LWA should get a spin-off. I'd for sure watch Babs and Her Witchy Pals!

LWA should get a spin-off. I'd for sure watch Babs and Her Witchy Pals!

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Don't remind me this, what a waste of character design.

I wholeheartedly agree.

>Forgetting the better character

Post Barbara´s Big Butt.

Hannah > Barbs

So, are they ....really....you know.....

Too innocent for that, but keep the friendship and the showering together thing for a couple years more and I can see it happening.

What an absolute beauty with her hair down

Hanna-Barbera will never send you their genki lesbians energy
Why live?


the penis spell seems to be working

Me on the top left.

>been off twitter for a full week
>mfw thinking of all the lwa art I’ve missed

Eh, it was just a bunch of VD Diakko.

That didn’t even occur to me but now im even more mad i missed it

is LWA Kino? Or just a meme show, since Akko's meme are always on /r9k/?

It's a fun family-friendly show.

Family friendly? Not seinen?

>since Akko's meme are always on /r9k/?
Fucking why

Family friendly. Bring the wife, bring the kids, bring your grandma.

everybody say she is autistic


The OVA is better

should i watch them before or after the TV?
I heard it's better later


02 get the nendo, can we get Diana and Amanda nendo?

>OVA came first
What do you think
>I heard it's better later
You make your own judgement
If you're this person fuck off and go back to browsing /r9k/, robots shouldn't be allowed to watch pure-hearted and genuinely good things like LWA

>pure-hearted and genuinely good things like LW
pure hearted? boring

Posting more cute witches because faggot robots mucking up the thread

Is Akko for lewd?


You still have two days to vote in this.

is this anime like NHK?

The first Ova is the only piece of LWA media worth watching, even the second one with the new witches isn't as good.

Yes its exactly like it, its a 1 to 1 recreation actually.


Only if she tops

Second OVA is OKAY.
I'd say it's worth the watch if you just like animation. The animation was great when I watched it again for the second time. Just doesn't have lighting that's as good as the second one.

I mean
>Doesn't have lighting that's as good as the FIRST one


The TV show did OVA 2 plot points much better than OVA 2.

You say that like the OVA 2 and television series are straight up bad. They're not as solidly scripted like the first one. Hiccups here and there and some missed opportunities, but if you liked the first OVA chances are you will be fine with OVA 2, and at least some parts of the series

That's why you shouldnt watch OVAs


but that's wrong their all worth watching

The ova is just two good episodes, the series has more going for it even with the duds.

if you insist

I wanna _pat Barbara’s big butt

>The ova is just two good episodes
>OVA 1 is JUST a "good" episode
OVA 1 is a perfect gem. Series didn't have "duds" it had flaws that kept it from being the best it could have been

It didn't have any strengths either. The brevity sure was nice, but it couldn't offer anything in terms of story or characters. TV series on the other hand takes a lot of effort to give all the characters depth and development.

Are there canon examples of Barbara with a big butt?

The shower scene

I prefer tone and a pitch perfect script where every scene relates or seamlessly leads to the other and uses it's time to its upmost fullest
Far better than just a "good episode"

M-muh buh-wha
Man they're even taking a shower together
Can't believe I forgot this scene

Nothing wrong with taking a shower with your girl friend

I hope they stop being Diana orbiters and just do a 24/7 cycle of nonstop public flirting, kissing, and fingering of each other.

haha gals being pals amiright?



pull the trigger


Is there art of Akko and Diana in Ursula jumpsuits?

The games coming out soon. Based on what’s been seen is it actually good?

I thought Diana grew out of Shiny Chariot?

Average from I remember of it, but im still gonna buy it, make a decent timekiller if nothing else
Now that Akko’s restored her yay, she’ll secretly start doing her favorite shiny chariot stuff again until akko inevitably walks in on her and joins in

It's good fanservice.

Diana, Lotte, Constanze most overpowered JRPG team-up?

Sucy would be cheating

what a dork

Game's shit, but is good for fanservice. If you want more Luna nova lore, character interactions, and show references - get it. If you want a fun fantasy beat'em'up - just play Dragon's Crown.

It seems like every other girl on Luna Nova has a fat ass. Why is this?

Short skirts that hug the cute animu proportions

I want to fuck the bullies.

Witches are naturally prone to having fantastic asses

bless this frame


why is she putting her leg up like that?

She's trying to look sexy for Babs
She's hoping that Barbara would secretly look back at her when she's doing that.


That'd be a pretty gay spin-off.

i hope boku ends up doing something with hanbara, supposedly boku was thinking of it back in the summer but c92 and c93 have already passed and still nothing ;_;

C92 was when XXX came out, and they contributed a short comic to a compilation for C93, so I'd say there's still a slim hope.

Maybe her butt hurts.


Amanda deserves her own spin off.

>akko and diana are all floaty hesitant barely-lewd gay in bed
>hannah and barbara are just hardagay scissor me timbers all night

>They not shared hot water with Diana
What kind of KISAMA friends are they??

>floating tiddy

Are you implying that Diana sama should share bath water!?

lotte was the cutest witch

Why is Lotte legitimately so fucking boring



I just started watching this the other day and so far it's one of my favorite anime

Witch feet thread?

She really is the cutest.

I love this picture, is there more of it?

Welcome and enjoy your stay.

I feel like my friend hates me.

>Hanna Barbara
>Hanna Barbera
Im so fucking stupid, I never got that until now.

full image now

Nice blog.
What's on your mind user?

