Sword Art Online: Alicization Anime to Cover Entire Alicization Arc

“Kazuma Miki, the light novel editor and an anime producer for Sword Art Online, stated at a "SAO and GGO New Anime and Original Work Stage” presentation at a Sword Art Online fan meeting event on Saturday that the upcoming Sword Art Online: Alicization anime will cover the entirety of the Alicization arc from Reki Kawahara’s Sword Art Online light novel series. Miki didn’t mention any information regarding the length of the new anime.“


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What would sex with Alice be like?

The producer has joked that it'll be 48 cours. Needless to say they know it'll be quite long.

Well, this isn't a joke. What do you guys expect? Can this possibly be 50 episodes or a long running anime?

The question is, will the loss in butthurt asunafags be recoverable with the new influx of fujoshits ?

I expect 48 episodes or so.

Do you think it's gonna be continuous or split in two 24 episode chunks?

Oh, so that means Alicization is actually done? The LNs have finally moved into a new arc? Or was Alicization the last arc and it's done now?

I think a split in two would be great. That way the animation doesn't have to suffer. Also if they do then the last episode of the first cour sets up for a fantastic cliffhanger.

Reki has said there's a final arc that's going to be called Unital Ring. Apparently it'll have something to do with Augmented Reality.

Oh fuck yes. That'll be great. Imagine secondaries seeing the last episode with Kirito as a vegetable.

Is the mmo after Alicization this one you speak of or will it be the one after?

Alicization isn't mmo. It's a simulation to make a bottom up A.I. and we still don't have anything else on Unital Ring.

There is no new mmo that we know of, Unital Ring will take place after Alicization and supposedly deal with both AR and IRL stuff. The Augma is going to be involved

can we trust a1?

for reference i think the 'muh seibah clone' thing is bullshit, my alice fantasy just happens to coincide exactly with pic related

probably not, but they seem to care enough about SAO as a property to make me think they won't actively attempt to fuck it up

this will air in summer I assume

I heard that when they ask the LN illustrator to design Alice, it was specifically requested to be different from Saber despite all the similarities

Will Itou direct it again?

Very likely.

A-1 made Mother's Rosario better than it was in the LN so I'm not worried.

made shit to turd?

Unless there's some behind the scenes drama I doubt he won't


This show is the one that brought them into prominence. You really think they will want to fuck it up?

what if they put all of alicization into two cours

That wouldn't be too bad to be honest. Unless they're adapting Mion's Cradle Arc then we'll need 3 cours.


Moon Cradle*

2 cours is impossible for it. Anyone with a working brain in that industry knows that.

>There are actually people hating on SAO
>In motherfucking 2018

I'm actually pretty excited for this because I've only heard good things about this arc.

Is this the fujo arc?
How gay will it be?
Will there be porn of the two guys?

There's no doujins (yet) but I'm very certain there will be.

Unital Ring will will end with the development of the NeuroLinker and the release of Brain Burst. Mark my words.

This is pretty likely to happen.

I doubt it, since that would mean the story spans more than 10 years or something. Since the Brain Chip needs to be invented in the middle and there are bunch of earlier games on the same architecture of BB like that one from the anime OVA that was re-mentioned in the Gameverse called Accel Assault.

Most likely Unital rings ends with the groundwork laid out for AW to happen in a few decades, with stuff like Kikoha and the SkyKing needing a reason to do all that shit in the first place and Kirito heading off to college in the States where I'm assuming he will help develop the Brain Implant chip. Don't think we will quite get Nerve Gear since quantum computers are still these things that tech companies and government labs have like 1 or 2 units of so the world is probably pretty far away from a wearable mass market release.

If Kirito x Argo is a go, would it be /ss/?

Technically. I mean he's 14 by the start of SAO and she's between 16-18 years old.

Can't wait for Asuna's arc

How often did she and Kirito fuck? They clearly had something going on since they met up at least weekly, and I've got my bets on the theory that it wasn't always for buying/selling intel

>Is this the fujo arc?
>How gay will it be?
>Will there be porn of the two guys?

I hope A-1 goes anime original route and make Eugeo stay alive.

Maybe she backed off because of Acchan.

I want him to be alive but I don't know if I want ti change the story like that

yes to all three
i'm not into fujo but anything that gives us more cute kirito and eugeo can never be a bad thing

I share this sentiment. Their banter is cute and they actually feel like true best friends.

fuck you, why spoil shit for us secondaries?

How would Eugeo react to Kirito's GGO avatar?

For the eventual genderbend KiritoxEugeo fics and doujins

You'll forget about this anyway

>r63 eugeo
oh lordy

>Asuna is away
You bet

where are you guys reading this in english? I was reading Defan's and he's still on vol 18 as far as I know

Just learn moon runes.

he was in college in the movie

you KNOW A-1 is going to bait the hell out of the fujos even if nothing actually happens
doujins guaranteed

Which means Argo should be in her 20s by OS.

I'M WORKING ON IT OK?!!! do ALL of you guys seriously know nip?
at this point the anime will probably be out in english before the LNs

No, he was looking at places to apply to in the movie, he was still in high school

>Kirito is 17-19 in OS
That would make Agro 21-23, Hey Kii-boy, wanna /ss/?


What are some moments you're hyped in watching for Alicization?

Heck if they managed to make Uolo vs Kirito a fantastic fight then I'd be pretty amazed.

Pretty much everything in the tower.

Everything in the dark territory.

I'm especially hyped for Eugeo vs Bercouli. My boy on his own against the super prototype Synthesis Knight will be fantastic

Eldrie vs the entirety of the combined Dark Arts chant. Boy had me awed and I thought he was just some little bitch but he was a good guy.

They better make the time he Incarnates as his SAO avatar to be fucking hype, anything less would not do this justice.

Hot and bothered.

I bet Klein was too.

>I bet Klein was too.
Who wouldn't get hot and bothered over that image. The girls would be on the floor with puddle of their blood.

They need to do this right

There will be inevitable shitposting at how he used an umbrella as a sword.

Kirito gets isekai'd, cardiac arrest by neurotoxin styel

Will A-1 make it right this time?
Will Reki Kawahara writing be good this time?

The largest chunk of the middle is good, the beginning and end parts are iffy for me but there are still quite stand out scenes.

