ITT post buildings ruined for political reasons, and other modern architectural monstrosities

ITT post buildings ruined for political reasons, and other modern architectural monstrosities.

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You mean ruined by """""""progressive""""""" people?

I'd like to see the architects who designed this. I'd bet all my gold shekels they were jewish

That's right. Or for any reason that doesn't quite make sense.... (such as this mosque in Britain)



No one got anything?

When will we go on a campaign to destroy all pyramids, obelisks and cubes in the world?

This is fuckin "progress"

No ancient stuff though, I like all of that. Only modern jew shit.

What do you mean you don't like it goy, take a look at this one!

Could we ever wind the clock back?

This is considered one of the finest most well preserved examples of southern Art Deco design.

So when they added on to the left in the 70s they of course designed this. Sorry I don’t have a complete pic.

We must atone for our past sins. Our countries (under (((control)))) destroyed Nazism and allowed cultural Marxism to flourish. We must do the opposite now.

Here you can see the add on.

It's fine mate, I'm sufficiently nauseous looking at that abomination. Why was it done, if not to make our world an uglier place?

This one makes me sick to look at.

What building is this?

buildings on the right looks like a nesting place for some kind of bug creature

This one wins. Congratulations!

To add more room. Thankfully they didn’t destroy the old one.
Beaumont Texas. I live in the area. Downtown has several Art Deco style buildings. They are starting to wake up to it and lots of them are being preserved now.


Look at these brutalist buildings. I actually find them repulsive and have to avert my gaze after a short time.

That is one of the worst isn't it... yet there are more

Why not make it in the style of the old building?

it genuinely looks like a tumor

jesus christ

You’ll have to ask the boomers and (((greatest generation)))

It's very pretty

Not the concrete tumour strapped onto it


That building looks like a collage even without the metal tetrahedron. What the fuck is that supposed to be in the first place?

>Museum of African-American culture
>looks like a prison


Who gives a shit? Quit being so sentimental user.

Just google Brasília/Brasil buildings on google.
Seriously, it's all full of modernist crap,
Pic related is supposed to be a church.

Not even art deco enough for me. Chrysler building, Bioshock or go home.

Who (((nose)))?

Everybody who thinks: 'why does it matter what things look like?' Watch this when you get the chance:



This monstrosity is smack-dab in the middle of the National Mall in D.C. To say it clashes with the classical Greco-Roman architecture surrounding it is an understatement.

Looks like a melted version of the Cathedral in my city!

This houses the ministry of foreign relations.

>the chad architect

Supreme Court.

I actually like this one.
Also a lot of brutalist buildings, on photos that is, not around my commute.

I love going in there. I have to once a year to register my truck. It’s insanely beautiful inside.

embassy of the czeck republic


Edison plaza built in 1983

The entire fucking city was modelled after some soviet utopia.
Pic related is the founder of the city, hammer and sickle stylized.


60's and 70's architecture


>Tfw this was my university for 3 years
>Tfw London is the worst offender for glass and steel monstrosities

Its only a matter of time before all the great buildings are gone

I can forgive Brasilia since they have a pretty consistent design throughout the city.

Saved every single one, honestly get be raging just looking at them


Can't compensate for the ugliness outside.

Turks fucking up European stuff as usual

And they can't even get that right

Everyone watch some Mosley for sanity:

Can hardly see the flag over all the shit, sums up our society really.

Reminds me of this

Just to throw a twist in OP's theme here's a modern style building built as much as an art piece as a building where some how the usual shit for once enhances the building.

Its the church of the light in japan, a small sanctuary made of simple concrete with almost no flair or decoration to keep you close to just you, god, and the scripture - if thats your thing.

he even does the Lenin pose, Christ

Oh, they do?
Traffic jams are a rule here, and the city was projected to be the "future city for the car".

this is in MY town

Pic related happened this very month, lol.

Great idea but poorly executed imo


>when your GPU is overheating

Should have been made out of stone, solid marble or slate flooring with some wooden accent if necessary.

