KFC is out of chicken in the UK

Attached is proof. Anybody from Cred Forums want to comment?

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Shortages tend to be common in socialist countrys, don't be suprised to see other stores having supply chain issues in the future.

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It happens. Went to California for work... no chicken at El Pollo Loco.

It's not common in England, though. Doesn't happen over here very often, or at least I don't hear about it. This was significant enough to make national news.

Yeah, but this is KFC and I'm posting on Cred Forums.

Think about this, if a large multi national corporation YUM is having issues in suppling their chains in the UK, you have some big problems coming down the pipe in the future.

Actually, it's just because they brought a new delivery partner onboard, nothing more than that. It's likely to be exclusive to KFC, and not be a problem for anything later.

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First, no chicken at KFC,
Then empty supermarkets
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Ok Nigel, I suggest if you live in a diverse urban area, you might want to take an vacation in the near future to a less populated area, or don't. I don't really care. Keep an eye on the grocery stores and the amount of reefer trucks coming in.


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Somebody FINALLY goes that route.

london riots pt 2


why the fuck do you have kfc in the uk? Nobody likes KFC even in the states

They started using a new delivery company and its gone tits up thats all

we have mcdonalds, burger king, kfc and subway absolutely everywhere, people here love US fast food

kfc is shit youre better off frying your own chicken

speak for yourself cuck. kfc is amazing

what about chic fil a or sonic

don't have those, not heard of the second one

we got krispy kreme a few years ago and five guys pretty recently

still no taco bell

apparently there are Chick-fil-A and Sonic in London I just discovered, not in my city AFAIK

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I can see this causing riots

>still no taco bell
there is taco bell in the uk though

Green countries have KFC.

oh shit you're right, I genuinely didn't know, they're all in england and I live in scotland

Its not teething problems. DHL are the new worst courier in thebusiness after shitylink went bust.

I've had DHL lose packages that 1m long and 2m wide in their facilities. Not even sure how the fuck that is possible.

someone probably stole it

>Black Panther comes out last weekend.
>UK runs out of Chicken.

How many niggers live in the UK?

Those are neither green nor countries.

Was empty container though.

In non-burger countries is it advertised as "Kentucky Fried Chicken"? I remember hearing somewhere that it's advertised as "Kitchen Fresh Chicken" elsewhere.

Whoever contracted out that new supplier should lose their job, this is probably costing KFC big time.

i only go to pollo hermanos.

Kfc chicken is made from old chickens that do not lay eggs anymore

They but them all up for a deal

That’s why they are smaller and more dry

Taco Bell in Brighton


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I'm suprised something like that even got made.

How do you fry chicken oniisan?
I like to dip it in egg and toss it in flour then drizzle egg over it when it's cooking.
It's not exactly tempura but it's close!

Last few seconds
>One KFC customer, Claire, told BBC Radio 5 live she was surprised when she went out with her children at the weekend.

"We went on Saturday night to our local KFC in Luton and queued for about 20 minutes in the drive-thru, about 15 cars in the queue, and when we got to the actual counter and asked for our standard family bucket, we were told there was no chicken," she said