And since A-1 knows how long it is, I have hope they'll be able to adapt it quite well.

If its anything less than 48 episodes it'll be garbage.

Is that Kayano Ai?


Thought so. Sounded very similar to her other seiba clone

Alicization will unironically save anime. God bless Miki.


Alice's kamehameha in the big battle better be epic as hell

Out of all the childhood friend trios I've seen, Kirito, Eugeo and Alice is truly a precious one.


Cutting down the fucking tree

Saber is not a bitch/slot like Darkness. Unless you count the doujins.

If Administrator is so perfect she doesn't need to wear clothes, why does she wear a choker?

I have no clue but probably just part of her aesthetics. She's also still prime breeding material even after 200+ years

Just because you're beyond physically perfect doesn't mean you can't wear accessories, user

because having the choker and the choker only is easily 15x hotter than just being nude

SAO is so based, it's great to have a hero in Kirito that modern viewers can relate to and the writing and fights are some of the best in anime let alone fiction.

It's great to see one of the best written works of fiction continue to be based, translated, and adapted. It's something everyone can (and should) experience. It will make you a better person, entertain you, touch you and more.

SAO is by far one of the best things Japan has ever produced and with the upswing in virtual reality in the real world and SAOs continued domination in media, we live in a very exciting time.

Even AI must know about


reminder that There Will Be Blood

The first episode when all the shitposting will be "OH MY GOD KIRITO FINALLY DIED"

>SAO is by far one of the best things Japan has ever produced and with the upswing in virtual reality in the real world and SAOs continued domination in media, we live in a very exciting time.

Sounds like b8, but I agree.

That's actually pretty decently written. Is this a good example of Reki Kawahara's general writing in the LNs?

I usually make it a point of not giving retarded tripfags (You)s but your post made me.

Are you retarded? You're retarded arent you? You didnt even read the post, you just saw the word seiba and you assumed i was comparing anyone to your shitty little character. Please, just fucking off yourself already. Useless waste of fucking space

God. The gameverse have made me appreciate all the girls so much and if I hadn't played it, I'll probably still think that Asuna is the only good girl.

>first episode
Second episode you mean. The first episode needs to be nothing but the childhood prolouge.

in alicization, sure. he's improved leaps and bounds from a very rocky start with aincrad and the like though.

You may be right. I just hope they end an episode on it

Is this a meme or does he actually die ?

His heart stops and he actually dies, but he takes the other guy out too

He has improved. Doubt you will like his early anything.

His heart stops and is declared dead for a period of time. You can bet his heart stopping will be an end episode cliffhanger.

so jesus dies for the 2nd time

but unfortunately he does not stay that way as then the series may actually be good

also glopping sounds

Im hyped for Asuna getting literally no screen time till the end of it. Finally shes put in her place, the back line

the entire war for the underworld is basically 'watch all these characters you love fight tooth and nail against worsening odds'

Is this arc really going to be better than the previous ones?

>will 0 be a higher number than 0?

in the novels? absolutely
in the upcoming adaptation? we desperately hope so

Take a look at these and be your own judge.

>Terraria's infinite regen
God that must be hell.

Yeah, pretty much. If nothing else because SAO is fucking ancient by anime standard and A-1 was still at it's infancy when they were working at it and GGO is pretty much all filler.

>The first episode needs to be nothing but the childhood prolouge.

>Who are these kids? Did Kirito get isekai'd?
>Wtf is Eugeo and Alice?
>Where's Asuna? Is Alice Asuna?

Sounds like the season is going to be gory as hell

So Stacia can terraform entire lanscapes and remake the world, Solus can nuke from a distance and Terraria has infinitely regenerating health? Is this right?

Mother's rosario was pretty much the best one honestly


Very. Much so

This, I *NEED* to witness the confusion of the secondaries and anime-onlys. I've been dreaming of that moment since I read Alicization back when it was first getting translated years ago on BT

I enjoyed Mothers Rosario but it was like 3 good episodes in an entire season full of dogshit

rape incoming.

I need a gameverse version of the War of Underworld. Imagine Philia, Strea, Rain and Seven fighting the war. Hell Premiere was already a Goddess in SA:O so giving her an actual Goddess form in Underworld would be amazing.

That's like 3 novels away user.

terraria is the god of life
stacia is the god of creation
solus is the god of the sun

I wonder if they'll try to tone it down to keep from losing the casual audience

There's only one other super account that wasn't used I believe which was Lunaria. If one girl can enter as Lunaria, which girl should it be?

Aren't the casual audience fine with it? I mean they watch Attack on Titan and shit,

Pretty sure Sinon's thing is free flight, while it's her weapon that nukes shit. Meanwhile, Leafa had infinite Regen, but her katana appears to be able to cut at a distance, which yeah, makes her the lamest goddess.
Don't remember if Asuna's sword had anything.

they toned down the gore in gate almost entirely, so it's a reasonable concern

:( no gangbang? sadanon.

im absolutely ready to have my heart torn out


I believe Radiant Light has the highest priority out of any weapon in the Underworld. I can't remember where I read it but I think it was in volume 18

Strea since she looks like she could be the goddess of the moon with her colour scheme.
Don't do this to me user.

in the second one Alice doesn't even remember their childhood and Kirito is unconscious

>highest priority out of any weapon
Whoahoa don't get carried away now user. That's like at the levels in deflecting the concentrated dark arts chant back at them without Release Recollection.

Kiriboy the new Cloud

I'm not prepared. I'm not prepared for that Quinella boss battle with tragedy congo line,

Charlotte, Cardinal/Lizeris, Eugeo and Kirito as a vegetable.

it is. imagine getting cut to pieces and being able to keep yourself alive but not diminish the pain of your injuries. i'm amazed any of the main cast made it out of underworld without significant psychological trauma

How hard will the gameverse girls fight for Kirito's sake?

>implying strea is canon

I mean the post before that said gameverse girls so I kind of assumed...

Which volume was it that Sinon stole a kiss from Kirito in front of Asuna?

He worships the Kirito × Asuna pairing. Yes.

I hope in the next games they add an auto function during the cutscenes/ VN scenes.
Its a fucking pain pressing everytime a button and on a Vita there's no touchscreen support during these kind of scenes.

seriouisly. fucking A+ stupid.

