Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 255 Spoilers


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Merlin wants to rescue Arthur alone. The group tries to talk her out of it and she says Arthur is the child of hope chosen by the Holy sword and will lead Britannia. Back at Camelot, Arthur has pulled out Excalibur and Chandler joins the Demon trio. Zeldris wonders what is that the Holy sword gives off and Meliodas answers that it is neither the thing of Demons nor that of the Goddesses. Chandler attacks first with his Exterminate Ray only to be sliced by the king who tells him not to underestimate the humans. Zeldris mentions that he remembers having seen that technique. Arthur then proceeds to cut off Cusack's arm to get Cath back and cuts Zeldris' master in two. He then blows out a wall to put Cath out of the fight. A clash between him and Zeldris ensues. Zeldris points out that Arthur's technique is the Dance of Ignorance used by blind fighters against any surprise attacks. Arthur then uses Deathpecker on the prince. The latter remembers that it's Talatenos' technique and adds that the one that defeated Chandler and Cusack is Calphen's. Arthur says that Merlin told him that the sword was powerful so it wasn't wielded that easily, until an unheard power would appear. Which is ironic since Zeldris knew about it. We move back to the inn and Diane asks Merlin why the Holy sword makes one a king. The sorceress answers that the sword was brought to the a human fighter by a princess of a fountain in ancient times and doesn't possess any magic. The king Calphen was the first to wield the sword and when he died, he cleansed the sword with his own blood and soul for his successor. Instead of rusting from blood, the sword sees its strength and sharpness increased. The process repeats with countless heroes. Back at Camelot, Arthur takes Zeldris out and confronts Meliodas. Merlin says that Arthur has been recognized by the heroes of Britannia's history, that he's the king among kings.

This chapter is surely a doosey.

>Arthur then uses Deathpecker on the prince. The latter remembers that it's Talatenos' technique and adds that the one that defeated Chandler and Cusack is Calphen's
If the demons recognize some of the techniques that means that the users were around more than 3000 years ago and apparently strong enough at the time to contend with demons since otherwise they probably wouldn't remember them. The only thing that seems a bit weird is that the sword apparently doesn't possess any magic so how is 40k Arthur able to damage the 140k Mel? Usually a great a difference in power means the stronger person simply no-sells everything, like when Ban messed up his hand trying to snatch Estarossa's hearts. Does skill factor into a person's strength level?

Overall I like the explanation behind Excalibur more than if it was related to the SD or something. Humans can't compete with the demons and goddesses individually, but they can put up a fight by condensing all their knowledge into a single person. I kind of expect Mel to come out on top in the next chapter, since otherwise the demon threat is more or less over with right now. Unless Estarossa appears once Mel and Zel are down, takes their commandments and becomes the new DK.




>Born with God-level strength

>Needs a sword to be relevant

b-but escanor was kangz

>Needs a sword to be relevant
Nice try Cuckscanorfag. But Arthur has unlimited potential and can do this with his sword at 40K only. He will become the most OP character ever with his human strength. His own magic is not even unlocked.

I mean, he's King Arthur wielding the holy sword. It was obvious that he'd be insane.

>The only thing that seems a bit weird is that the sword apparently doesn't possess any magic so how is 40k Arthur able to damage the 140k Mel?
It’s probably just so sharp that it cuts though anything but that’s not really the best for demons Arthur needs to go for the hearts

>stole dead angel's power

>recognized as the rightful king of kings by the spirits of ancient heroes

So where the fuck does this go now? I can imagine Mel and Zel won't actually die, but how can anyone hope to beat Arthur now if he really IS that OP? Will HE be the one to kill the DK and SD?

Fight's not over, nobody is out yet.

> Stole

He was born with it, dipshit.

How will Edgeliodasfags ever recover? When Arthur loses in the next chapter.

This person makes me think of a buff, bearded version of melascula


Sure but Arthur just got one hell of a power boost, to the point where he's probably on part with Mel/Zel/the Archangels, at least if what Merlin is saying is true.

Forgot image

But he's right.

I'm not on either side of this crap, just replied to say that Escanor didn't steal shit, he was born with the grace. Maybe someone ELSE stole it and gave it to him, but saying he himself stole it is just stupid.

so the manga is over right

this is king arthur with excalibur

that's like, the apex of medieval bullshit

There will obviously be some sort of catch to this "unlimited power" next chapter. Laugh while you still can Arthurfags

Hard to say honestly, this is all a little too perfect.

I'd guess that Arthur has a huge power boost now and is definitely among the main players in terms of strength, but something has to be off, if Arthur can beat Zeldris/Mel without breaking a sweat then it follows that he would probably be able to solo both the DK and SD, and that would be a little anticlimactic, so I figure SOMETHINGS going to happen.

I hope Mel kills Arthur next chapter

Doubt Arthur will die in this series, since Nakaba said he wanted to do some kind of spin off manga with Arthur as the MC.

He first transformed when he was well passed being a baby.

That and he said that Arthur would end up being stronger than all the Sins.

Could be it didn't manifest until he was older? Or it could be tied to his pride? Either way, it's clear from Escanors own thoughts on the matter that he didn't do jack shit to 'steal' this power, he hates it, thinks its a horrible curse and genuinely had no idea what the angel guy was talking about when she said he stole it.

It's tied to the Sun, so he didn't have it at birth. That's just what he says when he's at max pride.

Escanor will never, ever be more special and Arthur will surpass him. Escanor has taken a grace from a god. Arthur is 100% human he is not even using magic.

Still doesn't mean that he stole it, if you seriously think he did after we've seen how clueless he is about its origin/how he thinks he's just cursed/how he's genuinely confused while talking about it with the angel guy, then you're just retarded.

Like I said, maybe someone else gave it to HIM, but he didn't steal it.

>Hard to say honestly
The demon clan are a bunch of jobbers right now.
The powelevel bullshit killled this manga

>all these people thinking Arthur is going to defeat all the demons
The sword gives Arthur the skills of all of its previous holders and is sharp enough to pierce the demons' defenses to boot, but that's all there is to it at this point. Clean wounds are easy for the demons to regenerate and the sharpness didn't seem to be enough to completely slice through Mel. Skills or not Arthur is still just a human. Why do you think he's dodging every hit instead of tanking them? It's because he's a glass cannon with high dexterity. One hit from anyone, or even worse, one spell from Chandler and Arthur is going down. You can't break through a perfect cube with skills alone, for example. Once they figure out a way to land one solid hit it's over.