Shit! Sorry mate, how liberal is it over there?

North Korea does a better job than most of these (((architects)))

>Go to Washington D.C. as a tourist one day
>Walk by this Museum
>Bunch of black people picketing this museum over abortus?
>What the actual?

>cousin had a 3d plastic model of hagia sophia
>built it without the minerets

we are the most conservative state in Germany

What about the national congress?
Seriously, this city is a fucking disgrace. Fucking grafitti everywhere.

The beaks make it really obvious what they are doing.
That one is a photoshop by a shitty 'photographer' who just edits normal pictures of normal buildings.


What's with this theme of introjecting modernist crap into traditional buildings?
Looks like the thing is being corroded by the T-virus or something.

Good on him, fuck the T*rk menace, reclaim European achievements.

A bowl, an upside down bowl, a weird pool, and a tower chopped in half. Makes no sense at all.

Makes sense, that one is a bit over the top, I'll remove it from collection.

Even this jungle tribe has sense to eject the chosen

It's the J-virus really.

Nice to see that there's room for all kinds of architecture in our cities! Personally dont really like the bottom two but the top ones are pretty cool.
And if you really wanna complain about costs: capitalism will make sure that the money is worth it. Else no one would build them.

in bongland or europ as a whole if you're aware, does anyone give a fuck about the rate of government spending? or is it an entirely disconnected argument about what to spend money on?

even justice doesn't want to look at that shit

pretty sure the guys storming normandy weren't dreaming of coming home to that shit.

Looks like a Mosque for space niggers


The floors and benches are wood and so are a few stairs but I think it was a small church with some connection to the architect like friends or something so they probably couldn't afford it

This is some Protocols of ZIon tier shit

i work in manhattan and the "modern" architecture disgusts me.

>muh $20,000 a month apartment in a glass building

30% of the bong budget is spent on gibs, I'm not exaggerating in any way. The rest just about keeps the country afloat or is wasted on various (((projects))) that never help a white person. Don't know about the rest of Europe

That actually looks better than the rest, if only because the rest are so shit, I think the minimalism makes it barely acceptable. Still not my favourite though.

I do think concrete ruins the look of things though, I remember my old school, build all new just had bare concrete walls in one of the halls, looked disgusting.

Central Bank.


It is literally Jews perverting beauty because they are repulsed by it. They mark their territory and power by building hideous shit on purpose. This is why they put giant ugly holohoax museums everywhere, even in Australia. They are branding the goyim with ugliness. The Jew worships ugliness and sin.

opinions on the sydney opera house?

Brutalism can be beautiful sometimes when it gets that rad Cyberpunk look to it with crazy yet orderly geometry and sharp edges; It's a good look for some places. You can give it a more welcoming appearance by adding more fine detail to it. But for industrial areas, its great. Detroit would do good with a mixture of it and Art Deco, but sadly here everything's vinyl-siding prefab bullshit when it's not made of steel and glass.


Just go on google street view and take a 10 minute hike through Brasília.
You'll puke your dinner, I guarantee.

that's exactly what a central bank would and should look like
Same guy designed it all. "Born in Łódź, Poland, Libeskind was the second child of Dora and Nachman Libeskind, both Polish Jews and Holocaust survivors."

Cyberpunk buildings are kinda comfy desu

this never fails to make me feel

bump for architecture

who the hell would want to live in this garbage?




Cantral bank

You do the same for London, report back in 10 minutes.

thanks for taking the time to search it, didn't expect any different though!


Are those books good?


It’s shit and you never get used to it. Still best average pay in the country and better to breathe smog in Sao Paulo.

Looks like a pursuit breaker from Most Wanted.

why'd they do this anyway?

mosque vs obama library

Always the same reason.... Money. The lot is worth more as an apartment building or a parking lot........ It should be criminal.


that looks like new york ave in DC going into the tunnel. except we've got crains up constantly and your shit is just rotting in place.

I kind of like the bottom right.
Still not as much as the left.

What? this is the dumbest thing I ever heard one of ((them)) say

the museé des confluences looks like was designed by razer

This is a really impressive Muslim building.