They have a friend named [Tex] Avery too.

Now, go dunk your head into the ocean so I can get a Slowking.

I was in the middle of talking to a friend and they just abruptly left.

How badly do you want it?


What happened? Did you say something to upset them or?

Very cute.

Aren't you cute.

I didn’t mean to upset them at all. It just happened.

i know the artist i just can't put my finger on the name please man

how the fuck are there still LWA threads?

What were you two (?) talking about?

Because MAGIC!!!! and YAY!!!!!.


Post Sucy feet.

Nobody knows if you're typing with a condom over your hand.

>thinking about all the dumb LWA crossovers ill never be able to draw
Imagination is fun

Describe them, pal.

Because it's one of those shows that sticks with you.


Im currently thinking of a Furi crossover and trying to figure which boss charcter matches with who

Hannah is so cute!

You guys ARE planning on celebrating Chariot's birthday on the 20th, right?

No, Chariot is shit.

You know who needs a spinoff? Elf!

I'll celebrate by buying and playing the vidya, which coincidentally comes out on the same day.


>Ursula as The Stranger
>Holbrook as The Line
>Croix as The Burst
>Lotte as The Song
>Finnelan as The Chain
>Sucy as the Scale
>Amanda as The Edge
>Woodward as The Star
>Akko as The Beat
>Diana as The Hand
>H&B as The Strap
Havent beat The Flame or Bernard yet


Game imminent.

Erection Imminent

I miss the airing threads

I'd take an anything spinoff at this point, the series is dead in the water if it doesn't have something fresh on the horizon for it.
Amanda's cat burglar adventures when?

I want Olde Witch adventures, Woodfucker and Beatrix are too beautiful to not have more about them

I just want bits of witch lore told through a hand puppet show

>Managed to secure a copy of the Creator Sketchbook from Manda
Yes! Now I just need that Diakko Box and the two exclusive Shiny Chariot cards, and I'll have a well and truly complete collection...

LWA X Hokuto no Ken

fuck, that reminds me, i meant to draw something with kenshario and croixther one of these days...

This garbage still on Cred Forums ?

Shame that not everyone connects the dots on the several Ursa Major and Souther Cross depictions Trigger likes to place on their shows with Fist of the North Star. Probably a slim viewer/reader ship between Trigger shows and HnK.

fuck you

Akko's sexy adventure when?

>ursula looks like yuria
>akko looks like lin
>extra celestial symbolism

Power of a Believing Heart™

source pls

all of her adventures are sexy

Maximum YAY

barbara is for ANAL


Barbara is for cute and passionate love making and taking responsibility.

Barbara is for leading in for a couple of months before you let her walk in on you pounding her bestie Hannah.

How dare u

>finally, my time spell worked!
>now to eat this retard's booty for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

>unfreezes time
>akko screaming in silent horror as she experiences hundreds of orgasms at once, falling face first ass up, writhing on the ground
>Diana can be seen walking away, dabbing her lips with a napkin


Last time I read something like this it was the other way around. Has Hannah become more popular?

Who kisses who for the first kiss

>H&B thread
I guess the short bus arrived on time.

I think girls with black hair have always been preferred in anime. It's mainly because of Barbara's big ass during the shower scene tho.
Also, Cred Forums isn't one person

Would depend on the circumstance, but personally I think Diana.

What's in the (blurry) book?

Why it's Shiny Chariot cards!

Sorry it's so blurry.

i don't know why you like to collect toilet paper user, that's not healthy.

Give, now.

Any interesting lore in those cards? Though someone said the descriptions are suppossed to be stuff Chariot made up, there are some like Fountain of Polaris that are actual arctifacts/creatures she knew about by being the chosen one.


I can't read Japanese.

I said it before in the Buyfag thread, but fuck am I jelly you lucky loaded fucker.

Goodnight thread



I was actually in Tokyo last July and spent a couple of hours trying to find an Akko nendo but couldn't. I did find a Luluco one.

All Japanese people share bath water. You wash before soaking in the bath, so the water should be clean.

I'm being dead serious, it's my favorite anime of all time. I think most wouldn't go that far, but it's still well liked by many.

in the NTR dungeon

>Having taste this bad

>you will never punish this toned tummy
why live

>For the last couple months news sites have been saying Chamber of Time will release in North America on Feb 20th 2018 on PS4 and Steam
>3 days away
>Still not listed on Steam
>In fact, no info about a PC release anywhere besides the release date
Ok now I'm getting nervous. I just want the magic to continue god dammit.

It's coming March, some say.

I'd at least like some info, everything I find from google keeps parroting the same article, I'd be fine if there was something saying it'd be March 22nd or something, just so long as I know how much longer to wait.

I'm sorry man, I'm in the same boat as you. Everyone keeps saying "March". I wish I knew the source to that claim or a more solid release date but oh well.

good night fuckos, never forget the canon BADONK

>mfw Bamco's page had this "anime february" thing where they listed all their titles based on anime franchises to be released this month and Chamber of time wasn't listed.

you're the gift that keeps on giving


prove it

ova 1 was an 8/10, the rest is a solid 7

where's this image from

Post Little Witches with guns for shooting bitches.

Asanagi's Trap-Boat doujin.


Today is the day of truth. Fingers crossed for at least a Nendo announcement.

She looks like a boy without a dick under her clothes.

I never really thought about it. She really is for anal.