Oh please, the numbers never actually mattered, they were only ever an indicator so Hawk/Gowther/Merlin could provide exposition as to who was stronger of the two right off the bat, since most of the big bads look like children so you can't really tell.

What it comes down to is:
>Escanor = fake
>Arthur = real deal

Why's Escanor 'fake'? He has a grace, that's it, if you're just trying to say that Arthur is stronger then just say that, for all we know right now, he probably is, but both of them are 'the real deal', as it were.


I hope Arthur's magic turns out to be related to the spirits of the dead or something and he uses that to summon the ghosts of all the previous holders to fight at his side. Kinda like this Nakaba's such a huge jrpg fan that I could see it happening.

Escanor has Goddess magic. It's not Human. Arthur doesn't have this shit. The human apex is Arthur.

Because the real Escanor is a skinny, whiny fag. This is why Merlin wants nothing to do with him.

Butt from newest episode.

Okay so you're saying Arthur is the strongest human then, again, just say that from the start.

If you don't like his character just say so, trying to dance around it just makes you a faggot.

It's true, though?

Sure, that's opinions for you.

typical melfags

Diane is a miracle of the universe

>this series will end before we get wet giant naked dancing Diane


I am not the same user dude.

Didn't that happen when King accidentally saw her? We just didn't see it, unfortunately

Sorry, not like I can just magically know that if you type the same way.


Cusack should be able to survive that easy, but Chandler doesn't look so good. I hope he's not going to die like this, especially now that the Six Knights of Black and Baruja are going to be dealt with in the movie. The demon clan has no more reinforcements left after these guys.

if the sword starts talking to arthur I'm dropping this.

>everyone in part 1 clothes
>Mel has Lostvayne
When is this meant to be set? I'm assuming it'll be non-canon.

Escanor is there too, so yeah, it's probably just going to be set in some kind of lull in the commandment action, but still completely non-canon.

Will Delores come back?

Plot summary (TL by FKS):
We are in a world where the Fairies, Goddesses and Demons exist.
The ones who saved the Liones kingdom that was brought to the brink of destruction by the Demons' secret maneuvers
were the legendary order of criminals and knights "the Seven Deadly Sins" and one princess.
And some time has elapsed since the peace was brought to the Liones kingdom.
To celebrate the kingdom's anniversary, the Seven Deadly Sins arrived at a border territory looking for an elusive ingredient, the sky fish. In the middle of searching it, their captain Meliodas and the pig Hawk who speaks the human language get sent up to the Sky Temple, the celestial world lying high in the sky, above clouds.
The "Sky Winged ones" who possess wings dwell that temple. Meliodas was mistaken by them as the young boy who broke a law and thrown in jail.
In the Sky Temple is being prepared the ceremony aimed at preventing the liberation of the ferocious beasts that have been sealed away for three thousand years.
But the strong Demon group "Six Black Knights" led by Berlion turns up with designs against the Sky Winged ones' lives in order to break the seal. To protect everyone from these inhumanely cruel guys, Meliodas and the others clash against the Six Black Knights.

There's Escanor + Lostvayne but King doesn't seem to have his wings, so I'm guessing it's a kind of what if set after the siege of Liones. I mean the Black Knights were supposed to be close to commandment level and everyone except Ban and Merlin are 40k+ at that point so it would fit pretty well. I think it's going to semi-canon in that the Black Knights and Baruja aren't going to appear in the manga.

Arthur still has no ability to counter either the Darkness or Ark. It's just a power of humans, he's still going against actual cheaters and one of them has an equal amount of combat skills.

Melascula's basically out of the picture now, so I'm pretty sure you've got 0 chance.

Damm Arthur is being savage this chapter.

He still can't beat my husband though....

> Sky winged ones

So are these angels or just an entirely new species that happens to have wings?

>Now Arthur can tank edgy Mel, Zeldris, Chandler and Cusack.
>Now this shitty war is one sided as fuck.
What the fuck happened?

>And some time has elapsed since the peace was brought to the Liones kingdom
Yeah, sounds like a "what if Hendy released the Six Knights instead" scenario. I'm hoping at least Dark Ban makes an appearance in the manga.

He will unlock his magic soon enough.
Is your husband the Demon King?

If Matrona lives after what happened to her, Delores who 'died' offscreen is fine.

They didn't touch him.

You are correct.

If you seriously think that Mel/Zel are dead then you're just being silly.

Plus it's probably going to be like what that other user said earlier in the thread, that either the sword is hugely taxing to use, or Arthur is going to be some kind of glass canon, since as far as we know, the sword won't let him take hits any better than before.

I mean, if it didn't have SOME kind of drawback and Arthur really is as OP as we see in this and as Merlin is describing, then the manga might as well be over since he could probably solo the DK and SD, and that'd be a pretty anticlimactic ending.

I think it's been a bit too long for that to work out, user, plus Matrona has a lot more willpower and strength than Dolores.

I think they're a subspecies of the goddesses or something, kind of like the vampires which could use some darkness spells. Then again Nakaba used the one-shot Mel and Eli for the two characters so maybe there's a connection to other stuff.

Well at least blue Ban is right there in the anime intro alongside what might be another Black Knight. I don't think it's an alternate continuity, more like a side story in the vein of One Piece Strong World that doesn't really fit into the timeline but is still semi-canon.

Another powerlevel bullshit. Hope he dies on the later chapter.

Well, they celebrated the Kingdom's anniversary right after they fought Hendy, so it's either going to be set then or a year into the future.

>One hit from anyone, or even worse, one spell from Chandler and Arthur is going down.
>Implying this shit is going to happened
Only The Demon Clan will have heavy casualties.

>went to look for more spoilers on mangahelpers
>everyone is extremely salty
It obvious that Nakaba's not just going to end the manga here. Why jump to conclusions like an idiot.

Well in that case it pretty much has to be some kind of alternate continuity since there's no way Mel would leave on a holiday after the Commandments appeared.

so the sword stacks power when its previous owner dies, useful

Literally every chapter release someone has a temper tantrum about a their favourite character jobbing. It was just Zel and Mel's turn.

Delores coming back and there being a love triangle with her Diane and King would be.

Choice A:
>Delores has a crush on Diane

Choice B:
Delores has a crush on Diane but it flirty with King to try and break them up

Choice C:
Delores has a crush on King

Choice D:
Delores has a crush on King but is fine sharing

Some of them have pretty accurate profile pictures. This is exactly how I imagine them to look right now. They're also dumb enough to think Mel was going to become the DK and be separated from Elizabeth for all eternity. That sure sounds like Nakaba's writing.

Zeldoris, Cusack, Chandler and Mel are weakened while i was away? That's convenient.

