Has Western women's liberation gone too far?

Has Western women's liberation gone too far?

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t. concerned citizens

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It must go further...

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One can say it hasnt gone far enough judging by the image

They got the liberation without the responsibility.


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It will go further. And it’s awesome. It’s awesome to have women willing and able to fuck however they want. Whenever they want. Every woman I’ve dated in the past five years has been extremely open to Fucking who and how they want. Only those autistic conservative shitstain disgusting incels are upset about this

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Also yes, OP, it has gone way too far.


watch homeland season 7 episode 2

It has gone TOO far when they expect us to pay for their childcare, the town-run daycare, their pre-school, their kindergarten expense

School starts at 1st grade, everything BEFORE 1st grade is SUPPOSED to be the mother's job in terms of instruction and supervision, instead, the mothers have passed that job off to the local taxpayers, local taxes have gone through the roof

yes - they're basically feral at this point

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homeland was actually good at one point

Don't question women, you sexist bigot
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Yes. It went too far when they got the right to vote.


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>Has Western women's liberation gone too far?
Women should be chained to the kitchen and not be able to even leave the house without permission. Women rights my balls.

no fucking way, this has to be edited. What the fuck did I just watch?

hahah classic- but that's not even MGTOW. And you know this footage only exists online because she went and cried about being assaulted

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>wassermanshultz district
>deepstate attempt


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WAYYY too far.

We are going to be left with a world of Roastie whores. Good luck ever having a stable loyal marriage. Unfortunately the Kids will pay the price

Ai fii surprins cat de jegosi sunt Europenii din Vest...

Should've been N/A for only India, or "Huh? can you repeat the question?"


You're confusing eastern Europeans lying about their hygiene as eastern Europeans having good hygiene.

Self-report data is always dubious, particularly when comparing two populations with different levels of honesty.