Can you see any real solution to the Israel-Palestine problem?


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The Israelis should just expel the Palestinians, obviously

Sure, you kill all the Jews and all the Muslims, then you let the Christians retake the holy lands.

Neither of those is a real solution

Kick the Israelis out. We don't need competition for the control of the Middle East.

Who will kick them out though? They have established quite a state.

Crusader states worked for almost 200 years. We already have a proof of concept

point and laugh

fuck OFF, cheddarman!

Remove matzo


Get rid of muslims

Almost the perfect answer, except "Palestinians" are an invented people.

The Israelis should just expel the Bedouins, obviously.

Yes, give the palestinians their land back.

Nuke Israel

Would be good, but doubt Israel will agree to that

You hear him

>palestinians their land back
It is the Jews' land because the muzzies suck at war. Land is a spoil of war.

Sandnigger detected. "Palestinians" are not a real people. Tell them to go back to one of the 20 other sandnigger filled countries.

Well, I do like cheddar

Yeah. Israel is illegitimate and once more indictments roll out, israel won't be allies with the USA anymore because the citizens will know how evil it is.


1. The Palestinians are an invented people.
2. The land belonged to the Ottoman Empire before the current owners and the Ottoman Empire isn't making a comeback.

You really love sandniggers, don't you? Why don't you live in one of their countries, ya towleheaded faggot.

What the fuck is wrong with you kikes? It's like you don't even understand how disgusting you make yourselves look. Fucking infuriating.

Nuke Jerusalem, Holocaust 2.0

I got a solution
Make it Constantinople
Make the Middle East Christian again



What does this have to with Israel/Palestine? Not to mention that his is not too realistic.

Both sides choose a champion for single combat. The losers people get genocided.

Fuck the Palestinians.

Nothing anyone does or gives them will ever make them happy. They will always bitch, throw rocks, and blow up. They are the Arab equivalent to gypsies... Move in and consume while taking every piece of government aid possible.

How many Arab/Euro counties bitch about how Israel "mistreats" the Palestinians, yet none of these countries offer to take take Palestinians? Because everyone knows that Palestinians are a scourge.


Jews pin Christians and Muslims against each other to distract, divide, and conquer both.
"Deus vult" memes are old, forced, and cringey. Basically it's saying we "white Christians" should risk our lives to "defeat" the Muslims, but as I said this is just a Jewish deception, they profit from wars and laugh when young Christian men go to fight and die for their cause, the past twenty years have been great examples of that.
Muslims do not hate Jesus, but the Jews despise him.

Okay Mohamed, you can stop pretending to be white. We all know you're a sandnigger.


Glass every where

Cut all ties to the Jews

"Whiter than you Muhammad"

Actually kill yourself you jew loving mutt shill

How come Jews always project? It's like you guys always attack someone with something that you're actually at fault for.

Kill 'em both they are the same.


>its only a solution when it effectively ends that way for non-jews

It doesn't matter. israel is fucked.


>Can you see any real solution to the Israel-Palestine problem?
Embargo all Israeli naval ports and border checkpoints until most have starved, exterminate any of the remaining Jews, all of them
Deport Palestinians to Jordan and raze all cultural/religious sites of any significance

At that point either nuke the area with enhanced radiation weapons until it can no longer be inhabited or let Assad rule it as part of greater Syria, nuking them before exterminating all Jews would likely lead to some escaping if border and naval blockades were not enforced from the outside

Everyone should support Israel, reminder that palestinians are all SJW tier commies.

"Israel" (not even a real country) deserves to burn, turned to molten glass as a symbol for humanity's stupidity and sin the past couple thousand years for falling following the Jews and their lies, for killing Jesus, Joan of Arc, and Nikola Tesla.

That's why I used a lower case i mate.

So you think a country shouldn't protect itself from towheads who want to kill them? Ok mohamed

Nuclear bombs dropped on the entire Middle East

Sandnigger loving faggot. Eat shit. Jesus was Jewish by the way.

But the Jews are the invaders


>not realizing Judaism is independent of race
>Not realizing that "atheist" Jews are really just morons

Mohamed, it's almost like you're not even trying.

yeah they invaded a twisted arab moon pagan death cult. That is currently working on building nukes to nuke you.

>cut all ties to the most intelligent and successful class of people.

K. Watch the country become nigeria.

Jews had the land since Britain gave it to them in 1948. Then sandniggers started a war and lost even more land. Their fault.

Why should everyone support Israel?

>>cut all ties to the most intelligent and successful class of people.
>K. Watch the country become nigeria.
Correct, European whites are the most intelligent and successful class and the Jews would be living in a Nigerian tier shithole without constant gibs

Because they are one of the last countries that cares about it's own people.

Kill both. Israel is christian clay.

Ashkenazi Jews on average have higher IQs than almost any other class of people. What was your point again?