Has any good fics came out lately?


>tfw getting my Sucy Nendo in April.


I'd watch an entire season of Barb's giant butt.


Amanda is for hugs and marriage.

Which little witch is most likely to listen to Death Grips?



It already exists and is called Kill la Kill


No, but there some in which they are in Shiny Chariot's costume.

You think Hannah ever goes into Barbs bed at night and just rests her head on that huge butt.

Everything about this is perfect

Definitely, and does pic related more often than she’d like to admit

After everything they have relased so far, the whole joke with Diana is that deep down represses anything Chariot and Chariot accesories related matters, which is why she felt jealous of Akko because she's expresses her love openly, despite everyone else shitting on her and Chariot.

Basically, Diana hides her power level while being sort of Tsundere for Chariot and Akko. I remember the last interaction between Ursula and Diana didn't end of good terms, so that's a good point the writers can take from there to bring some more characterization and even continue some sort of development for Diana and maybe other characters.

All while Akko keeps development her relationship with Ursula.


I wonder if they'll relsease more cards for a S2?

At this rate, They'll become even more rare. I WANT THEM.

I'm Drawing her a pic.

I miss it. And I'm glad there are threads from time to time

It's not gay, they did it as a joke.

is your home, go there



Its not gay to makeout with your bestie if you say its only practice for the real thing

Tattun increased her hip measurements after Cred Forums kept bringing it up.

Hannah is so lucky.

And we will always be eternally grateful

Even Tattun can appreciate Barbara butt


I miss alpha bitch Diana. TV Diana was a fucking mistake.


Glad you liked it.


Which star/word did Ursula fail to get?

Man, her eyes really became warming after Akko, they don't look cold at all anymore, kinda like how Satsuki's lost their sharpness after she made up with her sister

Why does a little witch need such a large bum?

The last one: Connecting with other people and share her dreams.


Why shouldn't she need it?

The power YAY

It's filled with hopes and dreams.

I miss ZOD


So Diana got Yay'd and Satsuki got Imouto powered? Is that how it works?

Guy who did a bunch of nice greentexts from prompts given by random anons
some of which were mine

Feels good, sad I didn't nab Akko in time, I want a full set of Red Team

That is correct

When is the game coming out again?

February 20th you can google this stuff.

Oh I remember him. I'm still hoping he pops in with the Chariot and Arcas green he said he would do someday ;_;

>tfw getting Sucy in April
>Getting Lotte in July
>Finally have the Red team after 5 years of wait
Maybe i can finally die after that

i was waiting the entire series for yuri, and it was only ever implied. fuck, I'd genuinely watch 500 episodes of shitty filler if it meant I'd get to see Akko and Diana kiss at the end

agreed, unfortunately

Your post almost feels like a shitty bait. Yes, genius, LWA is no yuri and everyone can ship what they want in the fanworks. Move on and enjoy the series for what it actually is, cuteness, witches and magic.

Me too user, me too

I do really enjoy this series, but Akko/Diana is the only time I've ever shipped two characters, but I'd just like to see it made cannon, as opposed to anyone and fucking Andrew, which is likely what's gonna happen seeing as Japan is pretty homophobic, and this being a kids show

So did Sucy attain near-omnipotence in that one episode, including but not limited to rewriting the past and unwinding time? Is she secretly the most powerful witch alive?

Personally, I literally have no issues with Andrew or if he ends up being with Akko in the future. My only beef with him was him becoming a romantic interest right off the bat and him not being just more than that as character. Thankfully, they avoided that in this season. If they develop him a bit more in future stuff I wouldn't mind if they leave it open or make him to end up with Akko.

But having said that, I would still ship Akko and Diana (or Amanda) and keep supporting the show. It's not like canon pairings can stop shippers from shipping whatever they want.

What I won't accept is shippers from one pairing putting down shippers from other pairing (yuri, gay or not) for shipping something they don't like. Shipping wars are ridiculous and exhausting enough, especially when it comes to shows that have no romance, like this one.

I whole hardheartedly agree. Alpha Bitch Diana, even if it is stereotypical, I much preferred. It would have been a more interesting.

what is that book exactly?

>LWA should get a spin-off
It has been mentioned before. It would be a Chariot one(which I approve). But shorts a la Inferno Cop or Luluco about the background characters would be welcome too.

Hey as long as it is cute witches doing cute things. I have zero problems with it. PLEASE, NO NEED FOR OVERARCHING PLOT. I'd watch an entire episode of a witch just making a potion and waiting for it to change color

>It would be a Chariot one

Is it about her realizing her ovaries are drying up and trying to find a small boy she can rape into fatherhood?

Pretty this is how Croix’s doing in prison

I hope Croix is getting violently, sexually harassed by a group of very /fit/ lesbians

Something similar, but instead of ovaries, it's her dreams and hopes. She might have raped some guy in London, though.

What if Alan got killed by the Magic Ministry?

>getting mine in July

>raping shotas to make babies
Would she kill them afterwards too?

I can only imagine Chariot losing her self control and using her peak, witch athleticism to hold down Akko greco-roman style so she can violently fist her into oblivion

Chariot would just wipe her memories.
Also, fuck you for posting pic related.
Riku didn't deserve what he got
I kekked

>her memories

I need to know where to buy these, NOW

The Chariot Spin-off would still have some kind of plot, since it would be a prequel and most likely would cover the before and after her Luna Nova days,

Would probably be a mix of Kino's journey and magic with something else.

