Killing bites

Cute bunny butt.
>tfw cobra have two dicks

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two dicks seems about the perfect number for two holes, you could have a third one, but it would have to be kinda longer and bent so you could use mouth too

>Bunny only gets 2 minutes of screentime each episode
Not fair.


Is this what killing bites is?

I LOVE /fit/ badger

Thumbnail made me think this was Angry Manjew.

Good question, but I like it

I want to cum in this bun

I want gecko onee-san to bully me.

Inabutt is a good girl

I think that's Gintama

>Rabbits are known for their high fertility
Where's my impregnation doujins?

Don't we all love useless bunnies only good for their sex-appeal?

She's not useless, she saved Hippo.

Not any more.

Her ass is so thicc you need at least a 13” dick minimum to even penetrate her

>those teeth
I think I can relate to fangfags now.

>tfw cobra has no dicks


>Basically indestructible
>Xenomorph mouth
>Possibly able to steal abilities via horizontal Gene transfer
>Already spliced with human cells successfully
The strongest Therianthrope.

I still think it's an alien.

It's a same she's going to be irrelevant after this tournament.

Goddamn that is a fat ass that can take a massive pounding

>ywn be crushed thoroughly by her

>Bush peaking out

I want to smash my face on that butt.

She'll get more soon. But she'll be pissing herself, literally

Wait, now I'm just confused, since japan censors fucking everything, including tentacle porn, how the fuck did this episode air at all? Literally dicks.

It's sponsored by and streaming on amazon.

Yeah but all it does is be moe and sleep. Black General already tried.

>It's sponsored by and streaming on amazon

Oooooooooh... that would explain things then. Too many years of horriblesubs, never stopped to think that recently there would be other mediums producing anime, other than being aired on japanese tv channels.

No, they have a cloaca.


He didn't deserve it.
Snek did nothing wrong.


You're gonna post this in every thread?

pretty much, unless you report it as spam.

That's alright, I like her being a scaredy-bun.

>Cheetah mounting Ratel
Was she a boy all along?

No, all Cheetahs are lesbians.

Too many furies shows lately I fear I might fall to the dark side

I wonder what OL-chan would be like as a lover. Would she be as passionate about you as she is about DESTUROYAH, or would she be cold and indifferent?

Only Cheetah is hot.

I'm still wondering how bunny wins.

Do you really want us to spoil it for you?


nevermind I found the killing bites


I'm going to miss that shitty catchphrase once this season ends and everyone forgets Killing Bites ever existed.

that's hot

I'm still so buttmad about how the author used the bear. I mean, the motherfucking creature is easily an S tier mammal, be it strenght, durability or intelligence ( for non primates ).
They are so fucking OP that when pitted against lions the colliseum people had to cripple it just so it would become a little fun, and the bear still won like 90% of the time.

t. not a bear

Especially koalas

Is it bad if I want to fuck her violently from behind while she's transformed?

It's safe until she grows a snout.

If former that would make me diamonds

that would be a limit for me too

She said it twice this episode. That makes up for the lack of it the previous episode.

I work for Kyoto Animation and I can confirm what the final scene of the final episode of Killing Bites will be

>Youja: "That's what..."
>Hitomi: "That's what..."
[roll credits]

This bitch makes the best fucking faces.


Anyone got any Hitomi bush edits? I would die happy if she would only sit on my face.

thank you user

She's pretty good. But Hitomi is better

Is this a show for furries?

Bush edits are the best edits.

agreed, i can't wait for the ahego face in the rape episode


please post more

>Men turn into actual beasts
>Girls get furry limbs
Every fucking time.

...did you not see how horrific gecko was?

That's what killing bites is.

or that fucking sloth girl

someone have the stich of Eruza in leather outfit in the ending ???? the others have but not her

Also, for a while Snek was just a dude who was a snake from the waist down (and a snake tongue). It's clear both men and women can both partially and fully transform. Women just rarely transform fully because... I don't know.

So we get actual beasts at some point? Alright. I'm just sick of the cosplay girls that have fluctuated since...fucking Monster Girl Encyclopedia. As a monster fan, it's a bit damning. Seems only male monsters get proper treatment in non-lewd and lewd works.

That's how we like it



We need more of this. I hope they deliver.

Must protect

>that digging talent
why doesn't she just drop landslides or bury them in collapsed earth?

