Why don't MGTOW just bang girls without dating them instead of avoiding them completely?

I dont understand the MGTOW movement. If you really dislike women then you should be having one night stands with them and then leaving them when they get clinging and annoying.

> women need/want male attention
> treating them as objects hurts there feelings in the long run
> treating women as objects is satisfactory for men, although not ideal
> White women are easier than ever before, you will NOT have to spend
money or if you do it will be very minimal
> trying to bang women gives you something to do at night besides playing video games and jerking off

Also, for those of you who are going to say. If we get her pregnant we'll have to pay child support. Who cares? Child support is the the cheapest way to procreate and spread your seed and preeding your seed is biologically important for all males.

MGTOW seems like a terrible and strange decision
> no sex
> no real revenge on women
> no offspring to carry on your genes

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kys shill

I'm not mgtow but I'd assume a fear of being accused of rape?

I think Lauren fucked several niggers as shown by the rebel media article on encyclopedia dramatica (hard evidence) and her videos are just a shameless cash grab.

Dont click on them.

Lauren loves the big black cock for sure.

We all know the answer to this question

>MGTOW stands for Men Not Banging Chicks

I feel like this happens as much as people say. Also, if it does unless ur in college or a high profile figure it prob wont affect your life too much

it's almost like fucking black people redpills some women

Probably why she went conservative after getting pumped and dumped by them

At least we still have her hotter sister

we all know mgtow are just a bunch of losers who "choose" to stay away from women, because in reality they can't get them even if they wanted.

it's just sour grapes.

>> White women are easier than ever before, you will NOT have to spend
>money or if you do it will be very minimal
Confusing prostitution with dating.
Nice thread, kid.

>I feel like this happens as much as people say.
I hope you meant the opposite.

>I dont understand the MGTOW movement
This statement is true.

All you need to understand is some people do risk/reward analysis before acting.

Because my virgin friend, sleeping with women is a lot of work. Therefore your'e not going your own way.


Banging girls without dating them is exactly what the roasties want. Never give them what they want. Make them do your laundry for you and then bang them. Make them work for it.

I meant the opposite

All men pay for sex in some form or another

daily reminder that there are 1000s of stay at home daughters out there just waiting form a man to marry them


>Child support is the the cheapest way to procreate and spread your seed and preeding your seed
Maybe for men in eastern countries. I don't know where you live.

>implying I don't

because most of them are dead end failures, either genetically or socially. MGTOW is a sour grapes coping mechanism for omega tier males.

>inb4 some MGTOW show up trying to rationalize how I'm wrong and just proving my point for me

MGTOW is simply the Fox and the grapes. They don't want your shitty sour ass grapes and as soon as artificial fruits are made they won't need them, haha roasties

> 1000's of stay at home daughters
> for millions of men
I think your math is off

Mmmmm yeah Jana you dirty little whore you like that stinky cum poop cock in your stinky hairy poo ass that cums ass I sniff your wet fishy pussy juices in my stinky poop cock.

That metaphor is completely idiotic. People aren't grapes. You can take actions to get grapes and it will be guaranteed. With other people nothing is guaranteed.

Because the entire reason for MGTOW is that they are butthurt they cant get laid to begin with

But it's disgusting if you are not doing it with baby making in mind.

further damaging females selection mechanisms and bonding mechanisms to bust a nut in the moment serves nobody but your big dopamine and status addicted brain.

Millions of men are not interested


Jana is pure

>that pic
delet pls

Nan mate Jana loves that BBC. You be seeing her SFW photos soon juxtaposed next to one with negro cum on her face. Mmmm Jana one who swallows the nigger banana.

Do you think Anna gets jealous over how much better looking Kayla is?


mgtow picrelated

>Implying MGTOW autists could even get a woman in the first place

They have to shelter their frail egos by claiming it's by choice they avoid woman.

Good point. Women always bang on about how much they like sex and the city and that is just a show about meaningless one night stands.

You should make a woman raise your five kids

MGTOW is supposedly just avoiding long-term commitment. Not avoiding women or sex altogether. So there are going to be MGTOWs who bang girls and some who don't. Since women tend to demand commitment or resources from non-Chads, there are probably going to be more MGTOWs who aren't getting laid. Unless they're good at lying I guess.


All of you are wrong.

It's because MGTOW faggots are unable to get a mate or attract any woman. In an ideal world they'd still be unable to attract a single woman or mate. These "people" pretend they avoid women on purpose when, in fact, it's the women that avoid them.

Yay I got quadsroon

Oh, the other coal burner Southern?

> women need/want male money/power.
> treating them as objects is what they want.
> treating women as objects is what they do with everything. Clothes, shoes, hair, nails, make up, houses, cars, etc.
> White women are easier than ever before, you will have to spend money or if you do it will be very minimal until they get their whore hooks in you.
> trying to bang women gives you something to do at night they will suck you into the most ridiculous and manipulative situation you should never be put in.

Fixed all of that for ya.

Go spam those white tradthot appreciation threads again you lazy asshole

MGTOW is an anti-marriage movement. Not an anti-fucking mivement.

The religious girls thing is a problem caused by the church itself. Just like the politicians, the churches have maneuvered themselves to cater almost exclusively to women. It did work in the mid term, but women don't want to be stuck with a bunch of other women and have no dating prospects. So in the long run the exclusion of men will lead to the decline in the church.

Yea and if one of those bitches ets pregnant your fucked for life... get your nuts snipped BEFORE you go putting it about.

Did it ever occur to you that maybe men don’t really like girls as much as pop culture wants you to believe?

Once you get over male-mother-need, you basically stop wanting a woman— the same way you stop wanting a Lamborghini.

Consider women as just blobs of protoplasm doing whatever weird shit they tend to want to do. They’re there, they’re around. They take up space. They don’t really mean anything, do anything, or effect anything.

Why should a man date one?

He wasn't a MGTOWfag, he was obsessed with pussy.

