Alternative titles thread

Single Strike Guy

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"Ebin tits"

One season man

The Satania Show

Lion and Rabbit
A Section
Bingo 8
Dino Square X
Jail University
Phantom in the Husk
Deceased Guy Amusement Park
Ranma 50%
JoJo's Crazy Quest
Assault on Colossus
My Savior School
Satchel Creatures
Vigilante Sun
Cattleman Dance

That's all I got.

We Never Got Popular

Happy dwarf planet

TC is a homo


Life ending Book

Go to hell, Onodera

Total alloy conjurer

That girl Komi sucks at speaking

small sorcerer school

Searcher q Searcher

End E

More like MushiSHIT

Fortunate Sun

Kino's Adventure

Dark Servant
Wood Skyline
Blade Craft Networking

Femmes' Final Foray

>mfw remember one stalker thread where he google-translated it and it was similar title

One Pump Chump
One Slap Lad
One Shot Bloke
One Smack Senpai
Singular Impact Gentleman


Huh, never noticed that...

hello [s4s]

Lizardcrystal Z
Gren-hair sweetheart


Mono-Mayhem Male

Girls und Schwerter

Weightless composition society

Superman, but everyone hates him

Destiny stop the darkness

Fushigi Mahou Enjoyment Amusement Drugstore

Mass-Produced Group Chronicle

Djinnperson Lacrimation Infant


My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute


Now where did I hear that before

>Constructed in Cavity

She Has a Funny Voice
Acceptance into NEET Club
An Italian and a Teenager

What was his name again?

Autumn Wars

Scimitar Simian

his friends call him scimmie simmie

>t. scimmie simmie-san


Malevolent Munches

School Dead


Invisible teacher

See you later anguished tutor

Reptile Orb X

Demonguy: weepchild

-x axis

Gaucho Calypso
Total Steel Transmuter
Gabriel Truant
Syndicated Trials Lain
Argon Birth Evangelion


Orange Crush

Fuck you for making me remember that

JayJay's Wacky Roadtrip: Sunbeam Saracens

It's not possible for one such as myself to have faith in the ability of my younger female sibling to display cuteness of this level!

Mädchen and Tanks

crowd crazy 100

Violet Everboring

Animal Tomodachi

Individual Impact Individual

Tokyo Human

Cherubim Percussion

Tepid Table Tennis Teenagers

Kirie has the perfect body.

Loli Hitler

That's not how it works, brainlet

Dark Stone Launcher

Sinful Diadem

Unlit Pond

Argon Start Meaning

Superlative Cerulean.

>Dragon Ball Super
Asspulls literally everywhere


I can't believe my little black cat didn't win the kyoubowl

Murder the Murder
Yesterday's Day After Tomorrow Joe
Sometimes We Look For Dragon Balls Z
10% Metal Alchemist

I Actually Have Quite a Few Freinds but I'm Too Fuckin Oblivious to Notice

Lizard Spheres Extraordinary
Jet Dandylion
Jimjim's Queer Odyessy
Solo Fist Man
Single Fragment
Cephelapod Maiden
Madam Koba's Dinosaur House Servant
Predator Y Predator
Galaxy Fancy
Whole Steel Chemist: Siblinghood
The Responsibility of not being liked by many is not mine
Small Socerceror School
Hand de la Polaris
Renegrade Quasar
Rancher Doowop

One Hit Wonder

Legend of the Gay Lactating Heroes

A Certain Misfortunate Touman

Underpants and Thigh-High: Starring Leg Gurtle
The Bittersweet of Haruhi Suzimiya
The Third Lupin
Moveable Assault Armour: Gundam
You Gay Ho.
Spirit Lord
Battling Fooders
Marker Ankle-san
Inspector Conan; Investigation Concluded.
Septuple Ronin

Ungrammatical Latin Magical Madoka

Sasuke shippuden

Atrocious Acts at an Affordable Amount

Very Big Mad

Women's End of Days Walkabout.

Big Bang Man

Cosmos Cool Guy

The man who does not need to change hair color to fight because he does not have a hair

Prozac school

Singular Thing

kek. Got me.

I Want to Get Knocked up with Daddy's Cummies

Fistful of Yen


The Good, the Bad, and the Immortal

Pokemon: Journey to Eygpt

Darling in the FranXX more like Karling in the Franks

Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from famous Chinese cartoons such as Hit the Big Man, Sheriff Rocksteady, Choose your own Killventure, and Lovebot versus the Immune System.

>dinosaurs = dragons
That's racist.

>Jimjim's Queer Odyessy

*It Ain't Me

Who's the bad?

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids

Family guy

you clearly didn't watch "Inu Spit"

Some of the convicts are more fucked up than others.

I also realized after posting that Dancing with Kamuy is better.

It's Mandible Mastications

toppest fucking kek user

top fucking kek, the best board

Glowing Exodus Apocalypse

nigger pool

born in hole

Fallout 2 : Electric Blame!-galoo

Like we all

>Oui Oui Biyori
>Monster flat
>Beast acquaintances

Unemployed ginger

War is bad toot !


Japanese militarism made them nuked twice so the "war is bad" message makes sense
Fuck girls und panzer


more suitable

Spike Dies.

