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What are good farming books?

good image

>Cut your hair

Yeah, right, sure thing kiddo.

good stuff

All the /sig/gar smokers are doing gods work. Can confirm journalling is a top tier life technique to train your memory and focus.

How much of a faggot soyboy do you have to be to meditate ahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha yeah bro sitting quietly will definitely improve your life, way to take timeouts from childhood into your adult life.

I have to agree with this as far as eastern meditation is concerned. Focused introspection during a walk or some other passive activity is kind of the western "prayer" equivalent. Atleast as far as early Christians practiced.

>bro sitting quietly will definitely improve your life
wow not screaming at the top of your lungs and watching porn every second of the day really is scary isn't it.

Why don't you meditate about it? Have yourself an almond milk after, you deserve it for being a quiet boy and doing your chores.

>he doesn't do chores
You must be black.

t. mentally undisciplined dairy drinker

Go to Amazon
Books > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Gardening & Landscape Design
Books > Crafts, Hobbies & Home > Sustainable Living
Books > Reference > Survival & Emergency Preparedness
Books > Science & Math > Agricultural Science
Sort by most reviews for all.

Semen isn't dairy.

I meditate everyday and have become well aware of the universal conscience. My intuition is on point and it's very difficult to upset me. I also lift and work everyday and have become strong and wealthy doing so.

What have you done today, flagfag?

In your spiritual journey, did you find an answer to why Deus Vult flagposters are more retarded than any other?

Bump this
Cred Forums's most important thread


I believe people stuck in this dull rhythm of life need something radical to change.
You need to experience a whole different world. Leaving your house is the first step. Perhaps traveling the world could help.

how do i stop fapping and get to the gym?
It just to be easier when i was younger
i used to go to the gym all the time.
Now i just fap, smoke weed and work.
cant for the live of me quit smoking or get up early enough to hit the gym

How do I get a gf who is not a whore?

Just a reminder Roosh rekt you

meditation reduces cortisol
cortisol reduces testosterone

>self improvement is just materialistic
genuinely retarded like most of what this sandnigger says

>Self improvement implies there is something wrong with you
Is he saying that there exists people who are so perfect that they have nothing they can make better with themselves?
You can be perfect in every way, but have a coffee addiction. Would it not be self improvement to get rid of that coffee addiction? To stop thinking about coffee every waking moment?

lol that was my thought too but he's right on female nature. women are fucking hoes

He actually goes on about some excellent things, I'll give him some credit.
He's attacking a forcefed "I need to get better because I'm shit" detrimental style of mentality, but really self-improvement IS being a human being and learning. That's the part he strikes out on completely

Prayer tho

I'll give you a bump op. It feels good to notice changes as they happen, even if they are slow. Im working out more each day, im down to watching porn maybe every other week, talking to multiple girls, and i've noticed my mental state improving.
You can do it kids, dont be degenerate neckbeard pussies.

>Meditation Tier 2
>Employment Tier 3
How the fuck do you people have a Tier 1 room to clean?

How do I get out of the "laze" part? I'm just stuck in this constant problem with no enthusiasm to do anything. It's just so much easier to sit down and just stare at a computer. It's like some sort of non-negative depression where I'm not sad but just unwilling to get up and do it.

How do I fix this? How do I gain the will to get my life together?

>+booze everyday
>+be a bit fat (that's anorexic for burgers)


Look for red flags.
>mental issues (can't handle situations normally)
>fat (can't take care of themselves)
>tattoos/piercings (places her value and worth in materialistic things)
>flirty (especially towards other guys. This is obvious)
>fucked more than 3-5 guys (means she has no control over her feelings and will probably cheat. Virgins are the best and it's okay to look for that as well.)
>has lots of guy friends (same as flirty. She's associating herself with others she'd possibly fall for)
>does drugs (same as mental issues but even worse)
>constant social media user (means attention whore. Seeks validation from others)
>has cheated (HUGE RED FLAG. If she can cheat on one man she can cheat on you.)