I'm glad someone with the FACTS was able to clear this up for me

1. treating them as objects is only half of what they want. They also want to same attention/love their dads should have given them
2. You shouldnt stay around a girl if you are getting attached or they are "getting their hooks into you". They will only manipulate you if you care about them.

Good to see you've moved on to the acceptance stage of inceldom

Mgtow is a pacifist move and passive resistance.
What have you done to keep degenerate women in check?
I guess nothing because you're too busy worshipping vagina.

Because I feel the need to have a girl sit on my face constantly, it never stops.

Because they’re fags or omega losers who can’t get women anyways

Yeah, tell me, that in your current state, you'd be able to attract a mate in a pre-industrial feudal society. Tell me your wife wouldn't hate you and cheat on you in an arranged marriage when you're the way you are now. Tell me you really, really believe the future White ethnostate's going to just hand you an econo-wife out of hand.

>They also want to same attention/love their dads should have given them
Or you run across the one that their dad gave them too much "attention" and they are total and irreparably fucked in the head.
>They will only manipulate you if you care about them.
Hence the problem.
They will use your own emotions for them and against you.
Easy to say control them not easy to do.

Exactly. It's a hunger strike. We're killing ourselves, but it occasionally works.

1. Getting STDs
2. The possibility of being falsely accused of rape
3. Only idiots waste their time chasing women
4. Men have better things to do

That's no guarantee. In many countries paternity testing is illegal or requires the mother's permission which she won't give.

But that's degenerate, self respecting men should look into engineering and raising their own test tube baby.

Which came first? Women treating men like shit, or men treating women like shit?

MGTOW started as a butthurt movement of man fucked by american divorce courts. Since then it was stolen by 14 years old and virgin idiots who se this as a cover for their retardation.

The most traditional woman in the world still wants a strong, attractive, confident, funny and well-dressed man. In other, words, she still wants Chad Thundercock. If you're unable to take care of yourself then you're not ready to be a political activist. You're not even ready to step out the front door if you're unhealthy, smelly, have a filthy home or can't make a woman smile.

If you want a tradfamily you need to hit the gym, read some books, get a social life, get a fucking job and stop swallowing Jewish lies.

nice bait nigger. MGTOW do bang women; plenty of them. The real MGTOW are often divorcees or people who've been through enough relationships/one-night stands to get an accurate sample of female behavior, and they want nothing to do with modern females. The modern female has nothing to offer but a hole. They are not feminine, they do not make good mothers, the don't know shit about home economics and expect men to worship a vulch full of residual chad and nigger cum. BTW I meet your criterion for the modern chad, and believe me, the modern chad (provided they are successful, over 30, and have more than 5 brain cells) wants nothing to do with these vermin. We don't hate woman and we don't love them. We understand them. We understand that manipulating men into being fathers, choosing the kids over them, cheating with chads (yes I've been an accessory to this type of behavior, it was wrong), and draining them of resources and pitting them against eachother to test strength is genetic. It's a survival strategy thats worked for 1000 years

If I meet a girl thats not degenerate yet I encourage here not to be and dont try anything on her.

>Also, for those of you who are going to say. If we get her pregnant we'll have to pay child support. Who cares? Child support is the the cheapest way to procreate and spread your seed and preeding your seed is biologically important for all males.

feminism came then everything fell apart, therefore, it women's fault.

chasing bitches is expensive, time and money wise.
im not courting some floosie for countless, on the off chance i might get a go at her stink crotch.
id rather bang some cutie from backpage for a few buckaroos, then have plenty of zenny and time to do what i want to fucking do.

I’m a proud MGTOW and I just paid a woman to mother my children and surrender all parental rights. Women are too much of a risk and bother.

pics or it didnt happen

I don't think this faggot realizes that child support is really backdoor roastie support. No one checks to make sure the money is spent on the child.

I am full MGTOW. I've had multiple girlfriends in the past.

I still have friends who are girls, and I still have one night stands, and I am still open to having a relationship with a woman, but 100% completely on my terms.

Thats how I see MGTOW myself, if I am going to have a relationship with a woman, it will absolutely be 100% on my terms, no compromise. If you cant handle that, then you can get the absolute fuck out.

Its the only way to go, and I'm pretty happy with the results.

MGTOW is about the state. If you Invite a women into your life, you are basically inviting the state too. Women are problematic on their own but with state intervention a relationship is just suicide for men

You overestimate yourself. Being honest with yourself is the first step.
Some Cred Forumstards have never sniffed holy vagina since they react like virgins and feel compelled to defend m'lady.
Now let me ask you this. Do you wan't your tribe to be strong or weak?
If you want it to be strong you want your women to be obedient without the government.

also pic related

Its great if you are looking for a wife

I believe in child support, its the fact that its a percentage of a mans salary that I cant fucking stand. It should be a standard amount; the average cost of raising a fucking child; imagine that? But instead women get to siphon off sometimes up to 30% of a mans income, regardless of his salary

holy shit some of these posters have got to be trolls

No man will ever be a bigger man than The State.

>I just paid a woman to mother my children and surrender all parental rights

Stoop stalling. Make the thread you schizo boomer

They dont want Chad. they cant control Chad. Look around - when you see a couple is the guy a Chad or a beta. Hes a beta. Because women want someone they can control and wrap around their finger and feel superior to.

They dont want a Chad they feel inferior to

The most Canadian post of all time

They want Chad to father their children.

Its what they do already.
I even have a gf for a few years, just don't give them any way to screw you for alimony or child support and you are fine.
No marriage, no cohabitating and no kids.

When I look around and see fathers - I see betas every time

toastie roastie detected

You see betas assuming the role of father. Many men are unwittingly raising Chad's babies.

perfect body

why can't lauren lose some weight and look more like her sister?

This is true. Women will settle for beta and fuck Chad when drunk and claim rape. Or just cheat and have cognitive dissonance about it, claim they did it because they thought their partner was going to cheat or was cheating.

