Your move, Cred Forums

Your move, Cred Forums

One resisted arrest, the other didn't.

fuck off edgelord

One is resisting arrest the other is giving full cooperation

Eric Garner resisted arrest and this piece of shit was probably too spaced out to even know what was going on.

The fat black nigger is resisting and the kike is just laying there like a good goy. It’s seems self-explainitory negro.

D.C. snipers

Eric Garner was an accidental death. Nobody pulled any trigger, shit just happened. Gravity my as well killed him

The man on the right was not resisting arrest and the pic doesn't show the 5 other officers who were standing around if he did.


Will niggers ever learn what resisting arrest means?

You don't kill the leading man OP. Eric Garner's only crime was committing a crime while not being a CIA nigger.

I want the police to arrest Blacks on sight and put them into camps.


The black was so fat he choked on his own gut.

does this guy not understand that the cops in this scenario are different, in a different place, with hindsight to look at the Eric Garner shitstorm, and maybe this new response was a reaction to calls of brutality? For this guys side the situation is:
At worst - it was different cops handling a different situation...differently
At best - they've gotten what they want and policy has changed but they won't stop bitching because they forgot that policy applies to white suspects too.

Screaming "I do not resist" is not enough. You have to actually not resist.


He wasnt't armed. He left his gun at the scene then left.

Correct this is bait and I just want pol to raid Facebook

Ancient American law. If you wiggle free before they shoot you, you get to go free.


Look at the 'jett black' BLM supporter that posted thar fucking garbage

James Holmes
Dylann Roof
Nikolas Cruz
Didn't resist

Niggers usually do

They know, but they dindu nuffin.