Effect of Lend Lease on Defeating Germany in WWII

Pic is a B-24 with Soviet Markings

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A depot of American Aircraft with Soviet markings?

Lend Lease was a violation of the declared American neutrality.


My brother in law was in the US Army in the Soviet Union delivering our weapons to the commies.
Funny, eh? Not gonna read that in the history books.

Once of the Douglas Aircraft DC-3 variants.

The Jews in New York and London decided to back communism before 1917, and that was that. Our foreign policy has been controlled by kikes for a century.

Anyone who says lend lease didn't have an effect is a fucking liar

Fuck, I know dudes who delivered weapons to Taliban, isis, ect that seems more something you'd hear about.

pic is B-25 medium twin engined bomber, dude. The B-24 was four engined heavy bomber

Haha, I was supposed to be delivering ice, anti-air, ammo, and batteries to faggots on a hill from a ch-53. up walks ISIS looking dudes who couldn't speak English. Shot them when they got confrontational. Dont wonder if they were friendly.

Yep. WW 2 was the war to make the world safe for communism. We fought against the Anti-Communist International Pact - Germany, Italy, and Japan.


That's a b26 you fucking moron.


Lol wait I'm wrong. It's a b25 thought it was a 26.

p39s are garbage

The OP looks to be a lend-lease to the soviets. Your picture is actually still American branded P-39s.

Lend Lease produced little compared to what the USSR built on it's own.

Much of the stuff provided by Lend Lease was not compatible with Soviet technology.

US supplied most of the aviation fuel, explosives, food, trucks, trains, and boots to Russia in ww2.

First tanks into Berlin weren't t34s...


P39s saved russia.

Lend-lease was the only reason the Soviets had an early air force. It is also the only reason they were able to have stable supply lines.

The fucking Studebaker was the best thing the soviets got form us.

>two 50 cals (not very powerful unless there's 6 or 8 of them)
>one 37 mm (bullet moves so slow it's practically useless against other fighters)

Maybe shit thunder ruined my perception of it but any other american plane is just way better.

Soviets flew the p39 until the end of the war. Last Soviet air to air kill was a p39.

The p39 was better than anything else the Soviets had access too. Their air combat was all low level too and the ace fighter pilots in the Luftwaffe were kept for the western front. P39 was fine for taking up stutkas and heinkels.

You realize that when the P-39 was produced, it was heavily armed? The soviets even liked the setup so much they started adopting it into all of their designs.

True, but they were able to get their own aircraft in the air towards the end as well.

Yes, the Il-2 is an American plane.


Yea but against 109's they were fucked. The engine was in the middle too so it was really easy to damage while being pursued.

Their own aircraft weren't in big numbers nor reliable. On paper were great but notoriously unreliable fighters.

33% of Red Army trucks in WW2 were made in Detroit.

It was as American as a Katyusha on a Studebaker.


Actually mid to early war 109s were dog shit at low alt and the p39 was a good match.

Who said it was?

I agree with you.


Mostly because the japs bombed you first.

The later 109s (G's and K's) had the same problem that the p39 had in that the cannon in the propeller hub was too big to be of use to other fighters. One of the luftwaffe's top aces didn't use the mk108 on the 109 because it sucked and had such a low muzzle velocity.

The mk103 was better but only a few german planes had that.

warthunder shouldn't be used as a reference for anything. it's total nonsense.

and the p39 had an additional 4 30 cals in the wings you dolt. even without the cannon, which I agree is a fucking meme, that's plenty of firepower.

>you dolt


the IL-2 was an ineffective and poorly performing aircraft only loved because it was better than nothing.

If a Hero of the Soviet Union says that the M4 was a good tank, then it was a good tank.

>The later 109s (G's and K's) had the same problem that the p39 had in that the cannon in the propeller hub was too big to be of use to other fighters
they were intended to be used against the endless stream of quad engine bombers we were throwing at them, and the mk108's projectile was deadly even if the low rate of fire and poor muzzle velocity made it very hard to use.

the p-39 is dogshit for a huge list of reasons, but the bf109's were given 30mm spud guns for a good reason.

Russians are notorious for making robust vehicles/planes that don't require much maintenance but they don't really care about crew comfort.
Why else would most soviet aircraft from the cold war era use this putrid color scheme in their cockpits?

Soviet tank crews preferred the Sherman over the t34. They didn't die if the Sherman got hit.

Imagine if we were a member

Do you think we could take Russia with Germany and Japan's help

The mk108 isn't terrible, it's just too heavy of a projectile to use against fighters. In real life hitting a fighter sized plane with a projectile like that would spell instant death for it. It rips wings in half and its pretty much just a carnage gun.

Meanwhile in shit thunder: *hit* *hit* *hit* "player 3 suffers damage of central gear leg"

>planes that don't require much maintenance


Sorry, but you are just trolling here. Shermans were given the nickname as the burning grave or the Ronson by how often it would go up in flames.

