How is Richard Spencer a CIA plant?

This is a Periscope that was done with Richard, David Duke, and others. In the video, you can see that Richard is vehemently and genuinely outraged, and recognizes that the Charlottesville Unite the Right event was a setup done by military police and the mayor.

This guy has a wife and a daughter, and he put his life on the line to attempt to express his free speech.

Explain how this guy is a plant.

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99% of this board is too fucking dumb to even know what the CIA actually does, much less identify a "plant".

you really do glow in the dark

Maybe it's his connections to the Bush family?

100% of this statement is true. Stop shitting on people who put their LIFE on the line.

maybe it's his connections to the Intelligence Community?

or maybe it's the fact Richard's PR team has to create Cred Forums threads about how Richard isn't a CIA asset?

All people on the planet are connected through six degrees of separation. People are acquainted with others whom they have no business dealings with, people have family relations that have nothing to do with work connections.
You literally have to be a schizo to think this way.

how many CIA agents do you know then?

I know someone that works on the NSA police force after getting out of Army CID.
Do I work for the CIA? Do I work for the NSA because I know him?
Am I part of the intelligence community, schizo?

It's the same as all the other shills crying about Enoch is a kike, maybe he is, I don't know but he advocates for white people and calls out jews. The fact he is so outspoken against jewry is the exact reason why jew shills are constantly crying about him.

That time he got punched on normietube news looked fake, it was like a WWE punch where they barely miss on purpose.

>Spencer knows a lot of CIAniggers
>Spencer shills for Israel
>"h-he's on the level tho, schizo!!!!!1"

You're weak.


He’s not, it’s that simple. Same with Enoch. Stop buying lefty pol bs


He says that Israel should exist, and that Jews should leave the US and live in their own country.
Are you saying thats wrong? Should we just kill em all and go full exto?

Lets hear your plan, Moarpheus. We all know its you, you defective schizo Laura Loomer worshiper.

Because he's a Nazbol Duginist communist who had a kid with a Jewish Georgian Russian wife who is actually a tranny and he is a Russian plant but also a CIA plant personally working for the Bush family and the Israelis, trying to divert and destroy what has up until recently been a very successful white nationalist movement in the United States.

Also Paul Gottfried who is a stinky Jew, pee-yew.

This is the completely rational and red-pilled position to have on Richard Spencer. How else can you explain his sudden rise to fame in the wake of Trump's election? He was clearly promoted by Hillary Clinton herself in order to undermine the Trump administration. He glows in the dark too.

>if you dont want to send all the Jews to a nuclear-armed Israel which has puppet States all over the world, you want to gas Jews!!!!

who is still buying this shitty argument?!

reminder that shills CANNOT explain this

These guys are too passionate and incisive. The stream of consciousness discussions by Mike are proof enough for me.

Tune in mannnnnn.

>spencer must be a witting plant.
not necessarily.

>I don't have any real position
>my only beliefs involve being a shill and attacking white people
Typical, Moarpheus. Post about how much you love black people, how we need to give them welfare forever. Post about how much you respect Laura Loomer.
You're a kike.

Yo how come you've stopped using your nametag when posting? Is it because you know everyone here hates you and try to get away with it?

The fact that he makes public appearances, he isn't grass roots, him and all these other shills come out of fucking no where doing speeches and marches, they are paid by outside sources.

If Richard Spencer and the movement he is spearheading is some sort of elaborate ploy to trigger martial law in the future through controversy and violence reactions, then I hope he burns in hell.

I can't think of why someone who has a white daughter would destroy the future all because of some elaborate Zionist secret society occultist plans.

Seems kind of autistic to believe that desu.

How about we start with de-arming Israel? Then maybe we can topple all of their puppet States, including America. And then, when the entire world know whats Jews have done and planned to do, then we can ship the kikes to the middle of a weakened and chastised desert. Or... OR... we can send the Jews to a wealthy and militarily powerful Israel which has puppet States all over the Earth ready to act in Israel's interest.

Pick only one.

I dont need to namefag any more.

Is it because you know everyone here hates you and try to get away with it?

>coming out of nowhere
He’s been around forever newfag meme flag homo

>genuine homo rage

what the fuck is his endgame even? Deporting brown people and making America a white state? That's so fucking unreasonable/impossible that he has to be a shill

Only Zionist hate me. I'm some how ok with that.

>J-j-just disarm a nuclear state
You're such a slimy lying kike.

The reason why you stopped namefagging is because you realized that we all started looking through your posts in the archives. You know that we can see through your obvious shilling when your positions change fucking constantly.
The only singular thing you have ever been consistent on is how you hate literally every single public white figure. You only attack whites because you hate whites.

Because you're an Ashkenazi kike.

I said:
> then we can ship the kikes to the middle of a weakened and chastised desert.

See? My argument only fails to make sense when YOU purposely distort it. I win.

this, seriously


Your logic is so pathetically flawed and everyone can see you for the lying Ashcan kike that you are

>T. Goldberg

pick just one brainlet

Reminder that Ashkenazi Jews are genetically predisposed to having a higher incidence of schizophrenia

he is right though

Honestly, it's quite simple.

Richard Spencer isn't a massive power on his own like Trump, but is still a wealthy business owner.

Simply because he has many cotton plantation and is wealthy, he has much that can be leveraged against him and therefore he is a prime target for people more powerful and influential than himself to be blackmailed, threatened, and used.

You twisted my argument in a weak attempt to distract from it's relevancy. And now, called out, you're diverting to another aspect of my argument instead of apologizing and debating with integrity. Sending the Jews to an armed Israel is not in white interest because this only leaves white countries vulnerable to attack.

Oh really? I've never heard of him till a year or two ago

Cred Forums hates you. Cred Forums isn't full of Zionists. Fuck off to 8pol or Renegade Tribune or some other useless dead-end where everyone's a kike or everyone's a shill.

You literally think Kevin MacDonald is a kike. Your opinions are worthless.

You twisted my argument in a weak attempt to distract from it's relevancy. And now, called out, you're diverting to another aspect of my argument instead of apologizing and debating with integrity. Sending the Jews to an armed Israel is not in white interest because this only leaves white countries vulnerable to attack. Disagree? Explain why Jews should have a powerful ethno-state when they use that ethno-State to attack others?

oh wow he hangs out with David fucking Duke, that means he's legit!

you don't get it, do you? most people accusing RS of being a plant are paying him a compliment. See, it pains me to think that a white well-educated guy is doing thing that are so counter-productive and obtuse without trying to sabotage ethnic nationalists on purpose

>muh kevin macdonald!