There's more but those are the major ones.

self improvement server

swap dat 0

I'm a recovering neet and I start my second full time job ever tomorrow. I'm dreading it, I'm such a nervous sperg.

pretty much this, but disagree with the virgin part. once you pop that cherry it's like taking off the veil and seeing another reality for them, sometimes they become turbowhores once they discover sex.

These people genuinely fear being alone with their thoughts. It’s just that painful for these sorry bastards.

What if she used to do drugs but has been sober for years and has no desire to go back?
In fact the experiences she had living that life helped redpill her quite a bit.

Honestly depends at that point. I'd say she's okay for bettering herself, but it really depends on how she is as a person.

There is this old cliché saying "never trust a junkie" and it stands. Not because they could be in some mysterious way worse in day-to-day life, but because they will much more likely fail when faced some sort of hardship or crisis. And yes, you will face them sooner or later. They are damaged goods and you don't want that. If you are 100 percent absolutely totally sure she is the one, then try it, but keep things stable and her on a very short leash.

Me: How many pull ups can you do user?

user: Zero.

Me: Start with one.

Thats how this starts anons. Just one.

Nice work man. I’m sure you’ll laugh about how it was over nothing soon.

This thread is dumb and hay. Stop giving people false hope. Either marry Japanese woman or take the black pill. Joe Rogan likes men.

Biggest red flags;
Divorced parents
Doesn't like her father

Thanks. She used to a few years before I met her and already knows if she touches the stuff while she's with me I'm gone for good.

bump for great OC pic
you're doing God's work, OP




>knows if she touches the stuff while she's with me I'm gone for good.
Good man. It can work, but you gotta keep it together and set limits. Even more than with a regular girl.

Fuck you, kike.

TFW already level 4.

So long losers!

someone give me a good rundown on how meditation works

>Click here
Lads try ease up on the ((processed)) grains and foods.

Sweet potato and potato are ideal carbohydrates. Rice is pure glucose with zero vitamins. That's why chinks are deceptive and hairless.


clean water clean food

not just drinking, shower, cooking, brewing

free your mind

organic /wild meat

still at the shower step

Take caffeine before you go lifting. Greatly helped me get back into it after turning into lazy shit for some months.

i don't know where this fits in on that scale, but I've been sorting the images I have on my computer. Makes things more orderly, y'know?

I got hospitalized for having a manic episode and engaging in egregious amounts of wrongthink that I promptly broadcasted to everybody within a 5km radius of my vocal chords. My neuro thinks I have temporal lobe epilepsy, the psych I got assigned to thinks I have BP1 with psychotic features, and my GP thinks I need to smoke more weed.

Am I still going to make it brehs?

Rare photo of Florida Man walking among the people in his hidden identity.

almond milk is a patrician recipe dating back hundreds of years.
memefag trying to associate it with soy milk
low-IQ tier shit, memeflag. get it together.

>one fewer Canadian
who cares

w...what happens at level 4?


Travelling is degenerate and LEFTIST

who the fuck can you motivate yourselves to do anything? i have lost all motivation and i am completely apathetic

Help me out /sig/; does anyone know of a routine that doesn't involve machines or any kind of tools/weights? Purely your own body?


Scooby had one that was meant for people going into the military like that
>tfw tier 1 and 3 complete but 0 (zero) on tier 2
How do I make it brehs?

>trying to trick me into taking my thoughts out of my mind vault for anyone to see
nice try

check the faq/wiki/recommended routine

>WHY Sleep is critical for the Body and Brain | Science of Sleep

>HOW to get more quality sleep | (Science of Sleep Pt 2)

Tier 3 is look for work? What kind of entitled fuck do you have to be to not start working full time at 16? No wonder this board is so retarded

this image sucks and needs to be changed

NEETs need more direct instructions. "study - develop a useful skill" is useless information to someone who's been playing MMOs for the last 5 years of their life.

really the whole infograph needs to be reworked. it was clearly created by someone who was never NEET. meditating and going for jogs around the neighborhood does fuckall. "set goals" doesnt help NEETs because they dont know what their goals should be.