Accel World vs Sword Art Online actually does have an auto function.

what? when did this happen?

I love bitches, user. I'm not a massive fag like you.

Yep, but he asked about arcs being better than the previous one and mother's rosario was the previous one so, yea...

kirisuna love live spice-up attempt #1: vr-realized /ss/

The problem is that the rape never actually happens. I'm like "Oh God, they're so close! Just fucking stick it in!" but no. At one point, Leafa gets fondled by an evil dark elf woman (in front of an orc who is, surprisingly, a fairly decent sort) but the dark elf doesn't penetrate her with tentacles or anything!

I mean, when they call in the army of Chinese, Korean and Russian players to fuck shit up, I was hoping there'd be some raping with the pillaging and the killing, but nope.

love life*
kill me

I'm so mad that Eugeo dies, and Alice starts crushing on Kirito. I mean, technically she's a different person from who she used to be, but still! That's your buddy's girl, man.

The lack of tension also hurts a little, because there are all this new fuckable girls and nothing happens with them.

Pretty sure it's the volume she shows up in, so Volume 17.

In the Web Novel, Eugeo arrives at Raios and Humbert's room too late, and the pair are already raped numb on the bed.
Which actually sorta makes sense, because why would they wait so long, just for him to watch? Just fucking do it.

I'm still on HR, guess that explains it.
Hope the guys at Dimps took notes.

op here...they are raped, impregnation, seed planted...

Instead of Ronye and Tiese being raped silly, we got this marvel of literature
(taken from the Official ENG translation)

What does Alicization actually mean?

I wonder if it will tie up with Accel World in the end

doubt it, cast will be so fucked up

Honestly, Alicization has another side to it that would also make a fairly interesting story, if it was told as a dystopian novel. It has some interesting ideas, specifically directly questioning the idea that you can have a Utopia if everyone just followed the law.
The obvious way Kawahara confronts this, is by asking "What law?" but I feel this could have been explored any other number of ways, especially in a world where active wars are still carried out. What is the consequence of telling soldiers "You're not allowed to surrender" if they're unable to refuse laws and the orders of superiors? How do you even form a revolt, when no one even knows what it means to be rebellious (save for a few limited people that lost their right eye)? Do empires remain unchallenged by anyone other than outsiders?

here my man. as far as i can tell it's the only art of the situation in question
>eugeo kabedon
i think i might swoon

It would be amazing if Sword Art Online ends with the creation of The Accelerated World. Would boost Accel World's popularity as well.

Didn't someone already prove that the main heroine of AW is Kirito and Asuna's daughter? I can GUARANTEE that in later volumes of AW the cast of SAO will be involved in some way.

>“Our highly adaptive and autonomous artificial intelligence. Artificial Labile Intelligent Cybernetic Existence. Or in acronym form, ALICE. Our ultimate goal is to turn the clouds of photons trapped in those lightcubes into a single Alice. In other words, to Alice-ize them.”
>Lieutenant Colonel Seijirou Kikuoka had revealed his deepest secret, yet that strange smile of his still harbored mystery.
>“Welcome…to Project Alicization.”

I don't think that's actually confirmed

>48 more episodes of SAO

Its not "confirmed"

But there is a literal mountain of evidence hinting at it

Will this be in it?

Explain this evidence to an animeonlyfag. I don't think I saw any hint of her being Kirito and Asuna's daughter in the show.

context? i assume this is progressive 5

because there is none. it's the most prevailing fanon theory, nothing more.

The author himself has denied it, especially since KYH's family is pretty shit, and he doesn't want to imagine Kirito and Asuna would treat their kid that terribly.
That said, there's been a lot of hinting that Kirito is somehow related to Graphite Edge, assuming the two worlds are connected anyways.

That's from SAO: Progressive, user. Not Alicization.

Oh you know probably just typical MISUNDERSTANDING

Also why were Asuna's tits so big in the movie?

Philia would KILL for him

Asuna is 15 or 16 during Aincrad, she's 19 in Ordinal Scale.

SAO starts in 2022, when Asuna is about 15, maybe 16.
Ends in 2024, where she's 17.
The movie is in 2026, where she should be reaching 19 soon.

She's had a lot of time to grow.

i can see it happening
i mean, she's not below publicly exposing yui to get asuna away from him

>The author himself has denied it,
I have never actually seen a source for this, the one thing I have seen is Reki coyly saying the two stories were unconnected and he said that *Years* ago and that claim has been confirmed bullshit since we know the series are pretty much connected. We fucking SAW Haruyuki look up the Nervegear's wikipedia article in the AW anime

>KYH's family is pretty shit, and he doesn't want to imagine Kirito and Asuna would treat their kid that terribly.

Gee I wonder if that's why he left them both in the STL for 200+ Accelerated years at the end of Alicization after Higa flat out told them "Doing that will severely fuck up your natural lifespan". Thant and we know Asuna has a shit family who are also rich as fuck and Hime comes from a shit family who are rich enough to just fund her living alone instead of dealing with the whole "attempted murder of her sister" deal.

Black Lotus literally has an attack called Starburst Stream

I mean she pretty much see's Kirito as her reason for living

And The Eclipse
And Vorpal Strike

Those were all taught to her by a guy who has a helmet that looks like a Nerve Gear and two swords on his back and is probably Kirito's Quantum AI Clone from the end of Alicization

And her avatar is black
And she fights with two swords
And she is the only other character in either SAO or AW besides Kirito to be called "The Black Swordsman"
And she physically resembles Kirito as a girl

Oh, and her name is fucking Sachi

>Q06: Is Kuroyukihime Kirito’s daughter?
>KAWAHARA: There seems to be some conjecture that such a thing could be possible. However, it’s already said that Kuroyukihime’s family was not a happy one. If she was Asuna and Kirito’s daughter, in the twenty years between the time settings, they had a really bad falling out in their relationship. I hope she is not the daughter of Kirito and Asuna.

Anything else is just fan theory.

Which she learned from another player called Graphite Edge (which has the same Voice Actor as Kirito)

>Oh, and her name is fucking Sachi
Wasn't this just a fan-theory, with the only evidence being a character that calls her "Sacchan"?

