20th Century Fox

How conservative do you think the people at Fox actually are? The people who have worked there have mocked us Republicans on more than one occasion, so their political position on the wing scale seems skeptical.

>meme flag
So they mock shills?

Meme flag? What the fuck are you talking about?

If you need help tying a noose I have an infographic for that as well, newfag.


I have been on this site for several years. Just because I was ignorant about the people who work at Fox doesn't mean I'm a newfag.

>us Republicans
slow down now

>Meme flag what are you talking about?
>I'm not a newfag.
Pick one, newfag.

That's a lot of Jews. No wonder the people who work there sometimes go against the ideology they claim to be in or bash us Christians as being radicals. That still brings up the question though, how do the people who work at Fox get away with Jew jokes?

Fox News, the chaotic good faction of media Jewry?

I mean, they put Tucker on prime time FFS.

nice meme flag shill

Are you trying to say that my parties flag is a meme? I've never seen anything relating to that outside of internet political jokes.

Listen here newfag. They are all halves of the same coin. Jews jewing jews for themselves

>How conservative do you think the people at Fox actually are?
u tell me

Fox's political agenda was still questionable even before Disney bought the company.

1) 20th Century Fox is not affiliated with Fox News anymore. They got bought out by (((Disney)))

2) 2016 Election exposed Fox News as controlled opposition when everyone started shilling for Hillary Clinton and Never Trump

3) Gavin McInnes said they were phony conservatives who had breakdowns when Hillary lost

4) Shep Smith, Chris Wallace, and all the stronk #MeToo women expose the network for what it is

Greg Gutfeld isn't a jew.

I meant it in a way that represented people like me. I wasn't speaking for everyone on this thread.

Tucker Carlson has dogwhistled to us on many occasions. I think the retarded boomers in charge are too stupid to realize he names the jew and promotes white nationalism almost every show.

I think they put him there because they are desperate to retain conservative viewers after the shitshow O'Reilly firing.

Oh yeah, I forgot about point 1. In case if you're wondering, when I say Fox, I'm talking about 20th century Fox, not Fox news.

But Fox News also seems to have questionable politics as well from what I can tell from this thread.

Was going to post this, desu.

>Gavin McInnes said

>Greg Gutfeld isn't a jew.
And OP isn't a faggot.

99% of them are democrats playing a tv role like an actor. Fox is objectively the shittiest news channel its just that the other ones have went full 1984 due to chronically unsoothed butthurt.

Based on what I can tell from that text, only his father is Jewish. I don't believe in Judaism, but that shouldn't mean that we need to fucking blame them for everything.

*blame it*

Do you even know how jews work? It's a maternal thing. So his father was the son of a jew but he would not be considered jewish by any of their community.

I'm a Christian, I don't believe in homosexuality. The word faggot means gay, it isn't a fucking insult.

They are just more fake news. CNN and NBC are about 99% fake, Fox is only about 90% fake.

I suppose the 1% is primary sources, which they make insignificant by constantly slandering certain groups of people for 15 - 30 minutes each time they report on something.

>unironically using a republican flag
>thinks he's posting on a republican imageboard

We've hated republicans as much as democrats, the only reason we like trump is because he's neither

neocons and sjw's go and stay go

I'm more of a Libertarian and alt-right Republican, not a George Bush Bohemian Grove type of Republican

>How conservative do you think the people at Fox actually are?
They aren't.

Was going to post this picture.


Hey Neocon kike. You are lazy as fuck

I despise neo-conservatism and its conforming to the one world government agenda. I wouldn't be shocked if George Bush ordered 9/11 to happen. However, I do think that they're more tolerable than Democrats like George Soros.

The Republican flag doesn't exactly connect with neo-conservatism anymore, since Trump's administration took over.

If the neo-cons completely take back the GOP, then I'll probably switch to a Libertarian flag.