Flaming Policeman
Astro Yankee
Spirit Devourer

Closed due to aids

Sir Kobayashi's Servant Lizard


Card Dames

Generic Shonen x Generic Shonen


Who needs actual teachers.

A Place Further than Australia

Kazuma's Great Fantasy Australia Adventure!

My fucking sides

I've Lost My Head For This Girl

Owari no Sekai
I have a sudden urge to kill you in the most painful way possible.

Area of the Incandescent

One Meme Man.

Destiny\remain bedtime

Wish Nut

The sad state of a whore goddess

Kill the author of pumpum instead

xenon beginning sermonizion

Continent of the Geodes

Priest monarch.

The six dangerous wrongdoings

Hurricane of horror

Elves Blade

Destiny/Remain After Hours: Endless Sword Arts

heated hit

One Slap Jap

Light Novel Tutor

Crying Lesbians

I am trapped in a MMO and a Vampire and a Succubuss fell in love with me. Also I am a skeleton?!

Destiny\Remain Bedtime: Paradise Sense

sour fruits

New World Bible
The Book of Revelation

Gem Country is what you get through google translate

I don't know why I lost my shit over Clorox

Professor Pebble

Perdition's Symphony


Welcome to the HNK

Lethal bites

You son of a bitch.

Badge Securing Blossom

Eotena Onslaught.


Tuer le tuer


Furry Comrades


This is Muderous Munchies.

Females y Land Machines

My small female sibling couldn't possibly be this fuckable

my little sister cant be this cute


Conspirator Commandos

You fucked up

Canine Dates

>insubstantial groove society

>Salt and wild dog

metal blade renaissance on the internet.

Japan capital zombie

Midnight Destiny


>retarded female

>Soda's localized advertising campaign

El wey de un madrazo

Burning Table Tennis Daughter

its always nice to see another takkyuufag in the wild

I want my Darling in my Franxx

>dumbass ho

John And Kate Plus 8

Totally Tin Transmogrifier
Mini Magician Boarding School
Murder el Murder
Singular Unit
Homura Fucks Shit Up
General Ribbit
The Cardinal Vices
Haruhi's Pouty Feelings
Noise! This isn't a Tuba!
My Super School
Heart Join
Without Pleasure, Without Existence
Straw Mat Universe
Well-known Crew Spectacular
Seasoning with Canine
Hormonal Imbalance, infatuation, etc.
Mariner Luna

Looking through the thread some of these have been done already but I can't be assed to be more original

Baleful Chomps

Program Mandatory-Quest

God is a cunt, but so am I


>low IQ tool

tiny enchantress learning institution

Soda Partnertship Narrative


The educational institution for champions of justice that belongs to me.

Space Milf Shenanigans

Excessive Mass

Destiny/remain eve

eth él tio un puñetatho!

fuck them in dead

the fuck so the isekai mc is the bad guy in that show?
lol might actually watch it now



How to train your housekeeper

Draconic Sphere X

I fucked my sister.

The Master of Darkness


Sinon's Ass Online

So simple
yet so genious kek/kek /thread

Engrish, the show.

You mispronounced "Shit".

Sole slap chap

assault upon goliath

Djevochki i tanki

Filles et Blindés

tokyo drift

>Akina is a different prefecture
what did user mean by this?

Mädchen and tanks

Dearest in the Franciszz


Any ideas on these and for deez ??

sole hit male

Metropolis Mercenary
Urban Sportsman
Municipal Marksman
Concrete Jungle Stalker

Snap Squad Legendary
Miracle Busters
Dumb Bitch
Poofy Hair Swordsman
Unlimi-Ted Power
Repeating Decapitation Phases
Automaton Observations
Assembled in Oblivion
End My Life, Honey

I'm done. I'm too much of a brainlet to do this any more.

Un wate man

Mastication Decimation

Nice one

fuck you

Juan chancla hombre

Destiny Remain/Dark : Neverending Sword Manufactoring

Boku no Shit Academia

Predestination, Overnight Visit: Unrestricted Arms Forge


Lizard Sphere

Lizard Sphere C

Lizard Sphere WA

Lizard Sphere Great

Nourishment hostilities


Rubber x Rubber

get off Cred Forums todd
japs dont like skyrim

Takitatte!! Gohan

Built In A Hole

...or Dr. Cthulhu Funtime Murder Hole.

Angry Group of People Mind Centurion

Complete Steel Thaumaturge


table tennis the cartoon

my fucked up family and friends


Batman: The Animated Series

You mean Batman Beyond.

This is more like BtAS

Intern bully

He who gets so enraged that doesn't distinguish friend from foe

Continuous Observations Iwakura

Death Grips

Samurai Boogiepop

Cipher Command

Creative one!
Spoiler and you don't know that. Maybe it was just petting or oral

Servant of the void.

Illuminated Creation Robot

minisicule magician university

My female first generation blood relative can't be this adorably endearing

Presenting this Planet with Peachy Profits

Isekai wa iPhone to Tomo ni

What happens if Saitama punches himself?

>Assault on Colossus
>Not Assault on Eotena