Mahoutsukai no Yome

Anyone else watching this?

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On episode 9 at the moment. So far it's pretty fucking fantastic.

It's all the Jews' fault.

Bonedad best dad

New episode out
Very fucking mad Lindel is scary

this jew?

It's not even his fault
Joseph and Cartaphilus are two different beings dinstict beings in one body, Joseph fault was letting the cursed jew taking the control of his body and mind

I am, but it's 8:17 pm so I have to go to bed because work on sunday 6-14
it's a shame pretty much no one watches this

>it's a shame pretty much no one watches this
Every time. Stop being a hyperbolic fag. These threads get a decent number of posts.

>tfw a show makes you anti semitic

>it's a shame pretty much no one watches this
i don't get why, worldbuilding is amazing and is rather comfy, it's like a less edgy made in abyss
also chise a cute

6million wasn't enough

not as scary as Elias

He was so cute
Before accepting to take in the cursed soul of a jew dammed to live until Armageddon and becomming insane trying to figured out a way to free him

I still haven't watched the anime. The manga is ultra-comfy and somehow has an amazing atmosphere. Does the anime capture any of that?

pacing feels faster but it's just as comfy and atmospheric

I’m 14 episodes in and I’m still not sure if I like it or not.

so is she really together with that skull thing or is that her father figure? It's on my backlog

>They cut everyone's reactions to Chise immediately finding the dragon, remarking her connections are better than hers, and telling Elias to get her a phone
They managed to surpass Citrus as the gayest direction of the season.

Yes and no. There's probably underlying feelings but their relationship is much more mutual parents.

I don't want to bone weird skeleton creatures, so no

so i fell for a meme then. Should really give it a shot

bonedaddy bought her, she's pretty much happy about it


I really recommend it. It's a shame that the threads seem to have gone from slowly hitting the bump limit to life support during the second cour though.

She's the mum he's the son. Unironically

So he poached the dragons to make chimeras from them I suppose? What was the point of terrorising the auction house with it though, I wonder. Also split personality?

The first episodes were fantastic, but in the second cour things settled down and not much is happening

It's a little bit of everything.
I remember seeing an SJW video calling this show problematic for the whole Elias buying Chise to make her his bride thing, which is such a massive misunderstanding of Elias as a character that I just can't get it out of my mind.

i dont want this ride to end lads
show is too comfy even with the jew

Who /ruth/ here?

just read the chapter, what an asspull of a way to explain why they're "bad". I hate this trend of giving villains bullshit backstories meant to make the reader sympathize with them instead of ever getting their own comeuppance for their evil actions.

I bet Chise is going to kill herself even more trying to save this bastard, I fucking hate what this manga has become.

>Split personality
That was pretty apparent before. As to the dragon his plan wasn't to terrorize the auction house, it was to sell one off for funds. The dragon is wrecking shit on it's own because that's what happens when you trigger survival instincts.

Damn i dropped this at the start of the cat arc. Did i fucked up? I didnt think it was bad, i just lost interest.

>The first episodes were fantastic, but in the second cour things settled down and not much is happening

The story itself is kinda shitty right now anyway, with Elias going from a powerful mysterious magician to a whinny needy teenager.

show peaked at the cat arc for me. Its last episode is the most beatiful thing I watched in 2017

>The story itself is kinda shitty right now anyway, with Elias going from a powerful mysterious magician to a whinny needy teenager.
Yeah, his character progressses at the strange pace sometimes

I am but the thread's usually dead by the time I watch.

It's a pretty logical progression to be honest. Think the deconstruction of Dumbledore's character in The Deathly Hallows.

I shall watch the new episode soon.

Yes, and I'm very much enjoying this Grimm shoujo.

Latest episode has me really confused, though. At first I thought I had missed an episode, but no, just a really badly written episode.

I'm behind on 1 or 2 episodes, but I watching it, and it's great

They basically cut 30% out of each scene.
>Ghost Chise
>Party at Elias' house
>Entering the auction
>Mysterious lady talking with Chise
>Dragon's thoughts cut entirely.
At that point it should've been two episodes.

Elias is unironically a whinny needy teenager.
Before Chise he never bothered to trying understanding humanity, he just doesn't how to deal with the emotions he is feeling for the first time

Is Chise's new friend the one Elias tries to sacrifice or whatever was in the early anime manga spoilers?

Yes, in two episodes

Does she at least magispank Elias or she just lets it go like usual?