Most of them, of better said, the normal pack can be obtained if you buy all the BD's. only a couple of them so far are more difficult to get because those were given at in art galleries or special events, like the Chariot Christmas one.

>Implying Akko wouldn't enjoy it

I wonder, why are Japanese products using Roman Numerals?


To look cool

Why not?


i hope it's late in picking them retards back up from school though, i want more time to post h&b in peace

>Amanda and Ryuuko are the same person hurr durr
This meme needs to die

i don't really miss her much, it's pangs of udon!karin kanzuki and that was bad

My joke was poor, H&B are retards according to the game.

>udon!karin kanzuki
That's not true and you very well know it.

user, why are you mad over something that is true?

Ursula is not cool

>karin kanzuki
Aside from that, they're not even the same.

udon!karin kanzuki was really bad
Cred Forumsfags love it because she acts like an angry villainous bitch who they can "hate" more clearly
it's no surprise americans want something transparent due to their low intellect
you can say that ova diana was liked because of her less obvious soft side, but that's not even a reason people give to liking her then
which is hilarious because not many people cared about her back then, it was all akko/sucy

Bite your tongue.

Thanks for the info. I'll be willing to pay for those limited cards, whatever it takes

I really really like this image, frank was great


>angry villainous bitch who they can "hate" more clearly
That's not how I felt with Diana, I just enjoyed the difference between Akko and Diana during the 24m OVA. It was adorable.
>ova diana was liked because of her less obvious soft side, but that's not even a reason people give to liking her then
I did?
>which is hilarious because not many people cared about her back then, it was all akko/sucy
I recall a lot of people liking Diana. She was popular enough for the LWA crew to inflate her bullshit in the series

>Cred Forumsfags love it because she acts like an angry villainous bitch who they can "hate" more clearly
>it's no surprise americans want something transparent due to their low intellect
No wonder TV Diana was very liked, then. She's almost literally the other extreme and a borderline Mary Sue.

>villainous bitch
OVA Diana was, at most, a bully with good manners. She never had the bitch levels Karin had. Unfortunately, with TV Diana they tried to show off her "nicer side" and now we are stuck with a watered down version of her character despite the developments.

Friendly reminder that the staff regrets making Diana too perfect and hope to fix that in next seasons.

episode 5 diana was terrible, and they really need better writers
she looked better on paper, but trigger are just not good writers and it'll show in the long run
which is why ova works better, it doesn't need much in the way of writing because it's a short simple story with no need for complexity nor tie-ins between
>I recall a lot of people liking Diana.
i don't know where you found them because i sure didn't, and i was posting in these threads as a dianafag back then myself
and everyone posting akko thighs and how they want to fuck sucy are very strong memories in my mind

they had the perfect setup to provide a parallel between a somewhat cold but technical quality (diana) and talentless but emotional lovability (akko) and they really dropped the ball there because it doesn't really show except in episode 13, which is why it's why it's my favorite episode of the entire series

Same reason Eva had cross-shaped explosions

it'd be funny if the explosions were o-torii shaped instead

Desperate cakes looking to get knocked up generally aren't cool

>which is hilarious because not many people cared about her back then, it was all akko/sucy
I don't know why the fuck are you pushing shippingfaggotry into this argument. This isn't about pairings, much less yuri.

Diana was well liked back then, especially by the staff. It was Otsuka and Sakamoto's idea to push her as a Chariot fan, for starters. Sucy and Akko had more spotlight, naturally they would be ahead of her at the time.

that wasn't shipfaggotry you idiot
i didn't say akkoxsucy
i was saying
godammit dude
i was saying that like
akko AND sucy were the popular characters, separately
this wasn't about shipping
akko was popular (of course)
sucy was popular because she was that weird girl that just generally appeals to a certain demograph
>especially by the staff
well, the staff wasn't posting here, diana didn't mean much to most people here until the tv series, and most of it grew into rosalina-like "popularity" where people eventually hated her, she might as well be called lwa's lightning or some shit to throw in Cred Forums-style shitposting

Well duh. She's too hot to be cool.

>literally the other extreme and a borderline Mary Sue.
I'm surprised that he didn't realize this when typed that out. Bitch ended an entire episode by literally just being her. Tt was underwhelming and just added on to that pile of, wew Diana really doesn't feel like a human.
She just had this vague ass-pained look to her for the most part instead of a more varied expression when Akko was being a goof. Akko being unable to “get back” at her in anyway when the pairing is "The talented but cold" Diana vs "The incompetent but friendly" Akko, made Diana in the series
>the bitch they can hate
Moreso than the OVA

>lwa's lightning
ok, I laughed.

>diana didn't mean much to most people here until the tv series
Maybe the shitty-sue Diana made a lot of people realize how much of a gem OVA Diana is as a support and opposite to Akko

That's the good thing about series Diana, made everyone realize how good they had it with OVA

>and most of it grew into rosalina-like "popularity" where people eventually hated her, she might as well be called lwa's lightning or some shit to throw in Cred Forums-style shitposting
That's almost literally what I feel about her current character. I wouldn't shitpost about it, though.

That said, I hope they make her like OVA Diana a bit in the future.

