There is currently a Thelemite cult masquerading as a political party on Cred Forums. I'm not going to say their name...

There is currently a Thelemite cult masquerading as a political party on Cred Forums. I'm not going to say their name. Thelemite occult tradition is one of the 3 Enemies to Humanity. The other two are Freemasons and Jews. All three share the sigil of Saturn. They're all Luciferians and will lead you to hell and condemnation. Come to the REAL Jesus. HIS blood is on the cross.

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Ye but check my 7

what did kek mean by this

That symbol is charged with occult symbolism.

To /x/ with you

Cult of Saturn, they all worship the Demiurge known as the Chief Archon Yaldabaoth.

Get out memeflag. It deals with politics. Why aren't you complaining about the black panther threads? You fuckers already attacked pedogate threads. Get the fuck out. Clowncuck is known

Says the "kekistani"

The logo of starbuck is a mermaid opening her legs. Just press on her clitofish and get a faggiato.

I recognize the saturn sigil from a mile away. Don't you worry we know how to deal with thelemites round these parts.

You'll likely never understand what that symbol means nor see it when the appropriate time comes. Spend less time yapping about random shit you don't understand and more doing research on what it means. Putting far too much weight on a symbol you obviously know fuck all about.

do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
love is the law, love under will

>Putting far too much weight on a symbol you obviously know fuck all about.

Do you know Christ?

Do you know what Christ represents and do you even know what the symbol in OP means? Do you understand what the G means? Lets see how dumb you are.

count the points on each symbol. whattaya know... 6. 6. 6.

G? their false "God"

Christ represents your salvation from your SINS.


Repent faggot, and op is welcome to share his insights. You strike me as a young lad desperate to show your stuff. Stop being a gnostic, by the way. I can smell it on you from here. Take your luciferian bullshit elsewhere

>christcuck retardation

Spotted the ritual fudgepacker.
Put on the hat, jew.

Grand architect

The kingdom of God is within you

> Dumbass #1
> Dumbass #2
You're welcome to exemplify how you're a dumbass brainlet and I'm welcome to call you one by your clear and shining example. I'm not young and desperate but you clearly aren't someone with enough understanding to answer a simple question yet you want everyone to somehow believe your conspiracy tier fantasy based on ignorance.

> Stop being a gnostic, by the way.
Get an education dumbass.
> I can smell it on you from here.
Sniff under your arms
> Take your luciferian bullshit elsewhere
Dumbass #3
Dumbass #4
And who the fuck is that other than the God of various religions exampling that they hold the concept in high regard and consider creation directed (compass) and measured by his magnificent power? Yet, we have 4 dumbasses above ranting :
> Dude 6 points
Finally someone who isn't an idiot.

Which of these mystery groups have the robot overlords and that head vampire dude?

>tfw enemy of humanity

Ok, I'll go back to not doing charity work and having a boring meeting once a month

>Thelemite cult masquerading as a political party on Cred Forums.

Highly amusing if true

Then the kingdom of God is pretty horrifying tbqh, but less mundane than here.

Get out gnostic fuck. Elite pedophilia is real. SRA is real.

>masquerading as a political party on Cred Forums
They've been fucking outed before it's ran by a mormon retard who has tried to start a cult three times before.
They were a green party rep and this shit died in like 2016 on arrival.
What are you sliding, faggot?

Nah nigga was about to post this


> Muh youtube eductation
> Muh lizard people
> muh cube worshipers
> muh flat earth
> muh numerics
> muh symbology
> muh crooked ignorant larps who convince me their immature clicks run the world
> muh powerless state of mind that leads to a self fulfilling prohecy
> muh disregard for enlightenment
> muh bible thumper
> muh kike on a cross misinterpreted
> muh christian religion based on jewish pretext
> muh old testament translation of jew text done wrong
> muh misinterpertation of the kike's second coming
> muh heaven/hell dichotomy
> muh misinterpertation of lucifer
> muh pleb tier religion and even more pleb tier understanding
> muh dam people who are educated who don't interpret every passage as literal

Milk for babes. Meat for men.
Self elected choice
Sort yourself out faggot and get the fuck off youtube conspiracy videos. Go pick up a fucking book

Spotted the skirt wearing shabbos goy.
Enjoy burning in Hell with the false prophet Mohammed(piss be upon him).

LHP Blacksun Thelemite, come at me bro.

