Should fingols and shitalians mix and make new master race what will conquer the world?

Should fingols and shitalians mix and make new master race what will conquer the world?

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Yes, gib autistic finnish gf.


Humon is a fat incest fetishists rape fetish bitch.

We should look at some examples and facts to determine the answer to this question. Any mutts with Fintalian ancestry here not hiding in a black hole and willing to contribute?

Shitalian/Finngol mutt AMA

Proof of wh*Teness.

Do you like sauna? Is your mom or dad Finnish?

well, finns and italians have highest IQ in europe so maybe? If mix becames best of nords and meds

how do you balance between the two cultures?

Literally nothing wrong with this combo. All Italian + Nord/Balt/Slav mixed girls I've seen have been hot as fuck. The dudes are handsome too (no homo).

Mom, I do enjoy sauna in Finland all year round, in Shitaly only winter

I actually don't, like many other mutts you remain stuck somewhere in between. Shitaly is beautiful, warm and welcoming but the people are generally dishonest and don't give a shit about the collective. Finngols are autistic and have no sense of hospitality, they have a terrible drinking culture but are generally honest and dependable. Up until recently they also had a very strong sense of the nation. All in all I tend to prefer italian culture, that frozen swamp filled with mosquitoes can be a really lonely place at times.

Good lord, no!!!!....Italy and France have the best looking women in the whole of Europe, and Finland, with blondes and all, just can't compete.

t.anna falchi


Yes blease mongorian blonde finnish gf to rape now

Would not work, I remember Finland as a quiet place, people only spoke if they had something worth saying, Italians are the complete opposite, they will drive Fins insane with the never ending inane bullshit that streams out of their mouths

Do you intend to impregnate italian woman with baltic genes or BLESS a finnish woman with your superior italic genetic makeup?

Curious to see the result
How do you look like?

Wouldn't a Northern European and a Southern European simply make a German

I'd definitely go for a finngol qt. Sun and sea make Italian women age terribly

I have met a fuck Ton of half swedish half italian, I don’t know why it’s very popular here, I had 4 in my class at some Point, and all of them, every single one of them looked much more nordic than mediterranean, quite curious considering they should have The recessive genes

I agree user this cancerous idea of tanning and being tannes is something we will have to eradicate in future europe it destroys people’s skin

That feel when no autistic finnish qt gf

Hairy Autists? No thanks.

Is your dad, Dr. Maximilian "Butcher of Bologna" Morandi? I knew he had a Finnish wife.


I kissed an italian girl when I was 4.
Then I puked in the pool

india + spain will be master race

>defecating on bulls after slaying them

The national epic of Finland says that they were born of eggs. Gross.

>world power 2020

You were made from an egg. We all are except Finns. They breed by mitosis. .

>tfw i joined the thread just to shit on spaniards instead of talking about plumbing finns




All my grandparents are italian, i offer myself to impregnate your wives nordcucks

What are some Finnish martial arts Läder?

Yeah but you have to check your todo list.
[ ] Defecating into the streets
[ ] Having wild hogs stealing babbys from nursery
[ ] Peeing into potable water and proceeding to drink it
[ ] Getting rid of fucking cows in the streets
[ ] Educate an entire generation about cholera
[ ] Stop eating shit that is fucking up your genome
[V] Provide for 3 entire seasons of "Embarassing Diseases"
[V] Buying soviet era metal pieces

Yeah they are waiting to be fucked by an ugly incel

Beware of the Finnish tiger. He isn't some Swedcuck.

You are not even a person, you can't impregnate anything you useless ameba

That's funny, I'm an amerimutt of fingolian-spaghetti descent.

How do you look?
They are both geneticaly distant

Post benis

I could do a North Italian one. A terrone (southern) would probably be too criminal and dark for me. I'd feel pretty cucked if ''my son'' came out looking like a fucking Sicilian.

Usually the result is a bleached med

Check pic here

what about the fingols and the britbongs?

Finland average penis size: 13.5-14 cm (5.3-5.5 inches)
Italy average penish size: 15.5-16 cm (6.1-6.3 inches)

It's our duty to bleach the terrone
This is a somali-finnish hybrid, think about it.

Spot on. Finns have mongol admixture,like hungarians. They are not your typical Nordcucks.

Finngol genes probably have the strongest bleaching power in the world, don't tell the amerimutts.

The hair is disgusting..

This is some bullshit. I'm a terrone and i'm pale as fuck. Usually the dark skin comes from lot of tanning.

Finns confirmed for fags at birth.

Average size Italy: 15.74
Average size Finland: 13.77

It's the least recessive, 50/50 comes out as a quadroon or octoroon.

terrone descendant here, in my country there is too much sun in summer so my skin is more tanned than when i was a kid

Looks like you believed the heeb lies

Imagine if Hitler had won. We wouldn't even have to genocide non whites, we would only have freeze Finnish sperm and make them take it.


If you were commanding a horde, how would you issue orders to your troops when your hands are busy firing a bow?

You just had me to switch the light to prove myself. I'm most pale than any northern italian (i was born south from southern descendent by southern and i live at north now)

where are you now. Don't tell me spain

You're retarded Hitler want to German people feels proud of What they are
Never said that they shouldn't racemix, because everyone was in an etnostate
get the fuck out of Cred Forums

It is impossible to have this much of ignorance in 2018, in the age of information.
God damnit, this is why we neet nationalism.

humon is shadman tier

You must be fun to hang out with.

Finnish-Italian mixing is HIGHLY recommended and Cred Forums approved.


That thing is fucking hideous...

I just want a Southern European looking girl with Finnish autism desu.

fuk you. she's hot as fuck.

Oh come off it.
Bleaching doesn’t work in America because even blondes with blue eyes don’t all have pure white genes here.
Even nogs and metizos can have light eyes here too, so there’s no telling if the “white” you’re looking at has a muddy history.
Finn genes work great because you’re so isolated. It’s like distilled, concentrated whiteness desu.
I’m actually half Sicilian and half Finnish, but I’m so pale I look perpetually sick

>That strong dark jaw
>dark sacks for eyes

WTF do you see in Indian chicks?

>strong jaw
many women look great with one
>dark sacks for eyes
normal brown eyes

>WTF do you see in indian chicks
never met one or seen one

I'm afraid I have some bad news... you actually have an Indian fetish.

Another Indian right up your alley.

She's so dark that light turns around corners to meet her.

The outcome is still a shit when you mixed hard turd with a stinky diarrhea. Vitun vammainen mongol cuck

Thanks for the input, Swede.

Why the fuck would we ally with brits?

it is time to form bonds with our kin


I thought he was a Swede?

>mfw mother is half finn half italian
Such a unique combo, what are the odds?

Don’t worry Finn
I understand the “liking pale women with dark features who look tired” thing
True top tier

Indian-italian seems to work better and is more exotic desu
Pic related

No leaving Europe
No brown except for hair and eyes
Skin must remain as snow

He's a furry with a lemur fetish; he fell for the "we wuz lemurs an sheeit" meme.

>family said I was north italian my whole life
>same skin tone

>skin white as snow

Also He is a supermodel in Germany

I agree with this proposal, plz gib trad italian fascist gf.

kys kike

get cancer

fun fact, every woman without sjw signs outside Naples and Bologne is fascist.

Ayy, not just women in Italy, I know women that are obsessed with sun bathing and they look 50 by age 30.

I see no problem with this so long as she is a hockey fan