Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Volume 11

Like I promised, I ordered novel 11 so that I could read and share the glorious sex scenes with you Cred Forumsll.

I'll post the first 20 pages or so, which mostly revolve around Basara having sex with Maria.

The sex scenes goes on for around 60 or so pages and are described in quite vivid detail.

Also, sorry for the gorilla style pictures. I don't have a scanner so it felt like a waste disassembling the book when I would need to take pictures of it regardless.

I'll might translate some of the best parts.

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That's it for now.

I'll translate some stuff in a bit.
I'm not great at Japanese though so it would be nice if some anons could join me.

Also, the Discord guys should stop being dicks that want to get paid to translate stuff.

Thanks for sharing user!



Has he had sex with Yuki yet? If so, what volume?

oh baby


She's too lewd.

>navel exposed

Kurumi gets plowed while her sister watches.

He has sex with everyone except Chisato in this volume.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Zest stuff translated

I guess no matter the language, text porn is always similar.

>Naruse Maria.
>Wearing nothing but her knee-socks, Maria climbed on top of Basara who was laying face-up in the middle of his bed.
>"Aah, hah,

Does he rail Chisato?

Of course

>Maria's lower mouth swallowed it all. Basara's thing filled her up all the way to the deepest part of her vagina.
>Every time her young succubus hips moved, her mucous membrane was coiling around and sticking to his thing.
>ku... ah....
>The pleasure... He suddenly felt an irresistible urge to ejaculate.
>Normally, a childish body like Maria's would not cause Basara to feel like this.
>Besides, if he was not careful when he pushed through the narrow entrance into an immature girl, he could tear the precious spot apart.
>But Naruse Maria is not a human being. She's a succubus.
>So no matter how young she may look, her body is able to handle a man.

>glorious sex scenes
>in a fucking book
>with maybe 7 images max

Why do people pay money to get off to text? Are you lacking in your own imagination?

Text is just a supplement to your imagination since it's quite hard to properly imagine a proper lewd scene.

A few more images would have helped.

>Although it was very tight, Maria's pussy was very elastic and could take all of Basara in.
>Every time Maria moved her hips, a lewd liquid sound could be heard. Their male and female secretions mixed together, creating a light pink foam that flowed down onto Basara's inner thighs.
>That was the proof that Toujou Basara had just taken Nasure Maria's virginity.
>Even though she was a young succubus, the amount of blood was very small compared to that time with Mio.
>While Basara was having sex with Maria, something appeared around her neck.
>It's the master-slave contract marks

Well that's enough translation for now.

As a reminder to myself, I have translated up to the line:
on page 7

I might translate some more tomorrow.
The thing about my translations are that:
1) I am not that good at Japanese so I might be misinterpreting things.
2) I am terrible at writing sexy dialog. When I compare the Japanese writing in the book to my English translation it just sounds weird and unsexy. It's much better in Japanese.
Anyway, hopefully it's better than nothing.

Based as fuck.
Maria's my favorite. Thank you very much.


wasn't there another half to this pic?

is it true that he need to have sex with all girls because need to infused them elements and the only way is taking their virginity? I want to see that shit animated so badly.

You do know the genre "romance novels" are basically some of the dirtiest porn you can imagine and housewives eat that shit up. Text only porn is far from uncommon even in western literature.

>That splooge in the top-left

thank you for taking the time to do it OP

So who gets fucked how? And does chisato actually finally get fucked?

Wtf is this thread? These scans and even translations and detailed info about this volume have been available online for weeks.

Chisato's sex scene is being saved for the next volume, which comes out relatively soon.

I thought it was locked behind a paywall

Not just watches, yuuki is literally fingering kurumi's ass

It comes out on april 1

The translations are (but you can literally just pay 1$ if you want them)

But the image scans have been widely available elsewhere since the day the novel released, so I'm a little confused as to why so many people here don't seem to have seen them before.


All are best but chisato is most best. Ultimately would not regret blowing a hundred loads inside any of them.

I know we all love Maria but how do we feel about her mother and sister?

They should all have an orgy and take basara's cock one after the other, and cum swap between them.

I would love to see more of maria's sister

I want a doujin of Maria along with those two riding Basara so bad.


what NEED are more Shinmai doujins!

Next week, i hope art book is good.

We are also getting a TV version of the OVA. I cant wait to see Chisato in her swimsuit!!!

i love Chisato she is the BEST CAKE.

i wish i had a smoking hot teacher who drives a sweet ass car and cooks for me and is also a goddess. Basara is one lucky motherfucker.

I wish that I was Basara


There are some good doujins, but I remember there being one really good one with Maria. Maybe I'm just thinking of the artist though.
Without going too far into it, it just seems like a scummy business model. When they were advertising their discord in a thread a week or so ago, it was open for a certain number of invites and then expired. Even if people wanted to donate for some reason, they couldn't after a point. I just don't know how worth it that it may feel. I guess if people are going to despair without the translations it may be the only justification for it, if even.

