You think you're so funny, huh Cred Forums?

You guys won't keep getting away with this shit. Mark my words. Words have consequences.

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Oy vey the goyim know shut it down

go fuck off to your masters that organize these terrorist false flag events that murder children

Being as stupid as the ADL and a reporter has consequences too.

> but many of those posts seem to have been written specifically to deceive reporters and researchers
kek. If modern day Reporters and "Researchers" from social "sciences" (and related Fields) had even a tiny bit of the competence left, they would not get "deceived" by shitposting at all. It's almost scary how much we take the media incompetency of Reporters for granted these days.

Fuck you!

suck my dick CIA nigger

this look like prime trolling opportunity bois

Are you the Feds?

>"reporters and researches"
>Cred Forums is their source


>implying they didn't write it themselves

We ARE funny, no question.
Words have consequences? Being a bad reporter that doesn't check your sources also have consequences.

Cred Forums is such a shithole of instigation and corruption. Nothing good ever comes out of this place, just wasteful shit disturbing.

Couldn't have said it better myself.


We once helped Taylor Swift, it was Cred Forums but you said Cred Forums not Cred Forums, also recently we made a petition be successful by actively signing it and spreading it, the petition was to donate 25% of the income from Black Phanter to black communities in America, it reached the goal but idk if they are actually going to do it.

>be Jew
>be truly convinced you are the apex of your sand-gods creation
>pat yourself on the back for your glorious Askenazim IQ
>fall for anything mouth-breathers on a Laotian fishnet weaving forum put forth.

great work Juden.

This gif just made my week. Thank you, user.

Hello Halley Freger

why have you returned here?

Wait i was in this thread. Was this really the origin of the white supremacist story? Holy shit. I didn't see any follow-up. Thesejournalists need to just resign.

I was in it too. Not sure if the white supremacy stuff came from it, but I definitely remember the ABC reporter.

I was too, I have the screencap saved somewhere, and I'm looking for it. Was pretty sure the ABC thing was a larp

I member


Let's get to know Halley.

Kek. Good times.

I can't find any pictures of her feet, but there's a few of her nose.

Ok this is gold.

Holy shit this gif is amazing! This is now a dance-along-with-Terry thread.

Are we the Jews or Russian bots now? I can't figure it out anymore.

I’m just a humble employee of the Russian government paid to shitpost and meme everywhere to disturb the American political scene. Just following orders..

>as a white person, i think anti-Semitism is the worst.

yeah hopefully she'll have caught the real shooter by now....
the international terrorist Samuel al Heidi had better watch out, Halley's hot on his trail

if we weren't funny we wouldn't be so good at what we do