Weekly reminder:

You aren’t American if:
>You are Catholic
>You are Jewish
>You are Muslim
>You are Spanish
>You are German
>You are Italian
>You are Asian
>You are Eastern European
>You are Brown
>Your family came after 1800

America is a White Anglo Saxon Protestant Nation everyone else has to go

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While it is true that America should have remained an Anglo-Saxon ethnostate, the goal now is for an ethnostate of the emergent European-descended ethnic group of White Americans

not op but just add
>owning land
and your good as gold.

>America is a White Anglo Saxon Protestant Nation

Sorry anglo, america is a German/Mexican nation now.

>Shitting on meds

Columbus was a med you cuck

>Your family came after 1800

So Spaniards who live in America are cool?


Why? I don’t want Catholic Pasta niggers in my country

well, at least I'm not catholic

The german heritage is just a meme bro. Americans say they are german or irish to sound more exotic but genetic tests and surnames show that white Americans are predominantly Anglo

Columbus didn’t found America

Guess where the word America came from

my last name is literal low-german but I'm mostly anglo

They say they are Irish or Italian because it's our way of saying we are proud to be white without getting ass blasted.

Atleast you are 38% white. You could probably pass in the Country Club Ethnostate

i am a catholic italian can i stay?

What's the most American Christian denomination? Thinking of going Methodist.

>Le 2% country

I'm glad you left you fucking heretics

>Coming up with a word is the same thing as founding a country.

Americans owe our nationhood to brave Anglo-Saxon pioneers not some gay Italian catholic

Fuck off redcoat

Lutherans. It's Catholicism without the apostasy


When did the Tri-Cities become Newest Mexico?

LOL! My French ancestors were probably here before any of your ancestors,

>Le imma instigate world wars and get my shit pushed in country

Southern Baptist by far

Mormonism is probably the most “American” religion but it’s not really christianity

I myself do have germ blood but mostly anglo

Lutherans are pagan trash just like Catholics.

Luckily my ancestors were woke on the german question and never racemixed

And who conquered the anglos first?

am i huwite

Proud ulster scott american protestant here. Family came before 1776.

Southern Baptists are getting cucked to hell lol. They're integrating all the niggers into the mainline ones.

If you want actually white. Going to latin or german mass is the best outlet.

Posts photo of evatwood who is Irish, scottish, dutch, and english.

He is also a race mixer...


This is the only repeating thread that I enjoy

We don't pray to false deities and pay the priest to not rape our children/relay our prayers to the man upstairs. It's literally Catholicism as it was intended.

>He has a german flag, so he's german.
Try again, dumb americunt crypto-nigger.

I know you're upset your country got ass pounded in back to back world wars, but you shouldn't turn your back on your home, Hans.

The jew's favorite activity is pitting white people against each other

Find a denomination that isn’t cucked?

Unless you’ve fallen for the Christian Identity meme your pastor will never be woke on race

>Catholics have a lavish and glorious history of uplifting Europe out of the ashes of the Roman Empire and defending against the Islamic hordes, plus the most beautiful churches
>Still have weird pagan rituals, seemingly corrupt priesthood, and godawful PR regarding the child sex scandals
>Protestants seem to have a largely decentralized and nationalized version of denominations that lead to strong and stable nations
>Prone to being an absolutely batshit cult or outright endorses and encourages gay and female priests
>Orthodox don't really exist
How do I pick, guys?

>He has a german flag, so he's german.
I don't think anyone assumes this in the current year, actually

>You aren't American if you are German

The capital of North Dakota is literally called Bismark , German Americans settled the west not Anglos

John Wayne was a Catholic

ok i dont care


Yankeeland will be cleansed.

I don't actually care for fire and brimstone sermons. I actually really like the relaxation/meditation like services of mass.

I grew up baptist but yeah, i'm kind of over that.

>You aren’t American
Too fucking bad OP, I was born here, I'm an american.

Come get me you autistic fuck.

Aren’t you a nationalist? Italy for Italians, Germany for Germans and UK and America for the Anglos. Thats all i want

I wholeheartedly agree with this thread.

>America is a White Anglo Saxon Protestant Nation everyone else has to go
That ended a long time ago. Can't even remember the last time I saw a true WASP. America really has a German core

Charles Carroll did. Maryland was a Catholic colony.