>Maybe the shitty-sue Diana made a lot of people realize how much of a gem OVA Diana is as a support and opposite to Akko
that's just lame hindsight style bandwagonning that's weak
i was a dianafag before any losers who do this and i press S to spit on their shitty poseur faces

that's the kind of attitude people have with fighting games
"UH SFV SUX IT MADE ME REALIZE HOW MUCH BETAR WE HAD IT WIF SFIV" except sfiv was complete garbage as well
same as people who like kofxiii in respect to xiv but 2k2 and 98 are actually way better games than xiii
frankly an insult to be around these guys

Just so you guys know, Diana acts a bit like her OVA self and TV self fused together in the game.

i just hope they loosen up on trying to avoid portraying her as "bad" in any sense, because it seemed like they were holding themselves back too much especially in the second half
it showed with hannah and barbara too, and you can't avoid doing that just because you think it'll please some fanboys
are jap fanboys like that though? they dislike characters who have some evil unlikable bitchy quirk?


I'm being a little facetious when I put down series Diana by the way whenever someone says something about OVA Diana "not being as good"
>lame hindsight style bandwagonning
I don't know if what I posted was exactly "bandwagonning." More like you put Turquoise next to Deep Blue and you'll see the difference and which one you preferred.

>that's the kind of attitude people have with fighting games "UH SFV SUX IT MADE ME REALIZE HOW MUCH BETAR WE HAD IT WIF SFIV" except sfiv was complete garbage as well same as people who like kofxiii in respect to xiv but 2k2 and 98 are actually way better games than xiii
I'm not a Cred Forums-fag can someone translate this nonsense?

>Turquoise next to Deep Blue
I guess better would be Turquoise next to a light shade of green. But you get the picture

Also, no one fucking cares about you being Diana-fag. That's not even the subject, it's just what version of the character we preferred.

It sure is.

>I'm not a Cred Forums-fag can someone translate this nonsense?
how about this
>"I hate Street Fighter V. I previously disliked/didn't care for Street Fighter IV, but now I totally respect it because SFV exists and I can at least thank it for showing me how dismissive I originally was with respect to SFIV."
people who act like they now like a previous game because the new one is just that bad to them even when they were not fans of the previous game before
it's like people liking diana in ova now even though very few of us existed back then, just because they think of the tv version as just that bad, and plenty of them just dislike that too many people joined the diana fanclub with the tv series
which is kind of like rosalina when she started being in more nintendo games like smash bros

to be honest, there are several things i found wrong with diana in the tv series, but i still like that one more, i just think the writers are too wound up to make bad things happen to a "perfect" character when that should have happened
she should have had some faults


>it's like people liking diana in ova now even though very few of us existed back then
I still have trouble believing this but I wasn't browsing Cred Forums when LWA OVA 1 was airing. I just remember there being a lot of fanart of Diana. I definitely can't see people seeing Diana as the "like to hate" character because she felt bad for unleashing the dragon and her being tsundere at the end.
So I can't see the situation being near a "People hated this video game, now people love this video game"-analogy. But it's fine analogy I guess.
But whatever. Diff'rent Strokes. I liked Diana OVA, not saying this as a Diana-fag because I'm not a *character*-fag. Just a guy that really liked the OVA, and mildly enjoyed the series

>Akko blushing
Fucking repulsive.

If there is going to be romance in LWA and no yuri. I want it to Akko and The Black Swordsman. Not limp-wristed, rich-fag in a suit.

>I just remember there being a lot of fanart of Diana.
really? i would have liked you to be there to hook me up, because i was looking all over tumblr, pixiv, and twitter
did i forget deviantart?
you can still make a count of diana art on pixiv that occurred during the first airing of the tv series and it was barely like 3 pages
i remember when i was upset that my cel from the kickstarter was akko instead of diana, and people were basically like "FUCK YOU, YOU GOT A GOOD CEL AT LEAST"
i think that was the same thread the infamous pinecone hair guy posted his cel

Even Frank/Akko is better than Andrew/Akko.

frank is just a great guy

Was there even a lot of LWA back then? It was like one OVA. I think the years are starting to meld for me. I swear there was just enough Diana art, maybe not as much as Sucy or Akko. Since no one is going to draw Lotte

>Was there even a lot of LWA back then?
akko and especially sucy had plenty of art back then
they were also the most requested lwa characters in Cred Forums drawthreads

If you scroll back a ways on Pixiv, there was a little bit. Mostly Akko and Sucy, then a distant gap to Diana and Chariot, and then a gap to everyone else. Everyone who wasn't those four (Which to be fair, back then, was basically just Lotte, Hannah and Barbara) was then eclipsed by Amanda and Constanze come TEP.

see, this guy knows
you don't know how hard i was digging for dianas back then
first time i watched lwa was when the kickstarter was announced and people were talking about it all on irc, so i watched the first movie and the first time i saw diana i was basically like, "who is this wonderful blonde ojou", immediately imprinting her as my lwa favorite
but i was sad at how very little anyone mentioned her aside from pointing out how they saw her in the crowd
but believe you me, it was a lot of sucyposting and akko animated gifs to highlight her butt/thighs

I came late to the OVA with no Cred Forums and then came late to the series after it already finished so I probably had it in mind that Diana was already popular to begin with.

Regarding that, I still felt every last bit criticism I've had for Diana in the series while watching it. Maybe other people are bandwagoning, maybe not, maybe it's not even "bandwaggoning" and something else.
It could be that she NOW gets fanart because a tv series is just more popular than the OVA. Have to factor in that Sucy and Lotte have even less of a presence in the show now compared to the 26m OVA.

wtf why she have three legs

Like my post, I really don't give a shit about popular opinion and what other people think. I'm not a *character*-fag and it's not even important to be a *diana-fag to talk about why you preferred OVA Diana over Series Diana.

