggots like you make so they can be picked apart.

>But we want illegal immigrants to be outlawed and removed.
....nigger you are beyond dumb

Go ahead & reduce the amount of illegal gun ownership. Doing this would also require the removal of Illegal Aliens. Not a single sane American citizen would argue against that. Tear down the Cartels, remove the M-13 scum. Confiscate their illegal guns. Crime rate will hopefully go down. Don't penalize the legal people for the crimes of the illegal people.

Yes they are, faggot

You don’t know what I believe, nigger.
I know that you believe virtue signaling with anons gives you perceived superiority over other people, but your still a retard that doesn’t understand how the Bill of Rights works. I assume since you’re hiding behind a memeflag you’re probably a Mohammedan’s little bitch bong.
You’ll never get the guns, faggot.

Which for the record "endowed by our creator" doesnt use the word god. I don't believe the framework christianity laid for God. I do however believe in a higher force or creator. Arguing philosophical minutiae isnt going to get anywhere with this guy.

Hawt, pls post more of her


You don't have to step outside to die, lol. What is your point? The world is a dangerous place. The ONLY guarantee in life is that one day you will die. How you live your life between now & that time is up to you. Are you going to live it in fear of death & baddies with guns or are you going to move forward & make life worth living?

People are against any removal of guns. They think it'll lead to their guns being removed

Illegal guns should be removed. Legal guns should stay.
Why is that so complicated?

Louder with Crowder BTFO's all this gun loophole/assault rifle bullshit, anyway. You can't buy guns without a background check, and you can't buy assault or semi-automatic without a special license.

I'm not scared of guns at all. My point was theres danger everywhere.

Sage, nobody is his retarded

>banning a person who needs to interact with society every day as as hard as banning an item anyone can just put under their bed and never take out in a hundred years

>Dosent mean we must pay for this.

Pay what?

Rifles account for less than 10% of all gun murders.

A background check is worthless. Anyone can pass one. Says nothing about behavior or decisions with gun

Depends on the state. In the US semi is pretty much unregulated. Same day purchase in most places.

Why are you do focused on kill counts. I haven't even discussed that

Off topic

How do you propose we change peoples behavior?

"Guns trigger the left"


At minimum a psychogical screening should be done to own a gun.


>claiming 16 million Jews were murdered
>on Cred Forums
Bold move

Guns today are not what they were when constitution was written.

They were weak muskets and poorly made shotguns.

Now our weapons have very good accuracy, easy to handle, fast to reload and lastly the options for extended mags or faster tiring.

>Why are you do focused on kill counts.

First of all, your grammar is shit. The reason I focused on kill counts is because your complaints about AR-15 deaths, are statistically irrelevant; compared to deaths caused by niggers using pistols and melee weapons.

Your whole gig is to attack/blame white males for owning rifles, while saying niggers dindu nuffin, and defending the right for more 3rd-worlders to flood into the country. If you really wanted crime to stop, you wouldn't be so against immigration control. Pic related, areas with tons of shitskins have tough gun laws (many virtually outlawing them), and they still have higher murder rates than the US.

>off topic
You only say it's off topic because you want to pilpul over emotional bullshit and catch-22 linguistics, instead of thinking about the topic of "gun control" logically, and looking at official data.

I have never heard of anyone arguing against gun confiscation from Cartels. Other than the FBI in Fast & Furious or what ever it was where they were the ones that supplied the guns, lol. You are confusing LEGAL people with ILLEGAL as in NOT LEGAL people. Criminals by the very definition of illegal. The laws already say the police, government, whoever can confiscate the weapons used by criminals. What do you think happened to all the weapons found in that room in Vegas? They took them out and distributed them to the populace? lol

I'm on mobile it corrects itself retard

"Regulating immigration doesn't work"

"Regulating guns will work"

What now OP?

you were legally allowed to own artillery when it was written

Which state?
Find proofs.

>posting a bait thread on mobile

Seems like something you faggots would do. Saged.

I'm not a libertarian. I'm a fascist. I can want the government to protect certain rights and use force on others.