What kind of gore is this?

literally a tumor

just need a little of paint because looks like a commie block

Looks like cartmans trapper keeper

if someday happens a earthquake nobody will notice the difference

I drove by that in summer.
It was breath-taking how awful it is in person.

That just looks futuristic and sleek. Shitty postmodern is where it has just a bunch of shapes that don’t work with eachother

You mean ruined by (((((((progressive))))))) people?


a fucking tumor


they dont left money to paint it?

This one is kindda charming, remembers me to the lego space sets from the 80-90s

Bullshit, the reason is that the church has been without use for a long time and has deteriorated so much that it becomes dangerous, so it's torn down. That kind of generic 19th century church is a diamond dozen in Europe and they are as worthless as an abandoned mall.

Office of the Official Scrutinizer

while in 'murica

How are former DDR governmental buildings treated in Berlin?


>Office of the Official Scrutinizer
Office of the CENTRAL Scrutinizer

The most disturbing part about these goals is how trivial they are to the grand scheme of control over a society. They are like mopping up the floor after the tap has been turned off. In such an analogy, what then is "the tap?" The Tap is control over the money of an entire nation. That would be the first major victory which would allow all other little victories to have all the money and time that they need to succeed. The Jews won a long time ago. The only question now is do whites ever take their societies out of the hands of the Central Bankers?


This is the Berliner Stadtschloss, it used to be the residential palace of the Prussian kings.
It was heavily damaged in WW2 and later demolished by the communist regime of East Germany.
They are rebuilding it right now but because Berlin is a lefty city the city council insisted that the palace couldnt be a faithful reconstruction and had to have modern elements.
Thats why one facade looks like this and the building will house non-European art like African tribal masks and shit like that.


Someone have the picture of a building and then someone posted "this pleases my master" with a kike pic

Why is postmodern/modern architecture bad? It's just how design evolves over time. Everything experiences change and nothing can escape that.

Great thread, Modern architecture is about dissolving individulsl nations one by one. Sad!

fuck off kike if you dont see whats wrong with the ops pic you are the cancer in architecture

Kaliningrad, Russia Federation.önigsberg_Castle


Commies HATED this building

honestly the twin towers were really fucking ugly

I blame hitler for this

By the contrary, they spent time showing this photo with that building

Atrocity exhibition

>all that overhanging cover
I want to smoke a cig under that in a rainy summer night.

Agreed. The best sites in the US are that natural ones that are free of corruption

I get really bad vibes from this. Really negative, vengeful even


This shit looks like a fungating tumor, Google it.

How the fuck does anyone think this is worth doing?

I blame commies too. at least they could leave the ruins standing like pic related after 1755 earthquake or at least finish their kike project.

>The foundations proved to be inadequate to support the original 28-story plan and only 21 stories were completed.
Commies don't having money
> the regional Party Committee lost interest in the project and ran out of funding.
>The building was left unfinished for many years.

And they edited out that there are soviet tanks and vehicles chilling on the street and people wandering about the city “during this major battle.....”
And they edited that this brave Mongolian Savage was wearing like 15 stolen wristwatches. Were it in color, you could not doubt see the blood on his froth from all of his victims.
Should’ve nuked east Berlin in August 1945 when it was full of those filth.

reminder that germans are obsessed with afro art and have such internalized guilt they display them alongside completely unrelated objects to "confront colonialism"

Ok, I'll blame them too
and the kikes for even inventing all the shitty architecture styles.




why did they do this

A lot of these buildings look dope. Don't see the problem is swapping architecture to one that's more cost and space efficient and built of studier material.

You guys are being nostalgic for an era you weren't even born in.

People will be saying the same thing about buildings built today in another couple hundred years if we haven't replaced all buildings with tall metal blocks to compensate for overpopulation

You’re not the only one. I have a very high spiritual sensitivity, and I can read evil coming off of it.

This shit looks like a Metal Slug stage


From the thread a few weeks ago.

Alt-Deco when?