I-I don't know who you are but I belong to Meliodias so just stay away from me.

>said jokingly one week ago that Arthur was going to solo Cusack, Zeldoris, Chandler and Mel
>mfw it actually happened

>tags: ntr, corruption, age gap, mind break

I'm still waiting for an actual Elizabeth NTR
hell I'll even take some Diane or Elaine NTR.

So sword is basically One for All.

Poor Zeldris is a joke character at this point.
Nakaba pls put him out of his misery.


if the sword doesn'tstart talking to arthur I'm dropping this.

>this thread

He's being made into less of a threat and a more amicable guy in general so that he can become one of the good guys. Mel will get his emotions back and give up on being the DK because we all know he has to end up with Elizabeth and he can't do that as the DK, as stated by Elizabeth. However, in order for them to live in peace the DK and SD have to be defeated. So who is going to replace the DK? Estarossa might get close by stealing the commandments but he's too crazy and evil to be left to his own devices like that so he'll probably get killed. That leaves only Zeldris as a possible candidate for the throne. He seemed eager to do it before and based on his personality he would be a just and honest king, but I wonder if he still wants to do that after Mel presumably told him about Gelda.

like vegeta poetry


stupid fucking asspull excalibur again, am I watching Merlin tv series or fucking seven deadly sins manga ffs... arthur is the worst thing that happened to this serie

That is the one and true EXCALIBUR!

But he cant appear in this series, he would quite easily solo everyone. If only he with only his troll-levels would appear again.

Thread theme
Is there anyone who can stop the chad king of kings.
He is quite literally the apex of humanity, no demon clan or goddes clan fuckery.

No one can.

Damn, Nakaba, it's fucking ridiculously awsome!

>Unless Estarossa appears once Mel and Zel are down, takes their commandments and becomes the new DK
I can see that. Cusack and Chandler and Zel are down for a while, Arthur and Mel continue fighting, but Excalibur is still too much to handle and Arthur gets exhausted. That's when Esta comes and attacks Mel in the back, taking his commandments and Zeldris'. He is about to finish Mel off with his new powers, when Ban comes back and rescues Mel and Arthur.

Guys, I cracked the code, now I know what Nakaba plans. Look at the pattern:
>Mel is blonde demon, has platinum hair busty goddess girlfriend
>Zel is black haired demon, has blonde busty vampire girlfriend
>Esta is platinum haired, has ??? haired busty ??? girlfriend
According to the pattern, she has to be black haired and busty, and either demon or human. Who will be Estarossa's GF?

Well, certainly not Merlin.

"King of Kings"

If we want to be fair, it was all but stated last chapter that a human shouldn't be able to contain [Sunshine] without dying so Escanor's body still is capable of withstanding all that energy. To say that he's not apex human is ignoring that.

Likewise, Both Escanor and Arthur are using inherited powers in this case. Arthur is using the techniques of previous rulers/fighters to help him out here. Yes, he's a formidable fighter on his own but there's a reason he needs this sword, he's not good enough yet in his own right to save his kingdom.

Both characters are fine.

There's only one, and that is HHH

How would a baby ONE look like even?

Impressive work user-San.

If the code truly has been cracked then there are only a few candidates for Estarossa.


>tfw it is one for all

>discount Galan
>2P Ban
>green Fraudrin
>the mighty Glue-man
>Maybe I'm a lion
>Generic twintail
I'm pretty sure that I saw that lion guy somewhere. Maybe a discarded character design?

The only gf Estarossa/Mael will have is __his hand__.

People two chapters ago complained it was one sided in the demons favour, now it's one sided against them. It's obviously neither. Arthur can't use Excalibur for long and demons don't die from a cut. It will end with Arthur exhausted and Merlin saving him. And the war won't happen either, Estarossa gets the decrees before that and becomes the enemy of everyone.

This is just for the readers to get a taste of Arthur's power before the sequel. He'll probably won't be able to use the sword for very long, or Meli/Zel/etc will get used to it and be able to hit him, a normal human.
Then we'll switch focus to the Sins again.

>Estarossa gets the decrees before that and becomes the enemy of everyone
That's probably going to happen but I doubt that's enough to carry the series to the end. Remember we still have 3 Sins without gaidens and the story focus that usually comes with one, we haven't seen what happened between Mel and Eli when they met, we haven't seen the ending of the holy war, King hasn't matured yet, Diane hasn't done anything worthy of becoming the queen of giants yet, Ban doesn't have his sacred treasure, the SD hasn't taken an active role in anything yet unlike the DK. I think the goddess clan is going to revive and become the major villains of the third arc. Esta will be the villain of this curse sub-arc and possibly a third party in the goddess conflict.

this . he's merely outskilling them and the sword can actually damage them but he himself is not really that strong

>we haven't seen what happened between Mel and Eli when they met
We will gat that gaiden rigth after the revealation that Eli is evil and manipulated the war for her own benefit, working together with Mael and Estarossa. Gowther wiped their memories, but it's resurfacing, she will become evil again soon.
Estarossa with commandments is final boss of part 2, then comes all the plot points you mentioned, with focus on the different sins, and ends with sins vs Elizabeth and puppet Mel.

>Esta will be the villain of this curse sub-arc and possibly a third party in the goddess conflict.
I see him switching sides and being purified to become what he once was again..

I can't believe people don't notice this. The spoiler summary specifically mentions how he's using legendary techniques to run circles around the demons. When he actually attacks Mel he flings him into a nearby building. That's not very impressive considering Mel split a hill with branch, Zeldris nuked a fortress with a magical attack and Chandler can cause a meteor shower that could conceivably wipe out a city. Arthur is a fast man with a sharp knife running around enemies that are very sturdy and have extreme offensive power. Once he's hit it's over.

>People two chapters ago complained it was one sided in the demons favour,
>Fraudrin got beheaded
>Monspiet and Derriere are deserters
>Grayroad got defeated by Merlin
>Estarossa got BTFO by sunfaggot
>Merascylla got captured by Merlin
>Dolor and Gloxinia betrayed The Demon Clan.
>The human race and the Goddess clan are allies.
What the fuck are you talking about?

He's way too insane to become a good guy. The main reason why he has to obtain the commandments is that it's the only way to get rid of her curse within 2 days. Only the SD and DK can do it but the SD is nowhere to be seen and the only candidates for the title of DK are the 3 brothers. Eli doesn't want Mel to become the DK because she wouldn't be able to see him again which would be too much of a downer ending for Nakaba, which only leaves Zel and Esta. One of them has to succeed the throne and Esta has been hinted at wanting to do it and his obsession with Elizabeth also gives him a motive to undo her curse.

