Suicide rate higher among refugee youths in Sweden


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Hopefully it climbs to 100%

So they are finally assimilating.

sweden YES

I see nothing wrong here

We're starting to deport them more forcefully.


I hope we see some Jones Town type shit in Sweden amongst the refugee community

Should put the clocks back another hour in Scandinavia and also turn off all street lights after 9pm for a couple years,.,,,, watch all them darkies off themselves

>Refugees fight refugee problem more effectively than Swedes


>Suicide rate higher among refugee youths in Sweden
Not high enough.

>not 100%
Those suicide bombers are horrible at their jobs

Well that happens when you dont drink alcohol muzzies

Oh, no that's so fucking white privilege!
When will the Swedish government finally promote suicide among Native Swedes?

Dark days of winter
Yielding sunlight for only a few hours a day

The darkness can't last forever


i hope sweden will look like "The Happening" soon

Suicide bombings are still a form of suicide.

Among elders as well. Because all of our money goes to these roaches.

I do remember remember reading somewhere that Scandinavian countries are dangerously depressing. I don't the refugees' feeble hearts and minds can take it.

We just need to make them trans and this problem will fix itself.

>surrounded by angelic 10/10 nordic qts
>high standard of living
>high income jobs everywhere
>some of the best doctors and healthcare in the world
>low crime rate
>beautiful rolling winter landscapes that speaks to the white man's soul

What more could they want. I'd put up with a bunch of dumb feminists and pro refugee propaganda if it meant i could live like that

not enough sunlight for dark skins

obvious, whites and jews are degenerates


Well they're fucking refugees I'd kill myself too

if u live in the north you understand how depressing the frigid dark endless winter is


yes, this is how it starts

these nonwhites will have all kinds of problems which will need to be addressed of course. Until eventually literally all your government programs will be directed towards addressing their needs instead of the native population

They're like a tick sucking up your blood and engorging themselves

Probably or most likely they feel so out of place in sweden. also, it's February where the suicide rates are high.

>country torn apart by war
>immigrate to some cold as fuck northern country
>colder than you ever could've imagined
>everybody around them looks completely different
>everybody around them speaks a different language
>everybody around you isn't part of your culture and is more educated
>the natives look down on you

Almost like importing refugees is bad for their own health

Well, at least they're not not blowing themselves up during the suicide.

Breaking news: Swedish refugees will soon flee to the sunny Middle East to escape the ravages of the Nordic winter which has killed so many Swedish citizens in the past year.

they're finally assimilating it seems.

I've lived both in the North and in Florida where every day is sunshine and 73

I prefer the winters over monotonous soul crushing purgatory weather because at least you got something to look forward to

what do you consider the north?

>Be refugee
>Flee wartorn country
>Move to Sweden
>Refugees welcome
>"It's an easy life now"
>It's winter all year
>Nords are atheist, and deviant on top of that
>No sense of communal belonging. Everyone plays Europa Universalis 4, or other single player games from Paradox interactive, in their homes
>Can't get connected with Nords because they're usually solitary or not interested
>They drink alcohol, but tell no stories
>They hear you speak, yet they show feigned interest or divided attention
>You're just a person to them. You're not special or unique, and people just ignore your existence
>Dream of returning to homeland where you feel belonging with family and familiar faces
>But your stuck here, with the chilling winds reminding you that your story ended the moment you abandoned your family to settle in an alien utopia
>No family
>No friends
>Feel unneeded
>Feel unwanted
Scandinavia sucks for them

>faggots not used to extended times of darkness and a strange place kill themselves

>Swedish refugees will soon flee to the sunny Middle East to escape the ravages of the Nordic winter
And they'll go to Dubai
For at least some of them

We are really good at suicide so when we kill them we know how to make it look like a suicide.


Thank God for small favors.


Which god do we have to pray to for this? Does it fall into KEKs jurisdiction?



Lol dubai would welcome them. Take thier passport And have them work slave labor on construction.

So they're their own crime stoppers?

next we can only hope for them to start killing eachother


Maybe vitamin D problems?

love it when a plan comes together