I dropped it after about 14 episodes, it just is so fucking slow when it comes to the pacing to the point I don't care about what is happening

This word means nothing in the context you used it in.

she run away and go to the friendly jew and then they exchange body parts, for now they just traded one eye each

Spoilers, not just surprise boxes.

5 episodes left in the cour. Pacing starts to escalate I guess. Still judging from the source readers, a lot of things are getting skipped to fast the things

Are there 24 or 25 episodes in the cour? Cause if it's 25, then we have 6 episodes left.


no i think you are watching it alone

>Chise I'm hungrry
Post obese doggos
I didn't know volume 8 has been released

>Drinking Black Label
Fucking fags

>wisce beatha

>Most downloaded anime of Horriblesubs
>"Anyone else watching this?"

Ruth is good boy

He has less presence than a girl who doesn't speak.


Don't go speaking bad things about Silque, she's best girl

I'm not. Silky is great, Ruth barely exists though.

Where can I find one of these for myself?

God damn it!

>it looks fake
Elias is trying to slowly sexually dominate Chise with a MILF figure with Titania eyes as payback.

>Elias takes Chise somewhere
>some magical creature snatches up Chise
>turns out they were actually nice the whole time and just needed her help
>Chise helps
>Elias shows up way too late and then gives a lecture and Chise learns something vague about magic

Does it ever break this formula?

Yeah b/c he hides himself from pleb human eyes like yours because you could never fathom his greatness

The new OP is so fucking bad

Today's episode was surprisingly good.

>had bad ass name Ulysses renamed to Ruth
I'd be depressed too.

yeah, first one was much better


What if Cartaphilus isn't the evil one?

Alice is more heroin-chic chick than alcoholic chick, so it's not surprising that she'd grab that.

God damn this episode was tense.

I want to be her slavesonpethusband.

No Chise, your tears aren't enough to put out the fire. Your tasty crystal candy might quell the dragon's rage.

So is that a dragon a hybrid result? Or did it turn out different because of the situation it was put in?

Simply put, the characters aren't very interesting.

She auctioned off the candy for a sizable sum. Yet another thing they partially cut.

That's a shame. I bet Chise could make a pretty decent living as a crystal farm.

The Chibi shorts are great.

More than "pretty decent".

You mean when he was like "Hey cursed man that won't die, I got this great idea". Literally all Joseph.

Chise needs to stop stealing cookies from the cookie jar.

>transform to a milf
>suddenly getting touchy touchy with renfred
God fucking dammit.

So the jew had a fun experiment with the dragons and sell it off?

He sold one and fucked with the other.

This episode is NOT comfy.

It only gets less comfy

Strap in for Schlomo's wild ride user.

The 2.5 million was her half of the proceeds of her sale. She was after all both seller and product. That is why she thinks aloud that it's really Elias' money.

>The flowers got me three hundred thousand...

I was wondering why the fuck would the jew want to auction the dragon then i realized thats a dumb question.

> auction house takes 50% off the top
Wew. You'd think they would spend some of that money on better security.

They had great security, just not "dragonette so scared that it turned into its own fire breathing ancestor" tier security.

Just read the last two chapters. You're totally right wtf I want my comfy SoL back.

I watched until the dragon episode and I just couldnt bare it anymore. Not sure if it gets any better and it certainly had some potential. But to me it was way too boring and pointless. Also the characters didn't really grow on me. Too bad, I was initially very hyped for it and I think it really had potential. But it turned out not to be for me.

It's great user. You'll appreciate the effort they made to bring the atmosphere and universe into animated form.

(((Joesph))) made those bindings though. In the manga it seems that his mental instability is partly the reason that they break.

> Yeah sure we'll let you sell remote detonated C4 at our auction!
> Just put it wherever, man!
The magic AH sells some VERY exotic wares. If they're going to charge top dollar, they probably should have at least some decent security to go with it.

>introduced as 6'4 chad that can grab evil spirits by the face and instantly kill them with his mind
>becomes manlet imuoto (male)

I'd KMS.

No, it's a fully-grown specimen of that species of dragon that's actually reverted itself into an atavistic state to regain the ability to breathe fire. One thing this episode didn't quite have time to touch on is that it's extremely difficult to bind a dragon, and that dragons have almost perfect control over their own growth and state of evolution. That dragon literally went mental from fear and trauma, grew itself too big to be contained, and went full-bore bestial to give itself every possible means of punishing those that frightened it.

He thoroughly fucked up those three assholes from Alice's past though. He's still a badass when he needs to be one.