You're many months late, you know. Also, you can't scan for shit m8

>but I remember there being one really good one with Maria
The lemonmaiden one? That was pretty good. I just wish there was more, but sadly battle harems don't get much especially in these trying times of mobage and idolshit.

oh god i wonder how the TV version will handle that scene, also the TV version of the OVA will air on March 4 and the BD version will come out on March 28.

I hope there's plenty of animation instead of pans over stills like usual, but even though it was a movie I'm not getting my hopes up

im looking forward to seeing Chisato interacting with the other girls in swimsuits.

He is so damn lucky. We need more Shinmai doujins!

>mio already bending over and bracing herself against the chair

at least let her enjoy the meal first

I have a bratwurst she can eat


Wow I never noticed that before.
Here is a better scanned version of that image.

The images has been out for ages, yes.
But the text has not. It's been locked behind some shady paywall where you need to join a specific Discord channel and then Paypal someone and hope you get sent the translation.

I'm late with the images, but from what I've seen the text is not publicly available anywhere.
Not sure about you but I care about the text more than the images. I mean, there is only one illustration of a sex scene in the entire book, but the fucking goes on for like 80 pages in total.

All they do is fuck, huh?

So that they can power up, duh.

>(Something about the master-slave contract spell being normal for succubi)...
>Because the curse is activated, Maria is affected bu its aphrodisiac effect.
>And it won't stop until the pledge is fulfilled.
>On top of that, succubi are able to experience much greater pleasure compared to other races.
>Because of that, as Maria was shaking and moving her hips...
>As Basara was thrusting from below, the center of Maria's cute little breasts started to swell.
>Her tiny, pink nipples got erect.
>Basara took both of his hands and pinched them hard.

Wow just wow.

>Yaaaah She arched her back backwards as her body started twitching, and then she got completely stiff.
>Next, Basara felt a powerful contraction as Maria's pussy tightened around his thing.
>Kuu ah... ah!
>The complex exercises inside a succubus vagina as she cums brings immense pleasure to the partner.
>And without a moment of hesitation, Basara released his semen inside Maria.
>And with that, a thick liquid filled the place where they were connected.

Will translate more later.
Currently on this line on page 8:
>既にBASARAとMARIAは互いに数度の絶頂を得ており、MARIAの中はもはやBASARAのモノと大 量の精液とで完全に満たされていて、それらが今の精液で逆流してきたのだ

Thanks user.

>The sex scenes goes on for around 60 or so pages

>The sex scenes goes on for around 60 or so pages

make that 70

How many times does it need to be said that the translators are in no way affiliated with the discord group? They are paid freelancers and amateur translators. They are not fans and they do not work for free. Only they are being paid, no one else. They're not even in the fan group. Fuck's sake.


How is that nobody posted those translations on nyaa. And can I get (pay) for translations on discord, or is that some elitist closed circle?

I heard they are scamming people?

Bullshit. You donate what you can or want and gain permanent access. The majority of the costs are shouldered by very few members.

Must be some elitist closed circle... Oh god,i hate people like this!

The translators are freelancers and aren't affiliated with the discord group. Nobody in the discord group profits off the series. The discord group is comprised of crowdfund donors and other fans of the series. It's just an offshoot of the main website for the crowdfund project. People primarily use it just to talk about the series.

There's nothing shady about the paywall. Content isn't locked behind tiers. Everybody that donates gets the same access to content. They will also have access to future translated content regardless of whether or not they decide to donate again.

For those that can't or for whatever reason refuse to donate, about half of each chapter is posted on the website along with detailed summaries of the content of each volume.

The website for the crowdfund project has all relevant information regarding how to obtain the full translations. People don't publicly post the translations or upload them to nyaa because they enjoy the series and want to see the rest of it get translated.

can you link me to the site?

Honestly text can be hotter than images sometimes

it seems you're ringleader of this project. why can't I access your discord?

You probably were using an expired link but you should find one that works on the main site.

still no luck. can you please post instant invite?

Kindly fuck off with your promoting and sugar coating of a place who sounds and acts like a fucking sect. We don't need your paid shit translations.

Everyone who pays even a penny for this crap is being ripped off. People do your research and don't get swayed by this people. They are like a disease to this community. Look at jcafe24 to meet people who do it for free and get you in touch with people and content that is being delivered for free.

Don't get swayed away by this people sugarcoating their sects groups. I have been around for a long time in the anime/novel/manga world and one thing I learned the most. Paying for this fan translations is a complete rip off and is not worth it. Many have proceeded this rubbish people and they did even better in ripping off people. Kindly use google to find better places, they are out there.