That's the number one reason women give for cheating, to get back at their partner.

So if your gf/wife is always accusing you of cheating with no real proof or reason to? She's probably giving herself mental reasoning for fucking some guy/guys. behind your back.


pic related

this makes more sense

Again I hate to entertain the idea of immigrants raping our women and slitting their throats but isn't this their latest fetish after 50 shades of rape?
I'd like to hear a comeback...

Ur mom gay

My brother went from alpha to beta when he got married and had a kid. He says the sex completely goes away. Also, his inlaws have financial problems, so they are living with him in a small 3 bedroom home. While I'm living a comfy single life plenty of money that remains mine.

Honestly - single life is sweeeeeeet

What's a zenny?

Well shit, I stand corrected.

>If you're unable to take care of yourself then you're not ready to be a political activist.
That's bad advice to give to this board in particular, if you aren't just larping with your quote. Why would you want people whose politics you support to not be politically active because they don't satisfy your standards of personal accomplishment, when every loser on the other side is busy spreading Marxist propaganda?

MGTOW is redpilled and a win win for everybody

Gee I wonder who is behind our governments who knowingly influence the minds of our women for the worse.
Yes they are mentally inferior but it doesen't help talking to hormone riddeled boys on Cred Forums either.
The final solution is nearing it's height lads.
The nearer we're getting the bigger the reeeeing will get.

This. If women want to be married again they need to give men reasons to marry.

then they raise their sons to be pussies so that her sisters can control him

Women might be mentally inferior but they know more than enough to get right from wrong.

Mgtow is not a win. Mgtow is a reaction to an existing problem. The individual mgtow might win but society and western culture crumbles at the same time.

Because I have no interest in contracting STIs. I have no interest in having a laundry list of previous sexual partners that could potentially show up later in my life and create drama. I have no interest in spending my valuable time, energy, and resources in pre-marital sex when I could spend time improving myself physically or academically, enjoying a hobby, or looking for one of the increasingly rare women worth marrying.

tldr pre-marital sex is degenerate

getting together with women is suicide

damned if you do, damned if you dont

What all you lonely Betas need to understand is the girls want to be fucked,....Too.
They just long for a MAN, not a wimp....or a pussy.
If you think women react rationally you are going to lose the game...

I'm not that certain that out perception of right and wrong is equal to the female perspective of what is right and what is wrong.

that would require most men to go MGTOW and that's never going to happen

This girl is prob a bitch. If I can tell within 5 minutes of meeting a girl whether shes dtf then girls can do the same thing with men. shes going after the wrong guys

>pre marital
>wanting to marry

Marriage adds litterally nothing to a relationship but risks of financial ruin to a man.
Why would you ever be that dumb?

They do. Well some of them do.
I want to know why none of them actually go their own way, just keep going along with society all the while preening and strutting about on the internet about MUH OWN WAY with everybody else?

If a kid gets screwing up a marriage is bad so should women. And kids DO understand screwing up a marriage is bad.

MGTOW are faggot kikes.

you spelled incel wrong.

My favorite new feminist meme is that men are afraid of strong, successful women. No. We just have no interest in a high-earning workaholic because, unlike women, we don't marry based on how much money a woman brings to the table. We want someone who will be nurturing and not bitching about her high-stress job 24/7. A woman who is defined by her career adds no value to a man's life.

Because MGTOW is just a bullshit incel cope.

i never understood the Cred Forums and Cred Forums meme that the longer you spent on Cred Forums, the gayer you became. all it ever did was activate whatever homosex was latent within you.

some of us stopped at 'bridget is cute'

You underestimate the reason of feelings.

>1000s of stay at home daughters
But they're at home, how the fuck am I supposed to meet them? Just knock on random doors and ask if they have any virgin daughters to marry?

is that all you've got? how about you talk about female nature you cuck


It already has. the catholic church has almost completely collapsed

No, faggot. Women want to get fucked by Chad, not some normie. If they wanted to be fucked the way that we do, they'd be fucking constantly. And before your stupid PUA logic suggests that we be Chad, being Chad is 80% determined by your genetics. Trying to be Chad with normie genes is far too much work for the return you'll get.

>Because MGTOW is just a bullshit incel cope.
that's great.

>Women want to get fucked by Chad, not some normie.
Well tough shit, I want to fuck Tay AI in the body of an anime qt3.14, but I have to settle for reality and women have to too.

Im not afread but it does turn me off. their purpose to me is birthing and raising me offspring and their success in the workplace will only hinder that.

>female nature
Sure. Govern yourself like a man and you attract a woman that falls into line.

no they dont, atleast not today

even if you take marriage out of the equation, the same logic still applies

"sex with anyone but your lifelong-cohabitator is degenerate"

>teaches daughter not to be a whore
>teaches son to bang every woman he can
do you not see the problem here? of course not, youre fucking idiots.

Only brutal honesty and accepting biological reality will set us free.
Unfortunately it seems that this road will have to be paved in blood.

anyone who says all men should be encouraged to fuck as many women as possible, shouldn't be shocked when most women turn out to be the opposite of chaste

but of course half of Cred Forums is double digit IQ

Many do. That's all they're really good for desu. Personally I advocate hooking up with females under false pretenses. Always use a fake name. Never show her your address or place of business. A motel is only ~$60, vs over $100k in lawyer fees, alimony, and child support.

At this point white women brought this on themselves they willingly went along and played with the jewish creation that is feminism and made sure to break white men anywhere they can.Ask yourself this do you know of another race of women who are actively fighting their own men and are pushing them out of position of power and influence from the society they created and taking it for themselves while also giving it to foreign men? Have you seen another race of women so eager to protest against their men of their same race while praising other of different races? No you havent and at this point there is no way back they have shown their true colors and where their loyalty lays.


