Best girls from Dragonball

From Dragonball, Mai.

From DBZ, Videl

Overall, I think I prefer Videl. I'm currently re watching DBZ and she is competing for my spot as new waifu from any show.

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Good taste, OP.

I agree about Mai but I don't care about DBZ girls.

I'm not one to war about waifus, and I don't often get too deeply emotionally attached to cartoon girls. But Videl is just something else. I haven't been like this with a character in a long time.

In the early episodes of the original Mai is arguably the best character as she contrasts to everybody else, as all other characters are basically comic relief. She's the closest thing to a straight man as it gets, at least early on.


Fivehead 18 is worst girl

>loving a whore who would rather be with chad Vegeta than a nice guy like Yamcha

>She's the closest thing to a straight man as it gets, at least early on
Yeah, that's pretty much her role in the Pilaf gang

>nice guy
You mean a beta?


DB: Bulma
DBZ: Videl, until she became a wallflower.
DBS: None of them. Bulma's sister maybe, because she wasn't destroyed.

>DBS: None of them

Yamcha isn't nice at all
Fuck off retard



That's a yes then.

M-my Yamcha is a b-bad boy.. d-don't call him a beta m-male...

Good taste.

early videl was nice
pretty good taste OP

for super
there is always future Mai


>forgetting Future Mai

Mai and Tights are the only good ones from Super

She got a fat butt.


Don't talk about my wife like that.

>Manly chest armor made by his scientist wife

Does Bulma actually make it? I always assumed he just had a few from being in Frieza's army and washed them.

I believe it was mentioned in super that she made it for him.

She's my waifu too

You.. you get away from her..

Sorry. I don't think I can.

She's so smug and pushy, why can't the best women be real?

Chichi when she's not flanderized as a shrieking harpy bitch > all

Not fat just strong glutes.

Chchi is best when she is in catfights or in the original DB. Original Chichi would be best if she wasn't a 9 year old dressed like this.

Teen Chichi was pretty high tier, right next to Mai imo.

>Best girl is Videl
> Best girl cuts her hair
>Best girl is no longer best girl

Teen Chichi a cutie.

When you dissect parts of your brain you develop a thing called brain damage.

yeah no. Bulma copied and improved sayan/freeza tech body armor all the way back in cell saga already

Me no understand, me only here to tell the tale of the loss of best girl.

She is worse with short hair, I agree, but comparatively to all other girls in the series she does remain best girl.

>worst with short hair

Dude Vidal is great with both long and short hair. Pleb.

Dragonball Bulma if we're gonna be honest

excellent opinion sir


I never said worst, I actually said she is worse with short hair but still best girl.

strangly fitting they got figures announced together

teen chi chi is quite cute in looks

>long-haired Videl
Shit taste.

I like both but that's because I like Vidal. I am not some creepy fetishist like you.

best girl is 18, without a shadow of a doubt

Mai for Dragonball!?

What about Launch!!!

when and where can I get both of these?

I bet you think Rei is best Eva girl too. Shit taste my dude.


Launch a cute, I only like the good side of her though. Blonde side is shit.

Horrible taste, fag.

Pre-order here.

>Best girls from Dragonball
>literally 3 options to choose from

but yamcha hoovers up baseball snatch, he's pumped many women full of jobber-jizz, Vegeta was potentially a virgin before Bulma

never a big launch fan

>Bulma, Mai, Chichi, Lunch, Violet, Suno, Ranfan, etc
>3 options

>3 options
>not even including characters at different ages or points in the show


>From Dragon Ball, Mai
>Not Bulma



>nice is a pejorative now

That's sad. You shouldn't design your morals around what gets women wet.

Yamcha ironically became a stand up guy after he got a girlfriend and retired from being a bandit.

If you are happy with a wife who will flash her panties at anyone to get what she wants then go ahead.

I like my wives to be more mature women who are able to fly aircraft, who are good at shooting and are fast thinkers.

To be fair you need a pretty high IQ to understand why Mai is best girl, so I wouldn't expect a Bulma fan to understand.

>who are able to fly aircraft, who are good at shooting and are fast thinkers

As opposed to Bulma who can do all of these things along with being a billionaire who builds time machines, space ships, and dragon radar.

