I am a black man. Why do you hate me?

I am a black man. Why do you hate me?

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I don't even know you

I don't. Our ethnic groups will be destroyed if we interbreed. You need a free African state on the North American continent.

No man. I hope you know Jesus Christ

because you make shit threads
I don´t hate all niggers I just don´t want them in my country but I do hate you for making this thread

Because you didn't give me a hug.

Because I won't recognize the faces of my country in 15 years. Because when mycities start looking like you they become a parody of what my ancestors built. Because gibmedats and race mixing and STDs.

shit like this:

Cred Forums is a board of peace.

go away

black man, see pic related.

No one hates you. Just stay the fuck out of my country, I´ve been to Africa and didn´t like it. I simply wish my country to stay as it is (or were a mere 20 years ago).

Because your continent just won't stop pouring out. Ever. Because you are the most racist race I've talked to. Because your race makes 5 children that I statistically pay taxes for, and if and when I can make one, I'll have to move to a sterile suburb so they can learn something and my grandchildren don't look all like you and nothing like me.

I don't, you just need to go back to Africa.

Most of Cred Forums doesn't hate blacks they just hate niggers. There's a difference

It is known

Because we used to have an actual people, with traditions and identities carefully built and cherished for thousands of years. And because so many of you poured in, our politicians now deny the land is any thing more than a business, so you don't feel excluded. Because you have so artfully played the pity game, that young women are literally taught that making white children is patriarchal, and making foreign babies with a foreign every thing from a death ridden continent is virtuous.

Because of the color of your skin...

Cute, but it's the old one two. Black gentlemen are so lovely and full of feefees that 40% babies in France are African.
I don't hate anyone. I hate that they are the face of the future in their continent and mine.

They hate us cuz they ain't us

yea but it is perfectly fine to have a nigger hate thread right?

This. When will blacks learn. Keep the breeding separate and we're all good my man.

because you are jewish golem

I don’t hate black people, I just hate niggers. Doesn’t matter what color you are or where you’re from. A nigger is a nigger. You aren’t a nigger are you?

Keep it separate and especially don't breed more than you can raise with dignity through your own work.

I thought we only hate niggers. Goys?

no one hates you. Act like a civil rational human and no one cares about your skin color. Act like nigger and people will treat you like one. There are white niggers btw

I hate you because you make this exact same thread every day. Stop shitting up this board.

There is a diffrence between being a nigger and black

I dont.
Wear a suit.
Go to work.
Take your responsabilities.
Be a good man.
Don't act like a fucking nigger, and you'll make a suitable husband for my daughter.
Act like a nigger, and you wont approach my familly and I will kick your ass out of there faster than you came in running on those nigger legs.

It's as simple as that.

Act civilized, and Im fine with yall.
Dont, and yall are no better than the fucking white meth heads at the trailer park.

Fuck all of this trash.



Because you hate me.

Also help us kill our (((common enemy))). Does anyone have that Malcolm X quote on kikes?

I don't, I just don't want you in my country but in your own

Op, if you're a civilized black person, you probably hate niggers. We do too. Much like you, we actually don't hate blacks. There are a lot of based blacks that live perfectly well and good.

Then there are fucking niggers that will jump you if you even look at them. I don't consider regular black people and niggers to be in the same class. It's more about behavior than skin.


The better question is, why should I like you?

I don’t even know you faggot. Why do you have a victim complex and assume wypipo hate you?
>b-b-but what about [THING OTHER PEOPLE DO]

Quelle cuckerie...

Ta gueule sous merde de paillasson à Nazis. Quand on voudra entendre quoi que ce soi de la part du cale porte du Reich, on te sonnera.

Because you're a nigger.

Je suis desolee, mais j'ai seulement lu ' j'adore les bites blacks"

Look, the frogmen are face-fucking again.

Ah. L'ironie du collaborationniste traitant le belge de nazi. Viva la France noire, mon ami !

You dont fuck at all

Et moi j'ai lu je suce des bites de Nazi au petit dej. Faut vraiment avoir aucun honneur pour etre Nazi/Fasciste et Belge ou Français.