>be Napoleon Bonaparta
>get cucked
>be Agesilaus king of Sparta
>get cucked
>be Belisarius
>get cucked
>be Caesar cucker of men
>get cucked
dont let them manipulate you

>no they dont, atleast not today
Yes they do, they're not all ending up with Chad Thundercock, by my calculations very few end up with Chad Thundercock, they end up having to settle for lesser guys than they could've had if they only would have woke the up and dispelled their unwarranted self-importance and unrealistic expectation while they were still somewhat desirable. Or they end up killing themselves.

Cohabitation still screws you into alimony.

I don't think you get the point.

Marriage, cohabitation and kids are all burdens without a benefit for a man.

I don't cohabitate with my gf, much cheaper, no extra mess and no stuff dissapears.

Go fuck yourself with your egalitarian fallacy. Men are disgusted by the prospect of committing to whores for good evolutionary reasons, namely the danger of being tricked into unknowningly investing paternal care into a stranger's children. Women, by contrast, are attracted to players because successfully seducing lots of women takes skill and signals high status. There is no unjustified double-standard.

But that's the thing. They view it as settling, which is why the divorce rate is so high. Once the resource extraction process is complete, it's off to take another go at Chad.

>Cohabitation still screws you into alimony.
in canada and other cucked countries maybe

Because they are autistic faggots.

I hate to do this but humanity must prevail.
Proof me wrong and show me alternatives or rather explain to me why I should forgive the thot coalburner.

>one night stands

all of the potential drama and life ending false accusations of a real relationship starting and ending, but 100 times less sex


brainlets are the only ones reproducing anymore for a reason

nah man, i meant in their minds. they will resend the beta and make his life a living hell though

la creatura...

Jesus Christ, when I was married our grocery bill was at least $20 more every week just due to makeup. There are so many hidden costs that come with women, I was shocked at quickly I was able to save money after the divorce.

This thread is subversion. Remember: white man's greatest Ally is the white woman.

fuck you its late night here and i almost laughed so hard i would have woken everyone up


>50% divorce rate

Plain and simple: MGTOW are gay.

You people are so fucking stupid, so will you teach your daughter to not be a whore and tell your son to go bang every woman that spreads em?
Just admit it. Monogamy is a two way street buddy.

Says the memeflag jew

MGTOW seems like a cop-out for incels, there are still plenty of good women out there. If you put in the effort (not in pick-up lines) you could get one of them OR you could stay at home watching feministREKT videos while you tell yourself that you're in the right.

What does this have to do with my post? Where did I said white men should try to forgive white women for what they choose? Is this slavic reading comprehension in action?

Because they're autistic faggots who can't even approach one without being embarassed about themselves.
Also they're absolutely terrified by them to the point where even the remote possibility of an unwanted pregnancy scares them off.

Post a rebuttal to this you fag.

Because MGOTWs can't cope with being affraid of women, so these beatas just give in and avoid females not to trigger the fear inside. Just like cucks give in to the fear of loosing their wife.

Show your flag. I want to know who I'm talking to before we go down the slav road.

You forgot to enable your memeflag, poster from the land of prostitutes.

You teach your daughter to not be a whore, and your son to be a man. This means he will not act like a beta faggot but go out and try to bang women, tell on the easy ones to his mates so they don't fall for a whore, and commit to a virtuous women after they both have proven their worth through the courtship rituals.

Because #MeToo you retard

jerking off with your j/o bros is the true redpill

I actually thought it was the case in the us.
In here you can actually cohabitate as long as you don't marry or get a contract.
She will have no right to alimony.

The only Jews here are the ones trying to create division between white men and white women. So as to slow down the procreation of white children.

man jews really jewed up that brain of yours kid. so would you teach your daugther not to steal and tell your son its ok to steal?
hypocrisy much?
>using words like alpha and beta
you simply cant teach one sex to be conservative and the other to be liberal. thats how nutjobs like you get created.

The jews have already created that division by poisoning white women. MGTOW is just one type of white male response to snap them back out of the jew trance.

>MGTOW seems like a cop-out for incels
That's great. Why waste time

In california they have the concept of palimony. It is based on contract law and not family law. I don't think it's common in most states.

LMAOing at your retarded analogy. Sexual dimorphism requires treating male and female sexuality differently. Property crime has nothing to do with that.

Riddle me this then: if women aren't tested by men, how are men supposed to know who is virtuous and who is a whore, so they can decide who to marry? Teaching men to be passive betas just makes them one, unattractive, and two, easy prey for whores who would trick them into marriage only to cheat on them later.

It's useful for any old person to post propaganda in real life or on the internet but my advice,
>If you're unable to take care of yourself then you're not ready to be a political activist.
applies to a different situation. In real life people really just follow the popular zeitgeist and (people perceived to be) strong leaders. Part of the reason the left is failing and hemorrhaging followers is because they've been relying on shame and not voluntary cooperation/pride. We need Chads lovingly pushing Chad Nationalism because they want to, not the same soyboys the left uses who do it because they think they can shame polite society into liking them.

These robots and roasties have been toasties.

Explain to me how MGTOW is going to "snap back" white men or women out of the jew trance.

MGTOW makes men look extremely unattractive to women. It makes you look like a man-child, stamping his feet and throwing a hissy fit because women won't give him the time or day.

Women don't want to be around a whiner/complainer.

It is just your turn gentlemen.
Something Cred Forums will probably never comprehend.

MGTOW is JIdf bullshit. just leave the lost lead the lost, user

Withholding affection is one of the most winning strategies when it comes to women, my young virgin friend.

>MGTOW makes men look extremely unattractive to women.

>ignoring women makes them lose interest in you
kek at you.

here's how it goes:
>dont do anything with women
>they need us we dont need them
>they will cater to our demands
right now we are playing a rigged game

And why would white women want to "snap back" as you said ,they willing choose feminism and are working in overtime to throw white men out of position of power and influence and instead put themselves and minorities that they so much love.I made a similar post earlier but tell me please what other race of women does that in their country i.e attack the men of their own race and humiliate them while also praising and putting in power foreign men?

