Toji no Miko

Best girl is best!

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But that is not Hiyoyon!

Yes, Yume is looking at her.


Smug Yume is the best.

Yume a shit!
I hope she dies of heart cancer!

>tfw she's probably going to die young
Where are the cyborg tech and nanomachines when you need them?

what do you think nene's tail smells like
i'm just curious for laughs haha
i would like to smell it

Bullying Katawa Toji is not okay!

She would go full dere for the first guy that comes along and sternly spoils her. She just wants attention and validation.

>weak heart
>dies when climaxes

Just release the damn game.

I wished I have tit so I could seduce Nene

I wonder when there will be art of her getting gangspoiled.

I know people were saying Mai had a rapist vibe going on but Sayaka is guilty too.

English release when?

She was just looking for more cookies.


>Kanami rope bunny
That's my fetish.


Sayaka a qt.

>6 girls fought and defeated Great Aradama
>one of them is now Great Aradama
>6 girls are gathering again to fight it

So which one will become the next great Aradama?

Kanami hopefully

Kanami has her tulpa protecting her. It'll be Hiyori for irony purposes.

Good thing the artist picked that angle because they can't draw hands for shit.

girls fought and defeated Great Aradama
You mean 7.

Why is she so perfect bros?

She is heart-rendingly cute!

If she's so perfect, why is she in prison?

Maybe Hiyoyopoyon is still flat because she keeps eating ice cream.

A gentle hug and dicking would tame her.

Yume is dumb.

Dicking would kill her though.

I'm not locked in here with you. You're locked in here with me.

>i'm so edgy and childlike and edgy LMAO
Only teenagers pretend Yume is a good character.

You seem upset.

Your taste is shit tier!

She's beautiful.

>doesn't actually hurt them
>is solely responsible for their escape
>only looking for a fun fight because she's probably dying and doesn't have time for red tape
Not to mention she's childlike because she's an actual child that ran away from home, and likely lacks any discipline aside from Yukari, who's too busy staring at aradama goop all day. This episode fleshed her out. She's going to get tanoshii'd hard at some point.

>She's going to get tanoshii'd hard at some point
Mid-season fight with Kanami

wheres the guy that always posts that Yume is so full of herself even though she's never done anything?

Yume killed him.

post Yumes lewd 'drawing'

>Interrupting 2 girls who are about to fuck.

Worst girl.

Yume is too young to understand that.

Yume is ugly, I would not eat her cookies

12 years is old enough to marry me!

Yomi is only useful as a cutting board.

celling Yume is laughing at you!

>try to consummate marriage
>has a heart attack and dies before you even finish getting the tip in

>getting aradama bugs in your food
Not useful even as a cutting board!

>finish anyway

I will give her a heart massage to bring her back.


It's time to learn first aid.

What are Mai and Suzuka's disabilities?


>All these anons assuming Yume has a heart disease
What if she was just pressing her hand in her chest?

Even if she ends up as a heartless monster I still love her!

Sayaka was just too cute for her.

The face shapes in this anime are way fucked up.

Same here, I love Yume.

What a time to be alive.


when is she going to taunt kanami through the whole city while being on TV

From the thumbnail it looks like she has plane hulls for legs.


Needs to include all of them falling down

Yume wishes someone loved her like someone does Sayaka.

I'm still hoping sh and Kanami will become battle buddies

The episode's title is "Heart Ache".

Is there supposed to be an avatar in the game or is this dork the sole MC? Yume and Yomi seem like the type that would be solely interested in the player and thus don't get paired with anyone like the other girls.

Does it matter? Mihono is the best girl.

I want to hug Hiyoyon and fondle her flat chest.

Don't do that.

why not?

Hiyoyon won't be able to eat toothpaste if you're in the way.

Dumb girls like Hiyori don't deserve love.

We just don't know, but I damn hope you can headpat the girls.

It's done, she has it now. They may try to lead us astray by claiming it was the strain on her body because she's incomplete, but we all know what it really was. And we all know why she's incomplete. Smug will be joining Mai's harem.

I want to feed toothpaste to Hiyoyon!

Yume and Sayaka should touch swords.

There's an self insert avatar i think.Because Mai says "Shikikan" in one of the trailers.


Pack your bags and leave.

Or what? Are you going to post Edgy the Toji Edge some more?

I love the contrast between her saya's design and her actual behavior

Fucking never I assume.
Maybe I should actually go and learn at least basic moon runes

>Fucking never I assume.
You assume correctly.