OP is right

It is confirmed he was a virgin, I mean, no shame in that. Bulma must be really proud of herself after taking the virginity of a literal prince. Vegeta probably doesnt care.

Launch (blue)

Probably one of the most uncommon choices, but I have a weakness for voluptuous body + loli face + sex hair

>no new dokkan valentine banner with upgrades to these
would of been nice for some extra art

>It is confirmed he was a virgin


There's no source for that.

Blue Launch would be best girl if it wasn't for how over the top blonde Launch is.


the raindrop?

What was the point of the clock on the building if you dont even move it forward by 3 hours or something?
Why are western artist so incompetent?

>Girls who are literally polar opposites occupy your first two spots

I admire the width of your strike zone, user


>Chi Chi fondly remembering her first "date" with Goku when they were 12, where they sparred.
>actually trained Goten for the seven year gap
rewatching Z reminded me adult bitchy housewife Chi Chi isn't so bad. She at least chilled a ton after Gohan grew up.

and then she turned back into a total bitch in super

Super is pretty much just all of the shitty stereotypes and flaws with DBZ made into a series without porting over the good bits

Except for filler episodes, the filler episodes are pretty good

I love tank-tops and bob-cuts

A lot of the side characters are pretty disappointing in Super.

Videl is a good pick, but now for the real question
Short or long?

I prefer long, but she's best girl in DBZ regardless of hair.

Get out of here Mr Satan, you're not fooling anyone

I want to "erase" her hymen

Short. It's been so long and I was so young when I saw DBZ for the first time, but I think she impacted me psychologically as I was developing and is the reason why I like short hair and hurting women so much now.

Did Yamcha ever eat someone after conquering their planet? I thought not

The Great Saiyaman mini saga in Super confirmed that Videl is best girl.

Neither Vegeta is a Chad, nor is Yamcha a nice guy.

Yamcha is canonically established to be a player, and cheated on Bulma many times.

Vegeta has never banged anyone besides Bulma, and no other female has ever shown any interest in him in-universe.

If anything, Yamcha would be the Chad because he gets laid more often and has a sports career, something everyone forgets (to be fair, even Toriyma doesn´t remember that)

Only gets better with age.
She will never get a good figure I can buy.


does anyone happens to have that image of videl sitting (on what it seems to be) gohan laps, she wears a pink tank top, please help a videlfag out

Best "girl" right here

Mai is mai waifu and I really don't want to watch super because I heard she and Trunks get together in it. I'm just going to pretend super doesn't exist at this point and It looks pretty shit anyways.

DB is certainly not lacking in good options

>Smart yet cute
>Strong yet sweet
>Young yet not pedo bait
She's perfect.

Kid Chichi's outfit was incredibly common at the time, and may have been designed that way on purpose.

I hate what they did to Videl. She doesn't look remotely similar to DBZ.

End of Z Videl was perfect, too. Couldn't find a better image.

For fuck sake, I swear I attached the image.


>literally two for the price of one
>Cooks, cleans and steals for Tien
How could you go wrong?

Rate designs

End of Z > Super > Anything else > GT

I don't think you'll get anybody disagreeing, maybe a toss up if you throw the original DB in there.


God Trunks looks so fucking stupid with that hair

They should have just made Bulma's hair purple rather than making Trunks' hair blue

>having any good designs

She lost everything cool with her when she cut her hair

>Fantasia ven a mi

long obv. Short = dyke.

>likes a tomboy
>hates short hair

I don't understand.

1. Videl
2. Android 18
3. Launch
4. Maron
5. Bulma
6. Erasa
7. Mai
8. Panchy
9. Ranfan
10. Pie Pie
11. Chichi


>implying faggots on Cred Forums actually watch the original dragon ball


DBZ - 18
DBS - Bulma

Go to bed Yamcha, we don't care what you think about yourself, everyone else hates you.

>6. Erasa
Oh shit I forgot about her, insanely hot
Shame she was in the worst phase of gohan.

DBS - 18.
GT -18.
DBZ - 18.
DB - 18, even if she didn't appear.


Future Trunks french kissed her in Super.

Just self-insert as Trunks, you fucking retard.

>Conquistarte quiero yo


18 is so fucking overrated.

You like Shuu?

Good taste.

>and cheated on Bulma many times
Source? TFS isn't canon.

Fuck off, generalfag.




>see credits page for translation

This is "Just according to keikaku" tier shit.