Sorry for putting some of the rotten eggs and kids here in the same basket as us real men.

Exactly. The kids that think that they're the vanguard of some new Right-Wing revolution by being "MGTOW" are absolutely delusional. Such a thing would only work if the people doing it were attractive to women to begin with.

If I recall correctly from past demographic polls, Cred Forumsacks are either white-collar professionals, family men, or, tragically, male basement dwelling fat fucks that actually have autism. The last type are the only people that will fall for MGTOW.

Imagine being MGTOW your whole life and never, ever experiencing pic related.

Still can't beat the Whoreland.

>shaming tactics
pottery kek

also good luck having pic related with an irrational creature who can crush you at any moment. they dont care about us.

>Such a thing would only work if the people doing it were attractive to women to begin with.
they need providers

no, you will be a virgin for life.

I suppose most people here are practicing "mgtow" by sitting infront of their computers 24/7 refusing to go out and meet people.

Why are the women not knocking down your door, begging for your cock!?

Are you even making an effort to improve your social skills?

Why don't you just take a little breather and then go spam your /twg/ threads, my little canuck white knight? You're getting yourself too worked up.

As I already said, I'm divorced, faggot. I turn down more tail than has ever been offered to you. Probably because you are too busy playing the women's game instead of living your own life.

ooooh that explains everything

>if the people doing it were attractive to women to begin
no it wouldn't. women stay away from men that are more attractive then them because it'll either fuck up their game plan of not getting attached or they'll need to be completely convinced that youll basically give your life to them

The war we're fighting is primarily demographic and not trying to have white families is equal to counter-revolution. It's true that left-wing people of all races and walks of life are more likely to have less children and not have children at all.

However, that's irrelevant when first and second generation immigrants have sixteen kids per woman. It's irrelevant when global propaganda is constantly trying to lower white birthrates. It's irrelevant when whites are being murdered in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This isn't Wargames. It's not a fucking game at all, human civilization itself is at stake. and the winning move isn't "just not playing."

Checked, but when the fuck was the last time you've been outside your mother's basement? Women consistently go for and pray for attractive men way out of their league. Oh, that's right, you're not actually interested in saving the White Race. All you want is a sandwich-maker and glorified, walking pocket-pussy for your personal desires.

Love it! I'm not MGTOW, so obviously I let women walk all over me, right?

You're most probably talking to literal children.

>were attractive to women to begin with.
If they aren't attractive to women and will never have the tradcon fantasy, then why would they waste their finite life in fruitless pursuit. They can find some other way to occupy their time.

>so obviously I let women walk all over me, right?
I'm guessing you get very little female attention at all, to be honest. You seem way too thirsty.

Who is this semen demon?

>tradcucks shill for fornication while shaming men
What a surprise.

M'lady of shekels.

realizing that women are our enemy is the biggest redpill. why do you think the birthrate has dropped? this has happened before and its roasties fault.

they will be dealth with once we win

>there are people here who havent rejected a dozen attractive women, and think anyone who isnt getting laid is just a fat virgin

go back to r*ddit you projecting soyboys, modern women are trash and so are most of the men who fuck them unfortunately

i was getting laid when you were shitting yourselves in preschool

I know. Kids just don't want to learn. I remember back when I thought I had landed "one of the good ones." Oh well. They'll be back with a different outlook when they hit my age.

>I remember back when I thought I had landed "one of the good ones."
its heroes like you that make me avoid the pain.
why did you think she was good, if i may ask

Lower your standards, robot. You don't need a 10/10 or even 8/10. Go outside and you'll see tons of fucking ugly couples that love eachother. How do you think shitskins can have kids when all of them are so ugly? Because their standards aren't so high.

Go mould some homely nerdy outcast girl into your fit, fascist waifu fantasy. People redpill their girlfriends and close friends all the time. An unbroken line of billions of organisms before you were able to get a mate and you can too.
The Jew is the enemy of everyone. Directing your hate to roasties is fine but never forget that you're trying to save the women of the world too. When you hate 50% of your own race you've lost already.

I do fuck women you idiot I just don't date and I don't marry.

I do.

MGTOW are smart and wrong at the same time my friends.

-They are smart because they realise most woman will use them. And that with most woman it is absolutely the best to stay as far away as possible.
>no stealing 50% of your house car whole life on purpose, no false rape charges, no bitchy entitled behavior.

-On the other hand, they are wrong. Because a tiny minority of females actually have good morals and make good wife.
>loves to make you smile every day, cooks great, supports you in achieving your goals, is a great mother to your legacy of children

What we are witnessing is men who know their place knowing that they cannot obtain the small % of good loyal wifes. So realistically they just make the choice not to mingle with the toxic sluts.
The only thing you need to notice is to not fall for the MGTOW if you have a shot at a good loyal wife. But if you do, you would not need to be reminded of this.

Do you actually think white people are going to breed their way out of white genocide? Do you have any idea how delusional that is? You know there's a fairly large group of white people that have incredibly high birth rates, Africa tier birth rates in fact. Know who that is? The Amish. And do you expect the fucking Amish to be taking over America anytime soon? Didn't think so. Sitting back and shitting out kids and thinking that's going to solve anything is nigger logic.

yeah right, once she realizes her power she will fuck you over.

your women have been spoiled achmad

lots of "RP truths" like this one aren't wrong. they're just only true for thots.

yes, if you date a slut then it's just your turn. there are women who aren't sluts but they're exceedingly rare and you could go your whole life asking out every woman you see and still never find one.

>t.blue pilled
Look at other countries that see women less that men i.e most of the world and see how they are becoming the only ones who are powerful while we take their dregs of society.

It's not about "getting revenge", it's sbout simply making a rational decision of the reward not being worth the cost and risk.

>a tiny minority of females actually have good morals

Based Goro.

