Donald Trump ‘supportive’ to new gun control law after Florida shooting


>But but but he is an anti-establishment outsider.

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>improved background checks
>new gun "control"

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because he always tells the truth and keeps his promises lol

>being supportive of background checks
>which are already law
>merely want better intragovernmental information sharing
oh noes the sky is falling

>supports new gun control
>calls someone a cuck

>Expecting a fake Republican to have Republican values

Damn you're dumb.

Let me guess, libs will still hate him and say he's not doing enough


Democrats just want all guns banned.

If they pass anything I will literally go to war against the government and the Jews.

What's so wrong with gun control?

Whens the next happening?

I'll give you a heads up.

American Insurgency Party!

This is the bill that passed in the House last year that forces federal agencies to report things correctly. The Senate is gonna be the bitch to get through, the Dems are gonna kill it somehow by tacking on an AWB rider or something like that and boom, it's dead in the water.

its called talking to placate hysterical masses of leftists and their vitriolic propaganda machine the MSM

At this point being shot is an american tradition, they just want to preserve their identity

Imagine being this nigger thinking that background check means the gun control that democrats want.

i do the same thing with my girlfriend when shes on her period. "YES I AGREE OK YOU ARE RIGHT YEP"

then just wait a couple days

>no one in congress wants any thing Trump related to pass.
>Trump starts supporting gun laws.
>gun laws start being repealed

Imagine being the dumb nigger who doesn't understand SHALL NOT INFRINGE

ALL gun laws should be repealed.


Yeah im' confused, they already do fbi background checks when you buy a gun. You have to stand there while they talk to an fbi agent on the phone.

I like how the gay frogs is the quote thats being made fun of. But birth control piss water is a legitimate problem that's hurting the environment and fucking up the hormones of animals.

we need to register every gun owner, so we can keep an eye on the crazy ones.

Will this law, in any way whatsoever, do anything that would have stopped that guy? No? So it’s just a legislative circle jerk to make people think they did something to help but really did absolutely nothing but hinder law abiding citizens?

My country is so retarded it’s hilarious.

That's easy. Start with the Democratic Voter registration list. Then, delete out the ones that are already dead. There you go, a list of possible deranged killers.

Checked and Kek'd

Donald Trump is a democrat in disguise, we've said it all along. Fuck off back to your thread.

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We need to register every Jew so we can exterminate all of them.

They're already registered...


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not all sunshine.


No you won't


Why is the mini 14 such an aesthetic and effective weapon? Fug I want one

why placate and not eliminate?

It's not new gun control you idiot. It simply improves the current background checking system ALREADY IN PLACE so that mentally insane people can't get guns. No guns are being banned or regulated.

keep telling yourself that.

Depends on what this entails; does it mean that the government can define who is and isn't mentally ill? I'd hope Congress would kill such a bill in its infancy

>keep telling yourself that.

Sure. I'll believe the facts that are given to me, and you can keep falling for the media gun grabbing hysteria that liberals and conservatives alike both fall into every mass shooting.

If you buy an old gun from your neighbor or something no. But if you bought a gun from a store you are now registered.

This will probably happen one day though.

Trump wants yer gunz boi.

imagine living in a country where people are routinely decapitated with a knife and put on the internet lmao

They really need to restructure how these bills are passed. The time they spend sucking dick could be spent voting instead. This whole omnibus bill horseshit needs to stop as well as tacking on amendments to a bill at the 11th hour

It's literally new gun control you retarded cunt.

>I will literally go to war against the government and the Jews.
What exactly do you mean by that?
t. concerned citizen

Gun registries are illegal in Pennsylvania. It's in our state constitution


its a fucking token move to shut people up, background checks aren't going to do anything to people that aren't criminals owning weapons

this is a far cry from soyboys tweeting their superior virtue and telling us to turn our guns in

>t. soyboy

The gun grabbers will never shut up. Only a retard would even attempt to appease them.

the second amendment would never get repealed for this fact alone
it would mean the end of the country as we know it and the very best result would be a permanent division into two states, the worst result being total annihilation of the country in a civil war 100 times more brutal than the first one.


Kill yourself, OP.


Just like he supports a bipartisan immigration bill (if it doesn't suck).

Imagine living in Mexico. Kek.

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Have you never bought a gun?

At least in my state (ohio) they call the fbi when you buy a gun. I highly doubt they don't keep your name that you sent a request for a background check.

They're probably cheeky about the definition of that law. They can't register what guns you have, but that you had been checked to buy one.

They're calling the FBI for a NICS check. I was going to come in and correct him and say they called the ATF, but it is actually the FBI that is called for the background check.

True, there's a pseudo-registry like what you described I bet, but officially they are supposed to dispose of that information

The majority of kids in high school today will be able to vote in the 2020 election. Parkland has definitely become a turning point. Add in the fact that it's likely there will be more mass shootings between now and 2020. These kids are the first generation to spend their entire lives in a post-Columbine world. It's asinine to think this won't have an impact and be like "LOL nothing's ever gonna change."

Also, this is a federal law. If you buy a gun from a dealer or a gun show this happens no matter what. You can thank the Brady Act of 93 for it, apparently.


The jews are afraid.

You're absolutely deluded. The millennials are the most pro-gun generation in a century.

Sadly I'm a horrible at safely navigating watercraft

You just keep telling yourself that.

I think FFLs keep your 4473s for 10 years for “record keeping” which turns it into a pseudo registry


In Alaska its illegal for a fed to try and take any guns.

Maybe the FBI should have done their job instead of spying on Trump.

Whatever he does, if its not nation wide gun grabbing the left will cry it wasn't enough, and there will be another "event". They're going to keep doing it until the guns are taken.

That might be misleading. I think we do have a problem with mass shootings, although statistically a very small problem. We need more teachers with guns, and we need to hold all those who fail to take action with people like Cruz before he does things like this accountable. Dozens of police visits, expulsion, threats, FBI tips, and nothing more than "no one could have seen this coming." Ridiculous.

You mean a nation wide database? Welp I have some bad news, for you

The Hanging Chads are taking some serious fire on twitter, even one of the kids retweeted it

Press F, they're going down

kek you didn't learn a damn thing about trump since 2016

My city schools planning on doing this walk out.
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I don't think I'll make it another year or two.

The article is not about gun control, its about improving the "checks and balance system" aka improving the law enforcement of laws already in place.

Law enforcement was at fault.

Imagine being a faggot democrat.
Imagine having a female commie president that is currently pregnant.

>1 post by this ID
looks like i triggered some shills.