A star-nosed mole would make for a pretty cool ultra-sensory brute

I want to cuddle with her big fat fluffy butt.

This will never not make me laugh.

That's not funny. Hitomi is a jerk.

boy lesbians.

problem is that the nose is so sensitive a simple bop would paralyze the brute
they're built to detect subtle seismic waves and the electrical field of a fucking grub

Where's that image from? I recognize it but I don't know the English name of it

What about Kissing Bites

So, when is someone gonna go the Jurassic Park route and create a dinosaur brute??

>they actually did it

Now we're getting somewhere

The CGI snake was fucking terrible. And I thought this show looked really good before.

what about Cliting Bites?

We don't have dino dna.

I-is this official material

you better believe it is

We have birds. We can just work backwards to a common ancestor then fill in the holes with gay frogs.

I wasn't a fan of the CGI snake but fully transformed gecko was Berserk 2016 tier

Tune in next week to see it animated.

i-is she actually a futa?

>episode 7 is the civet episode

No but is

Anime is probably not getting another season though.

>So, when is someone gonna go the Jurassic Park route and create a dinosaur brute??
The issue isn't getting DNA, the issue is that people don't want realistic dinosaurs. Dinosaurs had been more fantasy than real for most of human history, and at this point anyone trying to clone a dinosaur would likely be annoyed that the real thing doesn't act the way they imagined it. Even the original Jurassic Park Novel brought this up.

The manga showed perhaps the first in-universe attempt to hybridise with an extinct animal in very recent chapters. The Megatherium, a sloth the size of an elephant.

The absolute madmen. And people are flipping out because of a very tamed scene of two lizardmen having sex in Overlord. If only they saw THIS.

The one with the puffiest vulva wins.
That's what Tribbing Bites is!

>Fag with sharpest fang wins
>Bunny with no fang nor sharp teeth wins

Dino brutes could still be cool, the only problem is people are too much uppity cunts about feathers.
>muh scales
>muh childhood

What's this?? A hyena??


That's why I said Jurassic Park route.

You got memed.

ever fight a bunny?
fuckers are hellspawn incarnate when shit gets real

>Dinosaurs had been more fantasy than real for most of human history,
Dinosaurs weren't a thing at all for most of human history.

koalas aren't bears.
kill yourself.

>ever fight a bunny?
Why do you even fight a bunny in the first place?

If a lady with a grip strength of one tonne tells you she's a bear, she's a bear.

>Dinosaurs weren't a thing at all for most of human history.
Tell that to the ancient Chinese, who assumed dino fossils were dragon bones.

Reminds me of the elephant, the animals tried to protect each other wich gained the symphaty of the crowd and thus made the game about killing them a failure.

Dinos are wild card, we don't really know anyting about them.

>rabbits don't have sharp teeth


user... I

We warn them but do they ever believe us? No

>dont know

You would be fucking surprised how many legends about mythical creatures come from people in ancient times finding fossils of extinct animals, including dinosaurs.

Ever bitten by a rabbit.
Those incisors man.

I would be okay with this

Who's Youja?

Post story

Depends on a species. There are species that we have quite a good understanding of, including their coloration.

>google female hyena's penis out of curiosity
>it's actually a vagoo
>they give birth through this
Doujins of impregnating her thourg "urethral" penetration and her giving birth through that "dick"??

So how long is this battle tournament thing going to last? I think I can only take another episode of it before I get bored.

i hate this fucking smug ayy lmao

I hope it's next episode we get to see Kido making a fertilizer out of that croc. We are already getting the yuri, so some gore to balance it out would be good.

Good thing Japan doesn't give a fuck about thin-skinned faggots.


Since there will be 12 episodes I guess about 5.

I mean there will be about 5 more tournament episodes.

What if David Attenborough narrated the show?

god that's hot

let's just say she'd be quite the beast in bed

My uncle breed those.

They are really vicious, not humming bird tier but they are quite close.

Peter Barakan 'might' be slightly cheaper and easier to use.

>humming bird

Those fuckers live to feast on sugary water,kill, feast on more sugary water and then bash the corpses of the other humming birds till they have the need to go back for more sugary water.

No wonder some prehispanic cultures had this gu as the embodiment of the god of war.

I wish she would step on me.

Not futa, just an oversized clit.

>Those thighs

God damn.


The girls are pretty good


Only Ratel and Bunny, Cheetah is a booblet.