This whole argument started with Series vs OVA Diana. Then it moved to
>It's definitely bandwaggoning!
Completely obfuscating every other criticism.
We could be getting more fanart of Diana only now because tv series are more popular than OVAs.

Lotte likes Barbara’s ass.

Not more than Hanna

Is this bait?
She's literally holding onto her boot with her arms

2 vginas

you overstate the bandwagon choice of word when the point was how people didn't care for diana back then, but oh wow, they all of a sudden care for that diana because they hated the tv series version? it just sounds like cutting off your nose, and it's very disingenuous a gesture
stick to liking the character you originally liked instead of platforming off the fact just because something was worse to you

something being worse in a later iteration doesn't make the preceding iteration of that something anymore enticing, it's just pretentious blowhard nonsense used as a vehicle to express antipathy toward the tv diana

and yes, it is tangentially related to talk about this because people are blinded by their false sense of nostalgia as a reaction to tv diana when ova diana wasn't much of a character herself either

Diana sucks.

Also, I doubt MALfags even see the difference between OVA and Series Diana. The series has better rating in MAL then the OVA, which is horse shit.
It's only a couple 4channers and I that just preferred Diana OVA. So it's not bandwaggoning

>The series has better rating in MAL then the OVA
so? people are allowed to like the tv series more but still prefer one version of diana over the other

>It's only a couple 4channers
And Yoshinari himself, not to mention Tattun.

also, there was a poll or two where ova diana had more than just a handful of votes

Scans never.

>the point was how people didn't care for diana back then, but oh wow, they all of a sudden care for that diana because they hated the tv series version?
No the point was "I like Diana OVA, no I like series Diana more"
If you're talking about this post >168638505
I already said I was being facetious. right here >168639038
>stick to liking the character you originally liked instead of platforming off the fact just because something was worse to you
Yes, I liked Diana OVA. You don't have to be a *character-fag* No one has to *stick* to being a *character-fag*
>something being worse in a later iteration doesn't make the preceding iteration of that something anymore enticing
People are strongly for OVA Diana over Series Diana because how much of goddamn fucking sue and boring she was.
>ova diana wasn't much of a character herself either
I'd say she was great for a 26m OVA. It was a neat short fantasy story for children


Only in our imaginations

Maybe more.

>you overstate the bandwagon choice of word
You're the one who did it when you couldn't deflect series Diana criticism >something being worse in a later iteration doesn't make the preceding iteration of that something anymore enticing
Yes it does, especially when you realize that one character was a boring Sue.
>ova diana wasn't much of a character herself either
You said you were a Diana-fag before anyone else?

All these arguments but no one is posting best pairing?

>People are strongly for OVA Diana over Series Diana because how much of goddamn fucking sue and boring she was.
well then, that's not just two people here right now, is it
for real
i know how mary sue tv diana was, that was even my problem with the tv series, but i'm still sticking to it because i like the overall product more, and i didn't dislike ova diana, but she's really nothing more than a disney afternoon schoolgirl antagonist, and 26 minutes is perfect for her because she really has not much room to go except "be nicer/less condescending" and "stop being tsundere about chariot"

>before anyone else?
i don't think i said "anyone else" but thanks
bandwagon was just thrown in there haphazardly but you concentrated on the finger pointing to the moon rather than the sky itself

>posting best pairing
It's one of the most toxic relationships I've seen in a while. Even Finneran x Ursula, Akko x Chariot and Diana x Chariot are healthier (and sexier in the case ot the last two)

I like Croix, despite how shitty they handled her character, but I detest Croix x Chariot.

>I like Croix, despite how shitty they handled her character
funny that you should say such a thing, which can support how i like tv diana more than ova diana "despite how they handled her character"

I love the ship cause its cute but FUCK Croix, she doesn’t deserve chariot

>Yoshinari himself prefers Diana OVA

That poll was made once already, Cred Forums concensus was that tv diana was better, so fuck off.

But yours is just a matter of tastes. I admit mine suck because I accept Croix is a shitty character,

There's nothing wrong for you liking TV Diana, that doesn't mean TV Diana can't be subjected to criticism. Hell, even staff said they made some mistakes with her but are willing to flesh other sides of her personality and make her less "perfect"

Is the game out yet?

And not only that, he prefers Akko over Diana nowadays.

Even more fucking based

yours is a matter of splitting hairs to act like your variation is different, when i plainly admit that tv diana is "boring" and "too perfect" and should have "had faults" and more mishaps like episode 2
can i stop having to solve 50 captchas just to make one goddamn post?

At least I have my own copy.

Im jelly

tell me how it goes

who wins

I plainly admit that OVA Diana is much more better and not a boring-sue, and belongs in a LWA tv series so that she could be more fleshed out beyond her 26 minute OVA

>she doesn't deserve chariot
No she does not, but try telling Chariot that.

