To what extent do you support Gun Control...

To what extent do you support Gun Control? Under what circumstances do you someone should be denied the right to own a firearm?


under no circumstances. I'd prefer for people do die in a new civil war because this country has gone rotten thanks to communist jews succeeding in destroying every aspect of community and morality in the US.

I don't think you understand rights.

do you think*

I should have access to nukes.

Anyone who identifies as a right winger should not be allowed to have guns. Crazed right wingers are the real problem with this country. A bunch of low education shit heads have no business owning assault rifles.

This and only fucking this.


uhhh... if you murder someone do you have the right to freedom?


Absolutely 100% against any kind of gun control. And anybody who advocates gun control and takes political action to enforce gun control should be tried, convicted, and killed for the crime of treason.

Wild West Style

You've technically forfeited the right to life by committing the murder. Voluntarily forfeited. No rights have been taken from you. You knew the cost of committing murder before you did it.


I think violent felons should be allowed to own and posses firearms after they are released. Let Darwin sort them out.

Gun control is killing Mexicans by the tens of thousands whole towns have disappeared.
The police are helping narcos

Holy fuck; these non stop gun posts are giving me a headache.

should a child rapist be allowed to own a gun

Fuck human life. I can't wait until the jews start WW3 and we are all dead,

We already have gun control? How dumb are people?

only to shoot themselves

Shall not be infringed.

If the Government, the one with the planet killer nuclear weapons, will have you killed just for owning a gun, how nicely do you expect to be treated when you have surrendered your right to have deadly weaponry?

Jewish Masters and Good Goy Enforcers are the most dangerous groups of people to the rights of normal citizens. The people who had to bust out the Play Dough and Crayons over Trump are not going to raid your house at 3am. Neither will the crying children or the Freaks. The Good Goy Enforcers will do that under orders from their Jewish Masters. Pick your battles wisely pol.

>The unnessary strikes isn't strictly true but if you generalize the recent nigger riots connected to Black Lives Matter and the Confederate Monument riots and vandalism it is success, especially considering the worthless police responses.
>Gun Registration is success in California, less so in other states, but records of background applications is de facto.
>everything else is 100% success
I don't even know if the country can be fixed anymore.


repeal all forms of gun control.
it should never have existed in the first place.

precious read, thank you

People who work for the government should not be permitted to own or use weapons. They are public SERVANTS. Only the MAsters - We the People - have the right to own weapons.