Burger and their conspiracy theories,it never gets old, everybody is a plant, no one wants to protect is own people, it's all plants, fckg pathetic.

All you're doing is making bullshit excuses to keep white Europeans shackled by Jewish debt slavery. Just like you make excuses for us being beholden to white man's burden, financially tasked to care for the entire black population.
You only make anti white arguments, because you're a kike.

Don't pretend like you're not an obvious kike when the posts of you praising the hideous rat kike Laura Loomer are in the archives. You and your entire tribe are human shit.

Why would he do that though? Why would he sabotage his own race?

He very clearly seems to be genuine in his feelings towards being betrayed by the mayor and police. He very clearly seems to be genuine in his will to push the movement forward, even if it means risking his life.

You're telling me that all of this is just a simulation, or that it is all a scam?

How schizophrenic are you?

> Disagree? Explain why Jews should have a powerful ethno-state when they use that ethno-State to attack others?
No answer? If you can't twist my argument you don't want to engage? You're weak.

whatever he is, he's a brainlet

assuming this isn't one of thousands of shill threads, i never heard about the guy. He just appeared when the alt-right narrative appeared. Don't know who he is, still don't know what the alt-right is, and don't care.

>99% of this board is too fucking dumb to even know what the CIA actually does

Do you know where you are? The CIA primarily traffics narcotics and children, and we all know that here.

>hey divide and conquer shills, explain why my well-argued case is incorrect
>expecting good replies

this 6 million times

Kike, Jews are only powerful because they have political and financial influence in the US. They're only powerful because they're protected by the US.
In the middle east Israel is nothing but one nuclear stated surrounded by others. Without America's protection Russia would never tolerate them threatening allied Iran and Syria.

Your bullshit standard for disarming Israel as a prerequisite is entirely fallacious, and it shows what a lying worm you are. Nothing but fucking pilpul from you inbred genetic freaks. You're a kike Moarpheus. Shit eyed inbred semitic mutt and everyone realizes it.

I'm getting so fucking tired of this "shill" bullshit.

I am not a fucking shill. You should be DEBATING the idea I presented, not ATTACKING the poster.

The shape of the eyes makes him look like a mexican. maybe that's why he hates ethnonationalism.

>Do I work for the CIA? Do I work for the NSA because I know him?
>Am I part of the intelligence community, schizo?

Well, you just put yourself on the list of suspects, at any rate.

We've got our eye on you, fucker.

You got me, user.
I'm a deepstate operative fighting against Jewish power and overt kike shilling.

>"you've put yourself on the list of suspects"
>literally no way to know who this poster is outside of knowing his ID in this thread

He isnt. Putting this rumor out there is a way for those who oppose Spencer to take advantage of the dumber or more paranoid elements of the alt-right who are predisposed to believe this kind of nonsense.

Israel controls the ME. Except of Palestinians and a few others, Israel has puppet States throughout the ME and world, like Russia. NATO helps Israel. The EU supports Israel. It's not just America - that's deception. Think of Israel not as a plot of land but an idea or a goal. If you de-arm Israel the land you still have all these other Nations ready to work for Israel. You must de-arm them too. Disagree? Explain why.

Jared Taylor has a high position at, and is given an open platform by, the NPI. Jared Taylor is one of the most convincing and effective proponents of race realism and white identity politics of our time.
If they're a CIA plant group, they're a severe fuck-up, because one of their leading members is singlehandedly redpilling millennials in droves with his youtube channel. He's so effective that youtube has actively begun to block his videos and he was kicked off of Twitter despite never having broken their code of conduct.

This is a terrible fucking argument.


Yeah, you linked me this last time I brought up your mouth-breathing retard logic and it still stands to reason that you think anyone who ever bats an eyelid in a Jew's direction is automatically themselves a Jew. You're a fucking idiot, your ignorance is fucking astounding. You haven't read a fucking sentence of his books and I'm willing to be you didn't even listen to the video you linked.

>Kevin MacDonald goes on Torah Talk
>"b-but he's not a Jew!!!!"

Richard Spencer isn't a CIA plant, I think people are just confusing him with Anderson Cooper, it's understandable, both are pretty faggy.



Richard Spencer is suspect. He uses an occultic symbol for identity europa, and the guy is just too fake.

Here's a rule of life- the more effort one puts into appearing to be upstanding and moral, the bigger the shitbag they are behind closed doors

Also, a connection with the Bushes is highly suspect. Dubya has always been a major scumbag and everyone knew that before he was elected president. Campaigning for him is another red flag (if true)

Duginite Dicky's Destabilizing Dialectic

Putin Cult

Richard Spencer – SuperCuck for Russia

>posts a bunch of jared taylor quotes
>doesn't give them any context
>even includes quotes that can be agreed with, like "apartheid was unjust, jim crow was unjust"

and how based jews are?

So, tell me, how does Culture of Critique fit into the Jews' master plan? If even Kevin McDonald is a Jew plant, we might as well all kill ourselves because there is no significant prowhite/counter-Semitic movement anywhere. Or maybe you're just engaging in shitty psyops.

>jews are fine by me
>they look white!
"what is the context tho?"

>He uses an occultic symbol
You're probably some faggot who thinks all symbols are occultic symbols.

>because there is no significant prowhite/counter-Semitic movement anywhere
Now you're catching on.

Oh my god, you're not even talking about the fucking video or what was said in it, fuck you. I hope someone doxes you so someone from this board, preferably me, can track you down and fucking rope you from the nearest lamppost you fuck.

Sage (((Memeflag))) threads.


>>Kevin MacDonald goes on Torah Talk
>>"b-but he's not a Jew!!!!"

You are so miserably stupid that you should just kill yourself. I mean right this very moment.

again. in that youtube video:
>quotes taken out of context
>creepy editing to make it seem like RS is evil
>clips of Antifa attacking Alt-Right, but made to seem like it is the right-wings fault

There is a special place in hell for little manipulators like you.