>Wasn't this just a fan-theory, with the only evidence being a character that calls her "Sacchan"?

Fuuko and Utai call her Sacchan
Akira just flat out calls her Sachi

>which has the same Voice Actor as Kirito
Last I checked there hasn't been an anime or CD with Graphite Edge. How the fuck does he have a voice actor?

AW vs SAO game.


Accel World vs SAO: Millennium Twilight


What did they mean by this?
Reki supervises the games stories right?

>"Doing that will severely fuck up your natural lifespan"
How badly ?

What is the interaction between Kirito and Kuroyukihime like in that game? Their personal problems and personal preferences are alike, even before you consider the fact that they might be related by blood.

Yes he does. Nothing is confirmed by the game to be fair but it hints to a lot of shit. Also Yui is confirmed to be able to beat Chrome Disaster into submission until a thousand years later which corrupts her.


Which is why the whole "He said they weren't connected!" argument holds so little water. Actually look at were he doesn't say she "isn't" their daughter but that "He 'hopes' she isn't". Which is a weird ass thing for the guy writing the story to say.

Your brain is like a hard drive, in that it has a finite storage capacity, even accounting for how it partitions and formats unused data (ie forgetting old memories) as you grow older. Living for too long via something like subjective time acceleration results in it eventually crapping out like a hard drive does. It's like most hard drives are warrantied for 3 to 5 years, meant for 10 years of use, and will likely fail after 20 years.

>Which is a weird ass thing for the guy writing the story to say.

Is it that weird? I'm sure there are at least some readers who like Kirito and Asuna being all lovey-dovey. Saying "oh, but their marriage ends in bitter acrimony/failure with one of their biological daughters becoming alienated from her family and the other becoming Lex fucking Luthor" is a guaranteed way to have your sales go down.

Will there ever be an Isolaor anime?

That was a fantastic scene, really excited to see how A-1 handles it.

I sure hope so.

No user, I'm saying that phrasing it like "I wish" as opposed to a definitive yes or no is strange from the person holding the pen. He doesn't need to "wish" for anything he just needs to write what he wants.

>but their marriage ends in bitter acrimony/failure

The most recent theory (that's actually being discussed in this thread) is that their marriage was probably great, until they both probably died young due to STL overdosing. The Yuuki family then raised the girls (because no way in hell was the middle class daughter of some tech journos gonna win any custody battle for her nieces in the Japanese court system against a fucking zaibatsu) and we know from Asuna's griping that they are shits.

They do get along pretty well. There's even a scene where two of them spar not the similarities between their attack names. KYH even learns Kirito's melee version of Starburst Stream.

Note the similarities*

>The most recent theory (that's actually being discussed in this thread) is that their marriage was probably great, until they both probably died young due to STL overdosing.

How about you shut up before I start to cry.

Jizz splashes onto Eugene's face as they pull out.

Well that can’t be healthy


I hope it’s a close adaptation. I read the Alicization arc years ago and I sadly forgot a number of details from it

>He doesn't need to "wish" for anything
That user was saying Kawahara was being intentionally vague.

>their marriage was probably great, until they both probably died young due to STL overdosing. The Yuuki family then raised the girls (because no way in hell was the middle class daughter of some tech journos gonna win any custody battle for her nieces in the Japanese court system against a fucking zaibatsu) and we know from Asuna's griping that they are shits.
Couple problems with this theory.
First off, "STL overdosing", as you call it, doesn't kill you; it makes you start forgetting things that you otherwise wouldn't because of the memory build-up, but Asuna and Kirito had their memories cleared out, in the same manner as Cardinal and some of the Integrity Knights.

Second, what about Yui? If I'm getting this right, your theory is saying Yui is White Cosmos, and apparently Asuna's parents just like Yui (the digital daughter) more than KYH (the biological daughter)? OR are you saying White Cosmos is also their biological daughter, and Yui has just fucked off somewhere else?

If anyone from some ( very ) earlier threads is still interested, I encoded and compiled all the game and anime soundtracks.
HR is getting pretty enjoyable the more I go on. I love the skits

>Yui has just fucked off somewhere else?
This would make me very sad. She needs to appear sometime soon in Accel World as a set up for the final arc.


Knowing A1 they'll cram it all in 12 episodes anyway.

They just can't into adaptations.

Thanks user.

It's good, but expect A1 to fuck it up, like they fucked up SAO1 and GGO. Mother's Rosario adaptation was good, I'll give you that.

Can't wait to hear Kajiura again

Guys guys... Clearly Tin Writer is the creator of the Brain Burst Program.

Alicization arc got translated completely right? I think I might pick it up and read it again.

Eugeo and unironically Kirito were one of the best bois I've ever read about while reading Alicization. Too Bad all the muh Alice and muh Kirito by Asuna got in the way. The arc is fantastic anyway

> your theory is saying Yui is White Cosmos, and apparently Asuna's parents just like Yui (the digital daughter) more than KYH (the biological daughter)? OR are you saying White Cosmos is also their biological daughter, and Yui has just fucked off somewhere else?

We know that White Cosmos is KYH's biological (as in meat space) sister. Because the reason she lives by herself is that she tried to flat out murder said sister IRL after she was tricked into decapitating Rider.

So whatever the case of parentage, Lotus and Cosmos are flesh and blood siblings.

Also we don't know what happened to Yui, but she can't actually affect the real world in any way there would be nothing she could do if Kirio and Asuna aren't there anymore.

>First off, "STL overdosing", as you call it, doesn't kill you; it makes you start forgetting things that you otherwise wouldn't because of the memory build-up,

No, it does flat out "degrade your soul". Even if you delete the memories your Fluctuating Light permanently has less space on it. Unless you wear "something like an STL but miniaturized so that you can have it on you at all times" (so literally what a Neurolinker is). That was the whole point of Asuna getting mad when she learned they stuck Kirito in UW for 7 years, even though they said they wiped his memories. The Artificial Flutctlights probably work different because the Light Cube's storage limit might be different than a human brain's. But even Quinella was having trouble with the upper limits even as she went out of her way to delete everything unnecessary regularly

second season was fucking yuri so it's fair third season covers now yaoi.

I mean in a strictly 4th wall breaking point of view, he did make it.