>Diana is getting RICED every other hour by Akko and her giant cock

wait, are there more pics? i want to see more hannah
>that sucy pic
oh, nevermind then, should have known who i was dealing with

go back to /u/


I'm kidding man come on

The only way this can be acceptable is if both Akko and Diana wearing a collar with their master Chariot to reign them in

Lotte hears lewd sounds coming from Blue Team's room and pokes her head in to see Barbara with a dick and Hannah down on all fours in front of her. She then immediately strips down herself and deepthroats Barbara. Hannah gets jealous and shoves her off to do some succ herself, Lotte gets jealous too, and then it turns into a mutual-fellatio competition much to Barbara's bewilderment. After they make her come once, they then go at her from both sides; Hannah fellating her while Lotte rims her. After she cums again, the dick magically disappears just in time for Diana to walk in on the three of them naked. She gives a look of disgust, then backsteps out of the room. The last page is Diana muttering something to herself but as I can't read Japanese fuck if I know what she says.

I expected a draw indeed. Sounds really good, although sad there isnt penetration. Bully related only. Fuck Lotte.

>Barbara with a dick and Hannah down on all fours
>hannah subbing
good, good

Actually Hannah always felt like the dom one.


It's a fake cardboard book. They sold it with postcards inside of it but the cards are the same size so I just slipped them in. Figured it was a neat card holder.


Damn, no penetration but im still hard

My fucking sides.

I perfer Barbs as a Power Bottom, ya know, Big Butt and all

>have patrician taste
>search Sarah_Bernhardt on S******
>only that, nothing else
>results: (3)

What does Power Bottom mean?

Someone who controls the pace and flow of sex despite appearing to take a submissive role. I think Diana would wind up in a similar role with Akko.

Wow, I wonder what type I am, I've never had sex before.

This is how i see it
>Diana gets the first move on Akko as the dom
>but not for long as she lack the stamina
>then Akko jumps at the first chance she gets to be top
>then as Akko tires herself out Diana finishes off the night slowly and tenderly

akko's gonna have a long turn given her incredible stamina

wanna scan it for ur fellow anons?

>Diana x Chariot
Why would it even exist in the first place?

>Creator Sketchbook
Which one is that?

No Diana Nendo or LWA merch announced at Wonfest. Time to stop giving a fuck and just spam. If you want to spam an LWA character, be my guest. This is the poll site with zero protection. It's Google Forms, you can spam as much as you want:


The old yellow-cover book that's sold on Trigger's website but is always sold out.

Fuck off.

Oh! I remember now. Is there any interesting images in it?

I'll tell you when I actually get my copy.

Apparently all hope is not lost?

That's from last year. user got confused. If you want LWA shit to happen, you're gonna have to spam the poll.

Well, that's fucking annoying.

>you're gonna have to spam the poll.
That's not going to do anything.

You can't bot-spam Google Form so it will show the LWA fanbase is dedicated.

>"So, my uncle works at Nintendo, and he told me..."
That faggot on MFC can eat a dick.

I can see Diana reiginiting feelings for Shario but yeah I can't see why Shario would feel anything romantic back

Wait, there was a moron saying that was going to get cancelled?

Yeah. Claimed that he was in communication with Toy's Works head of customer service who told him so.

This thread is more cancerous than usual


And yet you're not pointing out what's "cancerous" about it.


All those disgusting Diana posters, of course


Sleepy thread

Bitch thread.

Pure Thread


More flustered Diana

ironic gay is best gay


This scene will always put a smile on my face

Diana in the show wouldn't be so bad if she got to emote more like she did there. That's what makes the game so special, Diana is full of emotions there and her being out of her element with being shackled to Akko's group makes for some amusing comments.

tv diana is my favorite character but
i really love hannah
she needs to wear a wedding dress and become a blushing bride
and be like "???? eh ?? eh ???" like in those anime fanarts of other random characters doing that

/u/ is being silly again.

Where the fuck is Tattun? He promised Patreon soon!

He was fired.


He posted about the lewd KLK figures.


And everyone is telling them that they're dumb.

Was he really

Nah, they can't fire him, he's the one they send to buy their lunches.


What was tattuns patreon gonna be about again?

Why is /u/ and even the moderators in that board such fucking SJWs dykes. It's fucking repulsive.

B-but muh moar "developed" character!

All of the replies are mocking that person though.

Still the LWA thread on /u/ is actually really chill. I think Andrew showing up scared off all the braindead "purity/true yuri" fags and made ACK lose interestin the franchise, so the threads have just been really comfy.

Should visit sometime, been a while since I’ve been in the /u/ lwa threads

Mostly just a tip-jar for Trigger for those who wanted to directly support the studio. Of course he did have some ideas for a little bit of kick-back. Behind-the-scenes stuff, concept sketches, animator live streams.

The big idea he had was a Trigger Swimsuit Artbook, but sadly that got shelved as the execs were having none of it.
Some say that Shiori already has a Diana sketch drawn up for it, stored away somewhere, waiting...

>and made ACK lose interestin the franchise
Sadly not. He was in an LWA thread on Cred Forums a couple days ago, and shat up like, 6 threads at once on /u/ a couple days prior to that.

That's weird, when eh was shitting up the Symphogear thread he left the LWA thread alone.

I'm not seeing a price for the game yet, they wouldn't seriously make it $50 would they?

It's 40 on Steam.

>Swimsuit Artbook shelved
Fuck this timeline

How do you know?

>this outfit
Oh my

>>implying it's not Diana who's smoldering Akko's delicate oriental frame with her anglo-norman virility

If you want to do something actually /helpful/, see that this gets spread around.
Let them know there's demand for LWA merch.

That's sadly a lost cause. Not due to the figure, but because the repost by another user is already at 250 RTs.

its worthless

Spread this instead:

All the more fucking reason to see that the official post gets more publicity.