It wouldn't be a thread, without a faggot sageposter.

Israel doesn't control shit except AIPAC and other kike groups in the US. The US is the main power in the middle east, not pissant Israel. Israel isn't going to fight their own wars, they want to force the goyim to do everything for them.
Every single thing you say is a half truth or outright lie, because you're a kike defending your homeland.

Who among these people has given a plan for stopping Israel and the diaspora?

I'm sure you know the context, you're just an insecure manipulator who is bald and can't get laid

>israel doesnt control the world!
get a load of this bluepilled normie

Genuinely curious if it's a leftypol shill or a larping sperg.

>Israel controls everything
>wait, actually its American Jews who control Israel
>but we can't kick out those American Jews because reasons

Look at the pathetic schizo kike trap himself.


Go back to plebbit

richard spencer is CIA/FBI

No one gives a fucking shit about Israel and the diaspora.
No one wants to commence a violent onslaught against them.

THEY are the ones who want to STOP white people. THEY are the ones who want to stop America, Europe, and the white diaspora.

It's only when whites fight back that the media and sheep portray whites as evil.

the place that banned their alt-right board?

> zero threads made about this faggot forever on this board

> 2016 - Hillary makes her Alt-Right Speech

> suddenly threads are made about this faggot daily

CIA? That's a red herring. He's definitely a stooge, promotion done for him is so ham-fisted only boomers wouldn't notice how contrived his very existence is. He's either been hand picked by Hillary's team or randomly selected among their pet controlled opposition. Ever notice the only people that give a fuck about what David Duke thinks are in old media? Spencer's the same exact thing. For fuck sake he was the only one validating CNN's opinion of Pepe while everyone else were laughing at Hillary's Campaign for even bringing him up!

>Israel controls the major Nations including America and Russia
>If we kick out the Jews to Israel they won't have power over those Nations!!!!!1

This is true only if you also remove the Jewish leaders from all Nations, such as Putin. Otherwise, Jews will have no problem attacking the world from the safety of Israel by using one of its many proxy States.

Genuinely hard to tell the difference. Your goal is clearly an unconstructive attempt at dividing. Either way, you serve the enemy.

So you didn't like the first video. Fine. What about other links i provided?

debunk my goal then.

He leads an irrelevant social movement full of losers. Who pays him doesn't matter because he doesn't matter.

>Richard Spencer is new to the scene

>Israel controls America!!!!
>look at all these American Jews, its total proof!
>If you kick them out of America and remove their political power... they'll still be in power!

Nice schizo logic.

Nice try. There are treads about Radix Journal and Spencer going back to 2013~ on Cred Forums

>debunk my clearly unconstructive goal at dividing
Huh? What's there to debunk? Identifying you so others can identify and ignore you is helpful, thus inoculating us further against shill tactics.

Yeah? So what? I don't have a fucking plan for stopping Israel or the diaspora either and after hearing my views I think its safe to say 95 out of 100 people would probably identify me as an anti-semite.

Please, promise me you will never breed. The white race has enough trouble as it is.

>tries to argue that Spencer is not CIA because he associates with [[[David Duke]]]
wew lad

>implying Israel doesn't control America
pic related

>What's there to debunk?
> I don't have a fucking plan for stopping Israel or the diaspora
why not? don't you think this situation is serious enough to get off Cred Forums a huwhile and formulate a plan? it doesnt need to be a good plan, just a plan. what the hell is wrong with you?

You a fed?

>Reminded me of this
I still find it really hard to believe that prominent figures of the Alt-Right are controlled opposition though. If they were controlled opposition and they're being used to bring about a civil war or whatever then I think they'd be way more extreme.

>Israel controls America because America is full of Jews

Thats your argument. You're contradicting yourself over the simplest thing, kike. You're so desperate to defend your own people you can't make a single coherent point.
Its sad that your genetics are so degraded from inbreeding that this is all your rat people are capable of.

the issue regarding plants is mostly a non-issue. you really only need to worry when groups are displaying blatant neo-Nazi imagery, or using rhetoric that makes the individual/group look like a caricature derived by a Hollywood Kike. you also should NEVER ever join any kind of organization, especially if they reflect the previous point. that includes signing up for books clubs through TRS/TDS.

even then though, the rule of thumb is to never give up your personal information to anyone in the right-wing. if you sign up for books clubs, give false information. if you make a donation, make sure it is a third party and they do not have access to your personal details. follow that, and you can support and consume whatever the fuck you want. you just have to exercise some caution

Okay, Im done. Enjoy your trolling Schlomo.

No, you fucking schizo-poster.

Your life isn't interesting enough to be worthy of tracking and monitoring.

Quit acting like you're living in a fucking movie.

Name one prominent Alt-Right figure who opposes Israel and Zionism. If can't, accept the reality of it, fren.

why don't these meme LARPers go to their own website them? Why does spencer shill himself here and shit up the board? Cred Forums was never the secret alt-right hangout

Name one prominent Alt-Right figure who HASN'T opposed Israel and Zionism?

Didn't you hear? If you want to end Jewish power in the US you're a Zionist. If you want to force Jews to actually live in their own fucking desert you're just a Zionist.

These fucking kikes are shameless.

>Israel controls America because America is full of Jews
Then to free America from Jews you must kick them all out. We agree here. But you fail to acknowledge that kicking out the Jews to a powerful and armed Israel is a bad move. We can kick out the Jews.. but why insist they're thrown into wealth and power? That's the problem.

all of them. pic related. so can you name one prominent figure who HASNT promoted Israel and Zionism? Of course you cant, but you know that already.

Nigger, read it again. He's got threads daily now. No one gave two fucks about him till after Hillary's Speech. Anyone can post here, most of the Spencer posts are done by himself. But he was an absolute goddamn fucking nobody till Hillary thought the Alt-Right was a good campaign angle.

We both know there were more people trying to sneak in child porn posts than Spencer posts between 2013 and late 2016. Now this fucking stooge is as frequent as fucking Bane Posts. He opens his mouth at a University in Florida and it makes the LOCAL AM radio news in California. He's a fucking strawman that is definitely being promoted just to shit up the debate.

You're a fucking lunatic.

Nice receeding hairline by the way.

I want stormfags to fucking leave.

Are you a fed?