The unknown factor here is Mael's influence over Esta. Was he corrupted into a demon or is he trying to steal half of the DK's power for the goddess clan? That would tilt the scales very heavily in their favor. Hell it would probably allow the goddess clan to declare war against all the other clans. I think that would be an interesting development. It would draw the Sins into the conflict, King and Diane would have to take Glox and Drole's places and lead their clans in the war, Escanor would have to confront Rosa and/or Mael about his Grace, the holy knights would have a kind of civil war between the brainwashed Pleiades and everyone else, etc.

He's probably talking about Mel. He pushed Zel and Esta down with his darkness alone, meaning he probably could take all 3 archangels in a fight. The only obstacle for him is Escanor and Chandler is his direct counter.

Ludo was terrified of normal Mel back in 3000 years ago, and Mel is now more powerful. People expected Mael to be equal to AM Mel to even things out, but when it was revealed Meal is dead, people said AM Mel can solo the whole alliance in a second.

Obviously Estarossa will betray his brothers and obtain all the commandment while the others are busy with Arthur and Stigma. On the last day, they will fight full power Estarossa as the big bad of this arc, then when he is defeated, give the commandments to Zeldris who lifts the curse in the last seconds with the power, thus ending the second arc. Last arc will start with individual sin focuses, like Diane uniting giants and Ban finding his ST.

>Implying they will touch or hurt Arthur the King of Kings

>AM Mel
Jesus, full description please without autism?

>Last arc will start with individual sin focuses
I'm not sure that's going to work considering the goddesses are already here, or at least 3 of them are. Ludo will probably get genocidal again as soon as he sees that the demons are vulnerable. But I guess things will come down to how they actually get their bodies back, since I doubt they're going to use their host bodies for much longer.

>people said AM Mel can solo the whole alliance in a second.
no they didn't stop pulling stuff from your ass or people will stsrt asking for the source, also Arthur now is on Mel level so he can also solo all angels?

Good. We can never have enough of Mel getting blown the fuck out.

Arthur did nothing though, people are just overreacting. When did getting cut in half stopped a demon? Chendler even looks just mildly annoyed, not even bothering to change into his dragon mode. Zel and Mel weren't even cut to pieces.
Assault Mode Meliodas.

>using that Escanor's power comes from a dead guy
>ignoring how Arthur's power comes from hundreds of dead guys (at least) and is entirely reliant on him having the sword

Well, if Zeldris becomes DK, he has to go back to the demon realm, because DK can't stay in Britannia for long. He probably takes the demons back with him, so no war. Then they have some time till the goddesses figure out how to get back their bodies, thus regaining all their power. Maybe this time a demon messenger from Zeldris will assemble the sins to ask them to help against the goddess invasion of the demon realm.

God i really wish Nakaba would drop Mel's darkness pajamas already.

>hundreds of dead guys (at least)
Zeldris recognised the techniques of the first two wielders, meaning the sword is at least 3000 years old. If we assume 60 years for a human lifespan in those conditions, it's around 50, assuming it was used all the time. But probably it changed hands more frequently.

>Assault Mode Meliodas
What is that a thing? how does that even look

>1 minute equals one year
>1 day is 24 hours, which is 1440 minutes
>Ban already trained for 1440 years and he is still in purgatory
I already expect him to oneshot Meliodas too, without even stealing any power from him. He must have the biggest blueball though.

You forgot to read the last 20 chapters?

Not a bad idea but could the goddesses actually invade the demon realm? Aren't there random Induras roaming around? Goddess armies engaging massive beasts would make for some cool panels though.

>tfw escanor and arthurfag
It can't get any better for me.
Humanity is going to btfo all these angels and demons fucking shits.
We're gonna go neutral on these motherfuckers.

Have the demons even achieved any major victories in this arc? Feels like all they've done is lose endlessly.

he's dead.

>Aren't there random Induras roaming around?
I forgot about them. Damn, I really want an arc in the demon realm. Exploring a choutic miasma filled realm where you can just run into mindless powerful gigantic creatures sounds like a fun adventure.
Goddesses probably have something to match indura. Maybe taking on more abstract, biblical forms, like those burning winged wheels ad cherubim and seraphim.

And the DK takes over his body and comes back wearing it. Pretends to be Ban and fucks Elaine to corrupt her. She will then corrupt her brother, who will corrupt Diane. Mel will win here and corrupt Arthur and Excalibur, Arthur then corrupts Merlin, who corrupts Gowther. Escanor then follows Merlin and gets corrupted. With Sunshine corrupted, the other graces fall to the darkness as well, corupting the Archangels, who will corrupt the Holy knights. Everyone demonified vs Supreme Deity gangbang as the final chapter.

He hasn't been there for a full day yet. He left in the evening or so. If he comes back at the last possible moment he'll have spent like 3500 years in there. That would make him be older than Gowther and Merlin, almost the same age as Mel.

>Sunshine gets corrupted
>becomes moonshine
Alcoholic Escanor when?

>Exploring a choutic miasma filled realm where you can just run into mindless powerful gigantic creatures sounds like a fun adventure
I could see Nakaba doing something like that since he loves old-school jrpgs. The story so far has been mostly about battles between humans, but there have been some instances of the Sins fighting against wildlife and standard monsters as well.

>3500 years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Elaine
Actually, if Ban's blood contains the fountain of youth by consuming it, shouldn't his semen also contain some of it? He could heal Elaine by fucking her once a day.

>I'm pretty sure that I saw that lion guy somewhere. Maybe a discarded character design?

Looks like Chandler

Even if the lifespan is 60, one of them was probably 30 while the other was nearing his 60. One doesn't pop up at age 0 and gets the sword when the other dies.

True, then it's around hundred users at least. Now that I think about it, it's basically Avatar.

Well it is pretty obvious that Arthur will be OP as fuck. Considering that the author named him after one of the most legendary kings. Now he just need to assemble the Knights of the Round Table.

I'm pretty sure most of the designs are previously discarded designs repurposed. Like with proto Mel and proto Elizabeth.

I want to climb there.

Won't happen till the Arthur sequel. Also can't happen in NNT, since half the Knights are the children of the sins.

That's true but there might also have been instances of the sword lying dormant without anyone to use it. The spoiler pic shows around 20 people when you count all the silhouettes that have almost entirely fused into the sword. I think somewhere between 20-50 sounds reasonable.

Isn't Lancelot supposed to be stronger than Arthur? Or at least a more competent swordsman. He defeated another knight with a branch at some point and killed some others. Then there's Mordred who's Arthur's son but he might not appear if the sequel only deals with his youth.