NEETs should be encouarged to drive, grocery shop, do chores, lift weights, and enroll in either community college or trade school/TAFE. preferably a reworked infograph would give the NEETs a list of recommended degrees or certs to pursue

sorry u gotta know some1 senpai

I don't know dude these people are so far from helping, I would say tier 1 would be to unbrainwash themselves by not using pol and not playing video games

I like urban farming by curtis stone. There are others in the field but he presents his information very well.

>imports 60 million illegal immigrants over the course of 30 years
>jobs once held by teenagers now worked by illegals getting paid under the table
>kids can't get entry level jobs anymore and don't get their first job until they're out of college

shoo, boomer, shoo

what kind of nigga drops out of high school to work full time? where would you even work full time at 16 besides mcdonalds and other shit like that?

How do you meditate? I thought it was a meme

Meditation has proven benefits. I don't like doing it, because I simply can not stop thinking shit, and I feel restless every time I sit with my eyes closed for more than 5 minutes.
But you can't deny what has been proven.

meditation is a meme. you should meditate in the sense that you should thoughtfully reflect on your actions, feelings, wants, needs, goals, etc. but that doesn't require sitting down cross legged and trying to achieve zen.

Does learning Japanese count?

>I simply can not stop thinking shit
it's okay to think user it's natural to drift away during meditation. start small it takes practice.

You're fucking helpless.
I worked full time and went to school to rent a room cuz my step dad put cigarettes out on me. I had to work at papa John's but you gotta do whatever. I'm not some entitled fuck who expects a cush job at that age. Granted that was 8 years ago now maybe things are harder for you kids now, but it seems like more places are hiring than right after the recession

Maybe I have things twisted but I took it as being impossible to work full time while going to school. School is 8 hours a day thats already to most people a "work day". If you meant a part time job then I agree you should get one as soon as you legally can (which would be 16 in most states).

Learn French for Quebec or Spanish for Mexico you degenerate

Get your ass on the treadmill and pick up some weights, at least 3X week.

You will benefit from the very clear (and slow) improvement in your performance. It may change your whole outlook (making you believe you are moving up and forward instead of just languishing every day)

You will also grow weary and will be ready for sleep at a normal hour. Your appetite, sex drive, and everything else should get back on a regular and healthy rhythm.

Everyone is different, but what you describe is certainly a form of depression, and what I describe is the best response I am aware of to it. When I get zero exercise everything falls apart I would guess 1/3 of all men are a mess primarily because of this. We were not designed to be sedentary creatures tied to a monitor and keyboard. Good luck.

i'm not learning a gutter language desu senpai

Learning Japanese will guarantee you a career for the rest of your life.

Thanks senpai
brb learning japanese right now

>Cred Forums: HAHAHA still live with your parents at 18
>Cred Forums: Drop out of highschool at 18 so you can support yourself and not live parents? LOSER


There's a reason it gets you a job forever. Because very very few people are fluent in English and Japanese.

What makes Japanese challenging is you also need to learn about Japans customs and honor culture, which is very convoluted and will take just as long to understand as the language itself

>We were not designed to be sedentary creatures tied to a monitor and keyboard.

hey Cred Forums longtime lurker/poster(2010)..
Former heroin addict, clean 10 months now.
been feeling pretty down today, hope all of you are doing alright

I never made the first claim your sperging on about, im pretty sure no one has considering you graduate when youre 18. Come on now retard if youre going to get all defensive about your lifestyle then atleast do it in a way that doesn't reveal that youre a complete faggot.

You graduate highschool at 18 but for about 6 months inbetween my 18th birthday and graduation i got mocked on Cred Forums for still living at home.

What is the point of writing down your thoughts?

Five acres and independence.
It old and folksy and outdated as can be, but it's solid info and sets you up to look for modern specialized data.

well thats retarded, if it makes you feel better i doubt the situations different for the people who were talking shit

I'm happy faggots line you exist. Makes it easier for me to succeed against you. Keep thinking meditation is useless faggot.

bobs and vegana

I've been having stomach, sleep and shit issues the past week. Should I even hit the gym tonight?


Go when you feel better.

consider an exclusion diet. Eat only vegetarian or Vegan for a month. Then reintroduce foods One at a time. Could solve all your problems.