Israel is not powerful without America defending it, kike. If America wasn't defending Israel then Russia would bomb them for attacking Syria.
Israel and Saudi Arabia are both soft targets shielded only by American influence, by American military might, by American diplomacy. They are absolutely nothing on their own.

>people discussing pro white podcasts were totally Spencer himself!
You're actually pitiable. You genuinely fell for Moarpheus's shitposting an disinfo.

Fuentes, The Red Elephants goy, and Enoch (I think) spoke about the USS Liberty massacre. I'm pretty sure that throws a spanner in the works for US Zionists.

Too many of their websites have been shut down or run out of money. See:

That exact Richard Spencer quote is not about admiration for international Jewry and communism.

[his own words] Richard Spencer respects Israel in a sense that they recognize that the Jewish people are real and that their existence is not negotiable.

He respects that because he wants whites to recognize their race to be real and he wants whites to have their own homeland.

where's your counter-argument? Have I made you resort to ad hominem and failtrolling? Maybe this is why the Alt-Right refuses to debate Moarpheus?

But I thought Trump was going to rekt Israel? So is America protecting Israel or preparing to rekt it?

nicely taken out of context. shill.

hes just close friends with the family of the man who used to head the CIA, purely coincidental, nothing to see here, im sleepy, are you sleepy? im going to take a cozy nap, you should too, you'll feel much better, so so sleepy.

go away JIDF

Watch "A Conversation on LSD - MKULTRA Reunion Party (1979)" on YouTube

Nice projection, JIDF.

Go ahead, post another quote that is taken out of context.

Ethno States! Everyone but Jews want them! 8)

he's not a CIA agent

He just comes from wealth and he's a bit of a doofus/sheltered guy

Very smart and well-educated though, I listen to his youtube videos all the time

Israel is only 75% Jewish, whereas Japan is 98.5% Japanese. So tell me: which is the better example of a successful ethno-state?

>RS is a sheltered guy / homo

Spencer was also speaking to a crowd of Jews, and the context of his speech was supposed to be ironic. He tells kikes that he respects their ethnostate, and that he wants an ethnostate for white people.
Moarpheus knows the full context of this. He knows exactly what Spencer is really saying. Moarpheus intentionally spreads lies and disinfo because hes a kike.

No different from the tweets about homosexuality that Moarpheus took out of context and spammed for half a year.

>b-b-but muh Trump
Nice totally asspulled Strawman

They had to kill a lot of Palestinians to get their numbers that way.

That's who this faggot poster is? His name is Moarpheus? I think I've heard of his twitter before.

to add to this, it's very obvious that Richard is modeling the future of white nationalism after Zionism. i've stated this before, but it's actually a really good idea when you think about it. we have to remember that when Herzl was advocating Zionism, it was not popular, and not many Jews were receptive to his arguments. even though Europe was actively hostile to Jews at the time, most still wanted emancipation and to live under the "goy" system. but look what we have now, Zionism is an incredibly powerful force in the world, and there is an explicitly Jewish state.

Richard has a sort of "purple prose" or whatever because like Herzl, he is setting the ground work for a white identity in the future that does not apologize for itself and has a spiritual component to it. he is setting a stage similar to what Zionism had with the second world war. in the event of societal collapse, he wants the white identity to emerge strong and take land grabs.

i have great respect for what Richard is doing with this.

Israel was founded among shitskins. and guess what? the white ethnostate is also going to be founded surrounded by shitskins at this point.


Hi Richard! I know it's you now. The wording is spot on with your performance on Andy's Internet Bloodsports. Using the "me smart - you dumb" argument I would expect from anyone who participated in Occupy Wall Street. Maybe spam the word "autistic" a few hundred times like you did with that lightweight Sargon?

Lord knows you would never counter what I said with an argument. Nice meme flag btw. Give me a reason why you get threads daily now after Hillary's Speech outside of (((pure coincidence))).

you made me hate kikes.. I didn't even know what hate felt like

Why the fuck are you afraid of shitskins?

Once they are removed from the gibs train by being expelled from our nations, they will either starve or form 3rd world squatter shithole camps.

If they try to start shit it just gives us an excuse to blitzkrieg their shitholes into the third century.

You think we won't do that after the White man is let off the chain?

Spencer has made it clear he uses it to call out kikes in the west. Here's one. At the end he addressed why he does it.

Spencer isn't a CIA plant. He's a zionist plant and his handlers are probably Mossad. That's why Enoch (a kike) is always with him.

He was a Republican staffer ten years ago. SHOCKING DETECTIVE WORK, MOARPHEUS.

I was in the Marines seven years ago. Am I a CIA plant?

Even if you're right about Spencer not being a fed, it doesn't matter. He's a weak effeminate faggot that White men will not follow into battle, end of story.

Yes, hes on twitter under the same name.
If you search the 4plebs archive for his name you can see the extent of his shitposting and how often he totally switches positions.
The only thing he ever does is attack white people. He has openly attacked white nationalism itself.
He used to LARP as a Libertarian and talk about the NAP.
Then he started to LARP as NatSoc.
Then he started talking about how oppressed blacks were and how we needed to help them.

The only thing he does is attack white people.

>y-you're Richard Spencer
How pathetic can you get?

Anyone who does pro white activism is a plant, goy.

Making this claim without proof/arguments in 2018 will just get you labeled as a moarpheus shill and make us hate kikes more.

Dude's need to come up with something better than hail victory. That sounds extremely gay.

Sure, but what have you done?


>playing on your suburban high school football team means you're not sheltered

Football players tend to be some of the most sheltered twats around.

The lower-middle class experience is one of the greatest experiences to become an effective propagandist, if you manage to move up that is. Ditch digging and being screamed at by fat italians while dishwashing in high school builds much better character IMO

That's why Andrew Anglin has one of the most effective platforms for whte nationalism in history and the system is obsessed with trying to bring him down, while Spencer is their little puppet they like to wheel out to confirm their narrative.

Anglin had the lower-middle class/middle class experience.

I know Spencer isn't a fed because the FBI would be torn down to the last brick if it came out he was.

Shitskins actually do genuinely admire whites who have strength.

As Richard said, the White race is the genius that pushes human history forward and drive it.

I believe all races want their own homeland, and this is fair.