Jesus it literally looks like combine architecture, from half life two. Destroys everything around it and just looks like ugly straight lines and angles.

eh, the top right looks kind of cool.

Nice to find someone that was there, and hopefully soon.

wasnt this the one that had to come down because it was collapsing?


>modern architecture triggers the frogposting spergs
why dont you guys go become architects and design some nice buildings for us then?
at least this building has provokes such emotional reactions from you people, i would say it has done its job and more.


that one looks kind of cool.
i love that 50s futurist style.

Hey mate you need any more rectangles?

AT&T building lobby in NYC, demolished last month by Saudi corporation Olayan who deemed it outdated for use as an apartment building

Rio's Art Museum (actual name), doesn't look hideous, but it's still disrespectful to the beautiful original building.

The market is over saturated with Architects.

>You guys are being nostalgic for an era you weren't even born in.

That's Angolans bought the construction of this Parliament House from zero. Niggers have more taste than a leaf or nostalgic for an era under a colonial overlord?

shut up leaf

not really
t. architect
the market is booming

Don’t rage

What do you guys think about this shit box they just built in my city, although it's the worst city ever

Sorry forgot pic

Is that an actual residential building? It looks more like a training structure for fire fighters.

some of it is cool. Some of it
It was an experimental time, thats for sure


>cost efficient
Please look at

Thats kinda cool looking to be honest

Fuckin kek.

Is this Britain?for fucks sake

looks like trash, expendable, disposable and cheap architecture ready to be repurposed as a fast food/shopping mall combo

We need to take it back
They won't give it back, they took it with force, take it back with equal force
Move to cities, no more white flight, take back the cities your people built

Looks like Iran

Not too bad

>they took it with force
they did? as far as i remember white people got lazy and left. should be a cautionary tale about the destructiveness of idleness, really.

Wicked retaaaaaahded.

Fuck. This makes me hate lefty-fags even more. God dammit, why do they have to be such insufferable cunts!?

So question, I agree smaller buildings should be more traditional however we are also entering the age of super structures, should we mesh both?
Not so much like pic but more like nature simulatioted areas along the backs of massive superstructures dotted with smaller towns, neighborhoods, villages, ect, meshing into city scapes.

The official residence of your President is like some mansion of a drug lord.

Her tits look like they're from a N64 game

I remember when only faggot liberals complained about "le boomers". Sad how fucking cucked everyone is to blame their parents lol.

Imagine what could be.

>If a temple is to be erected, a temple must be destroyed.

ayo dawg i heard you like superstructures

True, but they did use force, just enough for whites to run to the safety of suburbs
No more white flight, how about niggers and spics run to the suburbs, the cities are OURS

So is postmodern architecture just intentionally designed to look like shit and sold to the highest stupid bidder by Shekeltein Noseberg?


Is that even a question?

>Too urban, but nice planning for the bug people.

they do it for the same reason they always do, to stir controversy. in this age there really is no such thing as bad press. when the proprietors of the famous Bayreuth opera house staged Lohengrin, a play about medieval knights and princesses as a "postmodern" allegory of the holocaust, it was booed by the audience. The (((artistic directors))) remarked that the fact the performance was booed was a good thing because it stirred controversy. literal batshit insanity is regarded as progressive and wonderful against the evil oppression of tradition.

Unfortunately not, I think the Priest tried to make a stand in the church and he got dragged out by police...

Btw not just architecture but all art is garbage these days. Jackson Pollock was peak degenerate talentless Freudian expressionism, and now we're at the stage where a sculpture of a literal piece of shit is on display in modern art exhibitions

It's a fucking office building, what do you expect?

Looks like space mountain at disneyland

Cities have always been and will always be, shitholes compared to the wilds of this Earth. The weak and dependent live as a hive all feeding off each other. They make very convenient concentrated killzones in times of trouble, it's good to fill them with immigrants.