>the bystander who watches everyone's fights is the creator and true final boss
That's one fucking glorious reveal to have.
Wait what? Reki voiced Tin Writer?

He voiced him in the TV broadcast. For the BDs they replaced him with someone who could actually voice act.

When you're just causally drinking tea with god himself.

Yeah he they had Green Grande's voice actor to voice him I believe

>she can't actually affect the real world in any way there would be nothing she could do if Kirio and Asuna aren't there anymore.
>nothing she could do
I mean, they're in a world full of technology, and Yui can hack top secret military computers. I kinda doubt there's NOTHING she could, what with unlimited access to the internet. I mean, Digi-Kayaba is kinda fucking around in and can manifest in both VR and AR, and Yui should be able to do the same easily.

>it does flat out "degrade your soul"
Source on that meaning anything other than "erase your memories"?
>Even if you delete the memories your Fluctuating Light permanently has less space on it.
[citation needed]
>The Artificial Flutctlights probably work different
[citation needed]

Bercouli and Cardinal are over 200 years, and Quinella over 300, both having survived by erasing their memories, and even both Kirito and Asuna lived for 200 years when the limit was said to be about 150.

>keeping Asuna and kirito away for 7 volumes
The mad man

best way to combat the common criticism that every woman throws themselves at kirito is to have him throw himself at another dude

>Kirito and Asuna, two characters in a heterosexual relationship are used as gay bait
What did Reki Kawahara mean by this?

It can't be helped, they are after all at peak performance. Both are tall, slim and are bishies.

Yeah no.

Kirito was 172cm by the end of Aincrad, he was 16 at the time and has been in a coma and therefore not grown nearly as much. Skip to the time of Alicization, he's 180+.

And for Asuna, she was 168 by the end of Aincrad and about 178 by Alicization.

I remember that this is one of the reasons why Asuna thought that Kirito was older than he actually was.

Kirito is 180+ cm, by Japanese standards the kid's a giant, Asuna is 178 cm while we're at it.

so what are the odds that asuna will lose?

She'll always be at the top of the harem. Even if Alice manages to her to let the other girls fuck Kirito, Asuna will forever be number 1.



Since I self insert as Asuna I have no problem with this

who the fuck is this?

>Yui is confirmed to be able to beat Chrome Disaster into submission
So Chrome Disaster is still a thing in AWvsSAO? When during the AW story does this crossover take place?

>Cramming it in 12
>When the previous seasons had 24
Not happening. SAO is A-1 biggest project after all


SAO is also a big cash cow for A-1 so rushing the arc will make them less money as such they have no incentive to do that. I am expecting 48 episodes at bare minimum.

48 is pushing it a bit, I think. How long is Alicization compared to the previous arcs?

its long user. 40+ for sure

The first two series covered volumes 1-8. Skipping one short story in volume 8, and truncating, changing, or omitting material from everything else.

Alicization covers volumes 9-18.

So 24 episodes then.

Do you really think they're going to take 49 episodes to cover the first 8 volumes, and then take 24 to cover the next 9? On a cash cow like SAO?

>9 volumes
>24 episodes
Yeah no that's not happening. It'll be instant shit if A-1 tried that.


72 if lucky

Mmm, it's pretty lenghty. No idea how they are going to pull it off but hopefully A-1 will bring Ordinal Scale and Apocrypha animators for the ride.

Are we including Moon Cradle into this?

You just said season 1 and 2 covered volumes 1-8. Each season is 12 episodes.

>Each season is 12 episodes
You might want to do research into the series before posting in the thread

My dude the first season was 12 episodes and then the 2nd one about the elf game was 12 too. Ggo and mothers rosario were around 12 episodes each too.

>battle healing
used/brought up literally once in LN and anime

everybody would be training that stat as much as humanly possibly

I'm almost convinced you're trolling but on the off chance you're not, you just implied we have 4 current seasons of SAO and also
>Mother's Rosario
>12 episodes
Not even mate

yeah there's been 4 seasons so far man

Is this bait? There are two seasons. Season 1 has 25 episodes. Season 2 has 24 episodes.

No, there is not 4 seasons.

We have 2, first being the main and then ALO/GGO in another.

>Apocrypha animators
I would rather not. I saw those supposed "sakuga" scenes. I don't want that crap near Alicization.

You're either trolling or retarded. I said "the first two series" not the first two seasons. Aka SAO and SAO II.

Which Sinon?

If they air all of Alicization at once, then it'll be basically a whole year of SAO shitposting



Lancer Artoria is best Lancer and Saber

Neko Sinon is best


Asada-san a best, undisputed.
I like glasses


Want for the gameverse to do that. It'll be a good way to advertise the Alicization game with him living in it.

Left and right. Middle is Shino

Their words have no meaning on the success of the series. 2018 is going to be a good year for SAOfags.

Every single fight Alice has is what I'm most hyped for.

Cutter vs the fisters

Cours are not the same as seasons nigger

There’s something enjoyable about seeing people talk somewhat positively about a widely disliked series.

Shino=Sinon silly

Please keep your real life crap outa my games, thanks


Since most places of the internet won't allow actual SAO discussion without some people autistically screeching about how shit it is, threads like this are very refreshing. I doubt it'll last by the time Alicization airs though.

Why does that give me a boner?

Spoonfeed me a link for the novels

everything before shitty dark territory arc

Kirito (material edition)


Username: sao
Password: Alicization

It may destroy threads like these but the shitposting may actually be hilarious to see.

This is hot

Last time it was airing the shitposting died off after a few episodes.

>eugeo kabedon
I think this will be the only instance I will Self Insert as Kirito.

What were the threads like when Ordinal Scale came out?

Mostly praise because the movie was great.

The threads were mostly fine aside from the few anons who clearly only watched videos about it from anime youtubers and tried to complain about the movie based on that.

So it's going to be edgy. Okay.


go to sleep burger



It's pretty lame how Klein doesn't get to learn the One-Handed Tyr from Sumeragi but Takumu does.

Its going to be a wild ride, thank you

You're welcome.

Don't question it

What the fuck?

>less than a week until Fatal Bullet
I can't wait for that game to fucking devour my time like all previous SAO games.

What would happen if Asuna had Released Recollection with Radiant Light?

