Is there any community worth saving in reddit?


There are no communities on reddit.

so sub reddits


The dark web market one is ok, still full of narcs though

R/gundeals is bretty good

The_donald are our friendly peeds. Without them, Cred Forums wouldn't exist.

>is there any community worth saving in reddit?
Most of peddit should be gassed.


My r/incel niggas. They were too based for reddit though.

Some weeb subreddits too.

The_donald are clay, do not get attached to your golems, goyim.

We made that abomination, we should have to live with it.

That is an annoying thing to say. Have a (You) and never say that again.

There are a lot of really stupid people there which only compounds the obnoxiousness of their cookie cutter leftism.


but Cred Forums literally created that board

I actually read and lurk /r/DebateAltRight because it's more structured and organized than Cred Forums. That's about the only advantage of reddit, it's slower, less chaotic and more organized

I only use r/dbz and r/shingekinokyojin for the mangas and anime.

Oh and I also troll r/ worldnews and r/politics for the lulz


No. We tried with The_Donald. The result is current Cred Forums.

I'd have to say r/cringeanarchy
It's very similar to Cred Forums in the sense that it has very little moderation (only moderation is removing off-topic posts), so you're welcome to say whatever the fuck you want

/r/Cred Forums right bros

Quite a few normies there though desu

the very small, already existing ones with stable mods.
but it should be replaced by a non-centralized, neutral infrastructure. could mods or admins fuck with newsgroups servers back in the days? could they ban or delete posts they didn't like?

>/r/Cred Forums
Those are just redditors that think they're cool because they can make screencaps of posts.

Well yeah it's plebbit, what do you expect.
It's a lot like nupol, you still got a bunch of faggots like "we need to restore the black community!" or "why are liberals so evil and try to divide the races? 1 human race!"

They are our mistake. We should learn from it and never let it happen again.

r/TheDickShow is quite good at the moment.

Agelets don't remember Maddox, but his descent from pioneer of Internet humor and basically the first guy who got irl famous from being funny (to young nerds) on the Internet to SJW who is blowing whatever money he has left on a frivolous lawsuit against his former business partner is pretty entertaining.

I also quite like r/Opieandanthony occasionally.

Both groups have trolling and memes. And I like those things.

What do you guys think of /theredpill/

i miss spacedicks, fatpeoplehate, and advice animals. those were pretty great until people got their claws into them. r/etard is worth saving.

not really. but reddit is full of blue pilled people who are ripe for redpilling. Most internet-friendly millennials are open for conversion, you just gotta focus on the things they like.

Has anyone else noticed the tendency for people on Reddit to ask for sources for the dumbest shit? A while back I was in the NFL subreddit and I gave an opinion about the Browns and somebody replied for a source. I responded by saying it was conjecture and the fucking guy replied back asking for a source for my conjecture.

Another time I saw a guy using the fact that there's a higher percentage of black guys in jail as evidence that the police are racist. When I asked why he believed it was racism when the higher percentage of black guys in jail could be explained by the higher rates of crime actually committed by blacks they all had a fit and called me a racist. That's Reddit in a nutshell.

Yes. The opie & anthony subreddit.

damn. i truly hate niggers