Wtf happened to Cred Forums?

I made a thread asking to be red pilled on the holocaust and the thread archived after just 30 replies

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Perhaps your topic has been discussed to death here. Call it a hunch

Are you for real? Wtf is happening to Cred Forums?

Are you an “AltJew“ by any chance?

Redditcucks and Normalfags, normalfags are like niggers most just destroy and never create anything.

That happens to me a lot. Sometimes the thread gets shut down before anyone posts. Jews are at it again. Trying to control everthing.

I would say it's this, there are bots and shills here, but the average person is as a dumb as the dirt on the bottom of a rock.


What happened? Nufags not knowing how to sage obvious shill/raid threads. Always sage "redpill me on-" or "whats the most redpilled-" . All other threads get buried.

Since when should “redpill me“ threads be saged?

If the holoHOAX was for real, why so many lies about it?

Lies like the one that had Jew ashes/fat used to make soap? Turned out to be a lie. The one that had Jew skin used to make lampshades? The one that had giant electrical mats used to electrocute Jews? Both LIES. The one that said Bergen-Belsen had homicidal gas chambers? The one that had the shrunken Jew heads? Both LIES. The one that said steam chambers were used to kill Jews? That a secret Death Ray killed 20,000 at Ausshitz. Both LIES. The one that said electrified water vats were used at Belzec and one that said 4,000,000 Jews were killed at Auschwitz? Both LIES, since that number dropped to a little over one million, and that included non-Jews.

Then there's the LIES about Majdanek, which originally claimed around 600,000 dead Juden, but now the number has dropped to around 70K. And my fav, the one that said DER EVEL Nazis used a huge electric chair, capable of frying 10,000 Jews at once at Ausshitz.
So if they LIED about Ausshitz and Majdanek, why and what else did the holoHOAX liars LIE about? And where did all these holoHOAX survivors come from?

read the sticky untermensch

If its "redpill me on the most redpilled clothing, food etc. It becomes obvious.

Hey I repeatedly heard that the soap thing was debunked. Proofs? Ty

research it yourself user, or just wait for some user to make a /nsg/ thread an ask there, or just lookup for WLP's thought on the lolocaust
also when will mods add a sticky with actual natsoc stuff?

hell you could just avoid this shithole and go to 4+Cred Forums and read the sticky and go to the newfag thread

When did that become a thing? There are way worse shill threads. This is like the claim that /leftypol/ makes Cred Forums book threads here. Laughable


here ya go kraut user

We need more happenings.

shills, the swastika is a symbol of peace, this board is peaceful.

But that user is correct. Red pill threads used to get 250+ replies not long ago

You forgot to add the fap-machines

Unironically this. The swastika stands for good fortune and eternity. If the swastika will come back, so will justice


as long as there is a fire in my heart we will never die

Rebrand the Swastika and you'll be good ;)

Lot of odd thread deletion going on today.

Off-topic and Cred Forums-tier threads will be deleted (and possibly earn you a ban, if you persist). Unless they are quality, well thought out, well written posts, the following are some examples of off-topic and/or Cred Forums-tier threads:

>Red pill me on X. (with no extra content or input of your own)

It has become the fastest board.

I noticed that too. Which ones got deleted so far?

I never had a problem with “Red pill me“ threads and those actually always lead to thoughtful discussions. Are you a mod or something?