I like the fat badger tats but it's okay to have a little variety.

Cheetodyke is the best though.

>no cheeto pubes
edit when?

>tfw I posted that same exact webm in that same exact thread

give her the cheeto elsa

It's Major.

Good. The cliffhanger is the perfect way to end.


We don't even have the following:
>Sea Mammals

>we don't have dino dna

That's what this fucker said.

Well at least she didn't break her glasses.


also keep posting more pube edits

Should everyone have pubes?

fuck off

I want to see more granddaughter sex slavery


Not everyone, variety is a good thing.

I didn't mind it much because (so far) there's no evidence that other kinds of bears can't appear (although I agree that bear and lion's abilities were a bit underused -- bear's sense of smell and relative running speed and lion's heavy paw attacks and biting the neck to kill by suffocation), and although it has been said that a strong species+strong human results in a strong hybrid, I didn't think (when first seeing the character) that a gecko, of all things, could be a credible threat, yet I liked how it went well with Kaede's (the gecko hybrid) fighting style.
Hope that both bear and lion return later in the manga.

>she sees your dick

Also note that last episode also made a point to include it in the recap at the start of the show, just so you wouldn't miss it.

Isn't it some aphrodisiac/pheromone that gecko releases that gets them like that?

>He would rather see female mammals have more than one pair of airbags
>Cow hybrid
>Flat hybrids
I wonder how hyena and doggo got away with it.

Gecko just sticks to walls and goesfast.

>Next chapter enters the pussy
I'm ready

Dem abs bruh.

Need to lick

>why doesn't she just drop landslides or bury them in collapsed earth?
Playing for the memes > Playing for fun > Playing to win.
Nice suggestion though, and I do think that she could be used well this way in a teamwork effort where she isn't subject to direct combat.

Damn! You have become the CEO of this thread.


The internet needs more Killing Bites pubes edits!

>No bush
Come on, son. You're better than this.

I love they finally gave us a female fighter who looks like a fighter lol

hey buddy i think you got the wrong door

I love fit girls so Hitomi is right up my alley.

This makes me think, if she indeed becomes a brute, she could (barring some undisclosed limitation) really become the first flying brute, despite flying birds having lighter bones.


Dang I love how ripped she is in the anime compared to the manga.

A clear improvement to me

God imagine her strength. She could easily hold you down and rape you.

>Author: Subhumans who don't understand the english language.

Indeed. Crearly the members of the staff have some patrician taste.

If the series wasn't limited (so far) to mammals/reptiles, it could also use animals from between the other 4 great mass extinction events as well.

That back ain't bad either.

Backs are very underrated.

Yeah. And is cool to se japs embracing muscle girls being more than just gag characters

*Grips your dick*

You can show animal penis on tv?

Her arms are underrated aswell.

>Mammals and Reptiles
>No Insects or Arachnids

Wouldn't a team like that just pull an easy win? Like a team consisting of a Beetle, Scorpion, Centipede would probably be unbeatable wouldn't it?

>Mammals and Reptiles
>No Insects or Arachnids

Killing Bites: A Teraformars Prequel story.

This author has like two series dedicated to insects. Look it up on MAL.

They take the advantage of their animal and thier human side. Bipedal with the strength of 4 legs is better than 4 legs with the strength of 4 legs. If cheetahs could do what they do on 2 legs instead of 4, pray for a swift death.

>>No Insects or Arachnids
The author already done that, especially with Caterpillar/Arachnid.

Still, it'll be difficult to illustrate a fight between a Dog and a DUCK:
waiting for the OST edit

>they did cobra dicks
>yfw they bring in a duck and weaponize his barbed corkscrew nightmare missile penis

>Links true facts about the duck
Oh boy dis gon be gud.
9 inches

Fair enough.

>people can't stop talking about cobra dicks
Imagine how popular this series would be if every character attacked with their unique looking genitals.

The one with the biggest dick wins. That's what Killing Thrusts is!

Liden has had a pretty good track record.

That's not fair to the female killing thrusts

The dick in a woman's soul can be bigger than any male's physical dick.

Why isn't this some pervert anime where all those muscular animal girls grow futa penises to buttrape the bunny girl nonstop?

Fuck you

This is such a stupid show why can't I stop watching why is the badger my waifu now

That's what Killing Bites is

Because trash can be good for the soul. That's what Killing Bites is!