Never ever, wait for a kind user to translate the interface and if the fanbase becomes big enough then you might get the story translated too.

I had some chocomint ice cream today. It's pretty good, but the taste is reminiscent of toothpaste.

Ahhhh i want to eat chocomint ice cream, but i assume it would be very hard to find where i live

Yume is my yume.

She's a brat and I hope she dies soon of a heart attack.

How long until the elite guards Toji join Mokusa and fight all of them against Yukari?

Lesbian sex.

*Eating cookies.


Yume Thread

This is the second time she's jumped through a window, is this going to be a habit?

On the topic of Yume, that particular stance, called the Hira-Seigan no Kamae (literally a "flat" version of the Seigan no Kamae where the blade is raised sideways instead of upright) is a staple of Tennen Rishin-Ryu users.

>no more shinobi games

Fuck you chocomint is the best.


Kaoru figure confirmed!

Yume performed that "Too-fast-for-u" move without Utsushi.
Which I assume is impressive because Utsushi ups their stats right?

No, it just absorbs damage

Another hit to my wallet I guess. I'll take a Yume too.

>can't get Mai without Sayaka
>can't get Kaoru without Ellen
Guess I can eat cup ramen for another year.

Have you tried not speedwatching.

Have you? You just lumped together Utsushi, Jin'i, and Hachiman Riki all into one.

Is this really a thing in Japan?

Time to kill myself.

She's lucky they even allow autists into their shops in the day.

>First figure is Kaoru
>Not Kanami or Mihono

Everybody loves big swords.

Less material costs

The one with the biggest stick wins.

I was surprised that it wasn't Hiyoyon, considering the slight price gap of her chocomint drink compared to all the other girls.

There are too many serious girls with long black hair already. Kaoru stands out more, or a gradient hair meme girl like Mihono who will get one eventually

Mihono is not a meme, delete this

That's exactly what she is.

They know what's right.

Yume is trash, Hiyori-chan is the superior edgelord.


Hiyori is a dumb chestlet.

Hiyori is a failed edgelord. She'd be dead ten times over if it weren't for Kanami.


Gradient hair is dumb.
Himecut is cute.

>The Kanami fig is a sega prize

Yume is in no better position chest-wise. Also, black pantyhose is superior white stockings.

Better finish up before the body gets cold.

How do we stop this self-defenestrating JC?

Feed her cookies.

Yume has noticeable breasts, which is more than Hiyoyon can say.

That's like saying 155 cm is taller than 154 cm; it's irrelevant since you'd be a hopeless sub-180 womanlet either way.

>not even a panty shot from figure
Look like if I need to play mobage I want to see Tojis panty huh?

What if.
What if they all not wearing any.

At least we know Ellen isn't nopan, she wears black panties.

W-what about the cakes?

>wanting to see beef curtains
No thanks.


Do otaku in Japan really walk around with boob straps on their phones?


Whats the significance to the nail polish?

it's tied to childhood trauma

>i will be useful sir.

Your respond?

You shouldn't call a cute hag sir.

>a cute hag
Good thing she was talking to the Renpu president then.

Tell her no, pat her head and give her a warm homecooked meal.
Why does she try so hard anyways? Was her childhood just total shit and she latches on to these people who barely give a fuck about her?

I assume Yomi was suppose test subject for Sayaka's aradama and throw to trash can after that, but since Yukari picked her, she want to prove she's not useless.

I'll tell you something you can do to be useful


I was seriously confused by this look. Cause it is exactly what it looks like, but it makes no sense. I mean it's wonderful, but I don't get it.

Sayaka's transformation into a dyke started a couple episodes ago

Btw there will be pre-screening of episode 8 today, spoiler may come out in 1-2 hours later.

Some twitter keyword that should be covered the pre-screening part.刀使祭&src=typd刀使 先行&src=typd

You are witnessing the beginnings of an alpha dyke.

fug, I hate pre-screenings for original shows
I just hope it's a hype episode

>pre-screening of episode 8 today

It IS a hype episode. It will show the day the Great Aradama attacked Japan 20 years prior.

Next week we see Yukari-sama getting corrupted by the aradama.

Why does it seem as though Mai has yandere eyes every other scene?

thirst for imoutos
the BR route sounded like it failed so she went with NBR instead

Why does she dress like this? Is she some kind of whore?

I sense deaths and suffering.

Servicing men for money.

Her boobs were damaged, give her a break

You can't damage that sort of boobs.

They should have serviced old men for new clothes instead

Looking at the sparsely few tweets on Tojisai and apparently Rise Taneda's name showed up during the pre-screening.