They do not exist you turbofaggot. Or else we wouldn't be paying. And as I said, the group leader himself handles most of the expenses. PROzess fucked off. ZZHK is a billion chapters behind. noman is a burnout and was never that great of a translator anyways.
Keep your gibmedats and sour grapes mentality. I'll be enjoying my official porn.

Butthurt aren't you user? The reason why you reacted like that explains the real reason behind your sect group. I will repeat it again everyone who paid for this had been scammed. I've seen many proceed you trying to scam the commu it with this so called "closed and private communities" they promise you heaven but in reality you're paying for stuff that you can find easily elsewhere. Thanks for proofing my point. It's exactly like those sect group's react when you point out their wickedness. Again anons,use Google and don't assume that there is nothing else out there expect for this sect group.

Come out LawLz you attentionwhoring cunt

>paid fan-translation
if you don't wanna do it, then don't do it

It's the opposite, user. It's that no one else wants to do it, so we have to hire people who will (for money).

Just ask them first how much they ask for it. It's a total rip off.

There is no set amount. A one time donation for permanent access.

>It's the opposite, user. It's that no one else wants to do it, so we have to hire people who will (for money).
So you telling me a person with fucking JLPT N1 is going to spend his time to translate a porn light novel just to make us happy?

You know what JLPT N1 is right? That's a level many companies in Japan would hire you for. It's a level many have wet dreams about. And you tell me such a person is going to use his time for you?

The only thing I see here is perhaps the so called JLPT N1 person doesn't exist but people using third parties translations to sell it off like their own.

Basara and mio already had sex?

>There is no set amount. A one time donation for permanent access.
That's how rip offs work, they would tell you the exact amount. That's a psychological game they like to play and only retards will fall in that trap. yep firstly it will be just a no set amount and later it will turn into something else.

No, I'm not saying that. All I know is that nomi is very proficient in Japanese and lives/has lived in Japan for a long time. Her English is less great. I don't know about the other guy, but he's a pro who actually does have personal interest in Shinmai and was willing to work on it for a generous discount. Fuck off already you sour grapes faggot.

>Basara and mio already had sex?
yep seems like it, if we read the translations. Unless Basara poked her with a knife and that's why she bleeded more than Maria (sarcasm off).

There's no set amount because CBC is literally paying from his own fucking pocket. But alright then, you want a set price. We can do that. No more mister nice guy. If anyone asks why it's like that, we'll say you asked for it.

>No, I'm not saying that. All I know is that nomi is very proficient in Japanese and lives/has lived in Japan for a long time. Her English is less great. I don't know about the other guy, but he's a pro who actually does have personal interest in Shinmai and was willing to work on it for a generous discount. Fuck off already you sour grapes faggot.

So if I send 0,02 dollars will it be accepted and will I get the content?

The price tag is now 10USD for access to translations. One time fee.
You can take this mega retard LaWLz for that.

No, thank this turd

>No, thank this turd (You)
lol, because of an user you changed your whole policy? Dude, you act a bit childish imho.

This shit has been going on for a while and we're fed up. If you want to want to complain then fine, here's a reason to complain.

kill yourself tripfaggot

>lol, because of an user you changed your whole policy? Dude, you act a bit childish imho.
You know this is Cred Forums don't you? Perhaps you have been convincing a troll who only wanted to annoy you.

How do we get someone like Yen press to license this, would they even do it?


Would anyone?

Go fuck yourself.

I don't know user, you tell me.

So now that it's over how do we rate Basara compared to every other male harem lead I'd say he's pretty decent. Had a realistic goal that was easy to follow and actually dicked members of his harem.

Epilogue volume in April. Jin's spinoff series after that.

>Jin spinoff

Now this I really want to see. I feel like the author should've done the opposite from the start and have the entire thing be about Jin going on his quest. It just seems more compelling.

So Shinmai Maou no Testament Departures bassicaly will be hentai?

Soft porn tier like Yosuga no Sora

I'd just like to point out that it's not me who you've been talking to for the last couple of hours.
I haven't posted without my trip.

I don't like you putting things behind a paywall though. I think you should share it and encourage other people to take part in the translation efforts.

Also, like I said before my Japanese isn't that great, as you can clearly see by comparing the translation snippet posted a little while ago, vs what I posted.

No one here was going to pay for your racket anyway, faggot.
Now fuck off with your hurt fee-fees.

>waaah my racketeering isn't working because of an user posting free translations on a Mongolian pottery sculpting board, and now people are being mean! Just to show how serious I am I'm going to change my policy and make people pay me more!
Looks like everyone was right on the money about you and your ilk. Good riddance.


It's really your fault for pushing this shitty model of paid fan-translation

For the last time, they're not fans. They're paid translators hired by fans. Big, BIG difference.

Reminder that called it:
>yep firstly it will be just a no set amount and later it will turn into something else.
All they were looking for was to be called out on their bullshit so they could pretend to be indignant. 100% chance they were planning on doing this all along.