>Are you a democrat?
>You can't have a gun unless you vote for Hillary
Well, OK then.

Show me 1 post where I complained about ar 15 deaths as you say

illegals are already outlawed and they have to go back

wrong pic :P

Terrible post

25 years ago the DSM said gays and trans people were mentally ill. Why should gays not have the ability to defend themselves? Youre okay with people not having the right to self defense based on a medical text that changes every decade or so?

Go make a post here about removing guns from criminals forcibly at their homes.

Tell me what responses you get.

They are going to tell you that innocent people will die when they do that and that theyll use it to take legal guns too. Please try it

350 some people are killed by rifles per year in America. Roughly one million in one.

What is your argument to ban rifles?

If the law enforcement had actually done their job we wouldn't have had this mass shooting. God only knows that the hell happened in Vegas because they won't release any of the information.

So I say again, 350 dead per year by rifles yet why do you want them taken away? What is your angle?

Aaaand Twitter isnt what free speech used to be its still covered. What is your point?

woops, ^ was in response to


Colorado you can buy a glock 19 if youre 21 and pass the background check. Takes about an hour. I did it on my 21st.

The murder rate in the US isn't even that high.

And compared to the mass shootings (or cars driving into people) incidents in Europe, the "mass shooting that isn't terrorism" rate isn't that high either.

Kinda solving a none problem here.

When did I say theyvdont have the right to defend?

I haven't even discussed school shootings 1 time

Tally ho.

Literally just a few posts ago, you were saying guns were elite high-tech killing machines. This logically alludes to the possibility that you hate AR-15s more than other guns, because of their large magazines and semi-auto capability. I win, Jew.

You want a doctor to be able to determine peoples mental health status in order to buy a gun. The DSM Changes regularly. It is not law.

I dont hate any guns thats you trying to make an assumption.

I said they are more powerful. Hence take more training to handle

A doctor won't say you can't have a gun because you are gay.

Ok and

What do illegal immigrants have to do with guns? Absolutely fucking nothing.

You know how to get rid of illegal immigrants? Punish the corporations that employ them. That will not happen because the politicians are bought and paid for. Do you not understand that?

Illegal immigration has nothing to do with guns. Guns are not a multi-billion dollar tax/benefit dodge by corporations.

They are a constitutional right.

The same constitutional rights that corporations skirt by employing illegal immigrants. They DO NOT GET RIGHTS. Which is the entire point.

You dumb - piece - of - slave - labor - pushing - shit.

Jews are using appeals to emotion in order to get dumb plebs to support disarmament, so they can rule over the goyim more effectively.

Notice how the people who mostly fall for their bullshit emotional arguments are mostly women and sub-85IQ niggers.


Guns are sold by multibillion dollar corporations. If they banned theyd hurt tons of businesses same as theyd hurt tons by removing immigrants.

The point being within 20 years, the DSM changes radically. Nobody can quite pin down what all EXACTLY constitutes mental illness. It is no way to decide who gets the right to defend themselves.

Illegal immigrants are already outlawed, we just want them removed.
I have a God-given right to bear any arm, from a broadsword to a battleship. If you have a problem with that, amend the Constitution.


Yes it does. A mentally ill person with a gun is a danger to society. Over 90%of Republicans and democrats agree on this.

You are on your own if you are imploring giving guns to mentally ill. Noone here will even agree with you.

Your speech is more accurate and powerful with Twitter. Not like it was when the constitution was written. You should have to go see a doctor to make sure you are mentally fit enough to have a high powered Twitter account.

Do you not get this?

God has nothing to do with your gun. He didn't write that constitution and had no part. Humans did

Yes. They are. Guns are the source from which all political power springs.

Lol a Twitter post is worthless. You are hilarious saying it's powerful.


Wrong. Not even close. Try again. Worse comparison of all time.

Also more illegal immigrants are murdered/die crossing the border every year than are Americans killed by rifles. Lets not even talk about the rape.

You support slave labor. It's as simple as that.

No. I am saying that a fucking doctors note is NOT due process. SCOTUS has held that due process is required to remove someones rights. Not a god damn doctors note.