What's Lunaria's special ability for her Super Account? Has it been explained or not?

The materialization of the goddess of creation.

I actually suspect there is no Lunaria account, and she was made up by the world's inhabitants as part of their creation myths, to add to the Sun and Earth having a goddess.

I know it sounds a bit typical, but the American VA seems like he doesn't have enthusiasm.

Papenbrook just can't scream.

It'd be lame if there actually isn't one.

How good will the action be?

Honestly best bros but Alice was what was driving Eugeo, everyone besides MC being ultimately happy. I hope Wheel Chair Kirito is shown for a few episodes to lament about his Gary Stuness.

What are the consequences of Kirito losing his memories in OS instead of Asuna?

Asuna gets to wreck Eiji's ass along with 4 other angry girls and Kirito is the one who gets to pull a Big Damn Heroes for the 100th floor boss.

So basicly whenever SAO gets mentioned everyone goes out of their way to tell you how shit it is, but when it's about Alicization people seem to cream their pants with joy. What's so good about this arc? I'm a dirty faggot who hasn't read any of the novels.

Reki finally learned to write

It's because they haven't read the LNs that they can't comment on the quality of Alicization.

Alicization is the longest of all of the arcs in SAO and actually builds on the characters introduced. I think there are only several characters which are basically throwaway characters. And we also see the perspective of the villains.

That being said, I do think that the beginning and the end parts of Alicization are the worst parts of it.


A harem that wants revenge. I need that in the gameverse. Especially Philia's reaction.

Washboards are life


I want to see a very angry Philia wrecking Eiji.

>Eiji screams I YIELD and turns off his AR device
>the girls ignore him and continue to furiously beat him in real life

I don't think it's much of a stretch to say she would actually want to kill him before being stopped by everyone else

There's a fine line between anorexic and flat and these two have gone through it.

I mean he did it for Klein, it's just payback.

There are alot of little things about Alicization that all come together and make me like it alot.

Like how it fires shot at isekai in the very first chapter

>"Why do I have to buy a present again?"
>"Asuna, do you remember why I married you?"
>"why's our house by the lake again?"
>"Papa? I'm your dad?"

>Philia? I'm sorry but I don't know you

>"Argo? Who's that again?"
>"Guild? Wasn't your guild the only one I joined?"


>"Argo? Who's that again?"

This raises an interesting question:

Would OS steal his memories of the actual death game (SAO 1.0) or the memories of the beta too? Since the later would have no point in reconstructing Yuna

If he retained the memories of the beta he would still know who Argo is

It'd be real depressing if he lost all of the memories of SAO.

Don't do this to me.


You could literally Philia's heart shattering at that kind of moment.

Well this thread got depressing real fast. Regardless of how you feel about him, Kirito really is the heart and soul of the group.

the reason they closeted sugu away to the kendo camp during OS was because she would have kicked eiji's shit in the first chance she could and ended the movie in 5 minutes

>"Kizmel? Who's that?"
>"I must have been a real jerk I abandoned you Klein."
>"Hero? I don't remember doing anything to warrant being called that."
>"Blacksmith? Didn't I get my stuff from monster drops?"

I think she'll be back by the very mention of what happened to Kirito. Needless to say, she'll be out for blood.

This is not Ok

Stop doing this.

>forgetting philia
yeah, nah, fuck you user

I really like this image. It's just perfect.

Kirito is a good boy that doesn't deserve the hate the internet gives him

Will they ever stop casting Matsuoka as Kirito? I'm fucking tired of his voice


Do you not understand how voices work in Japan?

Mostly because it was so bad and boring.
>entire episode in a cave

This Yui image makes me want to lewd her




I imagine that others in the GGO lobby would be on the floor with a puddle of their blood.

I'm very excited now. The anticipation..


Honestly the only reason i'm waiting for FB at this point is to see how much the donut steel is allowed to interact with the main cast.
If "lets be friends n shit lol" is the limit then im uninstalling and never coming back again.

Clearly wouldn't be for you then. It's been stated all the interactions are platonic with maybe the FB OCs are the exception

I've been excited ever since I saw the gameplay was a Freedom Wars 2 basically

then why add bed content for the donut steel in the first place?
I am sure as hell 95% of those who bought the game are there for the main cast content in the OC mode, and from what i've seen so far its going to be shallow as fuck. I am also sure nobody will give a single flying shit about the new OC characters aside from the very few who maybe do, who i dont care about, its their choice.

Waifu pandering. Also it's never been the focus of the SAO games.

>one entire year of SAO airing every week
I'm ready

if they wanted to throw in waifu pandering, they shouldn't have introduced the character split at all.
It's there only because if it wasn't haremfags and other people would go seething because their harem isn't intact anymore

I need this

What's done is done. You can't please everyone and I never wanted waifu pandering in the first place. It's more enjoyable to watch their group hijinks and the interactions with Kirito than getting OC Donut steel in there.


Should've made a bed scene for Kirito, Klein, Agil and Sumeragi. I'm very unsastisfied by this.

This whole debacle is basically self insertfags vs haremfags

You'll get Itsuki and probably Eugeo at least

>It's there only because if it wasn't haremfags and other people would go seething because their harem isn't intact anymore
The biggest concern was ignoring the pre-established relationships and development. And before you go and reason that the same thing is happening with Asuna, she's still undoubtedly 100% the top wife.

>Still says SWITCHU! like a weebfag.
Kek. German VA sounds constipated.

Wait official translation cockblocked the rape?

>We're getting comfy~ SAO threads

What a time to be alive. Makes me remember of the novel threads before the anime

I hope we keep having them every so often until the inevitable shitstorm Cred Forums will become when Alicization airs.

>the novel threads before the anime

Those were fantastic, good times

It goes from textbook room clearing to matrix in 2 seconds, its going to be fun

The gameverse discussion helps because shitposters know nothing about it

It's like PUBG where things actually happen.

>shitstorm Cred Forums will become when Alicization airs.
Fatefags are cancer yes.


SAO X Love Live when?

GGOA is airing next season and may have production issues, with Alicization coming immediately after in the Fall. Which means 5 seasons of SAO with the first one having the potential to attract even more funposting than normal.

Tree cutting.

>GGOA is airing next season and may have production issues, with Alicization coming immediately after in the Fall.