>implying im hoping or expecting for things to just remain static

dude at worst we end up with muslims or shitskins in general outnumbering us and revoking womens rights and then obviously its free game on them if we dont get killed for being white and or actually having money

>why did you think she was good, if i may ask
The usual reasons. She was cute, smart, college-educated with her own career. We shared the same values and she followed me when I moved out of state to advance my career. We were together for over 15 years, but for the last 3 or so it was pretty bad. She changed. I didn't. Her harpy friends (all miserable cunts) corrupted her and things went to shit.

Funny thing is, she remarried like 18 months after the divorce (no, she wasn't cheating and didn't even know the guy while we were together). She was divorced again less than a year later. I doubt she'll find happiness with a man again.

>Women consistently go for and pray for attractive men way out of their league
> way out of their league
oh, great.. over-weight or lanky drug addicts with skin diseases or women in their 40s and 50s, single with kids will be swooning.
>All you want is a sandwich-maker and glorified, walking pocket-pussy for your personal desires.
thats almost like a victim complex

i don't understand all these self-identified chads and alphas on Cred Forums who act like having children is a fate worse than death.

i'm going to have kids one way or another. whether its with a wife or through surrogacy and a live in nanny.

Fear of rape accusations

>college-educated with her own career
Right here is where you fucked up.

Wizard here.
With the death of old /r9k/ caused by the /lbgt/ scum (the fucking faggots!), only wizardchan and MGTOW remain.
MGTOW follows pretty much the same line as the other two but also have a minority of middle aged divorced men among them (which are quite vocal). They are still the same as old /r9k/ or wizardchan except that they try to be less "whiney" so to speak. The level of misogyny is higher there than in the others though.
They claim that men should "go on their own way" while ignoring the opposite sex but the vast majority of threads are about women (lol). Also you can still get a hint of their true nature by the edginess of their website intros (cringe as all hell).
I hope there will be a website or board some day that will just cut the shit and admit that misogynistic acts just feel damn good when you are constantly rejected and start organizing/staging hostile actions and attacks against women for the sake of it with no need for excuses.

>Sitting back and shitting out kids and thinking that's going to solve anything is nigger logic.
Doing that sure is solving the white problem for the Jews. Losing political representation is deadly. Look at fucking Canada.
Bluepilled? You forgot to change your memeflag, by the way, schlomo. I fully support taking the right to vote away from all women, unmarried men of all ages, who have not completed military service, and raising the minimum age to 21. What's different about me is that I say these things for the good of women.

There's no such thing as the individual. The unit of human society is the nuclear family. Men and women can't co-exist without each other and hating your other half won't solve shit.

Maybe so, but I was a lot more liberal back then. It seemed like a positive.

Because why waste money and risk catching feels for a worthless overvalued roastie when there’s much more enjoyment to be had out of life through ones own friends and hobbies

Then answer me why would white men want to "save" white women from their mistakes? They choose this I say let them have fun with poor choices.

>nigger tier uninformed reasoning
You're your own worst enemy.

>men who know their place
What a load of shit. THIS is why men stop caring. Because of self important cunts who think themselves the center of everything. I refuse to spend another second of my life pretending to care what a woman thinks.

Women are just mediocre men/ buddies there’s just little to no point in it

when your daughter becomes a roasite, youll remember my words, that is if you somehow have kids. lol

Why risk it all? Oh, I know, because if you don't you'll end up as a male version of this woman. Loneliness is for everyone, boys.

They're becoming powerful? Countries like Afghanistan that treat their women like literal property and keep them indoors.

Now the men are becoming attracted to boys


Until the state is removed from family affairs and the popular culture gets over it's men aren't necessary shtick, getting involved with a woman in any capacity is a huge set of risks for a relatively small reward.

Raise them properly and they won't become a roastie, you mental midget.

Just because your parents neglected you doesn't mean everyone else has to be.

>men and women are the same
top bluepill

parte deux

Do you retards realize you're harping the same talking points as this toasted roastie? You'll be in your 30's or 40's and never find love, past your physical and mental prime, just like this woman. What exactly is the difference between MGTOW and the poisonous ideology she fell for?

>tits or gtfo
>pepe meme from /r9k/
>Opposition to feminism
>"The filthy degenerate whores"

This fucking board runs on this.

lmfao ok guy who wants to teach his kids hypocrisy, you need to be castrated.

But they wanted this, they choose to go with the jewish program that is feminism, they choose to drive white men out of position of power and put themselves in it and minorities, they choose to defend and demand more foreign men in our countries.Why after all of these things should white men want to do anything , no matter how hard we voiced our concern against these thing we only got attacked by them so why should white men come to rescue once again?

>that username
And she wonders why she can't find Mr. Right?

MGTOWers don't know how to attract women you retard. You think they can have one night stands?

Cruising escort services is their best bet.

This is solid

Weak faggots get lonely. If I could go back and do it all again the first thing I would change is to take back all the time and money I wasted on women.

So you've given up! Go crawl into a dark corner and die!

The rest of us will continue to fight and do our part.

The difference is that men are sovereign and women are not.

Sounds like you are either a roastie yourself or have roastie daughter, but blame men instead. I'm sorry for your loss, but teaching men to be beta losers does not prevent whores from being a whores. You've proven unable to respond to the logic I laid out, which is fair enough; feel free to think through it on your own time.

>Opposition to feminism.
Imagine my shock.Opposing an political ideology who has ruined men and women.

No, they didn't want this.

Are you seriously going to blame people who were attacked by propaganda carried by psychological weapons, the potency of which had never existed before in history, from their first waking moments up until their adulthood? They didn't want this, dumbass, they wanted happiness and the Jew fed them the lie before they ever had a chance. Are you going to blame soyboys for enjoying capshit and propaganda newspapers when they never knew any better? Do you look at yourself pre-redpilling the same way you look at women? Get a hold of yourself.