"Back to Basics" by Reader's Digest. Everything from choosing and developing land, building a homestead, farming, crop preservation, animal husbandry, you name it. Mother Earth news magazine is usegful, too.

appropedia.org/images/d/d3/Onestraw DOT pdf

Right- I went yesterday and did pretty well. One plate benches for three sets not including warmup. 205lb squats 5x3, again not including one plate warmup.

This damn school has awful food and my undying love for dairy doesn't help. I might try that though.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but did we not get a thread either today or yesterday stating why it is frivolous and unnecessary to go on trips? I mean, truly what is the benefit to going on trips? Trips to where, to what end exactly? Seems like it is absurd to spend loads of money, I mean plane tickets alone, just to have a few memories you'll forget when you get old anyways. Seems better to save for the future, and for your children, to secure their future by being able to support their education. In all honesty, I wish my parents would have saved their money rather than taking us anywhere.

>learn a foreign language


this is bad advice if your internal monologue is "KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF AAAAAHHHHHHHHH". Which may or may not include most people here.

You are a loser who will fail and i will laugh

If you live in America there's probably dozens if not hundreds of amazing spots to see just hours from your current position. I apologize for mentioning r*ddit but I recall reading an interesting comment where someone said one morning he randomly packed his family into the car and went to this sinkhole lake 4 hours from his home. And they had a great time and day picnick for little monetary expenditure!

Other languages are good for the brain and make you attractive to ladies. And like I said travelling can be domestic. So many people forget America is 50 semi-autonomous nations with their own cultures, cuisines and landmarks.

meditation is a mental exercise to stop unneeded and immature and useless thoughts.

there is only so much time in a day.

I say travel expenses is money you should be comfortable parting with, similar to investing/gambling. There's so things around worth seeing. Avoid the tourist traps and price gouging.

There's lots of good places to see right in America. Most places in the world not worth seeing desu

>He actually pays someone his own legal tender in exchange for a menial task.

Either you are fantastically wealthy and enjoy the finer things, or you are poor and stupid, and doomed to remain so forever.

>write down goals

sorry I'm not a girl

How can I survive in a timeline where all of this political correctness crap and whatnot keep popping up?

I swear, I am at my wit's end with this shit.

>last semester of college
>never even been on a date
Literally my one goal is to go on just one date this semester. I don't care if it goes anywhere. I just don't wan't to continue in this state forever.

I'm going to hit a bar/club every Friday, set up several dating profiles/apps, and force myself to talk to at least one new woman on campus each day.

I know it's cringe-tier but this is my struggle currently

I know that feel. I'm second semester of college and although I've had sex numerous times I have never been on one date, nor have I held hands romantically with a qt grill. No pecks on the mouth or nuzzles or anything. Have never even met a girl that wanted to be in a romantic relationship with me. I'm tall, have an okay face, take care of my skin obsessively and /fit/ as well.

Hookup culture and FWB's aren't all they're chalked up to be. Partied a little too much and hurt my GPA too. Really should have focused on relationships like the rest of my peers desu.

Working out, reading (the Bible first and foremost) and then a secondary book.
Working on my image with how I dress and I feel great. Keep it up brothers!

I used to idolize the idea of frequent hookups but I don't even want that anymore

Seeing friends and people from HS getting married and having kids already really hits me in the gut when I realize I haven't done anything towards that yet.

To add to this, and I'm not bullshitting, get your doctor to check your t-levels. I'm 34, and my first lab came back 240 ng/l. The follow up was fucking 7. I felt the same way you do. Replacement therapy fixed it.

thank you brother

Anyone have an epub/pdf of 12 rules for life from Jordan Peterson? All the copies at my local library system are checked out.

>Reading the bible
>The bible is worth anything aside from the 10 commandments and teachings of Jesus
I read it when I was 10 and it made me hate christianity until I realized that only the 10 and Jesus matter and the rest is dumb kike lies
Still cant stand to be in churches with the multiculti loving sheep

I think you forgot to add "wipe your ass" to tier 1 Peterson.