That's a long wait.

>Alicization coming immediately after in the Fall
GGOA is only 1 cour right? So there's a season between.

I have only heard that it was comfy during the first one or two cours until Cred Forums found out that it became popular and thus enjoyment became verboten. There's much less of a hipster culture nowadays.

Its ranking is sky high here and I'm so proud

P-chan is the true hero of the story. Do they keep up the gimmick of P-chan's heroic sacrifice in vol 4 and 5?

SAO Fatal Bullet is also coming in less than a week and while this isn't Cred Forums, I would rather not try to get an SAO thread on that board, so the gameverse funposting will also be here

Sounds fun. I'll be looking forward to it.

Needs more Kirito and Eugeo.
Yuuki and Yuil looks so adorable in that.

Wait I missed a lot of shit, who is this Persona Vabel?

Also, did Reki already start a new arc for SAO or is he still remaking that spin-off or whatever it was?

I like this list.

She's Yui 1000 years into the future who wants to delete herself because papa and mama is no longer with her. She's from AW vs SAO Millennium Twilight

How degenerate is it to want to see Kirito x r63!Kirito?

Well fuck that's interesting. I really need to play the games.

But do have an army of illustrators?
New designs come out like once a week.

GFaq fags are so bent on another SAO, they are blind to see it's an offline freedom wars. lol.

Which was nonsensical because she could easily have found or made new daddy & mommy fluctlights or even top-down AI copies with superior tech. Not to mention that the VR world of the future makes no sense if Yui and Strea and Metatron are really given that much power and considered an important asset to the world. There should be millions of fellow Super AI to keep her company, and not of the ponkotsu kind. It seemed like a copout explanation for a crossover when I got to it and it made all the emotional segments less impactful.

It's half the reason why she went berserk. The other half was because of Chrome Disaster, she may be able to seal it for a while but it eventually corrupted her.

not to mention she wasnt alone.... strea is there too. aw vs sao was just stupid dumb

>she could easily have found or made new daddy & mommy fluctlights or even top-down AI copies with superior tech

I'm assuming this will be answered in Unital Ring if/when Yui ever meets the Sky King. Will she actually see him as a version of her Papa or a independent existence?

>Sky King
Did you mean Star King?

Yes him, fuck I have been wanting to reread Air Gear for a while now

>Air Gear
OH SHIT. I've not read this series in a long ass time. I should re-read it again.

Selfcest is the purest form of love, wish there was something like that Kyonko doujin where Kyonko gives Kyon a blowjob and they both feel really weird about the whole situation.

Tea of Sagittarius, SAO style. I like this idea.

>potshotting the "guy meets and rescues cute girl in a fantasy world then beats the big bad guy" trope
>when that's literally the outline of every book you've written

B-but that's different, it's not isekai it's just an mmo!!

The LN version itself cockblocked the rape.

Not even an MMO, it's a simulation that he's trapped in.

In all fairness, there's a decent chance it was a potshot at himself as well. Reki was specifically trying to break his bad habit of having Kirito meet a new girl by having him partner up with Eugeo instead.





Oh lordy


I can't tell whether or not trap or genderbend.

Doing Libeth's questline in HF gave my a heart boner
Go on a quest to forge an ultimate sword gathering the necessary tools and ore, while restoring Liz's confidence in herself and her admitting she still loves Kirito even though he has Asuna. in the end it turns out the sword has to be made from love of the blacksmith to the Swordsman, you literally receive a sword made from Lisbeth's unquenchable desire.

In her alternate ending she wants to start dating IRL

Her thirst is endless

>novel threads before the anime
I still remember the last LN thread we had just one night before the very 1st episode aired.
Good times

I loved re:frag and liz.
we'll NEVER get a big open area game as Frag The entire hollow zone was 1 gigantic map.

Everyone remember the time people wanted Asuna voiced by Hikasa Yoko? And Kirito voiced by Kouki Uchiyama?

>Asuna voiced by Hikasa Yoko
>Kirito voiced by Kouki Uchiyama
This would so damn odd right now.

Technically it was still instanced in every zone but but yeah you could reach one end of the map by running through the zones no teleporting

>Kouki Uchiyama
Anything outside of Matsuoka would sound weird now.

Exactly why it was so much fun. Hated that head bobble movement though....damn camera.

Do you guys think it can relatively fit into 2 cours? Should I just read the LN or wait and see?

>fit into 2 cours
Possible but it'd be a shit adaptation if it was.

>head bobble
Don't tell me you played it in first person.

Who's the best maid?

Forgot pic

I really hope they won't fuck up tree cutting. Won't accept anything less than one cour.

>everyone else is wearing Victorian styled clothing
>Sinon wears French Maid uniform

Just because I think it's trash doesn't mean I hate it. I enjoyed the first half, but God damn it was bad.

No, on ps4 if your moving over anything..it has a terrible head bobble, just like star ocean 5.

MILK maid Leafa ,SAO MD.

>The quiet, reserved kuudere is actually the kinkiest one

Sounds about right

I think Lizbeth tricked her into wearing it.

That's my only concern. Alicization is pure AOTY material, and dark territory part being bloody as hell after relatively calm beginning, after noble and knightly tower part, this is what makes it insanely good. I REALLY hope they won't tone it down.


Is Alicization good or is it same old self-insert circlejerk LOOK KIRITO IS SO STRONG bullshit?

>Chimney Sweep Klein


Kirito, I want him as my Victorian butler.

It might sound dumb but I was hyped as fuck when they finally cut down the Gigas Cedar. From page on the volume builds up to them cutting that fucking tree, the only question is how. Then when the fucker finally goes down it's cathartic as fuck.
I really liked Kirito vs Fanatio

And I guess to a degree I'm happy to know we'll probably get taste(less) fanservice for characters like Tieze and Alice

>Kirito vs Fanatio

This might easily be my favorite fight not just in Alicization but the entire series.

I don't get why people would self insert as Kirito apart from maybe Asuna and the harem. You're subjecting yourself to ridicule, hate, torture, ptsd and trauma conga-line.

I guess people have a really selective memory but I won't be able to deal with half the shit Kirito had to deal with. Even more so in Alicization. FUCK YOU PoH, FUCK YOU GABRIEL FUCK YOU QUINELLA.