Daily reminder that that "Apex of Humanity" piece of shit received a rightful beatdown from the based Hornetbro (with some help from Seafood Old Men) and would have died if not for the fact that he had stolen the breast girl's abilities.

Since Lancelot is Ban's son, it's possible.

Magic powers awaken at different points of life. Like fucking Arthur still not awakening his.

It just means that Arthur will die near the end to put more power on the Excalibur

He could be like.80 years old.before that happens.

Anyone else kinda bored with the demons now? The Commandments were cool for the most part and Estarossa's shenanigans are still interesting, but Zel and edge-Mel are boring. Chandler and Cusack are decent and since the 6 Black Knights are now movie fodder that's probably it for the clan outside of flashbacks. I want to see more goddesses already. If the demons had OG TC, executioner Zeldris, Chandler, Cusack, 6BK and some randos like Grayroad and Fraudrid I expect the goddess clan to have quite a number of powerhouses in store. 4 vs 20 doesn't cut it.

>series based on Arthurian legends
>Excalibur is busted as fuck
What an asspull indeed

>People sperging about Arthur's strenght

Nakaba foreshadowed that shit for years, he even said in an interview Arthur will be stronger than any of that shit.

Commandments were cool and all but they didn't use theirs more than one time at most. The few commandments that were shown just did their thing once and went away. And Estarossa shouldn't have been able to kill Meliodas.

I really hope Nakaba will still incorporate these guys and Baruja in the manga, maybe with some changes. Having them as bad guys and a bigger threat guy for a non-canon movie sounds too bad.

Eh, I like Demons and I like Zeldris, he is a good boy who needs a training arc (because soon everybody and their mama would be shitting on the Demon Clan's pride).

He said that he might be, in the future. Picking up an "I WIN" sword that doesn't even have the Supreme Deity inside isn't what you would normally expect from such a statement.

We have to deal with Estarossa and the curse to finish this arc before that can happen. Third arc can focus on goddesses and introduce more goddess warriors.

It was the best of times.

>Anyone else kinda bored with the demons now?
You forgot that their is still a demon between Mel and DK powerwise in the story. Hawk mama is just too OP.

so you mean black feet meliodas is asault mode? kek it doesn't change anything, he is jobbing at the moment, where did you get someone mentioning that he is strong

Well it is fucking Britannia and Arthur has Excalibur.

Read the manga. He trashed 11:59 Esacanor.

>He said that he might be, in the future

Future =/= years later
>Complaining about overpowered items in manga with magic (not like Excalibur was hinted to be special, huh?)

You're just a mad Cuckscanorfag

>horribly jobs, as even Merlin points out
>still gives her clan the biggest win, even bigger than them killing Meliodas (though that served as a good foundation for HER victory)
>now the fruits of her win is the only thing protecting the clan from a certain death
They'd better free her and marry her into the Demon Royalty if she wants (I hope they allow harems), the snake girl deserves at least this much.

>He trashed 11:59 Esacanor.
And that suppose to mean he could solo goddesses alone in a second?

Yes. Glad you finally understand it.

wait what how?

Gelda is dead anyway, and Zeldris is dutiful, so he could marry her. Estarossa wouldn't be a good husband anyway.

>You're just a mad
I am to some extent, since this is the second time Zeldris and Cusack jobbed without having much screentime. I did like that Zeldris kept up for a bit and recognized some of the sword techniques used. This and the fact that the normal Demon Mel was hurt too does mitigate my butthurt a bit.

Don't try and reason with him. Sunshine works on a scaling metric for it's power. The other goddesses have full access from break, only their vessels seem to limit their power and we don't know how much they are able to funnel right now into their current bodies.

people propping up Mel are just annoying at this point.

>Estarossa wouldn't be a good husband anyway
And he lost all rights with his "haha, she deserved it" after Ban asspulled another OP ability on her.
>Gelda is dead anyway
Come on, that would be too cruel a thing to do to Zeldris. At least the resurrection should always be an option. For that other vampire cutey too, Ren I think. Unless Gelda just fried her up a bit without killing.

Remember the Holy War flashback? Mel was weaker then than he is now, and Ludo was afraid of him. There is no way the archangels stand a chance against AM Mel.

Uh, it's not? Assault Mode Meliodas didn't even remember Escanor, while normal emotionless Demon Meliodas does remember him. And nice enough not to kill him for the sin of trashing him in a fight during the last seconds/minute.

It would be hilarious if Gelda turned out to be alive, but Zeldris breaks up with her, because the DK wants him to marry Mera as a reward for her accomplisments.

Funny idea, but as a disgusting /ss/fag, I think that Zeldris marrying both and getting the breast goddess as a sex slave is a better ending. Not like her maiden feelings get any recognition from that Male Guila douchebag.

so basically One For All Sword Version

And Estarossa will be All For One by stealing the commandments.

With skill instead of strength too.

What's hilarious is that Arthur dies pitifully provided Arthurian legend plays out normally after the worlds are all separated (which probably is precipitated by this conflict here).

How strong do you think the deities are? There was that mention about the DK conquering the demon realm which suggests that he's not some eternal god or anything. He had to have come from somewhere and maybe the reason he is looking for a successor is because he's getting too old for it. He also initially gave half of his powers to some other guy who ended up rebelling against him which made him split the half into 10 instead, meaning he was probably threatened by that guy. So based on all of this we can deduce that the deities aren't unkillable, everlasting or omnipotent. Therefore they should have a concrete powerlevel. I think they're probably weaker than people think and there's a couple of reasons for that
>Mel said he could reach the DK's level simply by training
If Mel was only like 1/100th or even 1/10th of the way there that would be a pretty presumptuous thing to say and there wouldn't even be a way for him to know that for sure. Therefore he has to be fairly close at 140k.
>the Commandments(5% of the DK) and Graces(presumably 12.5% of the SD) aren't really all that powerful
Mel resisted Piety during his fight with Zeldris, Merlin's magic countered Pacifism(according to her own words, but she also had natural resistance), Merlin's magic glasses are enough to completely seal Escanor's Sunshine. If non-deity spells or inventions or simple force of will can counter them, they're not that powerful. Whatever pure power boost they may grant their holders is also not all that much considering that Cusack and Chandler are stronger than most of the TC.
>from a plot perspective, the deities will have to be removed at the end, to wrap up the war and Mel and Eli's story
Meaning they have to be defeated at the end and if they're absurdly strong it's not going to happen.

