Hey Nazi hand over your gun

>Hey Nazi hand over your gun
what do?

poop my panties

wtf you wear panties?

I'll hand you the bullets going at the speed of sound

i sliced my benis off now call me a woman

Laugh cause they have airsoft

I paid for this gun, you'll have to shoot me for it.



find some cover

Took a half-second glance so it might be more obvious than this but
>drum mag on AR
not even sure if that's the right length, I'm 100% certain that's an airsoft rifle, since that's obviously a separate purchase that only someone who emphatically believed in gun rights would actually make. Or this kid bought it because he actually wants high capacity to shoot more innocents when he goes on a rampage, looking at his faggy Cruz looking face makes me think that's what's up.
>hunting scope with babby-sized stock
lol that's rich, imagine shooting a .308 with that stock
>sks wielding neckbeard
okay that one I'd believe might be real

Hand over a few bullets instead

>too many different types of ammo

this will be fun when they yell ammo between the medic lamentations

You can have my guns but first you gotta take the bullets first.

How many sandwiches is the guy on the right storing in his plate carrier?

Open fire

fucking hippies with guns. now i've seen everything

Hand over one, and keep the rest. Then find the other guys who are tired of our rights being violated. I assume we'd all go dig up our other guns right around the same time.

>the fat neckbeard with an sks
fucking lel


>implying all 5 actual gun-owning fags from Redneck Revolt will be at everyone's door to confiscate their arms

You don't know that the Redneck Revolt fags don't actually own the guns they pose with, do you? Lesson learned, I suppose.

No u

You on the left. He's the only real shooter in your bunch, so he gets it first. Two in the upper chest.

Malaria there in the middle, she has no positive support hand control on the magwell, and it will take her a minute to use that high mag hunting scope to get on target. That gives me time to put a nice clump of three through Fat Boy's plate carrier that doesn't have any plates in it.

I then come back and put two in her face, driving the recoil up and left to three more controlled pairs in the back of three heads.

By then, a second and a half in, the ones to the front will be out of their shock and trying to turn, and I am hooking right.

Medic is no threat- fat cunt with AK at right of frame takes a couple to the head as I move past.

From there, eh, might have to improvise.

even when they are holding guns I still cringe

delete this awful post