We white people have an awesome responsibility / burden to push the world forward. We are order in a world of chaos.

lol / homo

I would never follow this soft lispy faggot under any circumstances. I would personally slaughter him with my bare hands and take over the movement before I would ever bend the knee to this cuck.

He is not fit to lead.

>as a moarpheus shill
Moarpheus is literally a zionist JIDF shill who pretend to be calling out the kikes. JIDF made that namefag for the specific purpose of DISMISSING anyone they don't like by calling them Moarpheus.

>Pick a target, personalize it.

Attention seeking faggot like milo but hes still in the closet




>5 blocks of separation later, SPENCER IS A CIA PLANT!!!

You've repeated this three times now. Now you've added a photoshopped picture. I don't like Spencer but people like moarpheus and you guys make me toss him a few shekels every month.

Kikes hate Spencer. They see something in him. I don't see it personally, but they do.


>Why the fuck are you afraid of shitskins?
i'm not?
>Once they are removed from the gibs train by being expelled from our nations, they will either starve or form 3rd world squatter shithole camps.
i'm not sure why we're arguing. the white ethnostate is likely to be surrounded by dense shitskinned enclaves like Gaza. we will most likely have many similar problems the Jews in Israel do with their neighbors. even if we clear out some urban centers, we probably won't get all of them. it'll be a very gradual process to reclaim everything. probably doing something similar to the Jews by gradually expanding with settlers.

all i'm saying is that i think it's valid to draw parallels between our struggles and that of Zionism historically.

>that White men will not follow into battle, end of story.
yeah, i kind of agree with that. he's not a powerful orator like Hitler by any stretch. but i don't see that as his purpose, or thinks even he thinks that. we really just haven't had someone come forward yet with that level of charisma. but i think we will as time goes on. people like Spencer are just precursory to that.



He attacks every single person that calls out kikes for their ethnostate while pulling their open borders shit in the west. I've noticed.



He's done more than you have, leaf.

It is your duty as a Canadian to be as goofy and dumb as you can possibly be, and you prove it time and time again, armchair poster.

Not an argument. Explain to me, please.

> next to zero Spencer Posts before Hillary's Alt-Right Speech

> daily posts after Hillary's Alt-Right Speech


Because he's a faggot.




The only person that advocates for carving out a white ethnostate is Alternative Hypotothesis, a homosexual. Spencer wants to create some sort of pan-European/Atlantic association/empire like Hitler/Mosley/Evola/etc. wanted.


Lazy Jew shills want to paint Spencer as a "Jew plant" because he's using Zionism against them and making them look like hypocrites. Obviously all Jews operate on a
>nationalism for me, not for thee!
mindset. That's irrefutable. And once Spencer BTFO that kike rabbi Zionist at a public speaking event, the Jewish media was so terrified they wrote articles about how Spencer is using Zionism against them.

Doesn't matter if he is or isn't. I like him either way.

The kikes REALLY seem to hate people doing this and send leagues or yids to character assassinate everyone that points out the hypocrisy. Moarpheus and his crew are only a few of them.

No. Concerned citizen.

>everyone's a jew

You're Loomer-posting, my deluded friend.

>mike enochs mom was in a photo with HRC, therefore mike enoch is a democrat plant shill


>doesn't matter if i'm being brainwashed, I like it either way

Deal with it.

>make me toss him a few shekels every month
He's a trust fund babby that is worth millions, he doesn't need your money. He's never worked a day in his life.

His hands are soft and he has the voice of a literal faggot.

Keep telling yourself that, that photo is from a primary source. He has gynecomastia.

>Kikes hate spencer
Yeah they hate him so much that he does interviews on Israeli television and talks about how he is in the process of securing funding from Israeli investors.

Kill yourself. Your man-titted controlled opposition will never be followed by real White men who have any self respect.


Yeah that's when it started when he blew out that Rabbi. Same with Lauren Rose, Nick Fuentes, Allsup, and Baked Alaska. As soon as these people pointed out that kikes are building an ethnostate while flooding the west JIDF came out in full force calling them zionists.

I would take the Pepsi Challenge on that post. Spencer posts were definitely here a year in advance before Hillary's bullshit, because Spencer had already done public speeches before then. The burden of proof is on you considering Spencer coined the term "alt-right" in 2008 and Milo adopted it as a faux-identity as early as 2014.

>r*ddit spacing without arguments

Enoch isn't a democrat plan. He's a shill for Israel. His wife is literally an agent for B'nai B'rith and he's a kike.

>i'm mentally weak enough that ecelebs affect my core identity

>why did this thing gain more exposure when it was mentioned on live TV watched by millions of people???

Are you actually just a retard?
White advocacy was small, primarily online, mostly spreading by word of mouth. The conferences like AmRen were tiny, dying, and going nowhere. NPI had been growing exponentially since Spencer took over, but they were still too small to have garnered national attention.
When the election cycle rally kicked off in 2015 there were a couple thousand of us active online, in facebook groups, on twitter, doing everything we could so spread the message and post our memes everywhere. The entire concept of "frog twitter" was started by us.
The Hillary Campaign thought they could crush Trump by bringing up the Alt-Right boogeyman and Pepe. It backfired, and people like Spencer and Taylor got magnitudes more exposure.

You're the only one without an argument here. You're literally regurgitating Moarpheus infographic shit.

>yet another kike shill arrives

How can you call anyone that criticizes these people shills?

What do you worship?

How the fuck is he for Israel?!


We don't.

>i think it's valid to draw parallels between our struggles and that of Zionism historically
No, it isn't.

The reason shitskins are in our lands are because of the ZIONIST JEWS. Resisting our genocide by the ZIONIST JEWS is not the same as the ZIONIST JEWS invading Palestine because the Rothschilds bought Palestine from the British.

Kill yourself you fucking kike loving faggot.

> next to zero Spencer Posts before Hillary's Alt-Right Speech
His NPI and AmRen speeches were posted here years before Trump ran, you fucking dumbass.

Because you call every single person on the right a "plant".

>Don't follow anyone, goy! Everyone is a plant! Everyone is controlled opposition! Just sit there with your thumb up your ass and listen to meeee! An anonymous person on the internet!

You spend 18hrs a day on Cred Forums character assassinating everyone that calls out Jewish hypocrisy.