Based on this I'd assume they're at maybe ~200k or possibly less than that.

That's too close to Meliodas' level. He was 142k during Escanor fight, and got stronger since. They are at least 300k, but 500 seems more likely, with a million tops.

He turned into Esatrossa, Spacetime paradox

Calling them gods is not a stretch. Not all gods have to be "Nu-uh, you can't beat him cause he created everything, omnipotent, omniscient and omnivorous".
>he's getting too old for it.
The Demon King cursed his son with everlasting youth and ressurective immortality (and the curse is working even when he is sealed), the Supreme Deity cursed her daughter with reincarnation that works in such a way that remembering your past lives isn't too hard (and the curse is working even when she doesn't have power to manifest in Britannia). I don't think they give a damn about natural death.
>Mel said he could reach the DK's level simply by training
Zeldris suggested it as a joke and Mel brushed it off and said that it would take way too long. How long is too long for an eternally young powerhouse like Mel? Noone knows.
>Whatever pure power boost they may grant their holders is also not all that much considering that Cusack and Chandler are stronger than most of the TC
You assume that the Commandments have their power boosted by holding the Commandments. We know that there's way to consume the power hidden in them if they all are collected in one place but nothing suggests that they give their users power boosts (Remember how excited Estarossa became when he learned about the whole "power hidden in the Commandments" stuff?) As far as we know they just act as laws that punish on their own.
>Meaning they have to be defeated at the end and if they're absurdly strong it's not going to happen
There are other ways to deal with a god in fiction besides punching him/her/it in the face.
>Merlin's magic glasses are enough to completely seal Escanor's Sunshine
We don't know how they work, maybe they force Escanor to experience night all day long cause magic.
>Mel resisted Piety during his fight with Zeldris
But couldn't resist Estarossa's Love. When was he even hit by it? Sure didn't show any inner struggle if it was when the Grayroad's "Stay in place" curse was cast.

peaknoon Escanor is a soyboy

And you are the KING's BOI but could never hope to defeat Ganon, learn that THOSE HEADS are the FACES of EVIL and conquer each. Truly, you've got to be kidding.

But I thought Estarossa was Mael's extracted darkness, who was Meliodas's alternate reality version from the future? Or will Ban rewrite reality in Purgatory by stealing the future?

The One > Arthur. And Nightscanor is a better character.

Didn't escanor still outperform Arthur when he slapped Estarossa flying with his sun so hard that Zeldaris had to try to pull him out of it only to get pulled along with it like two bugs on a windshield? Or does Arthur do something later in the chapter that outshines it?

no not really he didn't even damage zeldris there was no blood what's really impressive is that he was able to land a blow on mel and dodge him even tho i'm pretty sure he's holding back

Escanor BLEEDED against a small fry like Estarossa, while the TOP 4 demons can't even touch Arthur. And Escanor couldn't even kill Estarossa, hile Arthur already KILLED Cusack and Chandler in like 2 panels, and Zeldris is out of comission, while only Mel stands, but he will go down next chapter!

That's the least offensive incarnation of that newest and spiciest meme that some anons keep throwing at my poor eyes, but still how horrible of you.

Also, read the manga?

>KILLED Cusack and Chandler in like 2 panels
I bet you think that Peronia is dead too. What, you were one of those anons who thought that Mera and Ass Girl+No Mouth Moustache were dead too?

>Mera and Ass Girl+No Mouth Moustache were dead too?
They will be when Estarossa finds them. Also it's pretty obvious Nakab changed his mind and came up with the 'collecting the commandments' arc after Mel killed those two and retconned them to be alive. Mel even said he now goes for the kill.


Regardless, Peronia will live on in my heart.

Nah, there are some things that I think Nakaba probably did retcon but Mon and Derri surviving wasn't one of those. We still haven't seen what Monspiet's Trick Star does and what their Commandments do.

Did Cusack really fuck that?

>Monspiet's Trick Star was namedropped only in the fanbook
>Monspiet's Trick Star was never explained
>none of the two's Commandments were explained either
>dead bodies not shown, only explosion
>named characters dying from Full Counter
>Monspiet showed that he could escape death in the flashback shortly after (and he protected both Derrierie and Fraudrin too)
>implying dead
I guess the Commandments point is argueable since it was only hinted what Gloxinia's Commandment does and Dolor's is yet to be explained but the rest of them stand.

She and Cusack have some grand plans for improving Zeldris's love life, they are obviously not dead. Chadler is certainly alive too.

Her relation with Estarossa definitely gives her an ominous vibe too, no way she's dead.

The strongest Heroic Spirits can barely take on a pack of wolves and bleed like crazy because wolves are too stronk.

That's because they were blanco wolves.

Did you forget that demons don't die just from getting cleaved in half? Like Galan demonstrated.

Do you think the demons are going to finish undoing the seal or are they just going to get BTFO by Stigma before they can manage that? Zeldris has been at it for a while now so it kind of seems like it would go somewhere, but what use would this be for them? Their two elite groups are already out(assuming Nakaba's not going to reuse the movie villains) and so are the masters of the two princes. I mean I guess Estarossa's master could still be around or some minor demons like Peronia but most of their forces would probably be low tier demons. I guess there's also Indura but they were established to be mindless so they're probably not living with the demons but rather just roaming in the wild. Summoning one would be pretty risky.

>Cusack and Chandler
We went over that already. Don't say dead until somebody destroys a powerful demon as thoroughly as Meliodas did with Fraudrin and make sure even then.

I meant out as in out of the seal, which reduces the incentive to undo the seal. Doesn't make sense to pry open an empty can.

The seal apparently covers the Demon King too, even though he is residing the Purgatory if Zeldris's words are anything to go by. Plus, as most Demons aren't dicks to their clansmen. freeing it completely is only logical, weak or not. If Nakaba goes with the plot where all clans make peace then breaking the seal one way or another is necessary.

>The seal apparently covers the Demon King too, even though he is residing the Purgatory if Zeldris's words are anything to go by
That sounds a bit suspect to me but we don't really know enough about the whole seal thing at this point. We need a flashback showing what Gowther did to stop the war and how the deities had manifested into Britannia to punish their children. Another issue that I see with that is the SD. If the DK is affected by his clan's seal despite being in a different realm, did the SD also lose her physical body alongside her clansmen even though she's a deity who probably transcends the physical realm? Ludo mentioned to Eli that her mother may lift her curse if she helps them and since Elizabeth only had 2 days left at that point the SD has to be in a position where she could do that easily, which doesn't really work if she's just a soul now.

They are not really deities, just really powerful demon/goddess. Mel can become DK with training.