Episcopalianism. Washington was an Episcopalian.

Southern by the grace of God

>Posts actor who made his career in Italian spaghetti westerns set in Mexico

That’s bullshit. Like i said the genetic tests prove that white Americans are mostly Anglo. The German, Italian and Irish blood thing is literally a meme except in Boston and New York

Where are all the Anglos in America? Seriously, are there pockets somewhere?

mexico is not a hertitage. a mestizo is mostly native. i know many mexicans of germanic, pure catalonian, galician, jewish, russisn, french, etc. ancestry

I wish I was in the land of cotton

>implying italians and irish aren't white

Kys el atrocidad

They just don’t identify as Anglo. They identify as white American since Anglo is just the norm

America for the English? get lost, jew

From the other US Anglo thread.
>This is a load of shit and you know it.
>Back in the eighties, British was the single biggest census category, bigger than both Irish and German, at over 25%. What happened since then? Did we have a huge influx of Krauts and Micks? And huge expulsion of our Brits? No, we added the "American" category. And many old settler-descendants, ones who had been here since the foundation of this nation, checked that.
>Also, even then, I'd estimate that an even larger portion of the populace who are mainly British-American check an other box on the census. Why? Because they feel closer to some more recent member of the family. For example, if one has a German grandmother, and otherwise stretches back to 1680 with only British roots, that person would be likely to check German, since that's the closest contact to foreign culture he has, as British-American culture simply evolved into American culture.
>For example, my mother is 1/4 Swedish, and is otherwise completely old-stock English-American, but she checks Swedish

I destroyed you in this same thread last week, nigger.
Bring it on.

I'm not leaving, since I'm a white man of good moral character, just as was written in the original immigration act. Oh, yeah, we built this country..for us..so we're gonna keep it. Thanks. Now go fuck off to whatever shithole you came from.

Honestly, the quality of your local church matters more than any generalizations or memes regarding denominations. Go to service at churches near you and choose for yourself

>Anglosphere for anglos
>Germany for Germans
>Italy for Italians

And yet Africa is for everybody??????

In some states there are still people who are mostly Anglo. I can usually tell when a white American is more English than German. The rest who aren't some permutation of Northwestern European are spic or nigger.

>For example, my mother is 1/4 Swedish, and is otherwise completely old-stock English-American, but she checks Swedish on any census.
>Personally, I'd reckon we're over a third primarily British, and over half, just counting whites.
There's the rest of his pasta.

If the west is actually Anglo and not German then why did Anglo's name the capital of North Dakota after a famous German Ruler? Seems a bit odd

You're an idiot. GFY

Can't see her veins, not white.

Psst... saxons were german

so most of america is not american. neat.


Mine came in 1620 and had a tobacco plantation with niggers. Later generations squandered the wealth.

Change your country's name dipshit.

The why is the supreme court comprised of catholics and jews?

Litterally not a single Wasp on there for years.

Penn Dutch and Germans are just as old as any Brits WASPS.
Vikings are even older.
Solutreans oldest.

>Like i said the genetic tests prove that white Americans are mostly Anglo.

No they don't. Far more Germans, Norwegians and Irish settled in the USA than Anglo-Saxons. America was at its best when it was a product of British enlightenment but you faggots did nothing to protect your heritage so now you're Brazil. Anyway, you don't get to have it both ways, Americans want to claim Anglo superiority/solidarity whilst shitting on us and calling us the eternal Anglo and Perfidious Albion. I certainly wish you were majority Anglo cause then maybe I'd respect your fat, dumb asses.

damn we are barely presents

The west is irrelevant. ND has fewer people than my city.
The US needs to split up. Pre-Civil War(Maybe pre-War of 1812) Yankees and Brits(Even more recent immigrants) get the last east of the Mississippi, the rest get the west.
Maybe Louisiana and Florida can also split off.

As long as you're not a moulie or finocchio

>not Mexicans
Fuck out of here peppernigger fuckboy.


If it wasn't for the Jews or the Irish...

This. I am mostly Anglo. My grandfather on the other hand is from fucking Russia. Kill me.

Most americans have german ancestry
(((Anglo-Saxons))) ruined the fucking world

You're descended from the niggers right?


So just injuns then?