Yomi is suffering incarnate.

>cant use katanah
>is weakest combat wise
>she needs to cut herself to be useful
>is filled with worms/larvae/demonic eyes
>she mutates and loses an eye
>is being beaten by MC and nearly killed
>is slapped by hag cunt while offering her powers to aid her
>her own episode was the first and only QUALITY so far

Why does she have to suffer so much.

>prize figure
Better than nothing, I guess.

Nice. When's coming?

4th of June?

Kaoru got scale one, now we know who the biggest toji here.


looks like I still can try to waste my 1000yen bills on the ufo-catcher for this one.

Kaoru is planned to get one. They don't even have a prototype.
Its still unclear who will be first.
My bet is on Hiyoyon.

No. But in the show it is. Remember, Japan seems to be some sort of military dictatorship.

How does one go about getting a prize figure anyway. Doesn't seem as similar as ordering from amiami.


I got the bad feeling that later in the 2nd cour, we will see a Utsushi failing and some batshit insane Toji like Yume mercilessly hacking away limbs and rending flesh.

Play Ufo-Catcher in Japan or go to those shops in Akiba where they sell 2nd hand prize figs (many of them in original packaging and unopened).

Also, some amazon shops sell them.

I hate aradama.

Any spoiler?

okay, dyke.

I love erodama

I dislike etotama

Are the S equipment powered by aradama juice?

Didn't they explicitly say so last episode when they were talking about breakthroughs in technology utilizing noro?
Or did I misunderstand something?

Well yeah.
This episode, the grandpa said that it came from a project to weaponize Noro. Also, it clearly shows noro glowin on itself.

Probably, since it only came about after Yukari started regulating noro. Which is a hole in the idea of her being the ultimate evil, since she's directly responsible for all this technology that makes taking out aradama easier.

Are Hybrids made by Tojis mating with aradama?

Of course not. They're using Noro, not aradama juice.

>since she's directly responsible for all this technology that makes taking out aradama easier.
Could also be that she's streamlining the process because that helps her reach the critical Noro mass faster.

Though I agree, it's 24 episodes with no filler so far so I doubt she's actually the big bad.

>Toji no Miko: Best girl is best!
keep her inside cages
its for her own benefit

Oh yeah I love handicap girls.
Katawa toji when?


Don't do that

Wait, you mean to say this show has more manly sword-fighting action girls than SHOCKING BLUE?


There's a pretty badass swordfight almost every episode.


Best girl by far!

>Yume will never step on you

Thanks lads. Seems like this is what I wanted out of machiavellism but never got. Picked up.

Ignore the first 5 minutes, seriously. It's way out of tone of the rest of the series.

The fighting here is actually motion captured by actual IRL Tojis.

>20 years since the Great Disaster of Sagami Bay
>still using that recycled argument

Oh snap

This also has an actual dynamic plot so far.

being yomi is suffering


cute dorks

I want to feed her mint choc chip ice cream

It was great though.

I'll say, we've had several great /u/ action shows. I enjoyed Princess Principal, this show filled the gap nicely.

>immediately snaps out of utsushi when arm is sliced off during a casual battle
>utsushi degenerates very slowly on arm getting sliced of when loli is at stake
So the strength of your utsushi depends on how 'focused' you are and isn't a part of your base stats like someone said in the last thread.
This gives plenty of potential for asspulls.

Nips tweeted something about episode 8 and it seems the episode contains the truth behind the toji in Kanami’s dream and the letter to Hiyori’s mother.
Someone said that it has 1.7 times more information than average episode.
Also it lists Tanesa Lisa as the cast.


Could also be related to the fact that the picture posted was a tournament. During a contest I stop fighting when my opponent made a clear hit, if it was an actual battle I'd still try to drag them down with me.

Kinda, if they can handle the pain they will keep going (not when getting cut in half).
During the tournament they aren't supposed to keep fighting after any damage, so they break utsushi even if it's just an arm. And utsushi isn't mean to be used for extended periods of time, probably why it was degenerating.

>1.7 times more information than average episode
how did they calculate this

Are we gonna get a bike chase scene?

Episode 8 information / ((episode 1 information + episode 2 information + episode 3 information + episode 4 information + episode 5 information + episode 6 information + episode 7 information) / 7)

Too young to ride.

Taneda's character better get lots of screentime.

If you're being too technical it just means the episode will have a 1.7 times larger filesize.

Why everyone is a girl? There is no male swordmen in this show?

