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How can you excuse a babaric act.

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Virtually every society in human history did it, it's only selectively identified as a failing of whites by the Jewish media to undermine the white race

I think slavery was the worst thing to happen to America. We didn't get shit out of it and now we are stuck with millions of niggers.

Still does not change the fact that it is evil

Nearly every civilization on Earth practiced slavery since before recorded history. Greek. Roman. Islamic. Native American. Aztec. Africa. Indian. Chinese. It was just an accepted facet of life in a world without appliances or internal plumbing that some people were going to have to wash clothes, draw water and cook meals.

Only European civilizations put an end to the practice.

>How can you excuse a babaric act.

White men have done more to abolish slavery world wide than any other group of people. Fuck off.

Slavery is and was awful, but whites are exclusively held responsible for it despite being the only ones to ever end it.

maybe africans should stop doing it then

>We didn't get shit out of it
Nigger what? Slavery was the main income source of america in the first 2 decades.
Having millions of negros doing work for all day fir literally no payment.

We don't excuse it. Slavery is objectively evil. It is in the best interest of every race to keep to its own kind and for our workforce to not be imported. Happy now OP?

name one jew who was an abolitionist

>Being this dilusional
Germonkey education everybody.

Define evil.

That's slightly inaccurate, the masters still had to pay for their slave's food, housing, medical treatment and clothing. I agree though that it was the financial backbone of early America however.

Good topic to bring up user. Words fail to define evil. You have a biological aversion to certain things. Even if you can't articulate what evil is, you still know it when you see it.

What you do not get is that white people did slavery better than the Arabs or the eastern Asians or any other race. And as such deserve the most blame.

Niggers has 0 unemployment back then

Now then obsolete farming equipment riots, kills, and steals because it can’t find a purpose.

I agree, we would of all been better off without it. Slavery was our biggest mistake in the United States.

Southern slaves were better off than Northern workers. They had free housing, free healthcare, free food, if you own something you take care of it, Northern Workers were used and abused and if they didn't work they were discarded like a used up Bic lighter.

Below is a pro-slavery argument written by a socialist democrat.

Whites also ended most slavery, while it's still prevalent in Africa. Why take the blame then?

human property is immoral, but it's been going on since the dawn of humanity and still happens today outside the united states supposedly. so who's going to enforce the morality like thought gestapo? inb4 gulag

The Bible says slavery is OK. That is all I need to know.

slavery was awful because it let niggers into the country and dixiemutts love being kikepuppets so much that they killed a million white people trying to set up a jew utopia where blacks would replace them

t. boomer

Where in the bible does it say "slavery is okay"?

Yes slavery is wrong. Europeans are not the only race that practiced it. However Europeans put a stop to it. Meanwhile slavery is still practiced today by Africans, Arabs and Jews.
But of course the fact that brown people have engaged in slave trade and still do doesn't fit the evil white people narrative.

>doesnt know jews created slavery
>doesnt know slavery is helpful as shown in labour camps during NS Germany's raise from the great depression