How do i support slave labor


If you can't figure it out you shouldn't even be attempting to contemplate things of this nature. You should just be focused on not biting off your own tongue.

A psychological evaluation would give us much more competent and responsible gun owners.

In a vacuum where in society the only possible way to own a gun was to go see one and pass the testing your have more competent people. Of course guns are scattered all across the globe so this does not work that way but it had a benefit cause a background check is useless


>a background check is useless

No one on this board is arguing against confiscation of guns from criminals, lol. The confiscation happens AFTER a crime has been committed. Police do not have the authority at the moment to just barge into suspected peoples homes & take all the weapons. That would give them the authority to barge into YOUR home & ransack it looking for weapons from an anonymous tip from an old rivalry that really, secretly, hated you & just wanted to make your life hell for a few minutes. In this country, we still have "innocent until proven guilty" (unless you are a republican politician).

They can grab guns from Cartels & gangs because said CRIMINAL organizations have already done illegal things. ie. drugs, prostitution, murder. You have strayed to far from the original topic.

Use the disinformation for your benefit. If that's the number that is going to be put forth, then that is the number that will e used to support your argument.

It is. It won't show anything about your competence with a gun, your aggression, how you react under pressure, if you get into confrontations, if you are mentally ill, if you want to kill people, if you plan to give the gun to your kid, if you have attacked people before outside of being arrested.

A background check is such minimal details. It says nothing about you.

See told you whoever said pol would be for criminals having guns they say exactly what i said. That itll lead to them losing their guns so they don't want it

But who was swat calls but who fake fires but who was fake homicides

I can already make calls and fuck your life up in your house. I dont need the law of gun searches to be forced.

As long as your innocent you are fine

A. A gun is a tool, not a person. You cannot seriously compare these two things.

B. An illegal immigrant has already shown such little regard for your nation that they think they can bypass all of your laws and then subvert those laws once they have an anchor inside your borders. It clearly works on imbeciles like you.
C. You are an imbecile. I don't care if that upsets you. You're a handicap to Western Civilization and you should leave to live somewhere the laws and European culture don't trigger you.

I'm not upset at all

If anything you seem triggered not me

That depends on how you define God, but that's not the point you obtuse faggot. That rights are held to be self-evident, unalienable, and/or God-given means that no government has the authority to impinge upon them, and the only guarantor of that is the ability for citizenry to respond to tyranny with force.

In layman's terms, the thing that stops Trump or Hillary or anything else from going full Stalin is the threat that if they do, they're going to have to fight an organized militia the size and funding of the Chinese national army in a brutal guerilla war first. There is no other possible guarantor; if the government has assault rifles and you have nothing but your limp dick, the government can do whatever the fuck it likes to you, including killing you.

Dude you are just rambling incoherently now, lol. Give it up. You lost.

The us military would destroy the American citizens with crappy guns at home in a war.

I dont think army rangers, seals and marine recon would be scared to fight pol members when you guys rebel against goverment

Lost what?

keeping people out of a country is not governmental abuse you fucking retard

We don't need to argue. We have a Constitutional Right that is not going away. Nice try, liberal jew fag cuck.

people and objects are different. enforcing immigration laws is considerably more feasible than preventing people getting hold of contrabamd

That's where your wrong faggot. Pic related, and was very well said.

Why would any jew be liberal

>The us military would destroy the American citizens with crappy guns at home in a war.
like in vietnam, afghanistan and iraq?

And since we're talking about guns, why not read what the founding fathers had to say about it? Arm yourself with knowledge on this subject, and understand the 2nd amendment is there for one purpose, and that purpose is to ensure the citizens have access to firearms to keep the government in check. Read, and enjoy:

The us didn't lose in Afghanistan and iraq. We have removed much of the radicalism from those areas, imprisoned many of their soldiers and now taken control of areas that Isis controlled plus killed their leaders.

See, this is actually a legitimate argument. It is, however, entirely inaccurate. Half of our military is deployed permanently overseas, but even if Washington was able to recall every single soldier to fight the insurgency, they'd still be outnumbered over 12:1 against a guerilla army capable of fielding the largest fleet of technicals in the history of man practically overnight.