>Yamcha is a cheater! (laughs)

Kekked and checked

>Yamcha is a good looking guy
>girls like him
>occasionally flirts with them just for fun
>Bulma catches him doing this and assumes he's being "unfaithful"
>breaks up with him
>tells her son years later that her first boyfriend was a cheat so she doesn't come across as a slut when explaining how she ditched him for that angry saiyan manlet

Was Videl Chi Chi 2.0?

>To be fair you need a pretty high IQ to understand

Dude, there are too many dumb people saying that one line and you are one of them.

>mature women
>able to fly aircraft
>good at shooting
>fast thinkers

That's what Bulma does and even more, so comparing Mai to Bulma, Mai still gets retarded awards for really dumb ideas during Dragon Ball search. I'm not Bulma fan, nor Mai, but you comment was so retarded I just had to respond.


The "you need a pretty high IQ to understand" thing is a meme from a supremely arrogant rant from a Rick and Morty fan.

What a fucking waste of those god like android genetics.

>android genetics

I know and many dumb people are using it all the time.

she must have blown Vegata's mind, meanwhile Goku has never even kissed ChiChi.

Yes, it was a nice moment. Too bad people can only think about retard Goku never kissing anyone.

18 implies that Marron has android physiology in super.

not to mention that 17 and 18 are completely biological, there is no reason to assume that they would not be able to pass on genetic material to their offspring.

We don't really know if Goku ever kissed Chi Chi. He never kissed her in any sceen, but behind we just don't know.

She never implied that.
Also they were normal humans who got enhanced. They can't pass their "Android genetics" to their offspring.

Goku... you moron!

>She never implied that.

18 says that "Marron is not nearly as helpless as you think" to Krillin when he wonders if its safe to leave her on 17's island full of armed poachers.

>Also they were normal humans who got enhanced. They can't pass their "Android genetics" to their offspring.

what 18 says implies otherwise.

What did this mean?

Should he have carried her by her hair?

Nope, that doesn't mean Marron inherited android genes at all. She's just not a weak helpless kid.

How exactly does that imply "android genetics"?

>How could you go wrong?
By forgetting she ever existed and giving Tien a new waifu?

She's still has the genes of the STRONGEST HUMAN EVER in her.

since she is not a martial artist the only way she could stand up to armed adults would be android genes, remember 17 and 18 where stronger than super sayians having never trained a day in their lives.

one of the poachers even comments that she is not normal.

So is using the word contrarian

>Nice outfit
>cute face

A girl that likes to do boy stuff. But still recognises she is a girl. It's not hard user.

I guarantee to you that was a retarded line mindlessly added by Toei to justify why Marron is in that island. Reading too much into it is just stupid.

>girls need to have long hair to be girls
What kind of fucked up brainwashed mentality is that?

would not be the first time we have to live with something that makes no sense being canon.

Yeah but even Krillin is strong because he trained a lot during his life and got a power-up back in Namek not because of genetics.

That isn't even in the manga, so it means it wasn't in the outline and it was 100% Toei.

>girls need to have short hair to act like a boys

What kind of fucked up brainwashed mentality is that?

I know at least 5 girls who look like a models and are working in typical "men" jobs doing "dirty" work and by dirty I mean fixing engines, repairing machines, etc.

But is Krillin even human? He doesn't have nose. Do you know anyone without a nose that is human?

>Girls need to have short hair to be tomboys
That's your fucked up mentality.

Give him a break. He didn't know girls even existed until he was 12.

Except I never said that, you absolute retards. You're the one saying girls can only be girls if they have long hair.

It's gotta be Launch because good lord that hair and that oversize bow. If she canonically had even bigger legs and a rump to go with it then she'd be perfect.

I never said said anything about you being retarded, sir. Don't get offended over nothing. I just posted what a lot of people are saying with my counter argument. Jeez, people are offended over nothing these days. Take a break from internet maybe, read some books, watch anime.

The King of Earth is a human dog so Krillin can very well be a noseless mutant human.

Should I watch Super?
Also best girl is 17


They do even have werewolves, vampires, demons and many, many more so dunno about Krillin not having a nose. It feels so bad to me.

She probably wears the hat to hide the receding hairline inherited by her father

Short is objectively better, long makes her forehead look offputtingly prominent and gives her a dull, frumpy appearance.