>I use the word Jew, in that kind of context
>faggot Cred Forums poster doesn't show what the context was

Shut the fuck up and run into traffic, you balding cuck.




What do you even mean?


Here is the underlying Jewish tactic they use because they think we are all raging skinhead retards:

In order to discredit anyone they merely claim they are a jew.

They do it to every pro-white advocate there is even if that person is explicitly pro white and they especially do it if the person throws back the veil

The easiest way to kill a shill:
Ask them who on the right they support. Demand they give you names.

They won't. They can't. Because they're shilling.

You provide nothing constructive, just smears, implied guilt-by-assocations, and/or blatant lies. You're a sack of lying dogshit, mainly.

Richard "I don't deny the holocaust" Spencer.

Richard "The Holodomor Wasn't a Genocide" Spencer.

he isnt controlled opposition but he isnt needed . we need no leaders. none of those niggers are /ourguy/ . its just some one the media can target. that the far left can physically attack. baked alaska got blinded. spencer got punched a few times

they can say what they want and get a following but nobody needs to protest. nobody needs to go on the news. the left are so toxic they do the job of their opposition if you just let them do their own thing. why fight when you can just get comfy

Who on the right do you support?

It's True Richard Spencer is organizing and motivating white men and it's all a big jew trick to take down the white race so if you're a jew, a yid, a hand rubbing hook nose, a baby dick sucking commie rabbi kike, send Richard Spencer a big check so he can continue to subvert the white race.

Who on the right do you support?

>this makes Mike Enoch pro-Israel
Embarrassingly stupid dumbass or leftypol shill. Take your pick.


Ignore this ID:

This guy is known as 'Moarpheus', and he is a disinformation shill... or just a balding schizophrenic posting in his minivan.

I like it.

>if there isn't an alternative to Richard Spencer that proves he is not a Zionist shill and that he should be followed
Formal logical fallacy.

Who on the right do you support?

>Who on the right do you support?
Brainlet: Who on the right do you not support?

Give me names kikeboy. Who on the right do you support?


We need to turn this into pasta

>Who on the right do you support?
Anyone who is genuinely National Socialist, and not a CIAnigger Nahtzee.

(((National Bolshevist))) Alt-Kike Zionist shills are pushing fucking communism you insufferable cuckold. It isn't even right-wing, Spencer is not right-wing. He is a fucking leftist.

Give me names kikeboy. Who on the right do you support?

>Alt-Kike Zionist shills are pushing fucking communism
And yet another lie.
>Anyone who is genuinely National Socialist

Imagine that fat obese girl obsessed with jpop and yaoi that went to your high school a decade ago. You never liked the same things but your interest in shonen/seinen shared a vein close enough to the negative stigma of yaoi/bara faggotry so you never mention it publicly to be associated with the disgusting whale.

Fast forward to today, suddenly that pockey hippo declares being the sole influencer why anime is popular today since she was more outspoken and deserves recognition. People give it because shes a walking meme and strawmans herself.

That's Spencer and rightwing populism. He's not CIA, only a fuccboi that coined a movement he had no part in building.

so no one
just stop posting retard, youre digging the hole deeper

He's asking you a question, faggot.

Quit acting like it's a fallacy.
You don't HAVE to support someone by the way.

>anyone who is genuinely NatSoc
Name one

Religion, ideals, what's the center of your valued system of preference

(he's googling)

>Who on the right do you support?
What do you mean by "who"? Do you mean people who have stood themselves up as leaders, or do you mean anyone who publishes content of any kind related to preserving the White race in the face of genocide by the Zionist jews?

Two names come to mind with regards to people who are not cucked by Zion and who are full 14 words:

Ricardo Duchesne
E. Michael Jones

Give me a list of names of "people on the right" and I will investigate each one and give you my assessment.

Again: You are invoking a formal logical fallacy. Just because there is not another "leader" to rally behind does not automatically mean Richard Spencer is not a shill.

Has this letter been verified as a primary source and if so where is it kept?

I see nothing wrong with your post, and I do not know why they are attacking you.

Its shills man dickie may not be perfect but anyone that legitimately thinks he is not serious about the movement is a poor judge of character.

I believe in identitarianism. I believe in God.
I believe that White people are destined to change the world and shape it in our image.

We are stronger than Zionists.

Hitler tried, but failed
Now we're here in the future: Whites are unified collectively, no more brother war bloodshed.
The entire White race, with God on our side, will create a brighter future

Dr. Kevin MacDonald says in his book that not all jews are evil, but some of them are very evil, and that they swing back and forth from religious to secular as it suits them, and he goes on to show their tricks. The book is written for an academic reader, so maybe you should stick to Shel Silverstien so your gefelefisk pickeled brain doesn't have to do any heavy a rent seeking jew.

>r*ddit spacing

he's clearly mossad

How is Richard Spencer a lefty?

Besides him self identifying as a democrat in his UF speech, I don't see how

Of course you did. Because you are a bluepilled Alt-Kike soyboy who doesn't even know what National Socialism is: A blueprint for freeing a nation from the death grip of the (((international banks))) and international jewry in general.

The fact that you think it's a joke just proves how kiked you are. Go fly your fucking (((National Bolshevist))) banners with the image of the hammer and sickle on them you degenerate Bolshevik cuckold, a symbol that represents the extermination of over 60 million White Europeans in the name of the jew.

Follow your kike leader Spencer and his philosophical mentor (((Dugin))). He's itching for another jewish Bolshevik extermination of the Ukrainians.

>Someone who is genuinely natsoc!
>I don't know who that might be, but someone!

What's great is that there actually are NatSoc leaders and you didn't name any.

I'm leaning towards these retards actually being unironic larper spergs at this point. Still not convinced it's just not leftypol. Same tactics and goal, though.

For constantly being a dishonest shitheap and providing nothing constructive, obviously. Have you read the thread?

>How is Richard Spencer a lefty?
The official political ideology of the Alt-Right is (((National BOLSHEVISM))). You know, those cuckold flags with the hammer and sickle on them inside a white circle? It's literally communism wearing new mask.

Dugin's own words about why he is propping up the Alt-Right.

Spencer once said that he's in favor of single payer healthcare just so America has a system and stops arguing about it, because its a distraction issue.
Retarded alt lite Republicans see this as

Spencer politically is just NatSoc light. His views are close to Rockwell's but less extreme.