Oh yeah art is straight shit now, movies, paintings, it goes beyond architecture.
Most things are shit nowadays, even ads are shittier now than say, the 1950s

It's mostly a hotel and the tallest building in LA now

I stopped browsing cause almost everyone here is retarded. Thanks for reminding me

I'm in favor of Hundertwasser architecture. Dude was way ahead of his time.

Everyone in Canada hates this God awful "addition" to our cherished Royal Ontario Museum, built in 1910. Some Chinese architect tacked it on in 2008. Ruined it completely.

Fuck I hate financial districts in major cities
No culture in them anymore
They don't even try to make them look nice

>Alien architecture: The designers of the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technological Research and Development in Kiev must have hoped their flying saucer construction would provide some useful inspiration for those inside

It's nothing I would want to be a in every city, but here and there it would be nice. Heck, maybe for the sake of testing building a smallish town with it would be fun.

Yeah you're right. The basic archetypes of beauty, honour, heroism, purity, natural order, they've all been utterly subverted

>Menacing: When it was built in the mid-1980s, the West initially suspected it was a missile launcher. But this incredible construction is actually the Druzhba health spa in the Ukrainian resort of Yalta

Fuck, at least pick good shit. Like that wooden carved head I've seen posted around. Get more of those.

I usually like modern architecture, but that made my stomach turn with disgust and anger just looking at it. It's a deliberate attempt to take a shit on the building it was tacked on to. This is a crime against architecture. It's like if you added a gothic spire to Falling Water as a fuck you to Frank Lloyd Wright.

I imagine that is what Gepetto's workshop looked like

>Anyone for Jenga? The Georgian Ministry of Highways, built in the 1970s, showed green thinking way ahead of its time as its reduced floor space allows nature to nestle underneath.

I think you may be onto something. turn the tactics of the modernists against them. brilliant

Fuck man, this is about my only fear. Saw a sinkhole open up on the interstate while I was driving by and ever since I keep expecting it to happen.

I hate most modern buildings but the ones you are posting own.

Plus they didn't replace anything old since they were built on what used to be forest

To them this is an act of revenge. They want to destroy everything beautiful in the West.

Shit you just reminded me of the atrocity I have to fucking look at every time I go to lower Manhattan

More Hundertwasser

You miss the point. Winning the cultural part of this war is the hard part. Once you degrade the values of art, culture, music, etc... the rest becomes easy.


im not lovin it


Twin Towers are shit because they're post war architecture, but holy shit the new tower was the one that truly deserved the left's fate

Reminds me of the school in Flip Flappers. I want comfy anime architecture IRL

>space efficient

Most modern architecture doesn't shit a shit about space efficiency. The ROM is a primary example of that. The curators HATE it because it wastes huge amounts of space with sloping unusable walls. And what space remains is twisted and convoluted and doesn't allow for efficient pedestrian traffic flows at all.

Kinda like the 2nd one in Lyon, I'm into thatkind of futuristic style I guess. Not knocking the others tho, love me some Pre-Great War aesthetics

the fuck is a bible tech?

bible means books
biblioteca is a place of books

Ha ha. I have walked by that building on the MIT campus. I actually reallyike it compared to many other examples here.

the new one at least deviates from the rectilinear communism of the postwar style

And of course the building responsible for the glass trend was the fucking JewN building

Gee. I dunno, Fryman. Did you really need your own building?

It looks like a giant guitar amplifier.

That AT&T statue, "Golden Boy", lives on in the lobby of the current AT&T HQ in Texas - so it was spared at least.

Shit! That is MAXIMUM AESTHETIC!! They literally are best Korea! It's so clean and tidy! I love it!

This is a building of my university lol

>The only thing I like about this is the lighting scheme.

This makes every other building in the thread look like a cathedral lmao tfw

Come on, Kowloon Walled City is the stuff of legend - a literal human ant colony.

A tree house for the big kids.

It looks like a giant tv screen...

Are they trying to redpill people on how European art is better than African art? This looks like an exhibit Hitler might have set up

All law classes are held here. This countries becoming a joke, take me in yank, save me cunt

To build a mosque


what the hell, you cant clean garbage off your building anymore?