We live in a timeline of primary school teachers dressing like thots

>we live in a timeline of primary school teachers dressing like thots

why is this allowed? is this the example we set for the next gen?


This is a good thing dumbass

Students will work harder for their sexy teacher's attention. I got straight a's only because I wanted to impress my cute science teacher

She either reeks of wine or coffee depending the time of day

bullshit nigger. all of the greatest minds in history weren't obsessed with thots

I'd let her teach my dick a thing or two if you know what I mean

I'd stay after class with her for biology tutoring, if you comprehend my vernacular.

>that hot blond english teacher who thought us Shakespears and had us watch fight club

fucking Loved miss Parks

I'd stay for tutoring and fuck her if you know what I'm saying.

Just about all American women dress like clowns.

My Spanish II teacher openly flirted with me all the fucking time when I was in 10th grade. And wouldn't you know it, she was an unfuckable swamp donkey.

I would stay for after school tutoring if you can properly interpret my humerus usage of a common banal term.

I think I know what this guy's getting at

Feminism has ruined women and society

>claims to hate niggers
>talks like nigger
Why are you so retarded?

>high heels
That's how a bitch supposed s be.
But ain't no cunt should be in no school anyway. Them bitches should be barefoot and pregnant.

School teachers have no more authority. Appealing to the parentless, godless, pietyless kids is the only way to get anything done and to keep your job.
It's fucked, but this is only a symptom of the problems at the roots of society.

A slap across the wrists is what would have done you well, snot-nose.

Holy fuck why were all my teachers ugly old women?

You lost me.

And sweet, sweet pussy

>muh dik


What did she mean by this?

Yes most of them were KHVs

I'd facefuck the shit out of that slut then smash her sphincter senseless till I cum like a yoghurt truck crashing head-on into a brick wall right inside her lower colon if you're picking up what I'm putting down


Most teachers end up fucking their students these days anyway

Gotta get the nigger's attention some how

I would like to engage in a relationship of a sexual nature if you can comprehend the underlying message in my statement.

When will we wake up and realize female teachers propounding thotism in schools is what's creating school shootings?