Canada is a suburb of the United States. It's why 95% of the population likes within 50 miles of the US border, despite having the largest coastline in the world.

>What's great is that there actually are NatSoc leaders and you didn't name any.
I don't spend my spare time looking for men to follow. It's not in my blood to be a follower. If you can name some of these people I will investigate them and see if they are worthy of respect and worthy of being followed. Give me a list.

Yeah he jumps in front of the parade and says "I am the leader of the Alt-Right and this cartoon frog is our mascot! Just like CNN says!"

He's just there to validate the opinions leftists have of Trump supporters. You've been shitting up the board daily w/ self-promotion. When before there were Alt-Right threads without a so-called leader. And they were about the Alt-Right not some faggot with a zippy the pinhead haircut that is vastly promoted by old media.

>Of course you did. Because you are a bluepilled Alt-Kike soyboy
>who doesn't even know what National Socialism is: A blueprint for freeing a nation from the death grip of the (((international banks))) and international jewry in general.
But I do. I also know there is a spectrum of possible moves possible from any given point in time given the current socio-cultural landscape, you autismo fuckwit.
>Go fly your fucking (((National Bolshevist))) banners
lol. If you're a shill you're having fun that's for sure. If you're serious... you are literally a psychotic nutbag deeply entrenched in the autism spectrum.
>He's itching for another jewish Bolshevik extermination of the Ukrainians.
Yeah. Totally.

He lived almost next door to the Bush's in the same neighborhood. His family are old money residents of Dallas. Why is it weird he would know the Bush's.

There's literal commies and kikes who pretend to be NatSoc on Twitter in order to D&C and sew division. One is named Moarpheus. When you see the same language and meme collages again and again, that's him. Even Nehlen pointed out he's a shill.

Before the threads were about Alt-Right and not as frequent. Now they're all about Spencer and daily. That's a big red flag.

What are the pros and cons of National Bolshevism?

Is this beneficial to Whites?

Nice non-sequitur, larpflag.

>The official political ideology of the Alt-Right is (((National BOLSHEVISM)))
Utterly wrong. Another lie from the retard shill.
>official political ideology
>of the Alt-Right
The cringe is tangible.

Guy who funds NPI had a relative in the CIA therefore all white nationalists connected to Regenery are CIA. Are the CIA /ourguys/ in that case. We got some big boyz on our side.

Copy that, thanks bro.

This is true.

>Yeah. Totally.
His own fucking words cuckbag.

You're so ignorant about the Alt-Kike that you don't even know National Bolshevism is the official ideology.

Kill yourself. You are a worthless NPC follower.

No idea.

Previous anons who have claimed to be CIA have mentioned that there are factions within the CIA who push the agenda of the evil-doing elite, and there are also factions who fight for good.

No idea.

>Utterly wrong.
You are literally a useless idiot.

Yet, they were here, thus disproving the other faggot's post. When Spencer gives a speech or a debate, people want to watch. Hence threads appear. He has an audience obviously, or else his debate with Sargon wouldn't have been the #1 stream on Youtube with 20,000 people watching.

90% of the rest of the threads on here is Moarpheus posting shops of Spencer with silly haircuts and trying desperately, kikeily, to get people to stop paying attention to him.

Why do you dipshits continually bring up Dugin as a boogeyman when you've never actually read anything hes written? You're literally conditioned to have a kneejerk response to his name. No different from a leftist reacting to the term racism.

Dugin's take on politics is that all prior political philosophies are invalid for the coming century. He says that whites have no right to criticize modernity because we took part in creating it. The issue with his assessment of world history is that it has massive oversight of certain world events and who was party to them.
Hes just some esoteric slav. He isn't a leader of anything, and no one in the Alt-Right is advocating Duginism, because there is no such thing as Duginism. It isn't any one thing. An AI driven monarchy would be "Duginist" if you actually read his writings and applied that lens.

>this retard actually thinks I'm Richard Spencer
I'm Richard Spencer and I'm officially calling you a nigger faggot. 14/88 Gas the Kikes, Race War now. The one true party is the American Nazi Party, and the Commander George Lincoln Rockwell is the eternal President.

I'm Richard Spencer and if you disagree with this message you're going to fucking die.

Feel free to tweet about it, bitch tits.

I wasn't aware that Spencer openly associates with David Duke. In fact, that only reinforces my belief that he's a plant.

The recent debate between Spencer and a jew named Mike Tokes was pretty damn solid

Redpill me, how many ovens at Auschwitz?

>His own fucking words
Spencer or the rando you're trying to smear him with by guilt of indirect association, lying shitheel?

>You're so ignorant about the Alt-Kike that you don't even know National Bolshevism is the official ideology.
AHAHAHAAHAHA. Keep using words like "official" by all means. It discredits you even moreso and gets a laugh from everyone who read it.

>>Kill yourself. You are a worthless NPC follower.
>t. autistic sperg larper with a malformed brain

top fucking kek

On the DOTR all Alt-Kike bugmen will be slaughtered after watching Kike Spencer be flayed alive for being a kike traitor.

Only weak, pathetic men would ever follow that effeminate faggot.

>he put his life on the line
How, by standing in front of cops? He didn't even get arrested. When others got arrested on his behalf, he abandoned them. Not one major alt-right "leader" mentioned people who got arrested that day fighting for their cause. He didn't raise or donate money for them, call them political prisoners, or hold rallies to have them released. He memory holed them and e-begged money for his new "projects".

Whether he's a plant or not is a distraction from the fact that he's a faggy zionist cucky fuck with leftoid opinions and retarded sense of "grand strategy" that fucks up everything he touches. Fuck him and fuck his gay fanboys.

>Official Leader™ of the Alt-Right™
Neat screenshot though. Too bad no point was made with it.

Who is worse: Moarpheus or Anti-SJW Libertarian?

Or maybe a simpler explanation would be that some CIA operatives associate and sympathise with anti-semites and racists

>kike kike kike
>am I fitting in yet?
No, shill-tard. Get better at lying.

David Duke is a little bit of an opportunist, but he's our Opportunist, and he got some political experience, and he really knows how to chew broccoli, so he's a keeper.

TRSodomites are worse than Morpheus. Morpheus is just a schizo tinfag, you're literal faggots and retards who shill for race mixers and zionists.

