Why doesn't Tucker just name the jew?

He always gets so close and then just stops short. Like when he said that ''white protestants are actually a small minority of Harvard's student body" and yesterday and today he keeps talking about countries other than Russia that meddle in our government, and he keeps saying 'the Saudis'. Why doesn't he bring up AIPAC and ask if we should do anything about Israeli meddling? He was like so close to naming the jew and didn't. kinda disappointed but tuck is still our guy



Because he doesn't want to get fired.

>Like when he said that ''white protestants are actually a small minority of Harvard's student body"
holy fuck did he actually say this

Tucker is definitely redpilled on the JQ at this point but doesn't say it because they'll kill his show.

Replace "elites" with "Jews" and there you go.

Because he works for them, all journalists should he lined up and shot, none of them care about the well being of the world, they are just looking for a story he is no different.

>Why doesn't Tucker just ensure he gets fired?
Are you retarded op?

Maybe because he would never be on television again?

Because he would lose his job and all credibility. Shit, he might even lose his life.

alex jones does this as well. I don't trust him though, he married one.

Number one rule of the JQ is that if you name them you lose. Tucker has been a great player so far stop asking for him to sabotage himself.

he does a better job when he's actually on the air

I never doubted that he knows whats going on, its just his show is mainstream normie and he has to be careful or they'll knock his shit off the air. Its better if he flies under the radar and does subtle red pills.

yes, he did

Holy fuck I love this man. Based tuck cant be cucked

Because the jews control the media networks/outlets you dumb fuck.


Take a guess. pic related.


Because you're just another maga brainlet.
Proof me wrong.

>Because the jews control the media networks/outlets you dumb fuck.

then why is Tucker allowed to say what he says on TV

He doesn't really need to name ((them)). You can tell that he likley isn't a shill like Perterson and that what he is doing is working by the ((powers)) that be comeing out of the woodwork to complain about him and trying to smear him as white supremesist.

Why did Peterson cuck out?

>why doesn't tucker just name the Jew?
Because he's figured out what so many of you dense motherfuckers on this board refuse to acknowledge: your enemy isn't bound by bloodlines and religion, they're bound by money and power. Buying into the game of singling out part of the elite because they're Jewish plays right into the elites hands, allowing them to paint you as a fringe extreme anti-Semitic group. Then they isolate you, turn people against you and marginalize you. You should have learned this from watching how the communists operate when removing their enemies. Communists didn't single out an ethnic group, they eliminated anyone that posed a threat. Nazis singled out Jews and became the greatest evil ever portrayed in popular culture. If you want to play the leftists game you have to learn how to think like they do

Because he is excatly staying at the edge were it is implicit enough for some to pick it up, but not explictit enough to give those who want him gone what they need.

Tucker 2024

This exactly I'm not sure why anyone with half a brain would "name the jew" on live television when they already think he's an extremist simply for believing that Trump isn't awful

Necause he failed in adressing his own cognitive dissonance when confronted with the JQ.

The USA admits to illegally tampering in many world elections. We can fuck right off with this faux indignation.

>Russian tampering
Buying Facebook ads, mostly after the election.

I'm not sure. A wild guess is that it's his mental health and he said he would pick a battle and chose this tranny stuff. But on the other hand he has to have some clue and you can see him shilling for zionism while preaching individualism to whites. Maybe his wife is of the tribe or he got some money, who knows.

but if jews control the media why would they allow someone like tucker at all instead of some random neocon like shep smith

>your enemy isn't bound by bloodlines and religion, they're bound by money and power.

This exactly.
t. (((wage cuck)))

Because he works for them and they would just fire him.

>you go up against the most powerful group and they win
Really suprising why everybody hates you now. The truth is money and power are conected to bloodlines and the ethnic nepotism also plays into it. There are instances were either strategy can be better, obviously for Tucker talking about elites, Bankers or high finace is the way to go.

The change will be slow, but one day he will. The window needs to shift further now.

That's where you are wrong. Only way to beat them is to name them. But you need to deprogram the lemming slowly..


Because he's smart and knows the best way to fight it isn't being a KKK, WN, waving around a confederate flag, that will come in time but you gotta be sneaky around jews and not spill all your spaghetti or they'll just shut it down and we'll never hear from him again. If you don't have the numbers to fight the battle you gotta be more cautious

He made mention of the Huffington Post's "Bye Goy" headline after Bannon was fired, and made a confused face as if he was internally saying "yeah im into you jews"

This. if only the larper spergs here could understand this.

If you call them "elites", and you can lay out all their crimes before an audience. Its up to the audience to realize they all (((echo))).

Name the Jew and you just lost your audience. Especially a Fox news audience that has been conditioned by Shlomo to believe that (((they))) are our greatest ally.

Go ahead and try red pilling a standard cuckservative on the JQ. No other issue will make them flip their shit more.

He's a pragmatic guy, you have to spell it out for him.

It's almost like he works for a Zionist organization..

It's not about Money and Power only. These are just a means toward the end. Without money or power they couldn't effect change, so naturally there they are, but the bloodlines and being "god's chosen people" is the real goal of the Jew. To reign supreme, but whitey needs to be removed first, so here's a few 10s of millions of 80iq Illegals and migrants.

>Because he doesn't want to get fired.

Basically this. He just get's as close as he can without getting burned.