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pretty much true

tfw 3 for 3

Traps aren't gay. What a fucking idiot.

Wait I’ve never been arrested and I’m not an informant... I must be a goddamn cock sucker! Fuck. I blame the Jews.

So they're saying they're intolerant to alternative lifestyles, lawful citizens, and blacks?

Petty criminal:
>wrong think
>intentionally misgendered someone
>owns a bang stick thingy
>doesn't watch

1/4 he means.

I've always found it interesting that the left projects on to us that we're either gay or have small dicks.

Also wat is "nazi-adjacent"? Alt-right or just any other right wing groups in general?

Just turn it on its head a spam him with tweets asking what we can do to solve the gay fascist problem, why are so many gay men nazis? Etc etc

How fucking homophobic.

Who the fuck is this clown and why am I supposed to really care what Salon retwitted on Twatter? What the fuck is this fucking obsession with Twatter and Jewtube?

There's been so much shilling and gaslighting going on here in recent years that I'm starting to wonder if this board isn't just a bunch of honey potting feds and shills going back and forth like some weird echo chamber.


So being gay is bad now?

Liberal double think always makes me laugh

i knew you huwhite niggers are also faggot huwhite niggers.

1. make a tweet/video/anything about Cred Forums
2. spam your media on Cred Forums with something to the equivilent of 'Cred Forums btfo, how come you never reply to this guy and let him walk all over you', etc
3. people call you a faggot and tell you to fuck off
4. you make the thread again


You're also retarded.

he's not wrong

Is this the latest Newspeak term?

I'm only here to inform you that I've been stealing the virginity of faggots since September 11 2001
I'm a Nazi

Still better than being le alt rite