>thelemites are evil
>mfw people saying one should act selflessly towards one's will/raison d'etre like a cell in your body or a tree is evil


>muh (((enlightened))) goy
You are pitiful.

Why East?

>not knowing secret societies are the real political parties

Elite pedophilia is beyond doubt nigger. Stop hiding the truth. Gnostic get out

G is for Goddess. All of the Wests ills stem from a growing Matriarchal cult.

What? The Humanity Party?


Spotted the dumbass incapable of doing basic research on esoteric symbolism but is enlightened by Youtube videos that spoon feed him bullshit.
Speak for yourself
Clarify what you mean.. and I will. Cardinal directions are relative not absolute


>Clarify what you mean

or atomwaffen? Never really thought of them as a political party, though, and they seem to be more into chaos.

> everyone's a pedo...
No dumbass, only certain sick fucks are.
Your logic is :
> Oh shit some rich people get into sick shit and group up ..
> Ohhhh lawwd gnosticism is the devil
> Being educated is the devil
> Read da bible literally and repent
No .. sorry, it doesn't work that way brainlet

I said get out gnostic scum

Gommies and Pisslam both wear the Lilith symbol.

Incorrect. I suggest you spend a basic hour of your time googling what it means if you have enough intelligence to know how to do that. Yet another moron exemplifying their ignorance.

Ahh so this is where you ran and hid religious fan boys. I traveled all the way from /x/ just to shitpost you here.
>that is just a shitty drawing of what you think would scare people
>you might as well put a gigantic turd just so people know your full of shit

I pray for you every day Bodhi. Satan is not only effective at fooling dumbasses but also at smart people too. I think you've got your heart in tje right place. Accept Christ

> Why East
Expects a fucking world changing answer about a random RELATIVE cardinal direction... I really enjoy seeing how fucking retarded you youtube fed idiots are.

That's not a 7

THIS is a 7

When did I say education is the devil? You flatly denied elite pedophilia is real. You shut people down as conspiracy theorists, which is a classic shill move. You carry all the red flags of a gnostic. Bible thumpers are better than your kind. You reek of shill. You are either a new age lefty or a black sun fuck. You deny the worst political cover-ups in history

The all seeing eye, the G, the unicorn, the rainbow fag flag, the inverted crucifix, iron Cross, the templar Cross, the cross of saint John: these are all originally Christian symbols. Enemies of God use these symbols now to blaspheme. They used them to hide in plain sight in Israellite and Catholic societies.

user, are you a Freemason?

Here comes the next tier of idiocy
> muh goddess devil religion
> muh lilith bullshit
> muh esoteric symbol of a moon crescent over a cross
> muh delusions of grandeur as to what it means
You clearly have no understanding of things like the equinox and solstice do you or what the cross truly represents?

Pray that you gain spiritual understanding behind the lies embedded in manipulated man made/altered religious dogma

Are you talking about that sun worship religion?

One too many 3s.

Your savior is dead. You know don't stand a chance of stopping us.

Whence came you?

The triple three. Interesting. Get out creep. Gnosticism has always been the enemy

Who’s us?

I don't see a 7, but I do see 3 3s.

"Jesus answered, "I have always spoken publicly to everyone; all my teaching was done in the synagogues and in the Temple, where all the people come together. I have never said anything in secret."

If there are secrets in your religion then you are being lied to.

When your from/x/ considered Satan and you have met Jesus.
>life gets hard
>Satan is afraid of your progress

Post on Freemasonry
OP tries to Jesusize
Kek shows up, 3 trip
Kek Trumps OP.

Bingo. Demonic shit, whether asshole gnostic knows it or not. He is a brazen one.

> You flatly denied elite pedophilia is real.
Funny because I recall saying :
> Oh shit some rich people get into sick shit and group up ..
So I clearly acknowledged that sick rich people engage in twisted shit and are obviously attached to groups centered around it and other things. That has fuck all to do so w/ esoteric symbolism/etc which you clearly are trying to draw a false relationship to.
> You shut people down as conspiracy theorists, which is a classic shill move.
False, I shut down unsupported idiocy. If you want to talk about symbolism and what certain things mean lets have an intelligent conversation about that.
> You carry all the red flags of a gnostic.
Everything is 'gnosticism' to a dumbass. Sorry but you're sounding like an ignorant tool right now.
> Bible thumpers are better than your kind
Ignorance is of one kind and many shades. You don't know my kind and I never stated what it was.
> You reek of shill. You are either a new age lefty or a black sun fuck. You deny the worst political cover-ups in history
Typical youtube conspiracy viewer brainlet. There world isn't black and white fucktard. How about you do yourself a favor and pick up a religious history book or a book even on one of these 'shady' groups. You seem to have forgotten that dam near every bit of information is accessible these days to correct your idiotic/error'd thinking.