Okatanas only choose pure maidens.

Okatanas only choose deranged lesbians.

Male can't be miko.
inb4 that one S;G chatacter

Touken Ranbu might be more up your alley.

Post smug bitch, thanks

No need to repeat what I said.


Males can be pure maidens too

So, this is some sort of Mai Otome? IF they fuck they can't use magic any more?




Touken Ranbu's boys are just girls with dicks.

So Tojis but not cute.

And that's why Tojis are better.

Very wise swords.

Bunch of dorks!

I want to bite into Kanami's thighs.

Then why didn't you post her?

I did!

where are the swords?

Is Yukari really Garadama pretending to be Yukari or is it still Yukari but injected with Garadama?


dumb wing


eternal bleeding

Where is Mihono?

cute dorks


Circumcised losers not allowed.

>tfw they love the series
>tfw they know it's selling like shit
It hurts.

It's okay, the game will save it.

So Mihono will be the one to save the franchise, huh?

>cute characters
>good plot
>active shilling both virtual and real life event
>still low rating

This season have too many hot shit.

why is she so lewd?

It's in her gaijin blood.


I want to kiss her cute little feet!

But that isn't Ellen!

any leaks from pre-screening ?

Why is she locked up?

for her own good

To keep her away from the good girls.


Don't think of it as a cage to keep Yume inside. Think of it as a crypt where you die.

Is she a a vampire?

I'm still not clear on whether these are actually distinct substances.
At the very least, they're related since noro turns into aradamas which are them processed for aradama juice.

yes please

What if I want some batoru?

You mean she's even more perfect?

>only seen out at night


Perfect and defect is almost the same.

That's what Killing Bites is.

Is this show worth watching?

No, fuck off.

I dropped after the third episode.

Don't pick it up again, it's shit.

No. We just watch so we can masturbate to cute mikos.

cute Miko dresses when?

I want to dress Mihono up as someone competent and reliable!

When game releases.

That seems a little unrealistic.

Yume's at her best when she's smiling. Just look at this angelic, heavenly smile.

7 episodes in and the girls have fought each other more than even attempting to slash up an aradama.

Aradama are controlled opposition created by Origami to force the Japanese government to expend a ridiculous sum of money each year in the special defense industry for the sole purpose of amassing enough weaponry and power to overthrow the government.


Origami family is shit and full of old hags.

Sexy old women.

This could actually be the plot



Yume theme music.

Jotaro pls.



It could also be something like "There must always be a Great Aradama".


That's not how you batoru

That's the superior form of battoru.


I want to nya a miko!

Who will you anons roll for when the game is released? Since the show doesn't seem like it's going to make Yomi ;_; happy it seems I'll have to do it myself.

I hope Yomi kills herself before the game comes out.


Why do you say such hurtful things?

>debasing yourself to the point of playing gacha, ever
For shame user. My interest with this franchise begins and ends with the anime.

Because useless birds do not belong to this world.

You can't play dress-up with the tojis if don't play the mobage.

this is the result of not having a cookie pal.

where did she find all those swords?

Her fat ass.

We all thought Sayaka was going to be Mai's autistic daughterwife. Little did we know, Yomi will be Mai AND Sayaka's autistic daughterwife.

No, Yomi will be in the trash because Yukari-sama doesn't need shit.

I've played the fire emblem and granblue games and had fun without spending a single penny on either one.

She has UBW, just like Origami Yukari.

>I hope Yume kills herself before the game comes out.

Yume doesn't have to kill herself (unlike Yomi) because her heart will give out on its own.

I just realized the big bad is literally a touhou, all she's missing is the hat


Don't be mean to Yomi.

She can overexert herself so that she suffers cardiac arrest sooner rather than later.

Why not? She's a dumb smelly cutter.

Anons got bored of bullying Suzuka so they moved onto Yomi. Yume is next.

Why? It's not like she has any feelings. She's just useless.

no she won't!

Yume for sure, I can't wait to make her my menu voice.

>Yume is next.
Won't happen, there are too many edgy teenagers who actually think she's entertaining.

New season announced btw

Just like Strike Witches, only the girls have the power.

It'll be fun to bully them out of the threads.

I want to put a smile on Yomi's face.

"edgy" is truly a buzzword that has lost all meaning
Yume is just a cute smug girl who likes fighting

When will it be Maki's time again?

>Yume is the edgy one
>not the one who cuts herself and uses her blood as a weapon
Did people forget what edgy stands for?

It's always Makitime in my dreams.

