Why do these threads keep getting shoahd?

Why do these threads keep getting shoahd?

its schizoid nonsense, and doxing, attacking of random innocent businesses, etc

Only JIDF say that shit. Fuck you.

t. angry shizoid

How does it feel watching the entire Jew World Order come tumbling down? Crumbling like a flimsy house built upon a foundation of lies?

>break the rules
>wonder why it gets deleted

you are a faggot kike shill and your time is up

Because that is dox.

I'll need the basic gestalt on this update


see this thread:
new pedo ring called "Liddle Kidz" has been discovered and their website is riddled with pizzagate logos and weird pizzamaking shit. and they have an entire network of "baby massage" centers.

tons of politicians (including Adam Schiff and Clintons) have ties with this Liddle Kidz shit

sounds like something perfectly fit to be on Cred Forums

but this site is for pussies these days , reddit tier with SJW mods



Ohh you made me so sleepy.. I better take a nap!

Come on faggots, this is tru-pol. Hang the pedos
>They don't let pic-related happen in our countries for no reason



talking about public information is doxxing

Schizo boomers btfo

Wtf is this? I can spot 3 issues rn retard. It’s called DOXXXING, ATTACKING PEOPLE, DRAGGING IN INNOCENT BUSINESSES YOU FUCK

I remember this now..... Well Schiff is a Soros plant

Isn’t this all part of the compromised James mod??

Check. I recall now


Bump because I remember this shit now. How’s it manage to stay on infinity and not here?