Lol the girl is fit af we are aware of it.

What would happen if they tried to make a human based Therianthrope?

me too, I mean, they gave us uncensored twin snake dicks even when I didn't want it. They should throw us a bone

How are they going to fix his cut off penises?!

is that fact?

Hitomi really does shit about all the right spots for me.

>does hit

God dammit


Her personality is kind of a turn off though

Who is this semen demon?

I want to waifu her

No it isn't you faggot. Hitomi's personality is just as great as her body.

>Snake dick is uncensored cus its an animal penis
>Hyena "dick" not despite not being a penis at all

Dr Jeckyl tell Mr Hyde to come in his time is up!

Right of course. Yet they try to tell me that Violet has the body of a soldier. Smh

hitomi is worse girl

even gecko is better

If it weren't for her body, everyone would drop the show.

She's one of the Ishida players.

would you, Cred Forums?

Megatherium would be nasty. It had osteoderms in its skin, which turned it into a form of chain-mail and thus very difficult to penetrate. Add that to the huge claws and crushing bulk and you have a really nasty bastard.

True. I guess I don't mind.

of all the times to not have "that's my fetish" saved

6. Six series involving insect people.
Jackals, Arachnid, Caterpillar, Vaian Maiden, Himenospia, Choubu no Shinobi.
fucking mad man

bears are apex predators

only humans can beat them, with tools
(pretend that the acid is the penis)

Can confirm, they're terrifying


>Cobra Cannon
>that jiggle physics
Nice but weird (maybe because slowmotion)

Trap jaw Ant would be near indestructible with exoskeleton, ridiculously strong, and a jaw that
>The peak force exerted was in the order of 300 times the body weight of the ant and acceleration of 1 000 000 m/s² or 100 000 g.
at human size would be insane.

Niggas ain't even know how they died.


Fellas this is dangerous territory
If they can get away with this, what if they get the idea that they can get away with furry

They would just honor the God of Manga, the great Osamu Tezuka-sama.


i lost it


cheetahdyke is cute


The male Keijo the Keijo haters wanted

congrats killing bites is popular enough to get a figure.

You know, a lot of shows announce figures than end up being cancelled because the show flopped.

That's a nice tummy

Inaba? More like InaBest.

While it's an oversized clitoris on real hyenas, in this guy's manga it's most likely just a dick. Like, this is supposed to be an ovipositor but it's clearly a dick

Hirame killing bites hmanga when?

Breed the bunny!

i want to stick my dick inabutt

And some popular shows announce figures that end up being cancelled because the prior ones sold poorly. There was one notable tragedy this Wonfes.

Kyouko ;_;

She truly is a Killing Bite™

not soon enough

these 3d models rock

>she describes hanging sex with you in precise detail

> its thicker then her arm

why do so many animals have to have weird dicks? A human penis is perfect in it's simplicity yet there are animals out there with freaky cocks like echindas, snakes, or even dogs.

Literally how?

guess you could call it Fencing Bites?

Bird hybrids show up as background characters at the end of Volume 6 when hybrids become commonplace

Sea Mammal hybrids are anime only afaik

seems like shes going to pop out from underground at the most opportune moment actually


Brute Duck would be double scary then once he whips out his corkscrew dick

Look up duck penises

Dude, we lack the bone that many mammals have and our balls are external for display.

We are the weird ones. And I'm saying this in a world we're ducks dicks are explosive corkscrew rape devices that fall off and barnacles have a dick equivalent to 70% of their body mass capable of impregnating themselves if the need arises.

We are the weird ones.

btiches be trying to get away, dog

snakes won't eat if they're not hungry
rodents however will, especially if they feel threatened
leaving the mouse in the terrarium if the snake doesn't eat it immediately is the #1 most retarded mistake of owning a snake

>snakes won't eat if they're not hungry
>leaving the mouse in the terrarium if the snake doesn't eat it immediately is the #1 most retarded mistake of owning a snake
Thank god I don't have snake as a pet.


horse and dog penises are objectively superior though

Duck penises are especially upsetting to me because Donald Duck must have one and he could do an awful lot of damage with it during one of his big tantrums. The thing could just shoot out of his body involuntarily, wrap around Daisy's neck, and take a big chunk out of her.

Fuck that mouse

>why do creatures with odd body shapes and proportions have odd dicks?