MGTOW is tantamount to giving up.

because casual sex is just as harmful as masturbating.

Oh look, it is yet another thread asking men to act like a cog in jew machine
Inb4 hurrrwhiterace
Stop being mutts

Not everyone, memeflag jew. At work, I have several married women hitting on me nearly every day. Going way out of their way to come see me, telling me "I love you, user", "I love you so much, user", "That's why I love you, user" all the time. To which I respond with absolutely nothing. And they keep coming around. All white women, too. Western white women today truly are garbage.

If a civilization rots from within, it cannot be saved and does not deserve to be.

>what is rome
>what is babylon

this has happened in history. why do you think the wise men of old all hated women?

this, can you imagine being some weak ass old woman, likely developing arthritis due to estrogen, never having really settled into any high paying career, wage slaving for the rest of their life at minimum wage or as a nurse or some shit, for a meager living, all while their sexual value has dropped to literally 0 while men at that age can actually sometimes still be attractive to women and even prey on the younger ones by having money and connections

You're giving way too much credit to women.

Yes. That or the jews, the niggers, etc etc. Many scapegoats to pick. Its hard to just admit that they are ugly/asocial. The self is always absent of guilt and any hostilities made towards women always have some imaginary righteous reason behind it lol.
It doesnt fucking need to be that way.

>Im ugly/asocial
>Cant score shit and they ignore me/reject me
>Cant change
>So be it, I'l cause prejudice to them for my own indulgence

Whats so hard about it? lol

The only way to fuck chicks without dating them is to be a bartender. Tradeoffs for the privilege include herpes, stalkers, and being a goddamn bartender. Unrecommended.

> "I love you so much..."

Either you have been friendzoned and don't realize it.

Or you are gay and don't realize it yet.

Probably both.

I'm not telling you to regard women as the same thing as men (or, "equal" as you say) because they're two pieces of a puzzle. Equal in the sense that they're required for the continuation of the human race. Further "equal" in the sense that they have divided duties that are required for a healthy family.

But never have I said women should have the same responsibilities and privileges as a man because they have their own. They're quite unequal in that sense and rightfully should be. Does that then imply that women are deserving of hate? No, you fucking retard.

You argument fails short when you take in consideration that white men have been targeted and attacked by everyone more so than white women yet here we are on Cred Forums and on other right wing sites working to change the coming collapse while white women demonize us for being *insert buzzword*, but ofc you will find a way around this and blame someone else.

>give them the right to vote

>"lol you beta their opinions dont matter even though legally they do and they're using them to destroy society"

kek nice one hrvatbro

I saw the lies for what they were. And I didn't even have a guide. But very few others are even willing to try. Even my own father refuses to open his eyes. A world full of fools, they don't deserve salvation.

I've read 1 out of 12 but then the number gets attacked by women. They would never confirm a high number as society will collapse.

Reality would like to have a word with you.
Just accept your role ffs.

dude women are constantly pushing for the shit we see today. its literally why they were forced like this.

1. women cant biologically love men
women dont release love hormones when kissing men
2. they are biologically designed to manipulate you for maximum ressources.
3. they view men only as tools to be used and discarded

they werent hated because they werent like men, they were hated because everyone knew their real nature.

Are you insane? Women will vote the same as their counterpart does. You seem to think that 51% of white men in the U.S. are right-wing and 99.99% of females are insane feminist landwhales. It couldn't be farther from the truth, friend-o.

And women being unable to biologically love men? Did you not have a mother or something? Have you never seen a happy couple that have been together for years? I keep telling you- step out of your apartment. Leave Cred Forums for a week. You've swallowed the electric Jew deeper than anyone else.
Edgelord detected. We all agree society has an illness that requires strong medicine.

>friendzoned by a married woman
Moron, I show these women zero interest and they make any excuse to come be around me. It's practically harassment, the amount of flirting and touching they do. Of course, because you've never experienced a woman being interested in you, I can understand your skepticism.


Because they're ugly and bitter men who have given up.

Judging by your comment this might not be the worst option.

You're probably a nigger, chink or a self-hating cuck on Cred Forums trying to spread this MGTOW bullshit in hopes of creating despair and encouraging mistrust between white men and women.

Cousin /biz/ lurking around here.
Bro, you sound like a commie. Some men refuse to live with women some dont. Grow up don't be a faggot.
Also, because not too many men have the money to sustain demands from women they go full mgtow. Asides from sex, women these days have no real value. Have you ever heard the depreciating assets phrase? It is just insane how much money dissapears when you are committed to a relationship. Seriously, only losers live with a woman. Winners fuck and leave them. On the most respectable level you pay for the sex.

your argument is basically that you hate women because you are a worthless NEET piece of shit.
you should never be allowed to have children you psycho. you dont even accept hypocrisy in its most basic form. you cannot teach your daughter to be a conservatice while teaching your son to bang all women. this is why society is in the current state it is. there is no trust between men and women because morons like you think double standards are acceptable. i feel like im arguing with a 5 year old.
>Teach group A do be conservative
>teach group B to be liberal
>wonder why they hate eachother in modern society.
take men and women away from the argument and you get the basic argument. god you mgtows are so fucking stupid. pure cancer.

If you hold hope then good on you. It's not a bad hill to die on. Personally mine will be gun ownership. But don't expect me to die on your hill with you.

>>Teach group A do be conservative
>>teach group B to be liberal
But that's wrong you fucking retard. Men and women are both exposed to leftist brainwashing in the Marxist school system. And yet it's men that are more right leaning. It's men that go out and form nationalist parties and fight for their nations. Look at any picture of a far right political demonstration in North America or Europe. It's always 99% men. Meanwhile women align themselves politically with minorities and shame white men for being abusive and controlling.

>Are you insane? Women will vote the same as their counterpart does. You seem to think that 51% of white men in the U.S. are right-wing and 99.99% of females are insane feminist landwhales.
when did i say that?