Get rid of Palestine.

Deport all the Jews from The USA to Israel so these school shootings and false flags stop.

True, but so were the Palestinians when Arafat was still alive.

Nukes would have never existed in the first place if the Nazis won

Now they are SJWs that whine about white privilege on Tv shows.



Germany Built Israel in the 30's and helped the Jews move there actually.

They were only weeks away from developing their nuclear weapons.

65>IQ spotted. Jamal pls go.

t. Goldstein.
Keep crying over getting a rock thrown at you.

Kill them.

Glass both.

They tried but the mufti said no, then tried madagascar then Britian started ww2.

Yeah, colonialism. So by what you are saying America needs more Mexicans?

Christians take over and kick both groups out



After jews used britian to start ww1 and over throw ottoman empire installing the house of suad which gave wahabi islam etc. and also isreal.

Nobody cares about pissrael but kikes and kike shills.

Now, the solution for EVERYTHING, is a real kike extermination.

Constants and Variables

>Can you see any real solution to the Israel-Palestine problem?

Or, ideally...

Open borders for Israel.
Let the mudslimes shit up their country.

Non-intervention. Let Arabs and Khazars sort this among themselves.

Shit, you're right. In an alternate world jews are struggling with degeneracy and the threat of being bred out.

expel palestinians back to any one of the 20 arab muslim countries in the middle east


The real solution would be for Israel to just give the Palestinians whatever they want. If they continue to bitch and launch rockets and commit terrorist attacks, then Israel has every right to say "Hey, we gave them everything they wanted and they're still acting like niggers, so don't wag the finger at us for stomping their shit."

Actually, what do the Palestinians even want at this point? Their standard of living is higher than any other Arab country (excluding the oil kingdoms) and it's even better than most Central/South American countries, so they're not really suffering from Israeli occupation other than having to put up with the check points.

So, they're living a relatively good life outside of the checkpoints and aside from wanting Jerusalem as their capital for Israel to allow them to patrol their own coastal waters and airspace, what do they actually want? Fuck it, give them Jerusalem, stay in Tel Aviv, and give the Palestinians complete control over the West Bank and Gaza Strip, problem solved.

this. they're a propaganda tool for arabs in the UN. muslims form a voting block in the UN and "muh palestinian plight" gives them moral leverage over other nations

Israel expells them and we can say well isreal did it

serious answer here, the real solution will come in a few decades when middle east arabs are modernized into becoming secular, sissy faggots like europeans and americans, who produce small families and are no longer willing to kill themselves for $1000 and religious gratification. at that point, in the best case scenario they will agree to Israel's current conditions in peace negotiations, but hopefully they will just continue on mass migrating to europe and america (not canada please) and the status quo will stay

nah they use their kids as human shields. its true jews do their fair share of guilt mongering but palestinians literally sacrifice their kin to make a point. they're subhuman



What problem? It's not a problem for us.

You clearly dont understand geography and war. Israel wants those areas cause they are concerned about geography and the size of their nation


This. Move the Shia in Sunni countries out, move the "Pastalinians" in and dump enough money on all of them to make then shut the f*ck up for eternity. It could happen speedily in our days.

Father I am disappoint.

You sound like a true dumb*ss.

No one.

> serious answer
> thinks muslims are mass migrating to Trump's USA and not Trudeau's Canada
> thinks a deeply inbred peoples whose religion is hard coded against reformation will change in a few decades despite not changing at all in one and a half millennia

>what do they actually want?
exploit the leftist trend of supporting BALESTINE by western women, to the last white "activist" pussy.

And you clearly don't understand that Israel is a tiny ass country with about 8 million people and a combined maximum fighting force of 600,000 people, they're main concern is maintaining the territorial integrity of the land they have now, they could never feasibly protect and defend that tinfoil Greater Israel bullshit Cred Forums keeps shilling.

Your ancestor. Learn your history.


There is always a man and woman. And one always yells. Constants and Variables.

Can someone please explain what "problem" exists that any western nation should care about?

dumb sh*t

Remove jew.


It's people like you who are creating the problem.

After learning about the Jew. Muslims don’t bother me anymore. Kick Israel out and give the land back to the Palestinians.

Extermination absolutely is a solution. Just not a pretty one.

Enforce international law.

Or support a one state solution with equal rights for all and boycott Israel until it do so.

This is good for Israel too, it's the most degenerate place on Earth, having the biggest gay parade in the world, the most violent feminists. My muzzy friends will fix that.

The land of the prophets doesn't deserve to be the most degenerate on Earth.

I agree but there are rivers and canyons in the east in the areas they are fighting over. They just want to be comfy

Gas the Muslims

No they havent, if they lost US support i garuntee they would be at war before the years end, and i highly doubt they would win.

your country is niggers

Locate a NATO base in Israel, gib Palestine independence. No one's gonna attack them.