>Day 5 and they're BFF's now

It depends, for actual Wildhorses yes, but the stallions we breed can actually hurt the mare and in result the mare can kickback essentially killing the stallion.

Dogs have some severe issues with infections and their penis es can root if damaged during the knot wich would cause a cute blood poisoning.

They are good one time breeding tools but if you want full time success you might want to do research on the walrus, it's ridiculously effective even for aquatic mammals standards.

Not even the biggest cock Shinya came up with. I'd call him a perverted old man but he's not even 40 yet
Lock and key mechanism and sexual competition. So, dog dick is specifically made to fuck dogs and each snake penis is connected to its own testicle so they can fuck more different females (or simply more) before running out of juice.

I'm talking about how hot they are, dummy



This is why they sell dead rats as pet food. Some snakes only eat when they're hungry, which is not that often.

That kinda sucks. Why no Sharks?


Shaved >>>>>>>>>>>∞ hairy

How would Cred Forums utilize their pieces in the Destroyal?

1st Benimaru
2nd Daimon
3rd Kyo

1st Eiji
2nd Billy
3rd Iori

>would cause a cute blood poisoning
You're a cute.

Send it across an impassable canyon by accident

>implying Cred Forumsnon could overcome his anxiety to attend the big day

Make them lez out.

pick bunny and eat her ass 24/7

Always a solid choice.

RIP Snek Benis

Imagine having such shit taste.


What a fucking casual. Post the guy who had it almost reach the ceiling of the convention.


>AOTS stars a /fit/ tomboy with an adorkable catchphrase in her adventures in ultra violence and pervy borderline furfaggotry

Low test. Never gonna make it.


>How are they going to fix his cut off penises?!
Dude, you have any idea how advanced you need to be to be able to make animal hybrids? I am surprised that they haven't invented eternal youth already.

Anime wasn't a mistake.

which series is this from, i love loli dick

Why does bunny keep presenting us her butt?

It's a trap though

But those are Cobra Cannons.

thats good too.
ive been meaning to finish reading arachnid too. i should download it for tomorrow


What about a snail hybrid that stabs people with his dick?

What does cunny badgers puffy vulva smell like?

Where are the bush edits from these

I'd watch that

The one with the sharper fangs wins
That's what Killing Bites is!


Honey badger is my favorite animal. Stumbling upon this anime was a blessing by god. Every episode I have an uncontrollable erection. I can't watch one more than one episode every 6 hours because I get so horny I have to jack off. My dick can only handle so much, you know? Hitomi is good. I can't get enough. We need more people drawing porn on this show. We need a general for this so I can have more honey badger waifu porn. I can't handle this guys. I think this is the first time I've ever wanted a waifu. I have been making fun of waifufags for so long now but I understand why they do this now. I need Hitomi.

Once again the threads make a mediocre show 10× better, I should've come here sooner

>tired of waiting for scans
>finally decide to buy ebooks of Himenospia and Choubu no shinobi since they cost like $10 together
>gaijins can't get digital versions

Bunny should get a own Spin-Off Manga!

Calm down there Kramer

New Caterpillar chapter has been scanned
Only two "new" pages though. We'll know if Imomushi becomes paraplegic or bullshits her way out of it as usual next month

When did this happened in the Anime?

Did you watch the last episode?

Yes, that's why I ask.

I can't remember to have seen this.

You don't watch the previews for the next episode, do you?

I bet he skips the OP and ED too.

Nice. Hopefully Cheetah will get one as well if this sells. Or the bunny.
Fingers crossed for cast-off.

The german subbed Version has no previews.

Get in contact with those subbers and tell them they're cunts.

Fucking based

>german subbed Version
Why would anybody touch that?

Some people are more comfortable with watching stuff in their native tongue, I guess.

There is a God and he is smiling upon us

Weird people?

Not really.


Nice coat.

Where's the Fiddler Crab Killing Bite


the gorilla prototype didn't quite go as planned going by that image there!


>not having a dick for a tongue

C̶e̶n̶t̶a̶u̶r̶, Horse hybrid when?


>his snek only has 2 dicks

They also neglected that the Hippo is a fucking vicious killing machine that would be an apex predator if not for it's herbivorous digestive tract. They regularly kill crocodiles just for entering their territory because they're super aggressive, super strong and have a ridiculous jaw.

Legs are to skinny, it looks weird.