>Did people forget what edgy stands for?
yes, like 3 years ago.

Edgy bird only good for compost.

Yume is just batorufag.

It's gonna be two cour so we still have to wait to see how well it sells by that time.

Everything is edgy these days

There's a difference between autistic competitiveness and bloodlust.

The latter is obviously better.

>There's a difference between batoru and batoru

are you ok?

this was fucking cute


No ;-;

Dorks (like Mihono) should not be allowed to carry okatana.

Dykes on bikes.

Shall not be infringed, you aradama.

chibi problems done right!

Ellen, assuming I can get it to run on my phone.

>take away the okatana from dorks and autists
Literally who would be left?

Heroes like Hiyoyon.

I'm kinda disappointed that they didn't capture Yomi and cure her with non-consensual lesbian sex. Well sooner or later.

Dorks (like Mihono) should get the dick.

Enjoy your STD.

They can all have Yukari-sama's.


>styles her hair in such a way that it resembles cat ears
>not an autist or dork

Yume is my seasonal waifu!


I wonder if Yukari used to be a dork as well

Please don't bully Yume, show.

Who can make her get serious longer than 5 seconds?

Kaoru is too cool and competent for me to call her an autist or dork.


I really want to see these 2 in cute miko dresses.

Kaoru voted for concealed okatana carry laws.

I can, in bed.

Constitutional okatana carry is the only way to go.

your dick will vaporize if she uses her high speed hips!

If anything she's the one doing the bullying.

That little brat needs a spanking from a cake.

Man, Nene is great

I want to fuck Nene

My little Nue can't be this cute.

Imagine Kaoru and Ellen using it as an onahole together, with their sword tips meeting in the middle.


Not happening unless Yukari turns on her.

Nene is the dork.

Why is sword small here but normal sized later? Why is pink one's sword keep warping in size from merely large to fuckhueg?

so yukari is wearing the same uniform that kanami's tulpa has


Yukari-sama is her father.

>His favorite toji can't light their sword on fire and burn the shit out of everything
The reason that Mihono isn't the MC of the anime is because it would end too early with Yukari getting swiftly barbecued.

Who's up for dessert?

toji of flavortown

At least he doesn't have stupid gradient hair.

Mihono should have hair like that.

>tfw actually looking forward to it
>despite not understanding any moon runes

Plenty of time left to learn if you start now.

Mihono knows how to make a mean mack daddy patty!

Mihono has first-class tickets to Flavortown!

Doesn't it take a shitload of time to even just get into the basics though? I doubt an hour per day for a couple months or whatever would get me all that far


I want to talk about Mihono's meanie panini.

I wanna slamma Mihono's jamma like I'm in Alabama.

I want to put my shama lama in Mihono's ding dong.

I wanna run my himi on Mihono's demi.

I want to hug all the Mikos

>”Woah Kaoru! I can feel the tip of your sword dess!”
>”Ellen shut up, you gonna make mine limp.”

I want to fuck Nene

I want to kill Nene

I want to cook Nene

But why does she speaks like a dumb autist?

You know, if you think about it this is kinda like those hentai crops but with food, don't you think?


I want to befriend Yomi and make her the happiest girl in the world. Also bully the shit out of her.

Rolling for Yukari-sama.

I want to reenact this picture but with Yomi.

Why is she so insecure over her love of chocomint?

She can't admit she loves eating toothpaste.

Mint flavor is a pretty low tier dessert.

Ayanokouji school is really underrepresented so far.

It's represented well enough by Yume alone.

I'm torn between Hiyori and Yume. Halp

I'm rolling for best girl, obviously. Speaking of which, when the fuck is the game coming out?

Last night I dreamt I was enrolled in Ayanokouji for some unfathomable reason.

I can't even remember which one that is. What is their uniform?

>when the fuck is the game coming out?
As soon as Mihono is relevant.


>Yume has gradient hair (pink-blue)
>Mihono has gradient hair (brown-red)
>no other character has gradient hair so far


I'll bet Yume would look great in one of those

I'm pretty sure the show already has a Yomi equivalent to each of these.

Yume is my yume!

>Toothpaste muncher
>Blood thirst brat

>Blood thirst brat

Toji Gear Rising when?

Yume is best girl, obviously.


Did they even fight in the tournament

Imagine it in this guy's voice

I wanna die between those thighs.

Me on the left.


Your wife deserves to die.

Yes, she is. We had a meeting and decided on this.

Aradama detected.

>edgy teenager circlejerk
No wonder the people with taste didn't show up to the "meeting".