Je suis pas collabo contrairement à tout ces fils de putes de Nazis sur Cred Forums. J'ai du respect pour mon pays et ceux qui se sont battus avec nous contre ces raclures d'allemands.

>You dont like niggers
>youre a nazi
Lay down the pastis, claude

Fascist, Nazi, I dont give a fuck. Being either of those and a Francophone is akin to having no pride. None of those are french, they are foreign bastard ideals, and you should kys if you espouse them.

We only hate niggers. Black people are fine since they contribute to society and are generally well mannered and non threatening, sometimes pleasant yo be around.

Un jour, quand tu auras des poils sur la poitrine, quand tu auras émietté le terroir pour 20% des blacks "gentiles", et quand les "français" seront majorité africaine (10 ans), tu vas te réveiller et te dire "ah, ouais, c'est moi qui a cucké".

I don't, but I wouldn't stop on the street if you tried to ask me for directions.

Et sinon ça te dirais pas d'apprendre a parler français petit con ? Je bossais déjà que t'on père venait surement a peine de naitre, donc tu vas te calmer avec les commentaires sur l'age.

Si t'arrive seulement à voir les gens comme une race homogène t'as un pet au cerveau fiston, maintenant je suis pas pour l'immigration mais y a des gens qui on donné leur vie pour nous protéger des schleus et des fascistes, et toi tu vas baiser aux pieds les fascistes en tout genre.
Mets toi une balle tout de suite. Si l'avenir de la France c'est des cons comme toi je préfère encore le laisser aux coloniaux.


I don't hate you, I just don't want to share territory, a polity or a society with you and think you and your kind should go be black somewhere else. I don't want to kill all of you like I do Jews and white race traitors. Just keep your coon head down and move along home and you'll be fine.

lol nigger

I hate your race, not you.

Not with men no, sorry i turned you down.

He's Belgian and a fascist, he's got no pride, why the fuck are you even apologizing.

T'as vu trop de films sur la guèrre, t'es fan de Yann Moix, par hasard ? Si tu es vraiment vieux, le privilège de grandir dans un pays européen, peuplé par des européens, n'était pas qu'à toi, pour le démanteler en nom de ta piété.

I don't hate you. I just don't want you in my neighborhood and I don't want you to vote.

You are not a bad person, you just don't have the philosophy to build a successful civilization. Women shouldn't vote either.

This pretty much sums it up, Frog. This and all the gibs we work hard for that are taken from us and given to other people's children.

>asking a britbong why he did something



Apparently not. They just 404d the last one for no good reason.

>1 post by this ID

Ambivalent sur Yann Moix. Je l'écoute pas vraiment.

Ce n'est malheureusement pas moi qui aie voté pour l'accueil des algériens, ou encore l'élection de Mitterand en 81. Mais on ne peut pas décemment se dire que maintenant ils vont simplement tous s'en aller, alors ayons du respect pour ceux qui se comportent de façon décente, encourageons ce genre de comportement à l'inverse des comportements destructeurs des gosses de cités.

Just go back to Africa nigger.

>INB4 africa is a shithole country

IT aint my problem, It's your probalem nigger. MAybe you should go back and make it not such a shithole

A lot of us don't actually hate black people but black people need to wake up to the JQ and stop blaming wypipo for everything.

Achievement Unlocked: Honorary Aryan Status

I dont ... we are all pawns on the same grand chess board.

1 post by this ID

>1 post by this id

"Décente" implique une certaine épaisseur de peau.

Tu ne seras pas un de ces bien pensants qui m'apprennaient il y a 20 ans que le Grand remplacement était un fantasme raciste paranoïaque, et maintenant, avec le sourire hébété mapprennent que c'est desormais inévitable, et qu'il faut vivre avec ?

Malheureusement non, et je n'ai jamais voté pour des politiques pro-migrations. Mais une personne c'est rarement assez.

>go back to Africa.

Ouf. Tu n'as pas voté Mitterrand. J'étais en train de te prendre pour un hypocrite qui a grandi dans un pays souverain et solidaire, mais laissé ses enfants un pays tiers-monde pour sa "vertu". Ouf.