What is that

That looks good.

Exactly what you think it is.

Why no bird beast ?

horse pussy

KB is reptiles and mammals only.

Bunny has the cutest tummy!

We'll have one soon.


Don't think, feel.


>One Punch Man

>autographed ratel butt

Then again, hippos have an advantage in size. Here the base is human, so they have more or less the same size.

Flight is pretty OP

i swear to god if hippo does not bite gator man in 2 this anime is trash

For an anime that's "flopping" it has a LOT of merchandise.

Ha Ha! Voice actor reference.

but bloody roar has 4 sequels

Gator will be turned into fertilizer by Pangolin.

>you can actually show cobra cannon tier penis on anime
>still not bestiality hentai

>sign follows the curve
Based artist.

>I will be the bites for your killing

holy shit, where is this from
my fucking sides

Canadian goose vs Hitomi when? Who backs off first?

So this is this state of nu-Cred Forums, huh.


>goose vs Ratel
>not a god damned swan:

Is this Killing Bites?

Yo the tiddies are twice as deep as the torso and are literal shelves.

>tfw when we will never get our Killing Bites game

That bum looks too sweet

>Full Metal Panic
nice troll video you have there

Every time I watch this show

get set to be at best a gelding sometime soon then!

>link your youtube video thread

wow that wasn't even an asspull, badgers are immune to cobra venom!
This show is as well researched as kemono friends

It's almost as if they author wrote the series based off that video...

>he doesn't know

>2018: Season 3s FORever.

Yes, please take all of my money.

Kazuma, Kazuma, Nomoto!
This is the wrong anime!

Also chap 21 is tl... 8 to go

The one with the hardest penis wins.

nice, we need more kemono enemies crossovers

A KF-KB crossover would be nice.


Love the badger



>A human penis is perfect in it's simplicity
t. creationist

Male animal dicks are designed "perfect in their simplicity" for their female vagina counterparts. e.g. - duck dick being a literal corkscrew cannon in order to penetrate the labyrinthian duck vagina as fast as possible before she flees from being raped

ah! so you are killing friends?


its from a collectible card thing called Weird N' Wild Creatures

>making kabuto bustier than shes supposed to be
>giving dinopo 3 pantyshots when arachnid went out of its way to avoiding showing her pantsu



Here comes the tularemia

>Not posting the full version

What an useless little bunny. Only good for her sex appeal.

Bunny saved Hippo and beaten Civet.
She's not useless at all.

A non-useless bunny?

My face belongs in there

>Seifuku and high heels

What's the name of this again? I can't find my panda link.

Use saucenao.

Is this legal?

If it involves a cute bunny girl with a cute nose, then it is. Always.

Why is she so hot?

How are you a furry for wanting to fuck one of them? It's harmless and rough sex anyone would want.

How did falling over cause her skirt to fly off, her hips and butt are massive they should have secured it?

Brute Rowdy is Cute Rowdy

Will we ever see nipples again?

No. Or anyone's nipples, for that matter.

That should be the standard high-school uniform in Japan, Abe get to it

I am mildly upset to say the least.



can't agree on dog cocks, but horse cocks do look yummy, wouldn't mind trying one.

I love how big and fluffy her bunny ears are.

What are these characters from?

harem bites

Based Bunny.

FUG the Badger.


Very nice


I'd like to sample some of that.




Will we ever see cobra dicks again??

Anonns, if you had the option to become a brute, what animal would you choose??
I would go with a red lionfish. Can't touch this shit.

I'd become a platypus

Why aren't the two carnivores sexually lezzing the bunny?
What's the point of fanservice posters when the girls aren't doing something fanservicey like a little bit of implied lezzing and molesting?

because bunny belongs to these two

I'd be a human-human. It'd be like I was a human squared. Top of the food chain bitches. With as exaggerated as other brutes' traits are, I'd destroy their habitat, enslave half of them, build a nuke out of twigs, and be able to run forever or some shit.

>Why aren't the two carnivores sexually lezzing the bunny?
Don't think, Imagine

>vanilla HS

works just fine for my fapping I regret to inform

AHHH bloody roar the anime

Hi, I'm Yamada fanboy. My corrections as below.
>Youja: "That's what..."
[feet shot]
>Hitomi: "That's what..."
[flower shot]
[wind gust and pan up with sunset lens flare]
[roll credits]


More related to Arachnid/Caterpillar than Killer Bites:

They scanned this month's Caterpillar but Choubu no Shinobi isn't up yet. Roach got btfo last month so I'm kind of worried.