Let it be known, Chichi probably had to sexually teach Goku how to have sex.

On another note; what if Goku married Bulma instead of Chichi?

She'd use him like a fuck toy/attack dog and he wouldn't be smart or aggressive enough to handle her manipulations. She'd eventually get bored by him and slut it up with whoever else struck her fancy, and again Goku would be too dim to realize he's being cucked.

The Goku/Vegeta rivalry would take on a whole new layer though. Gohan and Trunks might even be half-brothers in such a timeline.

17 is like the best part of super, so go ahead.

Well yest, obviously. Saiyan men don't have those kind of instincts because Saiyan women take them by force.

Goku grew up in the woods he saw animals having sex all the time

Chi Chi grabs Goku by hair and pulls him to bedroom. I think there is such doujishin out there, but not 100% sure.

Is Goku a furry then?

By the way, Trunks and Goten should be around 13 years old in Super, so why are they still lookinng around the age o 9?


Good taste

Toriyama is too lazy to age them up

There is a manga where Chichi teaches Goku "what happens on a couples wedding night" and he mistakenly thinks they fight (punching a whole in their new home wall in the process)

Pedo detected

I know, I don't care if Goku never kissed. I even think this is completely in character for him. But for some odd reason there are some people who make a big deal out of it and some even refuse to accept he is kissless.

Maybe Ox King taught Goku how to have sex before he married Chichi.

>no beach episode


The only correct answer.

>reminding people that minus exists

why do you hate everyone?

Wasn't DB Super manga made by a different person with Toriyama only saying if he is ok with some of the paths they take?

He has produced children twice. To think he just ruts like an animal and doesn't even have the decency to kiss his wife makes him out to be a terrible lover. I guess it does explain Chi Chi's constant state of frustration.

Tori is still responsible for the main plot points and Toyo fills in the blanks of the plot outline provided by him

>makes him out to be a terrible lover
Yes, that's the point. Goku was never supposed to be a good lover he doesn't even care about romance. Hell, he doesn't even see Chichi as a wife.

Not that user but I like Minus

Over 20 years and he hasn't even managed to become mediocre? Shit man even Vegeta's done better and he's had less time to go from psycho to family man. This is beyond a reasonable incapacity to grow up.

Freiza is best girl

Pan is a cute
I want to be on her shoulder like Giru

>Over 20 years and he hasn't even managed to become mediocre?
Getting better would require him to actually try in the first place. He cares mostly about eating and fighting and that's how he spends his free time.

What did Chi Chi do to deserve this hell

Videl is and forever will be best girl of all time. She's perfect.

To be fair Chichi asked for it. She shouldn't have forced herself on him.

Mai, Pilaf and Shu are so pure

anyone? :(

The definitive worst

ssj kafula in manly broly mode

Android 21


They're all shit.
Cause Toriyama is a muscle fetishist faggot unable to make any decent female character. All he like are big dudes with all their muscles tense and yelling as they are giving birth to the turd of their life.
Yeah, Arale is shit too.

>To think he just ruts like an animal and doesn't even have the decency to kiss his wife makes him out to be a terrible lover

Kissing is a cultural thing; sub-Saharan Africans didn't kiss until it was introduced by Europeans.

Makes sense that two backwoods hicks who are pure to the point of autism wouldn't know about it.

Best girl and also best milf.

Pan's design is a solid 10/10, shame she's so damn annoying and useless in GT.


If there's one thing Bulma's taught me, it's how much of an impact hairstyle has on how much I like a girl:

Pigtail Bulma: 3/10
Long, straight hair Bulma: 9/10
Afro Bulma: 2/10
Bowl-cut Bulma: 1/10
Bobcut Bulma: 8/10

Everyone is underaged in Super.

Mai is supposed to be 48 but is actually 41 (and age changed via Dragonballs).

Bulma is supposed to be 45 but is said to be 38 in the show.

I'm sure most characters have been re-aged slightly.

Fucking hell Dragon Ball Super gutted videl and turned her into a pathetic house wife

You mean how every character that isn't a Saiyan or the latest character to be introduced gets gutted?

Implying she was ever been anything else.

It's a surprisingly cultural thing. Like, 150 years ago it wasn't really considered romantic, and friends kissed all the time just to show that they were happy to see each other and such.

