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One of my ancestors
Killed at the battle of Resaca
Member of the Orphan brigade, 6th KY Infantry

LOOK AWAY, Dixieland






Respect for general Stonewall Jackson and the Confederacy

stfu you faggots lost. it was 150 years ago let it go


youre like niggers bitching about slavery

Get fucked. The south will never rise again.

How come?

West TN reporting in. Slow day but that's fine.

>The south will never rise again.
True, I still love its history though.



same time has passed since the wrongs that were done to them. Dust yourself off and move forward

I mean, it still isn't a reason not to praise Dixie culture. Its not like I'm demanding anything

Hey, Memphis here.

Greetings from the Arkansas Ozarks.

We have better nature than you.

>Be New Englander
>Think Lincoln is the second or third best president
>Unironically admire Sherman and Grant
>Find out last year that I am descended from a Confederate lieutenant from South Carolina.

I've been living a lie for nearly thirty years.


I'll just leave this here

It's not as weird as you might think. Some northerners fought for the Confederacy and some southerners fought for the Union not to mention there's been a ton of time since for people to move around. I'm the descendant of southern unionists who fought under Grant and rebels who fought under various men like Forrest.

I lived in Memphis for a couple years. It was pretty fun honestly though it's gotten a lot of worse since I've left.


why is their a fascination on nu/pol/ over a country that was run by jews whose main purpose was to replace the white lower class with blacks and take down as many white people as possible?




not in anyway dixieboo


Yeah, I grew up in Cordova and its just gotten awful the past 10 years. All the blacks inside the 240 loop have migrated east and destroyed everything. Looking to move out west after I graduate this May.
Them taking down Forrest's statue was really the last straw for me. Funny story, on a whim I went and visited the park for the first time ever. About 5 hours later I was at a local pizza place and saw on the tv that it was being picked up by a crane and put on a flatbed.



Ev'nin', y'all!

In every single way user........

You lost.


Thinking his Chinese ancestor fought in the Civil War. Coolies were the railroads, ten years later, faggot.

Don't abandon the land of your fathers.

>Thinking Jackson would've supported the South. Being that basic.

When I visited the statue and grave years ago I found myself cleaning bullets where the statue had been shot at.

Hate this guy. Dixie had far better officers.


It's called a Dixie thread, not a southern nationalist thread. CSA stuff will always be the most popular topic but I'm also a fan of showing off other famous southerners too.

I like him myself and I think he's rather relevant as the descendant of Confederates and John Mosby was a family friend of the Pattons. Was there better? There was but I find he was a good student of men like Mosby and Forrest.

>muh sister/cousin/wife

>It's called a Dixie thread
It's a Dixie thread, not a 'great people from the south' thread. IF it was, you'd have Harriet Tubman and MLK Jr up here, along with dozens of other great blacks. And women. And so on. But you don't. You have the Army of racists.

Then feel free to post them user. It'd be a change of pace from the Sherman spam.


>Burger doesn't understand that sibling love is the purest form of love

>huey long
commies get the noose


Just watched a reenactment of the Battle of Olustee yesterday - which the Confederates won. Pic related

You mean the man who debated with communists and socialists on why their ideas are shit? Long was a populist.

Good picture user. I've been involved with reenactments but never joined an actual group. Mostly just helped set them up since part of the proceeds from ticket sales would go to preserving the local battlefield and part of it to St. Jude's Research Hospital.

POCAHONTAS. NO pictures exist.