What if

>Be white male
>Start wearing cloaks
(comfy and useful desu)
>Get fired for being a "weirdo"
>Can't get a job no more because "Weirdo and scary"
>Constantly accosted by police walking down street because "weird scary people are wearing cloaks walking down the street"
>Sue for religous intollerence
>cite long history of robes in christianity, paganism
>even eastern religions

It just might be crazy enough to work...

You shouldn't do that because you are not contributing anything to society by suing people over being politically incorrect. You are no better than a kike if you try doing what you just described.

too much autism
just wear a windbreaker you autist

bumping with cloaks. I just think they look cool and are super useful (I camp a lot - only time I wear them because I dont want to look like some idiot larping as a monk)
But I'm getting to the point - since I walk to work - where i'd like to be able to walk down the street wearing a cloak and not get cops called on me
Should I hide behind the first amendment/ try to exploit this for financial/ political gain?
Bit of a jew move but still

This. The Holy Bible says "he who shall not work shall not eat."
Get out there, work full time, go to Church (pagancucks fuck off), start working out, read more, and fucking BREED.

But moneys
discriminate against the mentally handicapped will you? I'll sue you too
I could have fun with this

I literally just said I walk to work
also what are foodstamps

Why would police come if you are wearing funny clothes?

>part of jew bank globalist economy
>made of wool
>If I so needed - could raise sheep, sheer tohe wool, spin, dye and weave the fabric myself
>free from jew globalist

Well I do like a nice cloak desu but I think I’ll stick with my darth Vader cape.

anytime someone sees something "suspicous" ie, not normal, in my area retired old ladies who have nothing better to do than stare out their front windows will call for suspicios activity and the cops are obliged to check on it if they have nothing better to do.
Its happened twice since I started woalking to work

I actually saw a girl wearing a cloak about a month ago, in public ...she did look like an absolute moron.

i'm not even weird looking - sometimes it was just because they didnt recognize me or I had a backpack / and I didnt have a dog, was jogging - which is the only other reason people go outside around here anymore apparently

You may wanna rethink that cloak thing

You know it wouldn't work, they only protect sandnigger religions not any others
You're fooling nobody you fucking undercover jew

I saw a fat autist kid doing this as well just last friday. But I'm confident in my cool factor (handsome, well spoken 20 something)
So im somewhat upset its being taken over by retards - because I do like them
This sueing for gibs would justify the effort of "bringing it back" or at the very least, looking like a weirdo

how so? Is he a weirdo who shot up a place? Or just a NEET looking autist

Cloaks don't look cool at all, and they are suspicious because you can hide things within them, weapons, drugs or whatever you want.
It's even worse when you look like this the guy looks like a generic cultist.

most reasonable answer
But also kind of the point
Point out the fallacy at the very least
Im unwavering in my faith - and theoretically if my faith said to wear a cloak - would I have to? Despite the possible economic risk for being an out cast?

then why do they allow burqa everywhere when they cover your face and you can hide a bomb in them

its not about coolness desu
Its about being closer to God

Religious aspect I guess, it's still suspicious but way less when people actually have a reason to be wearing them and not just being weirdos.