Is it a gnostic thing to to type in the tone of a strident teenage proto-faggot?


Idiot. You can find these symbols in just about every church if you look close enough as they were co-opted throughout history from various groups that preceded them.
No. However, anyone with any desire to learn about various things can do so quite easily thus its possible to understand a wealth of information on various subjct matter without being a part of a click. People who desire understanding do a lot of reading/research. Brainlets parrot idiotic things that are told to them.
I'm talking about the basis behind the symbolism spread throughout all of your religious architecture/bible/etc. I'm guessing you're an idiot who believes the cross only became a symbol via Christians. In essence, you lack an even basic understanding of history.

> educated discussion...
REEEEE .. get out

You've gotten so bitter Bodhi. It's only turning people away from you. Repent and accept Christ or die forever. Its amazing that someone so well versed in esoteric traditions can't see the simple truth that under all of the intentional layers of bullshit that is entrenched within the mysteries that you haven't discovered the simple truth that Jesus is Lord.

Kek is surely a wiley God of chaos


>No. However
Stopped here.

It's a thing of things. Interlaced.

more lies

Love em praise em


All Cronos/Saturn shit. The guy that cut his father's dick off and ate all his kids.

Just having some fun w/ people who obviously don't understand a single thing yet feel confident in lies they've been fed. Christ/Jesus is known as the living word of God.. it's a metaphor for the immutable truth/laws that pervade the universe. Such truth is crucified on a daily basis yet rises higher and higher each day. Meanwhile, the babes who drink milk believe it to be a literal kike on a cross. The simple truth is that Christ/Jesus/Word of god is everywhere and to truly accept and be saved is to understand it in its many forms. Something that's hard to occur if you believe its some literal dude on a cross. You miss its form in blade of grass. In the feathers in a duck. In the gravity and perfectly proportioned distance the earth is between the moon and the sun... But yes, clearly I am the one who is lost and bitter. Maybe this is the way of the universe strongly telling you to wake up

Well if you would like a civil discussion that is cool. All I ask is that you drop the weird edgy bullshit.

What did I say that is unsupported? It seems you paint your opponents in Stark blacks and whites, but when it concerns you, shades of color and nuanced language is necessary. If you came to aid people in understanding you would have approached differently. OP brought up a good point, whether you like it or not.

Next somebody says the kingdom of God is within. You run to that. You smell of faux mystery school, new age, gnostic larp. Then you mention triple three, numerologically tied to demons and to Crowley, the grossly overrated fat fuck.

You speak brashly as if you are very wise. My experience is only tools and middling idiots talk this way.

As I said, gnostic fuck off

Where the fuck are my x buddies Satan, devious panda and goddess at her tulip came to me. I'm not happy with your rapeing cult.

Anti-Black Sun thread ? Interesting if i'm right. To understand their position and condemn it you must have a deep understanding of esoteric matters. How did you come by that ?

>I'm talking about the basis behind the symbolism spread throughout all of your religious architecture/bible/etc. I'm guessing you're an idiot who believes the cross only became a symbol via Christians. In essence, you lack an even basic understanding of history.
I know about the Ankh. Are you going to tell me it’s based off the sun setting in the ocean because you believe any connection you’re told that’s simple and unexpected? Are you one of those universe is a brain cell people too?

Remember Alex talking about conservative and cristian secret societies , anyone else kept that shit resonating, I know I did

When did anybody claim to some sort of vast knowledge? So far that had only been you. My accusations against you stand. You do not know what you speak. Gnosticism is a Foxfire bud. You act as if you are wise, so I can only conclude you are a fool.

Is this bodhi mantra? If so I cannot believe it.

How could you deny elite pedophilia? The Dutroux affair and the franklin scandal show it is a systemic problem, more than just random rich perverts. I can only assume you are a malevolent person.

Ah there we go. I see you clearly now.


Yeah but jesus was born of kikes, which kills any and all other points christianity was making there.
Personally i do ascribe to your intrepertation, and furthermore that the new testament was written by greek philosophers.