>fight for your independence
>take over the world
>give away your nation to browns and muds


I doubt many would claim to be German if they are not actually. (((Hollywood))) has demonised Germans so much it's not considered cool to be German

OK IM NOT AMERICAN GOOD LUCK GETTING RID OF A HALF JEW HALF ANGLO. i have the world at my finger tips. and you're running low on allies

Hey rabbi, stop this divide and conquer nonsense.

Family came over on the Mayflower on my mom's side. My dad's side founded New Amsterdam. As American as it gets lads.

That's because Italians didn't really settle that much in the heartland. so their populations are concentrated.

you aren't american if you don't like The Outlaw Josey Wales

Pasta Negro can't take a joke

Nah brah. I'm like five of those things and I'm still American.

WASPs are fucking dying out and it's fucking awesome.

>italians are black meme

When will this shit end? Do you ameriniggers understand how many important people in history were italians? Stop considering us white and watch half the white inventions disappear. Your choice.

You'd be surprised. I knew a family who thought they were German but turns out they had Anglo ancestry. They had a unusual last name and assumed it was German.

Where would people like me go then?

We get it. Italians invented pizza. Happy now?

le 10% face

look my family is from northern italy

Cred Forums is so hypocritical.
As I've said, we need to split. This country is too big.


You're not italian. Get back in mickie d's you fat cunt.

Kek. Prepare you ass.

You'd be wrong. My father always said we were German but it turns out we are English, and more distantly (1000s) French.

>not slapping with the back of your hand
You turks can't even master a proper pimp slap.

if you're that italian, you should make a life in italy frend.

Are you the BEADY roach from Germany? I've missed you!

I'm from italy, diaspora shitskin.

That's you

Its called ottoman clap, cunt.


Says the guy descended from gang members.


>implying Scientology isn't the most American religion

Do I know you?

Catholic Irish German with family that came here during the 1900s. You can try to kick me out if you want. I appreciate the target practice.

I'm not from sicily you pathetic shitskin.

fuck all americans

>and more distantly (1000s) French.
You've got some nobleman in you.

Is there any proof that this is accurate?

No need to be rude, faggot.

A lot of Irish settled in the same places.

The English founded America. It’s ours



I think you have my country confused with fucking goymany

Good luck with that. Maybe you can get the libfags in New England to support your Anglo revolution

>yfw Anglo-Saxons are literally germanic

Most of White America is derived from Anglo.

Only if you know people from South Texas.

The French is actually Frank as opposed to Normans, but I am descended from King Edward III on another line.

>but I am descended from King Edward III on another line.

And now they're mixed with like 10 other things. Where are all the pure Anglos?

Hello /leftypol/

There's no such thing as a pure anglo.

Nice to see that at least a few balkan rats had fun.

No retard, if you aren't aryan, you aren't American.
America should be the aryan race United against all enemies

If you believe that, good fucking luck bro

Fun Fact: You aren't going to do shit

Ah, I guess not. Odd coincidence, very similar circumstances to your family.

That's just too bad for you, isn't it. Proddies are cryptojews anyway, who the fuck wants anything to do with them?

How about the thousands of cities named after Anglos? Sure there were german immigrants who went west but they were never the majority.

They also should never have been able to come to America in the first place

Does the last name start with a G? Could be the same last name perhaps




Is it Gann?

Based on the resolution, a Brit posted their results on here via his mobile phone. Then this Amerimutt downloaded it onto his PC and re-uploaded it as his own.

You don't get to claims America. America is for all Euros

Do descendants of Huguenots count as American? My last name is French.

Yes....this is really fucking weird.

Pretty cool that you know a distant relative of mine. Mind telling me what state?
Apparently everybody who has the last name most likely came from the same family from the 1600s.

All kike-based religion is mental illness. The real secrets are right in front of you, you miss them every day while you stare at a mouldy old fairy tale book.

Brother! I hope black people, like you and me, conquered America in now time.
Let's get a new welfare check next month bro.
Whitey owes us!


Why should i care about arabs? Mexicuck?


We might know be that far apart, my 4th great grandfather (I believe) was born in Georgia, but settled in Texas. His father's father apparently had 30+ kids, all born in Georgia.
Looking forward to the day I stumble upon a long lost cousin in Dixie.

America died in 1856 when they failed to elect the Know Nothings.


Based Louisiana wins again