Except oops, 60+% of the military just defected to the rebels. And Russia and China are funding, arming, and training the rebels, who already have a hardened NCO core of veterans.

The military can't effectively leverage its tanks and drones because tanks and drones can't enforce a police state, and there's no point in a tyrant ruling over a barren wasteland. The moment one of our nuclear subs goes rogue, Washington is fucking done.

Even our own Department of Defense has admitted that an insurgency would have better than even odds of succeeding.

>60 posts by this idea

>The us didn't lose in Afghanistan and iraq

That was hundreds of years ago.i hope you aren't making your life decisions off books with what to do in life from hundreds of years ago and how to cure illnesses with onions and garlic

If civil war were to ever break out in the US, as soon as it starts, the feds lose, and the left loses along with it. They may have lots of support from teleprompter readers on the news, and out of touch dipshits in Hollyweird, but they don't have the support of the average American. We would win, and the smart leftist cuck actually knows this, which is why they do almost anything to make sure it never descends into a shooting war.

Better arguments by alt right

Give niggers guns, they can’t control themselves
Give trannies guns. They kill themselves
Give Bernie bros guns. They blast cucks playing baseball.

Win win win

They have planes that can shoot down whole communities, tanks to roll thru populated areas, javelins to fire in towns, bombs to lay down and take out mass amounts. Snipers to pick people off

They'll make up for the numbers with superior weaponry

Sorry dickhead, that's not an argument. By your own definition, that means we can just abolish the constitution and bill of rights, because according to you, they are now outdated. Please tell me your not college educated, because if you are, you need to ask for a refund.


Lol media and news dosent matter with a war man. You'll be out there getting murdered by navy seals there will be no time for bullshit lile arguing whos left or right youd all be fighting for your lives and no time to write articles or talk news

Never served have you? Explain COIN operations to us all....go on, enlighten us all with your vast and unending military knowledge on the subject.

Reading is hard.

Never said that

Hey retard. The thing is that the Constitution allows government to regulate immigration

You served?

Implying that the military will turn against its own citizens. Damn, you fuckers are not even good at larping. Read through the different reports done up by the folks in the FBI, and pentagon about a civil war. That is assuming your willing to, which I would bet your not.

You're out of your fucking mind dude. What US soldier, most of whom who already distrusts the government, is going to be shooting sniper rifles and missiles at other US citizens?

Half the people here say they have a gun because it protects them against government take over like has happened in other countries. Go talk to them

You can ban this rifle, but that's it.

>When i have a license to drive I have the right
How can you be so wrong and still think you're right? Holy shit

If the us citizens become terrorist attacking the government youd be surprised.

If a legion of Americans goes to try to kill trump tomorrow the military will mobilize hundreds of troops to murder them

Read it for yourself then, or are you scared of getting red pilled on the subject. the argument koolaid drinking professors use is that the 2nd amendment was meant for the militia, not the people. When you read through the chapter in the Federalist Papers, you understand why it was worded the way it was, and what it really means. Go on faggot, read it.

The 2nd amendment wasn't meant for military

You can't even make a valid argument against any of my posts can you? I suppose I should have expected this from a dumbass, but there is always hope one of you will actually listen instead of regurgitation propaganda from a communist professor.

Love how you all jump thinking people are leftist or commie if don't automatically follow all your opinions.

It's alt right or communist.

No in between. Everything extreme. Can't have your own views.

You are the problem with dividing in society.

Not alt right or liberal, it's you. Labeling people.


Bravo zulu

Illegal immigrants are still here. Not forcibly removed. If being illegal is all it took to remove trump wouldn't be pushing for stricter measures

Yep because people like you defend illegals so if he does it he’s going to be fucked and called a nazi cunt.

You clearly don't understand what a civil liberty is.

Speaking as an undocumented immigrant, thank you for bolstering my point. We are hear to stay!