Ruth is pretty tough when dealing with lesser spirits. The problem is that Chise is always getting in trouble with ancient powerful spirits. Everyone wants a piece of a sleigh beggy.

It also sucked the magic from a magic rich area right? That's why Elias couldn't do anything.

He also grew to chises height to connect with her better or something

The horrible black bubbles made me think there was some evil shit involved

>More like this ancient Jew mage is pretty powerful the bindings he has on the dragon look pretty secure according to our specialists. I mean I guess we could put another ten layers and drug the dragon so it will be content and put a heart monitor on it so the bidders know that it's still alive. We're achelmists for Invader God's sake!
Britbong arrogance strikes again

>connect with her better

It's not like it's an unfair characterization if it was written early in the show's airing. I had similar concerns early on until some people who had read the manga ameliorated them. It definitely looked like it was some dumb shit where Chise "develops" as a character by being wholly devoted to Elias and deriving all her meaning/import from him.

That being said, if you're going to publish criticism of a work then you have a responsibility to either try to be informed (for instance, by reading the manga or waiting until the show has fully aired) or to explicitly give the caveat that your critical lens is limited by the minimal portion of the work you've seen.

When are Chise and Ruth going to Japan to teach the yokai who bullied her as a child a lesson?

Shit got real, poor dragons.

>try to connect with Chise
>receive horny Silky petting instead

Why are there no friendly Japanese spirits?

They better fucking explain that necromancy shit

There probably are but they probably don't hang around major cities.

Maybe their Titania got nuked

They migrated to lands that don't incorporate rape houses as everyday life.

That's kind of an interesting idea. Mythological figures dying in the crossfire of war.

The fucking eternal jew is at it again
Hitler was right all along

Fanfic of Ruth eating so much that Chise gains pounds by spending magic in a nonstrenous and passive way. Elias study's this phenomenon and realizes the only way to save his future bride is to force feed Chises familiar in order to fatten Chise up when?

Friendly reminder not to give your pet diabetes.

>literal eternal jew

Where did you think peope got whe whole eternal jew shtick from? It's a meme dating back centuries.

mfw I just wanted more cute faes making Chise sandwiches but get psychological torture and horror.

On the plus side, it can't get any worse. R-right, guys?

We'll see. I sure hope not. Seems like Chise has the upper hand currently but given the fact Ruth/Elias and the witch are presumably on their way to help I don't see Chise wrapping a neat bow on this without the rescue squads actually doing anything. I'm really curious to see if Joseph is going to get his arm or not either way.

But she's cursed now too.

OP from the first season is amazing, it's a shame that the 2nd OP can't hold up to it.

Also this is the most consistently good anime this season and last season.

Post Merituuli please.

>anyone else watching this
its nominated for AOTY
wtf do you think

Are we ever going to find out what happened here? It looks like a ferret.

This show hits me really hard sometimes. I've cried on at least three occasions

I kinda lost interest. Mostly because I read the manga and the anime doesn't really do enough for me to retread it.

rutsu best boy

u wot

>Mysterious sophisticated gentlemen, rich, powerful masculine figure saves a girl from a life of misery. To become his wife
>Says she's his dog.

But is all about magic. yeah.

It was a pun, user.

same, the end of the joel arc is beautiful

>that day
what did that imply here?

yep thats the one. Man I didn't expect the side characters to have such a good arc

Chise meant his tantrum, they thought she was implying sex.

the consentacles from the previous episode

What could this thing have possibly been to drive this guy from his family for months (years?) on end?
With no attempt of contacting them whatsoever?

Still don't get why the father and brother left.

Because Chise was a literal magnet for suffering and torment.

Both her and her mom, but that didn't stop him from kicking the shit out of tentacle blob monsters.
But some demon ferret/mongoose starts lurking around?
>sorry honey I'm out can't handle this one
>good luck with all the shithead demons that Japan is seemingly inundated with

I don't think it's implied that her mom attracted them too. And yes, sometimes a straw breaks a camels back and the father chose the safety of him and his son over his wife and daughter.

Was the mom only able to see them? I was under the impression they were both of the monster-magnet disposition.

The dialogue doesn't justify that in my opinion. Why would he start to invite Chise to come with them and promise to come back if he just wanted to escape? He has to have some arcane wizard knowledge of the specific creature that appeared which justified his actions. It had to have been hunting dad+son for whatever trait was common between them. Otherwise why wouldn't he have only taken Chise so that each pair was protected atleast somewhat (assuming the "protection" the son grants is at all significant)?


Slightly larger pupil on the left. Killing me.