That works too.

What? It's a scale. It's not even by GSC or Max Factory.

oh woops, i replied to the wrong post. i meant im cautiously excited for that akko scale

Goodnight errbody

I unironically love Akko. And not in a sexual way. In a "I want to protect her sense of hope and wonderment and dreams and guide her in a way where she can pursue all of her goals" kind of way. I imagine this is what being a father is like...



What else is there to look forward after the game is released? Will the franchise enter sleeping mode?

I'm sure...season 2...will happen.....any.....day now.............

I want to experience how tight the little witches are!

>tfw will never periodically tease Amanda for wearing girly clothing in public and cuddly afterwards
It hurts

>rewatched luluco episode with sucy
>then rewatched very last after-credits of luluco where she high-fives akko
>nostalgia and feels all over again
>actually thinking of doing my 3rd watch-through
ah so this is what autism feels like

Nigga, please. I watched LWA at least fifteen times by now.


she's a dork, cute and sexy sure, but not cool

Shiny Chariot was pretty cool though.

Because he probably was shitting up at the Cred Forums thread, not the /u/ one. I remember her was here a couple of days ago.

She's, as her own VA puts it, a "Ponkotsu".

Finally watched the OVAs after watching the TV show live. Im glad I saved them for last. God I wish I could leave akko bruised and sore.

So, in sort of following the topic they were having earlier, what do you think of OVA Diana?

That's mean.


when the hell is the game coming out


>You now realize that "TEN MORE YEARS!" meant when season 2 was coming out

Oh, but don't get her wrong. Hidaka loves Ursula alright. She just finds it funny and interesting the difference in attitude between OVA Ursula and TV Ursula.

RGB Sleepover Episode when


What's a Ponkotsu?

The word itself literally means "junk" or "trash".

It's one of those words in which you need to be aware of the atmosphere and context in order to not mistake it as an actual insult.

In short, it's some kind of jap meme. In Ursula's case, they used it as a way to poke fun at her, playing around. I remember a certain Love Live character is also called like that.

>The word itself literally means "junk" or "trash".
Or "worn out". Which describes Ursula a bit more.

Well at least Akko loves her.

It's one of the points of the show, after all.


Name one reason why Ursula shouldn't be on top of Akko and holding her arms down with her superior weight and wrestler's grip while tonguing her

Also why is this LWA thread still up jesus

Not bad. Who drew it?

Ay, ayo nigga this be lookin' slick.

Interesting crossover.

It doesn't actually exist.

>Name one reason why Ursula shouldn't be on top of Akko and holding her arms down with her superior weight and wrestler's grip while tonguing her
I...don't have any?
>Also why is this LWA thread still up jesus
A Believing Heart is out Magic?

Google search nigga, dig around a little. Seems to be a drawfag from Cred Forums

>a private connection to boards.fireden.net cant be established because your computers date and time are incorrect

Then fix your time? In any case, what were you looking?

unless im off by a nanosecond, the time is correct
i was gonna look up the artist for who did the colorless Devillady chariot

fuckk me nevermind, the date was a day behind for some reason

the original drawfag was Blazh it seems


Literally built for the Mating Press

Was the ending literally perfect?

It needed more Croix with a ball and chain/shackes and legcuffs and a bit less Diana, but yes.

Does this fellow have a blog?

It needed less An-Da-Roo. Diana is fine being in the ending even if she was a shit-sue

>It needed less An-Da-Roo.
This. The scenes at the danger room amounted to nothing and could have been spent better showing the reactions of the students back at Luna Nova.

Not that i know of

>amounted to nothing
Except Andrew's development.

And Paul's, however Paul's came off as ver asspull-ish. I hoped he would still keep being skeptical about witches despite letting them "this one" slide.

what the show needed was more hannah

>Except Andrew's development.
so, nothing
he was rather inconsequential, all his dad's team of yokels did was just watch and act like they had some way to decide whether to let witches help them as if they were able to do anything from their position

sort of like our government

Not really. Both her and Barbara were fine as they were. But now that they gave Barbara a bit of layer, then I would want Hannah to get some of it too in the future. I do agree with Yoshinari, I also wish for them to retain their mean streak. Otherwise, this would be just another K-On with with witches, Hell, Diana's VA is in this already.

why are you a stick in the mud
go get mud on you somewhere else

>only one post for best girl

god DAMN this community

>so, nothing
Wrong. His arc was almost exactly as Diana's, except that he wasn't directly involved to the main plot.
>he was rather inconsequential.
In the grand scheme of things, but as for his own character arc, he got enough development with room for more and since they are going to keep his character around, he's in the perfect place to be.

>sort of like our government

Pretty much why I just didn't give a shit about every male characters shown in LWA. If you're going to even ATTEMPT to bring some goddamn romance shit into LWA without it being Diana and Ursula spitroasting Akko with strap-ons, bring in an over-the-top, gruff, mythical warrior for like one episode or two. At least then it would bring in more fun fantasy material you can come up with instead of it being boring government son.

>except that he wasn't directly involved to the main plot.
that's why i said he was inconsequential
his development was contained only to himself and did basically nothing for anything else outside of himself

kind of like female characters in shounen action anime

Male characters look fucking terrible in a show that is styled for maximum yay in my cute lil witches.
But I guess that's a lot of male characters in anime for me unless they're drawn to be rough and gruff people

A Complete Thread
Good job Everyone