How do we redpill women?

How do we redpill women?

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>Redpill men
>They will redpill woman

Kevin MacDonald:

Without leverage you won't.

inb4 the med is called non white

What do you mean by leverage?

The same way as beta males, improve all the media and change all the laws. Women aren't a proactive force in this or in anything; they're more like a liquid which conforms to the container in which it's placed.

You have to date one for a long time or marry her and gradually introduce the redpill to her. I've seen it done before, but it takes time. Appeal to her emotionally, be sensitive.

What's the carrot, what's the stick?

Women cant be redpilled because they run on feelings.

What you want are promises and threats. If they dont do X then it will result in Y.

Hmmm, good advice. Is there any way we can influence white women into having many children and not race mixing without having to fully redpill them?

Wow you are the first guy I have seen on here that even seems to give a remote fuck about women.

Hahaha, you're right. Well, we need them if we want to keep our race from going extinct.

They need a strong role model in the media that red pills them.. it won’t be hard, they are emotional and band wagoners

White bitches ain't trynna be "redpilled", Tyrones seed is just too damn good haha y'all maaad white boiiiiis ?

>Well, we need them if we want to keep our race from going extinct.
For now. Also learn how to reply to a post, newfag.

Take their voting rights away.

>mr john smith larping as a darkie
Pathetic; you should kill yourself, cuc'k.

Wrong Tyrone

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black seeds 4eber


How do you plan to do that while women still have voting rights and an army of beta males willing to sacrifice themselves so that they can keep those voting rights at the off chance of scoring some roastbeef?

came to post this


Hell no, I'm not trying to go extinct. Get your doctrine of gene death out of here.

This. Soon roasties will die bitter and lonely. Even handsome guys are going MGTOW. And for those who want to save the white race just wait a few decades until feminism dies out

Nearly impossible without a major economic collapse.

Women follow popular trends, and will always take the path of least resistance. This is why they're so liberal. Red pill men, create societal change, redpill the women. Pic related, redpilled families.

Get a surrogate then. A one-time payment is better than a lifetime of slavery to provide for a disease-ridden vagina

my husband redpilled me into being tradcon housewife then fucked a trap, true story

Women are only as redpilled as the men in their life are.

Exactly, we need to start thinking outside the box.

technology is degeneracy

I think we need another grassroots campaign like IOTBW to redpill more normies. It worked incredibly well.

Not true there are some really red pilled women with no men whatsoever in their life they are just more smart then most.

>True story
You know the rules, tits or gtfo.

This is a myth. They might not be married or dating some red pill Chad but there is likely a man who provided the red pill whom she is emulating

Fair point, but I think most women tend to be more conformist than most men.

By somehow redpilling the media.

(((They))) will never allow this so women will stay bluepilled. F.

>How do we redpill women?

stop asking.

I'm a woman and I redpilled my damn self op :/

One look at the cartel vids will redpill anyone with a brain.

I never said that it can't be done, I just know that the vast majority of the Alt Right are men, and I would like to get more women on our side.

Then start thinking about

What if we had a poster campaign where we literally posted graphs of black crime or racial IQ differences?

Never out yourself as a woman on Cred Forums your just asking for trouble.

At this point white women brought this on themselves they willingly went along and played with the jewish creation that is feminism and made sure to break white men anywhere they can.Ask yourself this do you know of another race of women who are actively fighting their own men and are pushing them out of position of power and influence from the society they created and taking it for themselves while also giving it to foreign men? Have you seen another race of women so eager to protest against their men of their same race while praising other of different races? No you havent and at this point there is no way back they have shown their true colors and where their loyalty lays.

Only way you can do that is by learning what the hell red pilled you! Once you have a good grasp on that you can start red pilling people. If your talking about something you know well and believe people will most likely believe you. Also don’t go straight into Hitler was the good guy in WW2 you must do it in incremental steps. (((They))) gain all their influence through incremental steps which is referred to as the totalitarian tiptoe why can’t you?

Trying to red pill women is like trying to red pill children. Just make sure the men are red pilled and things will work out. Like how instead of watering the leaves of a plant you should water the roots Instead and the water goes to all the leaves


you guys are trap fapping incels, degenerate scum

Flip feminist superiority in its head. Get them to agree children are the future of any society (which they will, unless she is a defected model in which case why aren't you just fucking her and leaving??).
It takes 9 months to rear a child, whereas a mans role in the reproductive cycle is just depositing sperm. Explain that this is why men die in wars, and that women need to be protected. Worked for me.

You don't. Just subjugate them. Societies that cater to females' wants are long-run bad.

>How do we redpill women?
Become the ruling class and only marry virgins.