Krillin actually has god tier hair genetics, he just shaves it off most of the time.
Keep in mind the dude is in his 50s and still has a full head of hair.

>Blonde is sh-

23rd Budokai > EoZ > rest of DB and Z > GT > Super

You mean she had sex with him while he didn't know what the fuck was going on and just went along with it. Same as the way they got married.

Exactly. Or maybe Chichi drugged him and he doesn't even know it happened.

>Makes sense that two backwoods hicks who are pure to the point of autism wouldn't know about it.

>two backwoods hicks
>Chi Chi's literally a princess
>pic rela-

I was gonna post an image of her kissing Goku in the 23rd Tenkaichi but that never actually happened in the manga. You win this round user.

>Chi Chi's literally a princess

>brute redneck bullies people and proclaims himself a king
>makes his inbred redneck daughter a princess

Pretty much what happened

The only good things to come out of GT.

MILF Videl is best Videl.

Who destroyed her spine?


They didn't ban Tor lul we should raid it Cred Forums

She was better before getting the dyke haircut

They could be lying about their age too.

Ponytail Bulma with harem outfit: 11/10

I remember an episode from the android saga when goku actually kisses chichi and roshi gets all red and shit

Yeah, that scene wasn't canon.


>I heard everyone talking in my dreams
Man, between that and the out of nowhere mind reading, Toriyama really doesn't like having characters explain the plot to other characters.

I love how he never used his "mind reading" ability ever again.

man his style was impecable, too bad he's gone fucking senile and toyo is just a dbz brolyloving tracer.

>Bowl-cut Bulma
I used to hate it too but it's grown on me, definetely better than afro bulma. I think her clothing design was the worst part of that phase though, pic related looks much better because of the clothes.


but in DB original Bulma was 16 and Mai 19. That's a 3 year different.

Seems odd they would both lie and conveniently keep the same 3 year different in their independent lies.

It's all about Mai

Twintail Videl is the best DB girl because she's perfect while Short Hair Videl marked her immediate downfall. But if were talking about DB best girl rankings, this has to be the most accurate list from what I can remember.

>Android 18
>Blonde Launch
>Blue Launch
>Android 21
>Chi Chi
>Supreme Kai of Time
>Western Supreme Kai
>Mrs. Briefs
>U2 sluts

From best girl to side piece girl and if your list isn't at close to this then your taste is truly shit tier and inexcusable.

of course

Mai is the best

>18 in 3rd
>blonde launch better than blue
>Mai below GT characters
>21 outside your top 5

are you okay user?

Continuing thread here.

But this thread is not even near the bump limit user

>but her hair

shit tier

retard, bump limit is 500/250.

>Early Buu Videl
Best personality, hottest design
>BoG/RoF/etc Videl
No personality at all, hard to believe it's even Videl, if you told me off screen Gohan dumped Videl and got with some other girl I'd believe it. Meh design
>GT Videl
Still has a semblance of personality but holy FUCK what an ugly design

Yamcha is actually very nice. Do you just believe Bulma when she said it was him who cheated? All her friends called her out on being loopy when it came her jealousy. He was clearly a romantic who was pretty whipped in their relationship.

18 would be best if she didnt marry a fucking manlet

Some of my earliest faps on the internet tbqh.

>18 in 3rd
She's a iredeemable bitch but her sex appeal hasn't been matched even after several decades except for Caway.

>blonde launch better than blue
Blonde Launch is for steaming hot, passionate sexual intercourse and Blue Launch is for loving, sensitive sex. How is she not superior?

>Mai below GT characters
She's not better than Pan and that's a fact.

>21 outside your top 5
All the others above her are still much better but I might have overrated 18 though.

>are you okay user?
>Posts 3DPD

I don't like her personality and her massive forehead either so she would still be shit even if she didn't have shit taste in men.

I appreciated her shutting down the attempt at blackmail, but other than that she totally got ruined.

Toriyama confirmed Yamcha is a cheater.

Gohan picked the wrong girl.

As if your shit taste wasn't enough, you were also stupid enough to put the Supreme Kai of Time twice in that list.

It's the other way around though
YamCHAD got to bang Bulma when she was on her prime and VirginETA had to settle for sloppy seconds

>not posting spopovich

you had one job.