I wouldn't call him a nazi

Don't fight ignorant with ignorance. He's no better if he's calling everyone liberals cause he's gets called things. Just letting himself get controlled by a cycle of others decisions

Yes i do

>what is the constitution

In the driving book, it said that driving is a privilege. It's not a right. It's not protected by the Constitution.

>"Shall not be infringed"
Are we done here, pussy?

By 'God' they mean "rights vested to all humans upon birth"

No they don't

Just read this conversation. Have to give you kudos user. I never hear anyone say that the people in government are just like you and I. Nothing makes them any more special than the management at my local Home Depot.

Bingo bango bongo.



See here's the thing, you fucking idiot.

Illegal people are here illegally. People lawfully owning guns aren't breaking any laws.

We aren't illegal. We are undocumented. This was our homeland. Thus we are allowed to come here. Sure the whites and mexican government agreed to a border. But the president of mexico at the time was #notmypresident. Also, why should my life be affected my previous people's actions? It's great that you have created so much opportunity for natives like us with affirmative action, BAMN to prevent deportation, and all. So welcoming. I even get to vote in local elections. I go to college here on scholarship too, but it's a private one.



>guns are made from metal, which naturally comes from the ground

>cannot ban metal/basic machine tooling

>can stop human beings with no local documentation from smuggling in UNREGISTRED firearms to be used explicitly for criminal purposes (as intended by crime bosses operating in nearby shithole countries)

>another OP doesn't respond to posts btfoing him episode
Oh boy

Sounds like the marijuana argument

We're not illegal, we're just another term for illegal!

Most guns aren't much more complex than a stapler. Yes, they are capable of more destruction, but I wouldn't say they require as much training as you think they do.

You out trolled me. Good job. I'm done here

Yes, but is does stop people who have comitted felonies and have been caught from aquiring guns legally.........

>77 posts
Damn you is on fire nigga

We aren't illegal if we belong here? Duhhhh.

Guns and drugs are contraband. Once you get them, you can hide them or consume them. No upkeep needed. Very difficult to track.

Illegal immigrants need jobs to stay afloat. All you need are tough penalties against companies that hire them and the problem almost solves itself.

OP is a fucking retard.

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
An illegal immigrant by any other name is still an illegal immigrant

My parents work in a bottling factory here in SoCal. We have fine that are pretty large of w/e. but it's in both parties' interests to have us. We are cheap people and we undercut others since we are paid under the table and hired as contractors, saving money for large corporates. The people who can't afford to hire us are smaller companies who would not be able to survive in the long run should they be caught. It's a calcualted risk. And democrats want us because of course we support their policies.

Illegal immigrants by any other name is undocumented immigrants and by any other name are legal immigrants who have the right to stay on the land they once occupied.

if we were really illegal, then how come im not arrested? stupid brits lol

Funny thing is OP just wasted hours of his day arguing points and policies that will never pass. Now excuse me. I'm gonna go clean my guns :)

>16 million Jews.

pfft. i wish.

It's illegal to outlaw guns. If you do, you're a traitor, you you do and harm someone or kill them then you're a traitor facing the death penalty.

I served in the Marine Corp from 2000-2004, and a vast majority of them would not side with the fed over American citizens trying to defend the constitution. Even the officer class. We swear to defend the constitution in our oaths against enemies foreign AND domestic

You just /thread your own thread with your lack of skill in reading. top kek

gr8 b8.... Hurr durr we won the revolutionary war with puppy dogs and unicorns


>Literally swam a goddamn River 20-1 years ago.

2A isn't a law. It's the prohibition of law.

I see... you say off topic a lot. You sure you aren't mistaking Cred Forums for reddit?

Because you didn't get caught yet and you're probably living in a sanctuary city/state.
What's your address Pedro? I'll let ICE know and they can correct this oversight

there are more guns than you brainlets could ever count floating around in this country. You will never get all of them.

Man I feel these things in my heart. I know them in my mind. No one can break these arguments. I have yet to meet someone in real life or online that can counter them. Take them. Use them. Its critical to our liberties to be able to articulate these things. Stay safe out there user. No one can do it for you, but you.