Assault Meliodas was powerful enough that Escanor called him a god of evil/demons after defeating him.
And the user was asking how they could manifest in Britannia when Eli said that the Demon King Meliodas would be too powerful to remain in England and would have to go to the Demon Realm. Also, what would you call a deity? They are both powerful enough with diverse and ridiculous skillsets to qualify as gods. Heracles wasn't born a god but still became one.

it was A - rank wolf and he turned off his NP idiot

>apparently from Japan, somehow made it all the way to Britannia of all places
>appears out of nowhere to participate in a tournament with a bunch of other important figures
>trains Arthur and fights to liberate Camelot
>tells Arthur that he will not die as long as Cath is with him
What's his deal? Is Nakaba trying to include Nip influence into Arthur's mythology? Is he going to die fighting for Arthur or just leave at the end or will he take up a mask and become one of the knights of the round table?

Also it just occurred to me but why is Zaratras the only named character in the series so far to use a shield? Is that why he was the great holy knight, because no one could beat an opponent using a shield? I get that it wouldn't help much against a commandment or something but it should've at least been useful against other holy knights.

He is Lancelot.

>a jap would cuck Arthur
Would watch desu

>Is that why he was the great holy knight, because no one could beat an opponent using a shield?
Mist Knight also used a shield during the siege of Liones and he is the best Holy Knight (at least among the no-names) so you might be onto something there.

He is the supreme deity.

Nah that's Haifan, the barehanded fighter who also participated in the tournament. You're not going to defeat the giant lizards with your bare hands unless you're a really heavy hitter.

All Nakaba knows how to write is incredibly one sided encounters.

There were moments in the Escanor vs Mel fight that almost felt they were eqals. And the Chandler fight before his transformation was pretty good.

is that s db refrence?

OK, that's it, I'm dropping this shitty manga. How could it fall so hard? It went from literal perfection to 'Six Deathly Shits and a Broken Man'. Up till Hendrickson's defeat, this was THE best shounen of the century, and now it's a sad parody of itself. What Nakaba is doing to Meliodas, his own creation, is beyond evil. That man was doing everything to save his friends and his lover against all odds, and yet everyone stands in his way, and Nakaba humiliates him at every opportunity. First he was beaten by the walking plot hole, manga Hulk, then his ungrateful girlfriend, the one he would even protect if it means harm to his friends, leaves him. And now, the ultimate humiliaton: a random powerless 16 year old kid beats him up at his peak. I can't take it anymore. This is torture.
And the sins are not better either. That shitstain Ban was willing to kill his best friend to revive a whore, and King was suspicious of his captain when he should have listened to him. And Diane choose that arrogant fairy instead of Meliodas. Merlin caused half the problems by taking his power because she is untrustworthy whore, and Gowther isn't better at all. And there is Escanor, the sin of being a directionless shit character only there as a plotdevice. No wonder Meliodas quit.
To see the hero of my youth humiliated this hard is too much. Bye Nakaba, my you rot in hell.

when arthur become 40k?


>To see the hero of my youth humiliated this hard
Okay that was actually pretty funny. Is this from plebbit or something?

See you next chapter

Lancelot is the son of King Ban and Queen Elaine. Tristan is the son of King Meliodas of Lyoness and Queen Elizabeth. Gawain is not related to Escanor but has the same power, so he might be Escanor's child in Nakabaverse.

Trying to emulate the Melfags on mangahelpers.

>humanfags fighting over who is the strongest human
>not recognizing the greatness of the Trio of Humanity (Ban, Arthur, Escanor)



Is Ban there to get his ass kicked so Arthur and Escanor know their opponent's the real deal?

Strongest human was Zaratras, now it's probably Dreyfus. Ban is an Undead, with stolen hax from fairies, Escanor is only powerful thanks to goddess hax, and Arthur is just a little shit. He is nothing without Excalibur. And Excalibur is probably non-human in origin too.

Any human at all is only powerful because of the power they were born with so it's retarded to hold it against Escanor. Arthur gets like 40-50k for free from his still asleep magic power just like that too.

I love you

45 chapters left until the end.

Nakaba said this will be going for 300 chapters and no more.

>Any human at all is only powerful because of the power they were born with
Actually that applies to almost every strong character in the series. Super demon bros all have deity genetics, they're basically like Thor or Herakles. Escanor and the archangels all use pieces of another god's power. Arthur uses the powers of the previous human kings. Glox and King are fairy king chosen the great tree. Merlin was born broken and got some divine/demonic blessings as well. Ban drank the immortality elixer. The strongest characters without outside help are Chandler and Cusack. Everyone else has either genetics, blessings or just plain luck to be born with some broken powers.

How many years ago has he said that?

No way this will end in 300 chapters

He also said three arcs, and we are only approaching the end of the second. The third won't be a lot shorter that's for sure.

>Eli and Mel's curses
>Estarossa powergrab
>Chandler rematch and Cusack fight
>Mael flashback and most likely a return in some form
>King maturing
>Diane becoming the queen of giants
>Escanor's background, connection to Mael, Rosa's role, sin explanation/gaiden
>Merlin's connection to Mel, Eli and Gowther, sin explanation/gaiden
>Mel's gaiden, meeting with Elizabeth
>Gowther ending the holy war
>goddess clan's revival
>deities defeated or otherwise dealt with
Yeah I don't think so. I recall another source stating that Nakaba had 40 volumes planned which would be around 360 chapters which sounds a lot more reasonable. Even if Nakaba had other plans in the past he has no reason to rush with his cash cow.

Good smile co knows who the best boy is

It's just sad at this point

Time for King to have a good fight again.

Those won't be answered. NNT got axed, Nakaba finishes the story in 2 chapters. Arthur solos the demon clan next chapter, including the DK, then SD comes back and removes Elizabeth's curse.

>OK, that's it, I'm dropping this shitty manga. How could it fall so hard? It went from literal perfection to 'Six Deathly Shits and a Broken Man'. Up till Hendrickson's defeat, this was THE best shounen of the century

>Arthur destroying everyone including Melodias
>Once Melodias goes full demon king he's going to fuck Arthur's shit up and then Arthur will become irrelevant
This is going to happen isn't it?

>the average Taizai fan

But then Arthur pulls out an upgrade, the Nextcalibur, and fodderizes Meliodas.

>that justliodas
>is that a man elizabeth
>that diane really is a giant
>anorexic king
>gowther become a stufffed doll

Why is Marciel so beautiful and perfect? That smile completely convinced me the goddesses did nothing wrong.