I appreciate the work of the B-T translators but their translations are plagued with all types of inaccuracies and mistranslations that have lead to all sorts of misinformation regarding the series.

If they would have been serious about translating the series then I would have never started the crowdfund project. Translations for the series and any serious discussion about it were pretty much dead until the crowdfund started.

So what? In the end you're still deliberately locking people out, be it a paid translation or a paid fan translation.
And from that snippet posted in this thread, the translation doesn't deserve to be paid in the first place.

Its also pretty suspicious that they did this only because someone did a half-assed translation of 20 pages

If you don't like it then fuck off.

>it's suspicious that you don't have a set price
Make up your damn mind.

>I'm an assmad faggot with no genuine argument so I'm just going to tell everyone to fuck off
Have fun continuing to pay out of your own pocket for translations nobody is going to read anymore.

Have fun reading translations to year old fanservice scenes while I'm reading the Chisato sex scene.

Yeah because you guys have translators to cover volumes 8-12, SWEET, LIGHT, Volume 11 SS, Departures SS, and EXII.

Predictions about the sekrit club:
>sekrit club's business will start to dry up soon and/or ringleaders will get bored
>sekrit club will deliberately leak their translations to date onto a mega and paste it somewhere on the thread
>ringleaders will feign outrage, start saber-rattling again like they're doing right now, and threaten to stop all translations and kick members out of their clubhouse if they don't get even more money
>if they're called again they'll say "we're just the victims here! You don't have anyone else!"
"Infinite access" is a scam and a lie, it'll last up until someone starts leaking the content and that's almost guaranteed to happen with the faggotry they're currently showing. Don't fall for it.

Have fun finding somebody that actually owns all of those let alone willing to translate all of it.

Just out of curiosity.
I understand you're crowdfunding to pay a hired translator. But once said translator has been paid in full for the translation, where's the extra money going to and why are you still locking the volumes for other users afterward?
Continuing to leave it behind a paywall after it has been paid for is just asking people to throw money in your personal pocket.

You've already shown you're willing to arbitrarily change the rules because you got mad on Cred Forums, why the fuck should we trust you at all?

That won't happen for a long while. The translators have been paid well in advance, they're pledged to finishing their parts.

Shinmai is going to continue for at least one more volume and each volume is around 1k usd. After Shinmai there is Jin's spinoff.

The donors will decide where the extra money goes. Chances are it's going to go towards the Jin spinoff or whatever Uesu's next project is. There's more than enough content to keep our translators busy for a while so we won't run into this issue.

>it's quite hard to properly imagine a proper lewd scene.

You're a dozen years too soon, user. Polish your spirit and hone your technique.

>How are the prices decided?
>They are my usual translation rate of approx. 0.02USD/English word.
The fee is total shit since it's calculated by the English word count and not the Japanese word count so people don't even know how much they need to pay until it's done and the translator can deliberately add some words to increase it.

>*Update due to people questioning the legitimacy of this project we’ve set a minimum of $10 to receive full access to the translations and all future updates*.

Obviously they will question the legitimacy of it. Just check your website for transparency of any sort when it comes to the donations. I can't speak for actual donators, but people interested in taking part in it are totally fucked and simply have to trust your word which, considering everything written in the FAQ, is worth nothing.
How hard is it to add a counter n/1000 USD has been paid for this volume. Oh yeah, since the translator is just as much as a fag as you, it's obviously going to be hard.

The vast majority of that money (nearl all translation money, really) comes from CBC himself and a select few contributors who are very generous even when they don't need to be. What, you think 100 fags who just want to have a quick wank for a few bucks can cover the translation costs for an entire novel series? Ha Ha Ha

this is good. yes. mmmf

OK so here is my take on this entire thing.
I get that you might want to put translations behind paywalls. If you're paying for professional translators then that will cost a fair bit of money and this is your way of recouping that. Fine.

However, as someone who just wanted to read the Maria sex scene (and possibly Kurumi too), I just want the text either in Japanese or English.
The only reason why I posted this here was because I could not find it anywhere, and if I couldn't find it then chances are other people were in my situation as well.

Why not release the Japanese version out to the public?
Will some people do like me and translate it poorly? Yes.
Will the translation of whatever translator you hired be better? Most certainly.

But why not release the Japanese text to the public? That way people can do their bad translations if they want, and you can have your good translation if you want. And if you're afraid that nobody will pay for the paid translation then the market is saying that the free ones are good enough, hence no need to pay for the professional one.

>But why not release the Japanese text to the public?
I think you already know the real reason behind this. They want exclusivity.

This says everything.

The softness makes me diamond so hard.

and I still didn't get my discord invite...

What novel does he fuck Yuki, and only Yuki? I want to their read their sole sex scene.