I mean the old ones.

sorry i just hate warthunder and all of the cobras. they're made to perform to an imaginary standard in that game because the slavbrain idolized that shitbox for some reason. Also fuck mouse aim. Fuck Gaijin. that game could be so good with some minor changes to the air game and perhaps with a major rework of the ground game.

I gave up on it but not before wasting 700+ dollars on (((golden eagles))) because I was too tired to grind through 10 vehicles to get a jet.


Ya dumb.


This article is jew garbage.
The soviets accepted the sherman because america was offering to sell it but they knew the t34 was way better.

USSR would have lost without lend lease. Even the Russian generals acknowledged how important it was.

>Russians are notorious for making robust vehicles/planes that don't require much maintenance but they don't really care about crew comfort.
notoriety given by people offering opinions in a vaccum, ignorant of contemporary technology, and the history channel. get your half knowledge out of here.

russians are notorious for making machines that work in the extreme cold or with out of date manufacturing techniques. their performance is, across the board, bad by every measure, and their reputation for being reliable is a misunderstanding. Someone confused the idea of something working in extreme conditions with the idea of something working for a long time without major maintenance.

>but they don't really care about crew comfort.

The first generation of t-34 turrets would saw the loader in half if it were cranked too far in the wrong direction. That's not apathy about crew comfort, thats brainlet engineering.



i didn't say it was a terrible gun you dirt chewing wehraboo.

Except we do retard. It's called lend lease. Fuck off the internet grandpa. Everyone with a high schools level history class knows this.

Lol the denial is real.

>i say the gun sucks
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sherman is garbage. If it got hit it burned.

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Lol it was diesel. Soviets preferred it to the t34, which literally killed you or broke down before it got a chance to kill you.



dresden was worse than the holocaust

>b-but only half the tanks on our frontline where gibs or made with gibs!!!
>b-but lend lease only was talked about so late in public nothing that happend before counts

Just realized the commies are making the same ungrateful lies, spins and excuses as Jews to deny the aid they got from the West since '48

Apple doesnt fall far from its tree.

early versions of the sherman were gasoline powered.


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Of course the US supplied the communists, you are run by international Jewry, who not only invented, but are the leadership caste of the 'glorious Marxist revolution' in every nation across the world. You have the highest population of them, so of course you'll be used as useful idiots to undermine yourselves. They did it to the UK, they literally destroyed their entire Empire. The only reason the US even got into WWII is because the Jews had mostly started to flee there and wanted to save their European diaspora.

it's called holohoux for a reason, yet you still aren't showing us your flag Sasha.

Yeah but they also improved the design so that by -44 the Sherman had the lowest risk of fire of any tank in the war.

The nickname stuck tho because people are like that.

why does it matter?

All the versions sent to Russia were diesel.

The 1st, 2nd, and 9th Guards Mechanized Corps, were equipped exclusively with the M4A2 despite having plenty of t34s.

lets see it, leaf

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Everyone knows the US alone provided the soviets with 500 billions worth (still not paid back) of critical war materiel without which the soviets would have been much lamer, not to mention the lend-lease the rest of the allies provided.


What fuel they used doesn't matter because contrary to popular belief diesel also burns (It's why it can be used in a combustion engine) and engine fires usually don't spread to the fighting compartment where it can cause damage to the tank or the crew. When people say that the Sherman burned to easily they're talking about ammunition fires (Unless they're retarded and talknig about engine fires) which is a danger to both the tank and the crew. The Sherman eventually got wet ammunition stowage which reduced the numbers of Shermans catching fire from enemy fire from 80% to 10-15% (depending on source).

Because the americans embargoed japan and cut its access to oil and other critical resources which would have resulted in the collapse of the japanese empire and its imperial ambitions in a few years time.

Diesel doesn't deflagrate as easily as gasoline.

You can put a paper towell in diesel, light it, and it will wick.

The color is to prevent eye strain in bright environment or so i've heard.

Nice landing

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That's a meme and you know it. Only the first shermans were death traps after they started using wet ammo racks they were quite safe (when hit) or so i've been made to understand.

So ur cucked faggot kike controlled government helped the communist kikes in the USSR to defeat the last bation of the white race.
then later they become enemies during the cold war.
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Can't have a lend-lease thread without the British Commonwealth Merchant Navy

Yeah but we're not talking paper towels and lighters here we're talking about heavy shells travelling at high velocity meaning a shittonne of kinetic energy. And like I said: the engine compartment can burn and it won't kill the tank it will just immobilise it without causing any crew casualties or critical damage. The problem with early Shermans and tanks in general of the time was ammunition fire from getting hit in the ammo stowage.


>(still not paid back)

Mfw the Cold War started because globalist kikes didnt wanna pay back other globalist kikes

so is anyone going to post what the fuck you are talkign about? whats the lend lease? why should i care about pictures of planes with no context? what the fuck am i supposed to be shocked and appalled at?

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