Eldrie vs Dark Arts, Eugeo vs Bercouli, Fanatio vs Kirito, Eugeo vs Kirito, Cardinal, Kirito and Eugeo vs Quinella.

I'm guessing these are the main villains in Alicization. And by the looks of it, Kirito suffers through quite a lot throughout it.

Burning hatred of a thousand suns, this is the fraction of the amount I feel towards those three, particularly PoH and Gabriel, especially PoH.

>Kirito suffers through quite a lot throughout it
You have no fucking idea.

Nah, the Japanese side did.
It's the web novel draft that had the rape happen, where the commercially released version had it "toned down".

>Villain of Alicization

PoH's been a major fucking villain since Aincrad. Hell. Most of Kirito's sizable mental anguish and PTSD can be traced back to him

Yeah yeah but who will give the dicking, Kirito o Eugeo?

Alicization was good. Except when Asuna started showing up again and when Kirito did Kirito things by the end. It's such a crutch for Reki that he knows he can very away with that kind of shit.

Oh shit! I must have blanked out portions of information from the anime if I can't even remember him.

If this arc isn't 50-60 episodes I'll be extremely disappointed.

He's the founder of Laughing Coffin

So seeing a bunch of people be murdered by him or his subordinates, the PTSD from having to kill two people during the subjugation of LafCof, the whole fucking Desu Gan incident, getting Johnny Black'd, and then waking up from a six month coma to see him hacking at your wife with a fucking cleaver.

Yeah, a whole lot of shit is his fault

He only made a couple appearances in the anime, so he's easy to forget if you haven't read the novels. PoH was the founder and guild leader of Laughing Coffin. He basically spent his entire time in SAO stirring up shit, and attempting to get people killed. For example, recruiting Kuradeel to Laughing Coffin, and giving him recipes for the high level poisons he used against Kirito and the other KoB guys.

He does show up twice in season 1, but the anime doesn't name him at the time, because the first time (episode 6) the anime cut it half the sun-plots anyways.
He didn't quite show up in season 2, but they still talked about him, i think.

It's disappointing how they don't put an emphasis on him in the anime then, he sounds like one of those Greater Corrupter kind of characters but hidden away.

>cut it half the sun-plots
*cut out half the sub-plots

>yfw last arc is just Kirito and Asuna

This. Episode 1 needs to end with Kirito dying as a fucking cliffhanger to confuse all the normies after the woodcutting without explanation. It'd be hilarious.

>full scale war in UW
God this will be brilliant

With episode 0 being a 40 minute episode of the childhood prologue. Two back to back episodes of confusion is needed

Kirito gets to fuck this every night, what a champ.

Reki is better than that now......probably


Ah, the arc where Kawahara made Bleach that is better than Bleach.

So, there's a VR mod out for all the SAO games on PC?

That's mostly the fault of the original material. The first novel only mentioned them in passing. When Kuradeel goes to kill Kirito and reveals that he's a recent member of them, it gets explained that they taught him the paralysis poison he used, and that Kirito and the other clearers had previously wiped out most of LC, including Kirito killing two of them. It wasn't until the Phantom Bullet arc that they started to get fleshed out, and PoH himself didn't get fleshed out until Alicization. That didn't leave the anime much to work with.

This image is so cute


I haven't read the LNs in like 2-3 years. The last thing I remember reading is Kirito was a vegetable and Asuna was about to plug in to the UW. What volume am I at and where can I read?

15, maybe 16.

The cover for 15 looks super familiar and skimming through it and sounds somewhat familiar. I think I'm probably on 16.

>finally get down to reading SAO in moonrunes
>volume 18
>that scene with PoH and vegetable Kirito
Never in my life have I wanted for someone to burn in the depths of hell for all of eternity. I'm so fucking glad in what happened to him.


PoH finds out where Kirito is and he beats Kirito's body which is in a vulnerable and coma state (kicking, punching and dragging his body all around) in front of the others as all they can do is stand there and watch as it happens. All the while mocking him at his current state. Like this: youtube.com/watch?v=uNk3nsfAhik

Wait he still gets to suffer through volume 18? Damn.

Why must this happen?

There are no bakes on the Laughing Coffin express

Watching the econdaries react to the prolouge will be a fun week.

Lisbeth also gets horrified by the prospect of war in the Underworld. Leafa is subjected to intense pain from infinite HP regen. Subtilizer Diabolus Ex Machina's the shit out of Sinon. The recruited ALO players steadily give out one after the other in UW against the overwhelming numbers of the Koreans and Chinese.

Almost everything after 16 is pretty bleak until that turning point.

Kirito is as tall as Vector. Meaning Kazuto should be 185cm which is 6'1.

He's a fucking giant in Nip standards.

You wouldn't think he's all that tall in the Illustrations but damn.

IF the director shows the prologue first.

Then what the fuck does that make Klein then? He's like a full head above Asuna during Aincrad.

>during Aincrad
Not really a good comparison.
You'd need an OS screenshot.

Asuna's SAO avatar was 168 cm, as that was her height at the time.

Well he would've stopped growing since he's in his 20s during SAO. Asuna was 168cm at the time and if he's between 10 to 1 foot taller than her then he'd be 190+ cm.

His party and everyone are fucking giants. No wonder he can't get girls, they're too fucking scared to him.


Poh? I remember that fool in fragment. Best villian ever in a game.

HR, LS and etc were trash tier.


Klein's a Jojo character. And by this chart, Agil must be 2 meters tall.

How will Asuna ever recover?

By Kirito's waking up from a coma and transmuting PoH into a tree.

They're all taller than me by at least 10cm. Now I really do self insert as Asuna.

>Agil must be 2 meters tall
Kathy is a very lucky woman.

I'd imagine the sex would be pretty awkward.

Kabeddon from any of the SAO guys must be pretty heart-swooning.

Imagine a Eugeo kabeddon.

I don't have to.

A reminder that Kirito would be called Naruto if his blood parents were still alive since his name would be Narusaka Kazuto.

Where are we getting that Kirito is 180cm in Ordinal Scale?

From Alicization I presume

Don't think Alicization has any numbers on how tall he is.

Last for Alice, the better Seibah