Before the Kurumi sex scene she says "sorry onee-chan, for stealing your lead" or something along those lines, which to me implies that he has not fucked Yuki yet.
Maybe it happens in this novel?

>I just want the raws/make the raws publicly available
My raws are locked behind Bookwalker DRM. It's 2018 There's no point in buying physical LN's unless you are a collector or it comes with a store specific bonus like with Shinmai volume 11 from Toranona. If people enjoy a series then they should support the series by purchasing the raws. Light novels and Manga are a much cheaper way of supporting a series compared to buying BD's.
On average, raws for LN's cost about $7.50 and that's for the longer LN's. It's relatively inexpensive to purchase raws.

There isn't any exclusivity when it comes to raws. If people like a series then they should purchase the raws. It isn't my job nor is it anyone else to supply the world with raws.

The raws for volumes 8 and 9 have been available in the public domain for years and people haven't done jack shit with them.

So the only reason you're mad at me is because I translated like 2-3 pages and posted it in this thread?

>he has not fucked Yuki yet.
That's upsetting. Thanks though.

Speaking of Yuki, is it really her on this page?
I don't remember her being that stacked, and her face looks a bit more mature. I thought it was their mother or something.

Are you as bad as the faggot translating son con that wants $50 to see the new chapters?

>My raws are locked behind Bookwalker DRM
>It's 2018 There's no point in buying physical LN's

AHAHA are you fucking retarded? Disabled my VPN just to post this.

If the next volume actually turns out to have a Yuki sex scene, and you're willing to translate, I'll buy the digital raw for you.

THIS SHIT IS boring!!!! Post more Shinmai girls and quite talking about crowdfunds BS. All i care about in the LN are the illustrations and the anime. Next week im getting the Shinmai BD set with the art book and all you guys are doing is arguing. Come on bros lets help each other out.

I never said I was mad at you, but the raws for volumes 8 and 9 have been in the public domain for years and for whatever reason amateur translators haven't touched them.

If you actually read the novels you would know that all of the girls tits have grown since they've been doing lewd shit with Basara.

All of the girls complete the master servant vow and have sex with Basara before the final battle with Shiba. This was already discussed months ago when the volume released.

>This was already discussed months ago when the volume released.
But I want to read the Yuki sex scene. I just don't want "oh and they had sex".

of course the fucking kikes put translations behind a paywall, you niggers are worse than that jewcob kike at fakku, here's what you should do:
1. take a step back
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fuck off nigger kikes, you are literally everything that is ruining scanlation scene, it should be done BY fans FOR fans

if you kike people this hard of course people will undercut you, fucking kikes don't even understand basic economics

And that's still not an excuse to hide the translations behing a paywall and asking everyone who wants to see the volumes translated a retarded amount of money.

>Part 1 – 2
>Service scene w/ Mio/Maria, Zest
>Price: 68.80USD

10% of the money you ask per chapter is enough to buy a single volume, the rest just goes to your pocket, stop lying faggot.

Also you can go and suck Amtro's dick back on animesuki.

Is the DRM different somehow for something purchased vs. the previews, because I don't see anything preventing things from being copied there. Not wanting to be the one to do it could be understandable, but the DRM isn't a reason.

volumes 8 and 9 have been in the public domain for for years and nobody has translated them why is that?

Because nobody cares when you have gigantic summaries of the main points of the LN retard, or you didn't knew about that?

>I never said I was mad at you, but the raws for volumes 8 and 9 have been in the public domain for years and for whatever reason amateur translators haven't touched them.
Sorry, got you confused with that guy who said the price is now 100 dollars because of me.

>If you actually read the novels you would know that all of the girls tits have grown since they've been doing lewd shit with Basara.
That would explain why Kurumi is also so stacked all of a sudden.
Not sure if I like it.

Maybe there is one in this novel? I haven't checked.


>It isn't my job nor is it anyone else to supply the world with raws.
It also isn't your job to be a tripfagging attention whore but that never stopped you.

>people are getting assblasted because of some TL on Cred Forums
What the fuck?

Put back your tripcode Chisato.

>people are getting assblasted because of some sekrit klub on Cred Forums demanding money
So nothing unusual?

I wrote most of those gigantic summaries. Thanks for reading. I also fixed most of the misinformation on the shinmai wikia page that was the result of bad translations on the part of "fan translators".

Yuki is finally big enough for paizuri, but why is it that "fan translators" haven't touched volumes 8 and 9 when they've been in the public domain for years?

Why would anyone care about the story in Shinmai?
If it weren't for Ookuma nobody would give a fuck about it in the first place.
People care about the illustrations and the lewd scenes, as you can see in this thread.
The whole story? No.

Wait what?
Are free live TLs forbidden now?

i remeber based OP delivered

>shady paywall

wtf are you even talking about?
I paypal'd $1 to the guy and got full access to all the translations months ago, and they've been updating ever since. And I never joined any discord. What's so shady about it? It's someone asking for tiny amounts of money in exchange for the work of translating a document.

