How do we kill all the jews?

How do we kill all the jews?

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we turn them into concerned citizens by brainwashing them

the only way to defeat the jew is by out jewing the jew

here is one of my favorite ways to get rid of the jews

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Just deport them to Israel

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>How do we kill all the jews?
Glue a penny to the bottom of a swimming pool.

Better question.
How should we punish the goy?


force a nuclear reactor in america to melt down. america then ends up with millions of displaced people as the radiation spreads. america no longer can play global police. israel gets wiped off the map. jews globally try to cry about shoah 2 electric boogaloo but muslims outnumber them in europe and they are executed for being islamaphobic

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Figuratively . De-power them . Cut their $ off . Mess with their heads by accepting them as part of the white majority .

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The more of them you kill the richer the remaining ones will become.

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Start by controlling the goberment and make venomous social ingeniery specifically towards them.
Just exactly what they do to us, but changing the target.

We need to turn the negros against the jew

you don't, you talk about killing them on Cred Forums, then you get up the next morning and be a good goy and do their bidding like you always do.

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two words

bio weapon

we need to create something that only targets jewish genetics

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It's a gryphon from the show. This is all this fucker does, he constantly shows up on /aco/ and spergs out whenever someone posts a humanized character from the show.



stealing rare merchant

answer: you let the chinks handle it. they don't see jews as worth respect. white people might as well maintain their dignity and just try to cast them out like civilized people.

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Get rid of urban environments. Rats can't live out of the sewer.

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By making them take showers.


Is Barneyfag a Jew?

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>How do we kill all the jews?
Force them all back to Israel by turning society against them and then once back in Israel we #OpenBordersForIsrael. Give them a taste of their own poison.

Just racemix them to oblivion. Jewish culture is particularly vulnerable to race mixing.

This is true but don't spread this around. We cannot let it get mainstream, it will come soon enough

boycott hollywood

Have the mudslimes do it, then act surprised and shocked with disappointment while hiding that inner joy

Then you can wag your finger at the anti semetic liberals and their pets.


Yo i don't wanna ruin it for you guys but I'm very sorry to tell y'all that's not possible. Sorry :(

no. doesnt work. they wont stay there. they dont call them "the wandering jew" for nothing. they are a parasite that cant live without a host.

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we sterilize them. No one has to suffer or be killed. This global-scale destabilization and currency control cannot continue. I feel bad for the jews that truly believe this to be a conspiracy theory. They simply don't realize that they're simply accessories of their zionist masters that would plunge the universe into flame if they could

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Day of the Rake can't come any sooner

this could work on the ashkenazi line. But its not necessary to work on the converts, this survival strategy of mass destabilization is not in their blood

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This has been known for years.

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You can't. I'm starting to think Jews are under divine protection. They really are "God's chosen people" but their God is Satan.


this; children of baal. Look up the original definition of holocaust

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You don't.
Cred Forums is a board of peace.

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racemix with them

You give him so much money he explodes with happiness.

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Then your children will become Jews.




You don't.

No one in history has succeeded, because being a hate filled bigot who listens to too much agitprop gets boring for most, or if you get coordinated enough, everyone else finds many many reasons to stop you, unrelated to the Jews.

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it's simple and historically effective,


I try to invite blacks to shabbats that I know around the area, tell them its "free food"
Jews don't know how they are getting them and cant say no because that makes it seem racist and eating with somebody makes people grow closer so I hope to see a few Jewprincess/Black bull relationships forming up.
Its popcorn.

i saw flyers all over jamaica ny, and miami, fl inviting blacks to come to synagogues on shabbos, high holy days (passover, sukkot etc) for free meals and drinks

can't wait till this gets publicized, and the blacks and jews find out a bunch of dumbfuck neckbeard basement 88s are bringing them together in hopes of dividing them... and the jews and blacks realize that it's a stupid plan, and they still have new friends... to help them fight you HH closet cases.

>go to shul and attend talmud lecture
>record anti-goyim hate speech
>record plans for messiah and jewish jihadism
>post it on youtube