I was until Commie stopped subbing it.

Commie still exists?

An not dominative-goth-50ish grey-vampire romance reference pun.

Yeah, is about magic, and puns: play with the stick, master the rod..
oh, muh dark mysterious saviour and his secrets, maybe he is not a bad person, maybe I can understand his mind. maybe I can change his mind a little bit. because I have no self importance nor personal goals at all and should orbit his existence.

If is not about that, it was about that for too long. long enough for me to drop with no hope for the thing get better. but now I'm curious. did she achieve some self dignity and grows as an independent thinker or just wander over random deep emotions as non functional person all the way through?

So mangafriends, how far do you expect this to go before it ends and we never get season 3? I hope we get the eye thing as the finale for a fucked up cliffhanger. That shit spooked me something bad when I read it.

I feel like the eye is where it's heading, they already started setting it up with ghost Chise this episode. But I don't know if they'd leave it at that bad of a cliffhanger, they'll probably just stop when she meets up with Joseph. I just hope they handle the witches better than the manga did, that was fucking awful.

Oh right, that happened. The witches are totally going to waste two episodes minimum, huh?

I am watching this and it hits me right in my autismo heart

The pacing is so fucked. They could have ended episode 24 with chapter 36 but now episode 20 will end on 37.
At this pace they'll finish at about chapter 45/46 (which don't even exist, 43 is the latest) to finish the current manga arc.
It should be fine as the author is working with the anime, but they had to fuck up episode 19 and maybe 20 to do so.
It's basically confirmed that manga>anime right now.

the dragon scene should be GOAT though

I hope they don't make an original ending.

Well fuck, that episode was suffering.

This thing is so fucking cute.

>ywn have a Silky to rub you
why live?

Well, the current manga arc should end soon so they could easily do exactly as the unreleased chapters according to the author plans it to go. Its a good Chise development so it would be a fitting end to the anime.
They might pace it too fast for episodes 21-24 as well though

Good point user.

Its 1 AM here. I just finished Girls Last Tour and read the final chapters in the manga.

Im starting this one in the morning.

I sort of put it on hold for the time being.

You might need a couple of days to reflect on girls last tour.

So were the dragons dead?

what why chi and yuu are completely fine they're just climbing back down the stairs and are going to continue on their journey haha

Why is Chise so perfect?

I need more Silky

half an episode just wasn't enough

She cute. Would employ.

So is the hairy one, ded?

He got turned into KFC.

Serves him right.

Same. Especially since the binding could have also been used by the Jew to hide the results of whatever he did to him.

>flowers went for 600k
>she just grows them as a byproduct of sleeping with her teddy bear
she'll be fucking loaded soon

>Chise, Chise where you going with that bag Chise? Ruthu needs the snackems!

You didn't read well enough then.

No mounting outside the house! Bad dog!

i stopped this season because of the op and incoming foreshadowed drama



Is there anything of her former banshee aspect left? Is that why she never speaks?

Kind of makes you realize what a steal it was to buy her for 5M.


Brownies don't speak much anyway. If there's anything of the banshee left in her, it's that she still gets attached enough to people to be overly concerned about their welfare instead of concentrating on just maintaining the house she's bound to.

It's my new favorite pair and I need more of it in my life

Doujins when

Chise is a big girl!

Actually, the mom *did* attract them, at least to some degree. She couldn't hold down a steady job cuz the little shitsacks wouldn't give her a moment's peace.

>immediately recognizing a bottle of johnny walker black label in an anime

do I need help?

Why is she so fucking sexy? Seriously, every time she apperas on screen my penis start itching.

>receive horny Silky petting instead
best possible outcome

I couldn't believe she was only 18. I thought she was almost 30 or something.

I thought she was in her early twenties.

Magic isn't kind to a woman's skin.

Judging by Chise's reaction, that was entirely intentional.

The Jew can't keep getting away with this; retrieving Hitler's body from Indonesia and reviving him arc when?

Gold/Red Label a best

it could also be because of the underage drug use

Stop being mean!

>tfw you fall for the bonedad instead of the milfs

Is Elias my husbando? Am I gay now??

Doing shady experiments with a fuckup like Renfred too

Why's Merituuli finnish

>Renfred is a fuckup

How do I get myself a cute Selkie ?


First you need to be a mage

can we have the old OP back now?
is better than

I'd be more tolerant of the second OP if it wasnt entirely just re-used clips.

Start with mushrooms, then move on to DMT.

With my luck I'd run into a pissed off Spriggan.