I don't see you clearly. Please elaborate

Jesus was a Nazarean. But you’ll keep calling him a kike just like the dems keep calling censorship tolerance. Your midwit verbal tricks cease working outside the midwit range.

So you're saying it's awwwright cause Nature?

Hmmm checked 222. Anons, thoughts?

Muslim here.
Gnosticism is in fact the rainbow road to faggotry.
Don't give up the bussy and don't put peepees in your mouth and exclaim "the demiurge made me do it!"

I'd ask you to stop being a faggot, might as well ask water to stop being wet.


Also thelemite cult itt=NatSoc meme

Satan made me do it.

Either God is real, or it isn't.

I'm a massive faggot.

cool larp thread praise kek amirite

Is Satan real? i dunno.

Astral worm that is coiled three and a half times in a triangular shaped bone in the base of the spine.

Triangle swirl. Wonder where that comes from... What is the purpose of sex magic...

KEK is definitely real fren.

>I'm a massive faggot.
Checks out.

>nobody goes at him

It's orchestrated by that guy who use to namefag as Bodhi Mantra. Seriously, only the gullible losers here fall for that shit, usually the ones with no career, no direction in their life and he comes along and promises them meaning and power, that they can save the world and become 'gods'.

HIS Son.
Not Christopher Nemelka, not Jordan Peterson, not Donald Trump.

No, you check my 7 faggot.

There's nothing edgy about what I've stated. If you disagree with what I'm stating, say so and state why. If the truth appears edgy to you, it seems its time to revisit your fundamental understanding of things.

> What did I say that is unsupported?
Lets roll through your commentary shall we?
The cross is a dated and esoteric symbol passed through various 'cults' co-opted by one known as Christianity. So, what's your point?
This stupid shit right here :
and here
Wtf does any of this shit have to do w/ the OP?
and here you go again rambling on w/ dumb shit :
Circling back on the same dumbass talking points. I said trip'd 3 had one too many 3 and it seems you are being disingenuous is your selective memory of what 3 means when the 'trinity' is the hallmark of Christianity. Now if you have something of value to add or critique, I'm all ears but don't come at me w/ this stupid guilt trip bullshit based on a fundamental lack of understanding. My conscious and heart are clear and my direction steady.

Then why don't you explain it to us, McMystical? Or do you not belong to the Scottish Rite?

He was a descedant of king david, he was the king of kikes.
Thats just what it is.

It's based on the equinox and solstice you ape and that universal observation is reflected in several esoteric symbols that should be obvious to you.

I'm guessing while you were busy railing against everyone else, you failed to acknowledge/observe it dam near in your face in just about every christian edifice known to man. How about the 'lion' symbolism? Or all the other recoded stories in the bible proofed by dam near copies that existed before them w/ the same metaphorical point.

The problems of the world are rooted in ignorant overconfident dumbasses asserting things they don't understand and are wrong about time and time again.

The muscles in my stomach felt kinda snakey, but other than that I'd just call it electric sex on your spine.

Tantra just gets the juices flowing. Very similar to meditation in a general way. Sex magic in particular I don't know. Me and an ex tried tantra while staring into each others eyes. Had a hypnotizing effect on my. Made everything sort of black and white.

Just my two cents.

I never stated what I am or what I believe.
I however am clearly stating you and a number of you brainlets know fuck all and have provided supporting evidence that could be googled in 5min if you tried.. Exampling that you're putting no notable effort into your opinions thus indicating that you're likely just regurgitating some bullshit you heard on youtube. I stand fully by my words and have yet to see any one of you refute a singular point even as you go railing on w/ some dumb ass pronouncement that knowledge/understanding is evil. No ignorance is especially willful ignorance. And here you continue on w/ the sick shit some rich people do. What's your hang up bro? There are sick people in the world. Some are rich. Wtf does that have to do w/ understanding/knowledge? Do you think they have special powers bestowed to them by lizard people? are you truly this fucking dumb?

God I hate new age bullshit and this bastardized gnosticism. I hate the youth. I hate my generation


>My conscious and heart are clear and my direction steady.
If this were true user, you wouldn't have lashed out at me when I asked you a simple question.

And let me guess, you’re going to say Jesus wasn’t real and Christianity is just a parody of a sun cult. Which of course is no better than the conspiracy theorists who make a ton of connections and say therefore it must be true.