The story of Shinmai is actually damn good when everything comes together. Ookuma also did the illustrations for hundred and that series sells like shit. Shinmai didn't sell 2.3+ million copies and is Sneaker Bunko's fourth most successful LN series based off of the art alone. Uesu obviously did a damn good job with the writing.

Everyone who has started translating Shinmai for free has acted like a fucking temperamental diva, and either quits outright over some bullshit drama or updates like once every two years. I'm happy to pay 1 fucking dollar for reliable translation without the bullshit.

If you think $1 is too much, that's your business, but don't cry to everyone else and make false accusation about the translator just because you're a poorfag who refuses to reward someone for the work.

Enjoy sporadic translations done by a bunch of whiny cunts.

It's been increased to 10 thanks to this thread, just so you know.

>Thanks to this thread
Sure user.

>Yuki is finally big enough for paizuri, but why is it that "fan translators" haven't touched volumes 8 and 9 when they've been in the public domain for years?
Not sure why you keep bringing this up.
If anything, that just further strengthens my point that the raws should not be behind a paywall.

If nobody is touching them, why not release them to the public?
(yes I know it's behind DRM but you could probably find someone that can remove it. genl might. He helps me remove DRM all the time).

As for novel 8 and 9 I think that's pretty easy to explain.
Nobody possessing the language skills, time and effort to make a translation have been interested in those specific novels enough to go through with it. But just because that is true for novel 8 and 9 doesn't mean people aren't interested in 10 and 11, which contains the sex scenes.

I'm by no means saying that the story of Shinmai is boring and people don't care, but what you have to realize is that more people are interested in the sex scenes than the fighting scenes, and translating a sex scene that goes on for like 10 pages is far easier than 100 pages of plot-related dialog.
Because that's essentially what your argument boils down to.
"Nobody has translated these 600 pages of dialog and story so clearly nobody is interested in these 70 pages of sex scenes".
It's apples and oranges.

What else would it be? A week ago it didn't have this additional note. I can say that for certain because I was considering a donation.
But that's a no now.

>*Update due to people questioning the legitimacy of this project we’ve set a minimum of $10 to receive full access to the translations and all future updates*.

>Wah wah I changed my project's payment policies becuz some faggots on a anonymous board
No one with half a brain is going to believe this bullshit, fuck off.

>I wrote most of those gigantic summaries
Nope, those summaries were done by other people until Amtro, that is you of course, used those summaries after asking countless question because your japanese if fucking dogshit.

Try again.

You can even check the google cache that the note wasn't there 10 days ago. Whatever you say.
ChisatoBestCake, who is part of the project is in this thread, we can ask him the cause of it, shall we?

And it is?

>Amtro and his friends acting like divas and trying to steal money from rabid virgins who want translations
>Js06 who's the best translator of them all TRANSLATE HORIZON AND INDEX FOR FUCKING FREE.

You're just a bunch of pathetic pieces of shit, also you haven't adressed this you fucking kike.

You know what dude, why don't you pick this thing and fuck these kikes in the ass?

Which one takes it in the butt?

Don't bother trying to reason with them, LAwLz. You'll get nowhere and if you do it'll just feed their victim complex.

This thread unfortunately ruined that sorry user.

The raws have been in public domain for years and the translators on B-T shit the bed. Nobody would have known nor cared about the sex scenes if it wasn't for the crowdfund project. The point I'm making is that fan translators don't care about translating Shinmai. If they did B-T translations would still be ongoing. I actually enjoy using my Bookwalker account and have no plans to put my account at risk by trying to get around DRM.

>implying they weren't looking for an excuse to do that all along
You really are a gullible little tool, aren't you?

Not gullible, he's a shill

>Everyone who has started translating Shinmai for free has acted like a fucking temperamental diva, and either quits outright over some bullshit drama or updates like once every two years.
You might want to change that from "translating Shinmai for free" to just "translating Shinmai".

I really don't get all this drama with fansubbing and scanlating. Like the Boku Girl group that dropped it completely just because someone translated a few chapters. Just, why?

I bought this book because I wanted to read it, and since I already paid for it I thought that I would share it with other fans. It doesn't cost me any additional money, and it means that I can share that enjoyment with other fans of the series.
Sure it might take some time. Converting written Japanese sentences to written English sentences is very time consuming for me, and taking the pictures of the book, editing them and posting them here took some time too.
But I see it as my hobby and I enjoy the time spent on it.

>You know what dude, why don't you pick this thing and fuck these kikes in the ass?
Translate the entire thing? Absolutely not.
1) My Japanese is pretty bad. You know all those mistranslated things ChisatoBestCake says he has fixed on the wiki because of poor translations? It would be 10 times worse if I translated things.
2) I don't have the time or effort to translate it all. At most I'll do the sex scenes that interest me.