Oh wait, that one is on Gangan Joker, so it'll take some more days.

I would probably choose something fast (like a ghepard) so I could keep my distance (for minimizing damage taken) and find a long enough tool to hit weak points with, such as the eye and brain.
Depending on the opponent, it could be better to be a big birb, pull opponents high up and ring them out.

Did you just skip first three chapters? I can't find them online


What would you rather be happening?

Bunny breeding tourney

>that soundtrack when Cheetah gets up after being thrashed

Nice butt

The virgin killing bites vs the chad kemono friend

Unfortunately pangolin was already taken but I'd probably go for some kind of ape.

Brute Human is a good choice too.

I don't think they get to choose. Like, why would anybody pick a rabbit ?

IIRC Brutes are chosen because they are compatible with a particular animal.


>I don't think they get to choose. Like, why would anybody pick a rabbit ?
>IIRC Brutes are chosen because they are compatible with a particular animal.
In essene, everyone become more of what they are already like. So for example, if you are a coward, you would not be able to become fearless by hybridizing with a fearless animal. We are not sure if it is actually a requirement or not that the human has to have matching traits.

The obvious answer is honey badger.




A fucking Owl:

Thanks, been waiting for that one. Do you have the Hitomi shots from the ED too?

Sankaku Complex has all of Hitomi's ED shots

>In essene, everyone become more of what they are already like. So for example, if you are a coward, you would not be able to become fearless by hybridizing with a fearless animal. We are not sure if it is actually a requirement or not that the human has to have matching traits.
Then why do they hybridized the dog girl with the dna of her dead dog?

The one with no friends wins
This is Killing Friends!

Because they're compatible
In Caterpillar and Arachnid, assassins get insect names based on their abilities, not the other way

I hope Oshie becomes an Therianthrope in the upcoming chapters.

>Anime is probably not getting another season though.

Manga has been outsold since Ep. 2 and 3 and we would get an OVA episodes.

>Manga has been outsold since Ep. 2 and 3

You don't get to chose.

1. You have to have a sponsor.
2. Your DNA have to be compatible with that of the animal you going to hybridized with (Bunny coward and Pangolin tard can only be hybridized with said Animals).
3. It's moot point when you're an origin, whose were hybridized since birth.

It's just so happens that the dog's dna was compatible with the girl's; otherwise she'll be dead.

I don't think you should compare Beastmen that have blood of animals with assassins that have bug names based off of their method of killing.

>Male animal dicks are designed "perfect in their simplicity" for their female vagina counterparts.
Did you just prove God right there? I mean if it was just evolution and there was no divine hand in it, we would probably have all ended up asexual.

>a cute blood poisoning

Sometimes, grammar is very important.

>male ducks force themselves on females
>females develop a spiraling vagina
>males develop corkscrew dicks
God sure isn't very smart

Is that pic from Monty Python or am I crazy?

>guppy ponis


Arachnid basically had no internal logic for its superpowers.

500th for OL cake

Dumb question, can female therianthropes fully transform? The males usually seem to go full animal with a few exceptions (Tiger, Cobra at first) but the females always tend to leave most of their body untransformed. I assume they somehow don't end up less powerful because plot magic.

>less than a millimeter long
Might as well make a flu or anthrax hybrid

See brute gecko

plus they're born with super power, unlike the brutes with the exception of Hitomi

>not making a dung beetle hybrid, the STRONGEST creature in the world in terms of power/size ratio
Even the Rhinoceros Beetle loses out. Of course there's the terrible negative stigma of being a fucking DUNG Beetle but imagine the STRENGTH. They move roughly 1141x their body weight, which on a human scale would allow you to lift a 60 ton Main Battle Tank like the M1 Abrams.

If Caterpillar goes for long enough, we'll probably get it. Kabutomushi is gonna be pissed

well spotted!

Also, there are animals which can use projectiles. Not to mention electrogenic animals.

>Did you just prove God right there? I mean if it was just evolution and there was no divine hand in it, we would probably have all ended up asexual.
Are you serious user? How old are you?

Just wait until they unlock Crustacean Therianthropy, there are some ridiculous Crustaceans.

This is why you don't feed live. Fucking idiots.