Why do you love the word "edgy" so much? She just knows how to have fun.

She'snot edgy, just misunderstood.

>can't knock the wurst

People still unironically watch this?

I still don't understand how you're supposed to watch something ironically in the first place. You put something on then laugh at it cause haha its so dumb. But then why not watch something you enjoy? It just seems so miserable.

Why would I not watch AOTS?

>cute girls who are more than meets the eye and/or gain noticeable development
>real swordfighting techniques
>an actual interesting plot
Yes I'm still unironically watching this.

Looks like aradama is back on the menu, girls

Call me when Mihono's on the menu.

Cute support girls.

And the one in the bottom panels was in the game's OP

>toji getting hurt
Wait. Where is their utsushi???

Subs where???

I really doubt they would add the elite guards into the pool right away. We'll probably get the anime and the game cast first.

Sanity broken
My heart's barely working
I've even forgotten my school
I don’t know the season
Or what is the reason
I still haven't killed all these fools
A desolate place
Without any trace
It’s only the cold wind I feel
It’s weak that I spite
As I stand up and fight
The only thing I know for real
There will be blood-shed
Yume in the mirror nods her head
The only one alive
Will stand by Yukari-sama's side
The Aradama don’t give back what they take
Oh no
There will be blood-shed
It’s the only thing I’ve ever known

10/10 post.

Hey, that thing I asked to get drawn in the draw thread got drawn, neat.

broken by the aradama probably



Is this kino?

This episode had plenty of good angles.

No, that's emo.

>heh, nothin personnel kids...

>painted nails
Muh dick

I hope Yume and Sayaka interact more in the future. They're complete opposites yet they share so much in common as well.

When I read miko, I think armpits.



Reimu is literally a hillbilly who doesn't understand half of anything related to the modern era. If you showed her a car she'd think it's a strange self-driving wagon.

I think of something else entirely.

Wow end yourself, gradient hair is a miracle of the universe




>not building harem

Pick one!

She must, if only because she'll need another sheath for her sword when Yoyo's sphincter needs a break from the abuse.

I like how they actually show the fence instead of the common thing of making a weird transparent hole around where people's faces are.

The fence is symbolism for Yume making the law and putting bitches in jail

Of course.
People would be scared, if there was no physical separator between them and Yume.

>Yume will never dominate you

It was pretty great framing. It's too often that anime characters just stand around wide rooms or empty hallways, but the short fence gives this sense of false security and intimidation.

QUALITY hands.

Literally thinking man's anime.

Is this
Bully : The anime ??

Only the defectives get bullied.

>Yume graduated from Ayanokouji at the age of 12
>Suzuka is the 2nd least shit of the Elite Guard
>both either have smug or really condescending looks on their face at all times
Why is Ayanokouji the best school?

>all those swords
Is Asakura the bone of her sword?

>>Suzuka is the 2nd least shit of the Elite Guard
>allowed Kanami to interrupt her husbandos 1v1

Yume is a fucking cute and I want to break her

Did you forget about the boy?

Fire is definitely in her blood.

This is an abhorrent post.


When will that rabid animal be put down?

Stupid sexy barbarian.

>doesn't even appear in the anime
>still the absolute best girl
How does she do it bros


When will someone point out that she's had her hair stuck in her hoodie's zippers for weeks now?

That gets mentioned in every single thread.

Stupid barbarian

Yeah, but she doesn't use Cred Forums.

I wish we had some open world toji game with cute girls slaying aradama.

Yeah. That would be quite nice.
Would be great if it was full game and not mobage with gatchas.

I want a Monster Hunter style game like that.

Sadly, Japans market is dominated by handhelds (or more specifically smartphones). Why take the risk of making a more expensive game for another platform when the lower risk scenario also has a higher market share?

Well, Monster Hunter Explore was a flop due to the high-tier weapons being well... Gacha drops and you need to gitgud and endlessly grind if you want mats to upgrade a weapon.
It'll be better if the drops doesn't come in just three boxes and an extra. At least make it four or five and make upgrading not a hassle because of the usual mats being in the highest difficulty or at exclusive missions at the cost of 25 gems per quest.


That and consoles.

>Monster Hunter Explore
No I meant an actual MH game, without gatcha. Something like MH XX, but with cute tojis being kinda gay for each other.

>Recomend this anime to several friends
>Lol no its shit m8

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i'm just curious why this show has low rating and people seems rejecting / think its bad before giving it a try

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Because most "people" think Naruto is good.

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