From what I've seen, Yuki (on page 47). Not sure about anyone else.
Maria gets spanked a lot though.

By the way,
he fucks Yuki in this novel. I knew that they mentioned anal sex so I went looking for it. They mention it on page 47 and on the page before he creampied Yuki. So he starts fucking her on page 45 or something like that.


Since you're running like cockroach I guess the next step for you Amtro is to go on Animesuki and cry like bitch on the Shinmai LN thread right?

I don't post on animesuki much. I usually only go on there to answer peoples questions or correct their misinformation. I never actually raised prices. I simply set a minimum price because people on Cred Forums wanted it.

Maria is actually a hardcore masochist, Yuki and Kurumi are both anal perverts, but people have to actually read the series to understand why that actually is.

>account at risk
Everything you need is locally on your computer, there's no risk to the account.
I honestly don't give a fuck if you share or not, I just wanted to point out your lie (or you simply don't know what you're talking about).

Amazon Preview for next volume;


斯波との最終決戦へと向かう前、刃更はどのようにして長谷川と主従誓約を結んでいたのか……。そして、戦い が終わり東城家での生活を始めたセリスは、刃更達の淫らな関係を目の当たりにして動揺する―― 。

What the fuck are you even talking about?
Going from the minimum transaction amount you can make on PayPal to $10 is not raising the price then?

A lewd sequel —- Disclosing the everyday of Basara and the others after their battle!
Before the final battle with Shiba, how did Basara tie the Master-Slave vow with Hasegawa…? And then, Celis, who started living in the Toujou Household, trembling as she saw their lewd relationship—-

I posted this on the Shinmai wiki,reddit, and AS days ago.

> I never actually raised prices

>I don't post on animesuki much
>Thread flooded with amtro trying to act like he is important

Hey amtro what about stop spreading lies?

Nobody on Cred Forums, Animesuki, Jcafe and even the Mahouka wikia likes you. You're nothing but a sperglord that think he's the hottest shit ever seen but you can barely translate a single phrase of japanese. Instead of learning your place all what you do is sucking other people's dicks to get them do the job and if that wasn't enough stealing money when each volume is cheap as fuck.

Also you're still a fucking faggot that can't even answer when you got BTFO So go fuck yourself and try to find a new place to shitpost retard, you're not even welcome on this shithole.

>Raising price to $10
>Asking for 70 bucks for an incomplete chapter


Not a follower of this novel, but I must say you are one based OP

Jesus this guy is an absolutely entitled cock
Good shit OP keep it real

What's wrong faggot? Can't type a proper argument because you're too busy choking on a tripfag's cock?

There is a reason whi Chisato/Amtro is hated everywhere.

will the sex scenes be showed in the manga?

What happened Amtro, is your reading comprehension failing this hard?

I'm not Amtro.

jesus christ this whole thread with attention whore tripfag with their crowdfunding scam thing. If you don't want to translate then don't do it, stop trying to cash in here.

What sexual position does Zest get fucked in? I want to read her sex scene the most

Sure thing buddy, keep telling that to yourself.

Zest lays on her back. This was said 3 months ago in the volume 11 thread.

>he fucks Yuki in this novel. I knew that they mentioned anal sex so I went looking for it. They mention it on page 47 and on the page before he creampied Yuki. So he starts fucking her on page 45 or something like that.
Great news, but why didn't she get an illustration?

Page 47:
>"I want to take Yuki's first time in the rear too..."
>Basara mumbled to himself, silently enough for Yuki to not hear him.
>And then...
>"hng... Basara...?"
>As Yuki started feeling something hot pressing against her butt, she looked over her shoulder and at that moment she saw it with her muddled eyes...
>After that intense orgasm Yuki's whole body became relaxed. Even her asshole. As she was completely defenseless, Basara's thing slowly started burrying into her most well guarded place.
>Ah... You can't... Basara... That place...
>Yuki barely had the power to voice her reluctance.
>"It's OK, Yuki-san... Remember the pledge. It's not good to disobey your master's wish."
>(Something about Zest that I don't understand. It's just two words and then Zest)
>Anal sex usually require careful preparations, but Shella-sama brought me some "secret medicine" from hell, that I put into your food.
>and then...

(Just me or is Basara coming off as really rapey here? From what I can tell it doesn't sound better in Japanese)

>gets a sex scene
>literally rapey tier
Thanks for the TL though. Really appreciate it.

She also get sandwitched by Mio/Basara

>just came here to look for lewd images
>see all this translation drama
you faggots are taking some fap bait LN trash way to seriously it's actually hilarious


This is a bit of a mistranslation of the scene. It actually isn't all that rapey at all.

translate page 45 for the pure sex

Nobody asked you drama queen, go back to animesuki.

