We're fucked

We are so fucked

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Are you a fed?

No just a concerned cuckizen


>the ride never ends

Enjoy life while you can, we were fucked from the start.

At least we all live and die the same way.

>4 words
>one post by this id


implication being?

>implication meaning?

not a fed, not a 1 post by this id op. take off your nwo-memeflag and have hope, anons.


Shared to facebook, thx bro, the people need to kno

You made me smile with that pic, user :^)

> posting a character that crashes apple products
good quality bant


he forced you to reply hahahaaha

this is gold, thank you dude

I had no idea South Africa had healthcare services.

enjoy your vanning of peace

this game knew what was up in 1999


Just so you know this stuff was standard fare for what infowars was covering even back in the access tv days

infowars is a limited hangout mixed with disinfo

This guy knows how it is

Were not fucked. We're in the best timeline ever.

rx 84 is real

heard a "6million" in there as well