Why can't people in the Balkans just get along already? You're all brown, get over it

Why can't people in the Balkans just get along already? You're all brown, get over it.

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Why haven't romanians taken over the balkans already they are the strongest and most numerically superior group by a factor of 3:1

We may not like each other very much but we can all agree that we don't appreciate you burgers. Except Albanians, they admire you.

ex-yugos would wreck their shit
even the makedonijans would defeat romania

started making trouble in our yugohood

>calling Balkans brown

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Romania is a joke. Half of the country is a gypsy slum. If you remember that movie Borat it might be interesting to you that the village was not in Kazakhstan, it was in Romania.

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La creatura...


They basically have already

Commited one little genocide and NATO got scared.

Romania is the only semi-decent Balkan country. The rest are mud huts set up to fool the rest of the world into believing there's actually a country there.

El goblino, El monstro, La creatura, La abominación, El monstruo arenoso del tiempo, El fin del mundo, La oscuridad devoradora de luz, El ogro de las americas...

Santa Maria de Cármen, siempre deben orar por los santos misericordiosos y por el santo padre creador.

Por providencia divina pido a Cristo, nuestro señor salvador, proteja a esta pecadora de todos los males y angustias, que la libre de las garras oscuras de el goblino, la creatura de las profundidades.


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As a Slovene i'd have to say most of the ex-Yugoslav nations get along. Regardless of the politics of the media and old hatreds. I don't know how it stuck in me, because of father is a fierce Slovene but traveling along the breathtaking Croatian shore, the gracious Bosnian where you're playing a game of dice in which village they'll serve you booze, getting thrown out of Russian mafia owned bars in črna gora(mount dindu sounds retarded), slowly finding the amazing underground bars in Serbia and last but not least enjoying the hills of macedonia while smoking dirt cheep tobaco, I never feel like in some foreign country the saying "Bratstvo i jedinstvo!" does carry on even if i don't know why or how to describe it. They still truly feel like a people who the rest of Europe sees as untouchable who only have each-other to care for.

Oh yea and there's Kosovo or something.

outside internet and media I've never felt any hatred between the nationalities. When I visited Dubrovnik I would get discounts everywhere because "nas si". Traveled most of Bosnia and Slovenia too, no one ever mentioned anything about me being Serbian. The bratsvo and jedisntvo does live on, people just don't like it under that name. It's different but somehow still relevant. I guess that speaking the same language helps, it breaks the mindset of being "different"


I thought the Balkans only included Bulgaria, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Kosovo?

>Why haven't romanians taken over the balkans already
because it's shit and we got enough shit already

>you're all brown get over it

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Ever since they got under the control of big european countries like Franco-Germany, they get along well. Meme countries in Eastern Europe (yes, Poorland included) seek for some fake relevance and fame, before they settle down before new masters

They were under the Ottomans and were nice and quiet, then a little anarchy got in, but now again they're nice and quiet

>You're all brown, get over it.

I love this meme. Even the most backward insignificant shithole with a GDP less than some African nations can now bantz us back like they were our equals.

I love taking Hikes though

Are you saying we should call it "the Balkan peninsula" instead of "the Balkans"? Does it really matter?