Sinon,ton discours collaborationniste "muh nazis" s'avère grave utile pour les prōneurs des frontières ouvertes. Donc oui, je te blâme toi, individuel. Collabo. Lâche. Soumis.

Thank you (put it in the option field)

I don't hate you. I hate niggers. But I prefer not to be around most blacks because your kind just doesn't tend to consider things the same way I do, and as a result, we are both better off being separate from each other.

Niggers have more of a "Right" to an ethnostate in USA than Europeans do. That being said stop fucking our women and civilize yours. Most American niggers have enough white genes to make them a bit more docile.

>Don't act like a fucking nigger, and you'll make a suitable husband for my daughter.
>french flag
checks out

>Don't act like a fucking nigger, and you'll make a suitable husband for my daughter.
How bout no, we don't need race mixed children.

I dont hate you. I dont even know you. Im a 75/25 white/native mix and Im tired of all this race shit. Dont hate me for my whiteness, I cant help the skin I was born in. We could be friends, Im sure, if you got past my pigment. Hell, we would probably smoke one together right now if this weren't the internet.

>A lot of us don't actually hate black people but black people need to wake up to the JQ and stop blaming wypipo for everything.

blacks dont want friendship. they live to cause chaos. anything for entertainment

Identity politics are fucking cancer, period. Stop being a reactive twatwaffle and embrace individuals over herd mentalities.

Bel echange messieurs :)
Mais globalement meme en ayant grandi dans les annees 80 j'ai connu un pays completement different de ce qu'il est maintenant, en tout cas en ile de france.
Donc ca sert a rien de s'la mesurer a savoir "quiqui etait la en premier".
A priori on est tous d'accord pour dire que ca part en vrille et que le point de non-retour a surement deja ete passe.
Mais c'est pas parce qu'on dit ca qu'on est "nazi" "facho" ou autre, la c'est juste ridicule.
Mais venant que quelqu'un qui s'est tellement fait bouffer la tete qu'il croit sincerement que l'humain est "une race", c'est pas etonnant.
La science a beau te le montrer a chaque jeux olympiques d'ete, tu refuses de voir les differences entre les etres humains.

The leaf, minority in his own country, has a lesson for us all. Don't react you guys! Dont value your identity. Let the technocrats decide! A n asianafromuslim world is a happy world! It'll work this time around!

I dont though their color of skin is same as poo. No body likes poo.

>Don't act like a fucking nigger, and you'll make a suitable husband for my daughter.
Okay you crossed the line there Frenchie


Nigg nogg golly wog

Ce que tu dis n'est pas con, mais je refuse d'admettre que la France est condamnée à désigner un lieu et non pas un peuple. (Ou un peuple bricolé par avantages économiques qui ne partage que sa mélanine)

white South Africans - and white Zimbabweans and Namibians - to be allowed to "return" to whatever nation the majority of their ancestors are from


savagely beat and raped her until she was unconscious

And so on...


J'suis d'accord.
Les cultures et melanges se font normalement sur des siecles et pour des raisons qui sont, aux yeux de l'Histoire, evidentes...
Quand des politicards corrompus decident entre eux qu'il faut remplacer un peuple en 3 generations c'est plus emmerdant.
Je refuse de l'admettre aussi, mais comme dit Attali, la France, comme toutes les nations developpees, est destinee a n'etre qu'un hotel...
Mais pour revenir sur le sujet du post de OP, les blacks que je croise dans ma vie de tous les jours, seraient surement mieux en Afrique qu'ici.
Sans faire mon Lesquenniste, remigration les gars, remigration... sans ca, c'est foutu, tu rattrappes pas 400 ans de civilisation avec des allocs ...

Please improve your post quality. This is why I hate you user. You cry victim because it's easier than actually going anything productive. Imagine a team of rowers in a boat. You're the weakest rower. Instead of putting forth the effort and rowing with the team you stop and cry because the others rowers are telling you to row.

But isn't that the best way to go if you know for sure that you (as an individual or as a group) will never be able to pull out your weight ?
Isn't that the same victim tactic the jews are using ?
And the LGBTQRP!#)$ ?

>le 49% comment