>And women being unable to biologically love men?
i gave you a source
>Did you not have a mother or something?
my mother is not the same as another woman, also she also views me as an extension of yourself. sooo
>Have you never seen a happy couple that have been together for years?
that doesnt mean anything to me. and no
there is no happiness. men is only happy because he is in love.

>Leave Cred Forums for a week. You've swallowed the electric Jew deeper than anyone else.
argument where?

Funny you post Trump voting but young white women college educated didnt voted on mass for him while men did, also when you look in the age department things get even worse for us.I can assure you I have swallowed no jewish pill on this regard I have seen their voting patterns and view on most Western nations and they sure as hell dont want to help us.

Women have smaller brains than men. Am I wrong?

women used their voting right to give themselves social services so that they wouldnt need men

so they become radical feminists and men try and conform more towards their side since they're so "indepdendent" that they fuck us over constantly and leave men broke and hopeless

they use the government to subvert and exploit us

you wont fix everything by just saying "lol just go be alpha and fuck them all bro"

shitskins are outbreeding you by far, the game is rigged against you, your plan is far too little too late, if not even detrimental to a more realistic cause., like prepping even honestly seems more useful to our race at this point, then have kids maybe after everything goes to shit and you have an actual right to be their father

ITT: Shills and Kikes

Why do you respond to reasoned arguments with histrionic fits and insults? I get that you're mad at being pumped and dumped for being a whore, but this is not your personal therapy session.

im not even arguing about marxism god damnit you faggot ass neets read the argument.
you cant expect group A and group B to have the SAME FUCKING VALUES IF YOU TEACH THEM DIFFERENT SHIT YOU IDIOTS.

You seem to misinterpret mgtow. We are trying to do what the Japanese men managed to do, Starve their women of attention and go to the 3rd world for sex. By not giving women attention we are torturing them, and also it is cheaper to start up a breeding factory in thailand or india than it is to support one bastard child here, so why not just do that?

post its afraid meme with Trump , do it for me leaf

>being able to bang girls
You realize who these people are, right?

>who is Sandman

>Why are group A and group B fighting?
>Well we teach group A differently then group B
>Lets think about it
>It must be group A's fault REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
your argument in a nutshell

You're pathetic brah.

Real chicks would never post on Cred Forums because they're busy sucking dick.
The only chicks who post here are either butt fucking ugly or single mothers.

Maybe 5 years ago MGTOW was like that, but today it is mostly men who are all about that self improvement.

I laughed and all, but Jesus Christ dude.

Your making my country look bad, get out of here you punk ass bitch

How about actually responding to my argument instead of simply repeating your debunked strawmen? Here, let me help you out:
Note that the last post above ended with a question, which you didn't answer.


Literally your whole argument was "muh double standard." Can you explain why double standards are bad?

Why any man would be anti-MGTOW is beyond me. If you're not MGTOW, you should be happy that there's less competition.
Instead, you sound like miserable married people who shame others for not being married because you can't stand that someone is happier than you due to a different life choice. Or the joker who bought the $50 Monster HDMI cable who insists that it's far superior to the $3 generic which all evidence shows is equally as good.
That, or it's just a bunch of bitter roasties.

you can write whatever bullshit essay you want to help rationalize your loneliness and hate bro.
this shit transcends men and women, its about values. its a very simple idea you refuse to accept. if you teach two groups different values, dont be surprised when chaos ensues. so teach your son to be a chad and teach your daughter to be a puritan save herself for marriage type.
come back and tell me how that works out for you. but i thought we were trying to suggest solutions.


PUA, MRA, Traditionalism, Christianity, MGTOW, Feminism, Republicanism, Liberalism. If there is any movement of any sort, jews will try to infiltrate it.

It is because alot of people hate capitalism. In capitalism if something is overvalued, people will just find substitutes for it, or invent ways around it. Today we give women too much self esteem so they overvalue themselves so men came up with alternatives such as robots, asians, asian robots, dakimakuras, and sex toys to substitute a woman. Now there is alot of woman in the market place and very little demand. So the best they can do is shame or cry to generate demand to stop the collapse of pussy prices, by trying to increase demand again.

I feel someone added an extra zero

These MGTOW threads always crack me up. Anyone who's ever had any real experience with women knows how fucking awful they are. You can't fault any man for saying "Fuck this shit I'm out."

the problem is that you think men and women had different values taught to them.
they didn't. they were taught the exact same shit, except one group broke the conditioning, and one group loved it.

How many white women are virgins when they marry you think?
How many cocks you think they take before making vows to a man's bank account.
And so you know, the numbers are 50% divorce, 70%+ initiated by women for no justification.

It's not bullshit, you're just having a kneejerk reaction and not thinking things through properly. Here's another way to think about the situation:
You're always going to have some amount of natural alphas and purefus on the one hand, and betas and whores on the other. What you are interested in, when structuring society, is in which direction to push those who are pliable. That you want as many purefus as possible is a given; evolutionarily ingrained aversion to being cucked means men don't love and commit to whores as wives. What about the men, then? Women love alphas, and will cheat on betas. If you you want a stable society of as many loving, monogamous relationships as possible, then you want virtuous women marrying Chads through a process that eliminates the whores and betas. This isn't possible if you teach boys to be betas. They need to become worthy partners as well as sniff out the whores. This is what I'm suggesting.

Nice anime pic you fucking faggot. Also nice larp.

i love canadians.

thank you.

Lol I'm serious. Saying saying something is a double standard isn't an argument. Explain why it's bad. Is it bad that I let my son pet dogs but won't let him near a lion? That's a double standard, shit, I'm discriminating against lions.

You are a fucking mental midget.

>any real experience with women
Live with one (non-family). That's the real eye-opener.

Just checked that site, shows she dated an indian (dot) and had a spic date at some trump event. Dont see evidence of coal burning, althought i still think she is a cash grabbing attention whore who has nothing to offer other than jerk off material for thirsty NEETs