Lefty pol or brainlets out in force tonight. Obviously it is a good tactic to use israel as an example to put the jews on the defensive in interviews.

Moarpheus is legitimately not sane.
Peterson threads are generally annoying when people pretend he's anything other than internet Dr. Phil. Lolbertarians are generally fun to watch because they inevitably become a car crash of cringe.

But what's wrong with his head though?

>He didn't even get arrested.
Video evidence of him being cuffed, stupid.
>Not one major alt-right "leader" mentioned people who got arrested that day fighting for their cause. He didn't raise or donate money for them, call them political prisoners, or hold rallies to have them released.
All utterly untrue and easily provable to be so with a visit to TRS, lying shitscum.
>Whether he's a plant or not is a distraction from the fact that he's a faggy zionist cucky fuck
Moarpheus, stop with the zionist line. People can read.

>a single cherry picked screenshot
Neat evidence. Very convincing. I know you're not a shill now.

> Richard Spencer calling someone else bitch tits

Accuse you opponent of what you do yourself - just like every other leftist.

Even under the best conditions, some people die. Wasn't this was just a way to control diseases?

>Lolbertarians are generally fun to watch because they inevitably become a car crash of cringe.
I'm still convinced Anti-SJW Lolbertarian is actually our guy trying to make lolbertarians look as cringey as possible.

ignore the fact that said coastline is mostly frozen af.

>Video evidence of him being cuffed, stupid.
You realize there are like 100+ people who left the 504um when we found out Mike's wife was a kike, right? There isn't one person in the world with criticisms of these asshats. Are you that fucking stupid that you thought so?

cianigger shills will larp as Cred Forums users defending this

Fucking this, Jesus Christ.

Such a boring line. Get better shill talking point.

>single cherry picked screenshot

They're pretty easy to conflate together in memory
t. they both glow in the dark

Wow nice argument faggot

he's not a plant per se, he's just a clumsy guy, that's why the MSM love to give him attention, so he can discredit himself and """his""" movement.

Easy to find, not-a-shill. I saw it the day of or the next day. He argued with, refused to leave, and was dropped and cuffed by the cops.

>You realize there are like 100+ people who left the 504um when we found out Mike's wife was a kike, right?
>There isn't one person in the world with criticisms of these asshats.
But Moarpheus, Mike is extremely critical of jewish influence and the actions of Israel. Why do you continue to lie?

Why would you not want a federal empire. We could either be a bunch of weak mini countries that get cucked by the chinese or unite, to a certain degree, and take over the world and fund space exploration. Its not like they are advocating for a homogeneous white man but for some form of federal state, probably without open borders. Greg Johnson also advocates for individual ethnostates like Alt Hyp, I would recommend his stuff its good.

>Easy to find
What do you think of the screencap I posted of Spencer saying that's not him getting arrested?

>another single cherry pick of whites with white hispanic
Bam, you got em bro. Totally zionist shills.

>doesn't know what t. means or how to use it
You're standing out too much, not-a-shill.

he also got put in jail for the weekend during the 2014 hungary conference

>What do you think of the screencap I posted of Spencer saying that's not him getting arrested?
I'm referring to on-scene video recording of him and the group directly with him. Why do you keep posting a picture as if it means anything at all. You're behaving like a shill with an agenda other than the truth.

>Mike is extremely critical of jewish influence and the actions of Israel
Is that why he thinks all kikes should make Aliyaah to Israel and fullfill the zionist agenda of eretz Israel? Do you really jews deserve a nuclear-armed sovereign ethnostate after trying to genocide your race? Sounds pretty fucking zionist to me, but pure fucking coincidence, right?

He needs to redefine what he means by white. As for the Jim Crow and national socialist quotes, I agree with him.

I always feel that a Catholic South America can assimilate better than a Jew, but if the Jew doesn't wish to subvert society or borders then he's fine by me.

>I'm referring to on-scene video recording of him
The one you can't figure out how to post?
Fucking TRSodomites, man.

He never got arrested at charlottesville just maced. Apparently he was waiting for the police to arrest them but they used mace and forced them towards antifa. Greg and Spencer got a car to pick him up with duke in it.

t.tryhard cianigger larping as Cred Forumslack

>Moarpheus made pictures
How cute.
>Do you really jews deserve a nuclear-armed sovereign ethnostate after trying to genocide your race? Sounds pretty fucking zionist to me
Because you're making rhetorical conflations based on false premises, rather than presenting facts in good faith. That is to say, you're a lying sack of human waste with zero value.

Destroy isreal, jews flee, whites feel bad let and let them in. Sounds like a good plan goy.

>google it for me
Very easy to find, considering I saw it streamed the day of. You care enough about the truth to seek it, right? You're not a lying shitstain shill, right?
Pretty cringe-tier pic this time though, Moarpheus goon.
You're getting better with the t. thing. grats.
>tfw it can learn

>He never got arrested at charlottesville just maced.
That's the story I heard, not sure where this "Spencer got arrested" nonsense came from, but TRSodomites don't know their dildos from their assholes.

Listen up nigger, you defend race-mixers and fag apologists. You get away with it only while WN is out of power. I guess you stay safe as long as WN is technically failing, or you can count on it failing. The minute things change, do you really you're going to survive in a revolutionary situation with hardliners all around you, talking about based gays, castizos, and hapas, and how you want to "conquest fuck" asian grills?

Does that sound rope-worthy to you?

Dude, you're anti-white. You shill for degenerates and hypocrites, liars and frauds. Mike hid his kike wife inside the movement, trying to present her as 1488 on his own fucking show. He has her making oven the kikes jokes. He has everyone thinking she was white, and you shill for that. That makes you a race traitor, you knew what you were doing was wrong but did it anyway.

What the fuck "movement" do you think that's serving? How did you become a traitor to your race?

>If they were controlled opposition and they're being used to bring about a civil war or whatever then I think they'd be way more extreme.
You mean by saying things like the opposition are a bunch of Satanic, Child Murdering, Pedophiles that want a 90% reduction in the global population...and the only way to defeat them is to submit to God's Will and buy the best, highest quality organic supplements and filtration systems on the planet?

Yeah but only 11 months and 3 weeks out of the year, otherwise quite reasonable.