If there's a mistranslation i'm going to call it out. There's how bullshit like Liala is yandere for Jin and Chisato is an angel came into existence.

Hey. You were wondering why nobody else has bothered to translate the LNs? This is why nobody else tries to translate Shinmai. Because of you.

Again Amtro nobody asked you retard, and remember that you're asking other people to do the job because you sucks at japanese.

She gets fuck regularly too. It's on the pages before the anal scene.
Basically, she gets fucked and then collapses in pure bliss, but Basara isn't satisfied and sticks it in her ass too.

Page 48:
>"Well... If that's the case then there shouldn't be any risk in doing it..."
>To prove that she meant what she said, Yuki's ass quickly took Basara's thing inside it.
>"It's.... ah... hah.... aaaaaahh....


Hmmm you sure?
I mean, she definitely says no, he says something about the master's wish, and he did put stuff in her food.

My translation is probably not that great and you can word it better, but is still sounds a bit rapey to me.

No need to be rude.
I actually appropriate that he points out flaws in my translation. I would prefer if he also pointed out which part is wrong and what changes should be made to correct it though.

Has Mio's sex scene translated? Where can I find it?

>I would prefer if he also pointed out which part is wrong and what changes should be made to correct it though.
That's exactly why he does it though. You have to understand that even more than the money this is a matter of attention for him and he wants to be the sole source that everyone turns to for translations. He's more than willing to endlessly nitpick for as long as you're willing to listen if he thinks it'll get to you.

We (or at least I) do appreciate the TLs though, it's a bit rough around the edges but still really good stuff LAwLz.

He never put stuff in her food. Ever since they came back from the demon world, Zest has been putting a special medicine from Sheila into the girls food to prepare them for anal sex.

Once again I'm not Amtro. I go by superior13 on AS and the Shinmai wikia, and I'm ChisatoBestCake on reddit and Disqus. I'm not doing this for attention. I could careless about that. As somebody that actually enjoys the series I prefer that there isn't wide spread misinformation like there was the last couple years due to peoples translation errors.

which girl does he love the most

Is her sister fingering her ass?

Yuki gets the full package, no need to worry about that. She may even be the third preggo.

Do not ever compare me to a fucking kike. No one is kiking anyone here. Ask any of the donators with access.

Nobody is demanding anything. If you don't want what we're selling then just get lost. Your problem is that you do want what we're selling, you just don't want to pay for it.

So when is it gonna air on ATX, relative to the west?

I am Amtro, not him. I am amtro, mknrec, zarion.
In short, I was your only fucking lifeline until CBC here showed up. I was the only one posting spoilers until superior appeared, because PROzess fucked off eons ago. I think you anons are woefully mistaken about the current state of the fan communities and how hard it is to find a decent TLor. Having been in charge of a TL group for the last 4 years or so, I know a thing or two now.


Nice one LOL

What is the truth?

Is there a list of other ero light novels to read or nah?

You want the truth about the current situation, anons? 1/3



>mfw I went into this thread for a short quick fap session but turned into translator attentionwhoring

Very good English.
And you're actually paying that guy ~1000$ per volume.

I don't know jack shit about his translation speed since I refuse to give you people money, but I bet he's slow as fuck as well.

Same, it's like the average FAKKU bullshit thread.

1000 usd is about a third of what a commissioned translator would usually charge. Would you rather pay 3k per volume, as opposed to 3k for for the whole package? And as previously said, the biggest donators get the final say. They've all donated several hundreds to keep the translations alive.

Hah, no. Fakku is kikes. They built their empire on the backs and the hard work of fans. I even had that megajew KIKEob explain to me once when Fakku was still in the process of going legal that he couldn't take down my scans from his site as they still didn't have enough content to stand on their own. Read The fan translators abandoned us. This is all we have.

That translation isn't worth $1,000 is what I'm saying.
The previews on the website, the posts in this thread, and the text from the e-mail above are enough proof.
In the end, you're just a fan translator charging money from idiots. Nothing about this deserves to be paid for.

Now, to answer your stupid question, yes.
If I liked something enough and actually felt the urge to start a project like this, I'd hire an actual professional (unlike you) and make everything transparent (unlike you guys, again) and tell the people properly just how much the translator is charging per volume, who he is, and at what level he is translating with a list of his past works.
And, obviously, already finished volumes would be posted in public for everyone.

What a joke.

JLPT N1 refers to Japanese literacy, not English.

I know to what it refers.

Her translations are accurate and that's all they need to be.

How long does it take to learn translator-level Japanese?

A lot of anons have said it varies to any extent based on what path you choose. Though most keep saying that actual practice is they key, as in actually using your knowledge constantly so you don't forget it and also to hopefully hone it better. Have conversations in the language, reading newspapers in the language. You actually have to use it on a near daily basis so it's put to use and it becomes second nature to you like it would for a native-born nip.