It's the juxtaposition between the graceful Margaret and the cocky Ludociel.

>anorexic king
Where in the world is that anorexic? Her feet are thicker than male-Elizabeth's.

galand and fraudrin >all

A++ best costume

It's unironically good. Only the hair needs some adjustments.

Missing wings

Except it's actually good

So are messy wounds difficult for demons to regenerate? Ban seems to have the same problem.

>we learn what escanors true power is
>we learn what Excalibur does and how strong Arthur is with it
>we even learned about Merlin's past
>Ban still hasn't came back yet
His buff must be really really good if he wants to match up to everyone.

If humans really are only inferior because their short lifespan denies them a long training, Ban should be really powerful when coming back. I expect him to shit on AM Mel too.

To be fair, Ban is still going to be away for a day or two or less. Purgatory isn't some time capsule, it's just that it is so bad that the body an soul deteriorate so much faster than in a physical realm. Ban is obviously getting a power-up but not such a ridiculous one (I hope).

Escanor doesn't have his own magic. Sunshine was Mael's grace bestowed on him by the Supreme Deity.

Escanor does have a magic power, it allows him to use sunshine, a power that should have killed a normal human. Once Sunshine is taken away from him, he has to rely on it.

It's pretty obvious that Nanashi is an ancestor of Kongou.

No, half-giant half humans are the Kongou ancestors. Nanashi is Iai's ancestor. Maybe if Matrona falls in love with him, or takes Dolores home as souvenir.

Is Merlin a human? It says she comes from the Sorcerer's capital, but it doesn't explicitly imply that she's not a human.

It kinda is a time capsule. Merlin said that space-time is warped so time could change into anything in there

inb4 arthur is the child of captain and a past life of elizabeth.

His dad is Uther

you mean his stepdad

Thread theme

Is this a pasta of some sort? Judging by the "hero of my youth" line, it sounds kind of like a TLJ reaction.

This might actually be the third arc. The second was supposed to be against the 10C, while this is against the bigger players as a whole.

he could probably easily beat arthur tho with his hunter fest

No he didn't.

theoretically yes but nakaba won't let that happen and will always make him look like shit i mean he could have easily soloed hendrickson and festival meliodas but nope he just got sliced in half and do nothing even tho we've seen how fast he can regenerate

You forget the obvious foreshadowing of Escanor awaken his own personal magic power that is even above Sunshine.
Afterall he is able to withstand the immense power that should have killed any normal human.

This entire chapter is still in her illusion.

But those encounters are still incredible.
Though Escannors fight are usuall USUALLY the more boring onse, since usually just throws one sunball at the enemy and that's it.
Others at least taunt the enemy a little more.

Ban a shit

She is not giant, not fairy, not demon, not goddess, and since she is a loli at 30, she is probably not human. Probably a small clan like vampires, beastmen and trolls. Magical humans or something like that.

This spread offically started the second arc, as long as I don't see something similiar for the third, I won't belive we are on it already. Current conflict feels like it will be resolved in 20 chapters max. Estarossa collects the commandments, betrays everyone, stigma+sins defeat him and Zel or Mel becomes DK to lift the curses. Missing plot points can't fit into this timeframe. Kind of like back at the Hendy fight we knew a new arc will start because Escanor and half the STs were missing.

Yeah, but Hendrickson had darkness all over him, which probably interferes with regeneration, like black flames. And using Hunter Fest, he would take strength from the holy knights who were barely alive at that point. That move would kill Liones' whole army in that situation. Against Galan it made sense, because civilians weren't in direct danger.

I vaguely recall there being a smaller notice of a new arc a while ago but it wasn't anything like the second arc announcement so it probably wasn't the real thing but rather a note about a mini-arc or just an editorial comment. As far as the current conflict goes there certainly doesn't seem to be much there aside from Estarossa finishing his business, but considering that the events of the past ~30 chapters have taken place within a single day and there's still 2 left before Elizabeth's curse triggers I'm not so sure this'll get wrapped up in just 20 chapters. Also Mel is not going to become the DK since that would put him out of the story. In fact I don't think the DK is going to be replaced just yet. Esta will become a kind of half-DK capable of removing Elizabeth's curse and then either die or retreat. The real DK will be fought at the end of the 3rd arc and then replaced by Zel or just removed outright.

That's not real Escanor, just the lack of sunlight taking off all of his strenght. Real Escanor would likely look like this

>tfw its TLA Avatar state

Real Escanor is probably Hulk. Without Sunshine, he can switch anywhere between nightform and oneform anytime he wants.

Hulk's transformation isn't voluntary. If anything Escanor is going to get stronger the more prideful he becomes. A kind of paradoxical power that makes him stronger in the face of opponents he perceives to be weak.

When do we get to praise the sun in the anime?

But it is? At least in the Avangers movies. You probably think of Dr. Jekyll.

Not for a couple episodes yet, we still need to do Diane losing her memories and running away, meeting matrona, her flashback shit, Mel and co training with the druids, Mel’s trial, Ban meeting Zhivago again, his flashback, Elaine resurrecting, the Galand and Melascula vs Ban fight, and THEN we’ll get around to Escanor.

I'm not into comics and have only seen the Hulk movie from the early 2000s but doesn't he power up based on how angry he is? That's not really something you can control. At best you might be able to influence it to a degree but even that's unreliable. I was thinking of something similar for Escanor but instead of wrath it's pride that boosts him.


When did Arthur become 40k? and how does everyone know assault mode meliodas is 140k?

>When did Arthur become 40k?
Databook showed.
>how does everyone know assault mode meliodas is 140k?
Extra page in vol 29.

spoonfeed me i dont wanna look for it oh and is40k strong?


That SUN in the middle...

So is Galand dead for good or will he be revived somehow, his dead was lackluster


>???: THE BAN
>140k+: THE ONE
>140k: assault mode Mel
>112k: Escanor at almost noon
>fucking ridiculous powercreep holy shit Nakaba
>60-70k: Esta, Zeldris, Mel without assault mode, presumably Cusack, Chandler and Ludo as well
>50-60k: Drole, Glox, Derrieri, Monspiet, probably Tarmiel and Sariel
>40-50k: Arthur, King, Diane after some dancing, Critical Over Galand
>30-40k: Gowther, Fraudrin, Mera, Grayroad
>20-30k: base Galand, Elaine, Ban with hunter fest
>holy knights are below 3k, Merlin 5k, everyone else irrelevant
So 40k is decent. In a team it's enough to fight against someone like Chandler for a while. But we don't know if Arthur has actually unlocked his magic yet. He might have gotten physically stronger or something though.