Maron should be no.1
18 sucks and Videl is only good with twintails

>YamCHAD got to bang Bulma
Where's the proof? Only CHADgeta has any evidence.

18's sex-appeal is mediocre as fuck
Even Ranfan was way hotter than this overrated baby's first waifu

If you honestly think Bulma was a virgin all those years you're fucking retarded.
Bulma was the one to pursue him too so they definitely fucked.

You make a good point.

Though to be fair, Bulma's overall design in GT was severely lacking; her features weren't as soft as her other incarnations

>no proofs
Go back to the desert you smelly bandit nigger lmao

Yamcha always gets nervous for shit like that and Bulma never got pregnant with Yamcha's baby after more than 10 years dating him.

posting the queen

Pretty much this.

Future Trunks even said, "They weren't even married, but you know how my mom is..."

Heck, considering how lascivious she was during the very first arc of Dragon Ball, I wouldn't be surprised if even Yamcha wasn't her first

Nah, Bulma was definitely a virgin when DB started.
I think it was in the 2nd chapter where she was saying something like "I thought boys only had things growing in their fronts" (after she saw Kid Goku bathing with his tail). A non-virgin girl wouldn't say something like that.

Bobcut Bulma sucks

23rd TB Bulma is Peak Bulma
She gets my dick so fucking hard...especially when she lusts after Goku.

Poor Goku got stuck with this bitch
He never knew how Bulma wanted his dick in this arc

Toriyama is a senile hack who makes up shit for his own convenience.

Nah, before Yamcha came along, Bulma turned into a blubbering idiot around cute boys and couldn't find a boyfriend. Not that she wasn't fucking Yamcha's brains out every day while they were together. How else would she have convinced him to get that hair cut he hated?

MILF No. 18. One of the very few highlights of GT.

>Heck, considering how lascivious she was during the very first arc of Dragon Ball, I wouldn't be surprised if even Yamcha wasn't her first
Yeah, she was showing her panties to Goku in the first chapter.
In the beginning of the series she was probably bored of riding the cock carousel for years already which is why she set out on finding the dragon balls to wish for the perfect boyfriend.

Her mother's a slut too, wanting to fuck Goku and Vegeta and all.
PS. Anyone find it funny how Bulma's mom never seems to age?

So she already knew about dicks. She was just surprised about the tails since none of the chads she was fucking had one before.

>most versatile body.
>most powerful offspring guaranteed.

Note is pure!

Her dad doesn't age, either. He may look like a 60-year-old man, but he's looked like that same 60-year-old man for about 25 years in universe.

>Bulma turned into a blubbering idiot around cute boys
No she didn't
She was an honest slut

Yeah but her dad was old from the beginning whilst her mom now looks younger than Bulma herself.

Why does it feel like they're going out of their way not to show her in the background like the other blues?


Young Bulma was a pseudo-slut.

>tfw Bulma has only had 1 hairstyle change in Super

Why does Bulma's lust turn me on so much lads?


Unless you live in a extremely conservative and religious society, anyone knows about dicks.

I was expecting him to reply with a Spopovich picture too. Very disappointing.

That doesn't invalidate the fact that Bulma was a slut.


Dr Brief probably invented something that slows down aging

character most harmed by Super

She had already lost all of her personality after the Spopovich fight.

she basically disappears after that fight

I would fuck the shit out of Mrs. Brief.

She sticks around a bit with her future father in law and makes Super Buu agree to wait for Gotenks.


Women by instinct want to be conquered by strong men and yet she's loyal to a weak pussy bitch.

Krillin may be comparatively weak but he's not a pussy.

yeah. pretty much stops having much of a role after.

18 even thinks he's "cool"

What do?

I think a better comparison would be Krillin as the chad and Yamcha as the virgin

>Infalls in love with a girl just because of a kiss on the cheek
Krillin is everything but a Chad.

fuck crab

pull her out?
not like goku has any other interest

>Actually married her and bangs and impregnates her
>Still married to her

Yeah, he's an actual man who makes try-hard Chads look like bitches.

>beta marries a girl full of issues and with no standards
I don't see how that's an achievement.

She‘s hot.

She is ugly as fuck and was born with a fucking billboard instead of a forehead.



Okay Yamcha. Why don't you get a girlfriend first before talking shit about Krillin's eternaly teenage wife.