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How come EVA 01 had metal bolts as teeth here yet suddenly had actual real teeth the next time it went berserk, despite ripping its mouth open the exact same way both times?




I thought It was armor.

They show up in full view here, yet are missing in the OP's pic.




Thanks doc







Hadn't grown them yet.


not even trying/10


maybe they didn't bother putting the armor back on cuz gendo knew that yui would go berserk again


is that a diaper?



locking joints that look like teeth.


begone nigger


A lot of Akio Watanabe designs.


Also Renge Murata


THIS. The best antagonist design in the last decade.


Simple but cool and realistic (apart from the chain since no one wears those anymore).

Kino's design is so beautifully simplistic.





Minimalistic yet unique, almost like the
Sleek simplicity is what makes it stand out. Interesting

Those simple TM designs are what they do well, the modern designs have more bells and whistles but despite that they somehow are more forgettable.



>Read through entire thread
>Not a single image of the Gundam RX-78-2
This is a crime



Instantly recognizable


That's because they're servants, it'd make sense for them to be more flashy. And while a fair amount of servants do look lame, others like Jeanne Alter, Scathach and pic related are 10/10


A timeless classic of a design. There's a reason it has so many imitators.

Best design for Devilman hands down. The gray skin and Giger-esque limbs are what does it for me.

Is this the time it ate the angel? That could be why.

>What kinda redesign you want senpai?
Just spike my shit up


>most of it is fan art

Who the fuck is this?


>clown makeup
>pimples on forehead
>pink hair

Megazone 23. You are truly, a man of taste. Everyone else in this thread is just a lolifag.


>no one wears those anymore).
Crows is probably set around the 90's.


Both of them

>this designs has spawned Yukino and her clones

Unit-Null is the real best Eva design

>Assassin with full plate armor, blue flames and a big fucking sword
>Nakata Jouji
I hope that the other grand servants are 10/10 too.

the dumb blank eyes ruin it for me.

Would've been better if the actual green eyes were visible.

>granny pantiee


Something about LaPhos' design makes me want to worship her

aside from the awkward mouth/chin thing, I agree.

God-tier design. Based Giger.

You know those Dragon Ball memes about "Gohan Blanco" and such?

Well this is Shirou Emiya Negro

>AVP anime based on the comics and Capcom game never

name a more 10/10 douchebag

The kishis design, not the anime abomination.

this image is too long

Newfags don't know about CLAMP.

>having this shit of taste

reminds me of bionicle


He and Tsukasa Jun are iconic.

This asshole. The thing he did with the scarf was all levels of douchebag.


I don't know why, but that name sounds extremely badass.



Just satisfying the international floof quota



Literally the epitome of moe.
Chaika is meant for hugs, headpats and memes.

Eve is really pretty.
She makes me think about how in anime sometimes you have a character that's supposed to be the pretty one but you can't really tell since she looks about as pretty as every other character so the have to tell you. Eve on the other hand, you can tell right away how beautiful she is compared to everyone else without needing it to be mentionned in by the characters.

>Like mecha
>Life floofs
>Make the mecha the floof

Agreed, even the way they animate her makes her seem like the most elegant being in existence.

That is exactly how Asians see us westerners though.

Utter perfection.



Every series of Macross should have taken place on this thing through time and with different casts.

Shit just isn't the same after Plus.



>tfw will never pilot it

Kenichi Yoshida designs are also great


Regardless what people may think about the show, credit where credit is due. The art design for everything in G-Reco from the characters to the mechs was on-point. I personally found the animation even better than Unicorn's.

I was very impressed by the GITS designs


My wife Altair is so perfect.

>clearly loli but a bit more lanky - childish yet capable
>thin glasses - smart but still gets into the action
>obvious spelunker's outfit
>bright red whistle looks more like a toy than spelunker's equipment - something you'd give to a young explorer so they can call for help and their superiors can identify them
I love when there's a ton of detail about a character's role in the world in their design


I love the dangly parts on Tusk

Used to love this panel until I realized that Johnnys thumb is abnormally big.
Really sticks out like a sore thumb.


Shirow is great.

I miss old Phos, but I have to admit new Phos has a godlike design in a completely different appeal to the original.

LotGH god tier designs:
Iserlohn fortress
Imperial battleships, destroyers and a few of the flagships
FPA flagships and carriers

Trash designs: everything in the LotGH remake.

Why does she remind me of pic related.



Vampires in general are cool


EVA-01 has the best design in the entirety of mecha. How did they do it?


Maybe if it wasn't stolen from a game from 2010

Pretty much.

Am I wrong?

For a gun manufacturer to pander to the needs of intense combat situations that demand stringent reliability and precision, as well as to create a weapon that is aesthetically pleasing from any angle is an amazing thing.


H&K, Beretta, FN Herstal, and both SIG and SIG-Sauer excel at this, and have for years produced tools that are also works of art in their own respective way.

This is SIG-Sauer's take on an iconic classic, the original German-made P210, revamped and redesigned to the exacting specifications that professional shooters have demanded for decades.



I really like this one shes pretty cute.

Many firearms used in intense situations and by direct-action units are expected to carry a certain level of intimidation with them, for the same reason that Tactical teams often choose to wear black fatigues during interdictions. Black is a very intimidating shade, and so are rifles and sub-guns such as the Kriss Vector.

Kumeta's artstyle as a whole is pretty god tier
Scans of Kumeta's artbook fucking when

Many designs are effortlessly intimidating, while still being functional, and also beautiful.

I like how her ahoge is gone to show that she means serious business.

You can't kill people and be scawy with an ahoge. That'd be...silly.


LaPhos is suited for her new personality and the way the story is going, but I wish we had more genki Phos.

god-tier character designs

/m/ please

He was great until he started drawing oily horse sex.




Damn that's some good art. It's a sin Shibamoto is so underrrated.

>little girl in the middle

Didn't know Japanese prostitutes started off so young.


looks like garbage




Fragile, soft, but also tough and mysterious at the same time



I am gonna beat up whoever made this abomination

Dai Juusangōki is peak eva. I hope we see more of her in 4.0


Dont even play persona but when I saw this design I was blown away.

That's not from Persona it's only in SMT IV
Fantastic boss though, basically the Matador of SMT IV.


I think it's because it sounds reckless, as if the thing is redundant and without purpose so it won't hold back in a fight anymore

4.0 will be 2 hours of deep psychological analysis and 2deep4u conversations. Not a single action scene.

ABe's misaki looks so fucking good

Seeing how Kamikaze pilots flew zeros to their glorious deaths, I wonder whether its related.

>bothered about anatomical mistakes in JoJo
Those are half the fun

Rei done right

Literally perfect


While I happen to not like Wild Wet West either, I think most of his modern works are pretty cool as well.

Suprised that I've yet to see any Kubo. His character design skills are solid.

Makes sense. Bible says that we're cretated in a God's image, which is obviously include the ability to kill and destroy.



Pretty much every character looked great

Tits are bit too big. This one is better.

Can't have a god tier designs thread without Altair.

For all of Bleach's faults, it had the perfect "edgy, evil transformation".


BLAME! is just beyond awesome when it comes to design.
Every single panel is great and really makes me realise there are people on a whole different level than I.


>clown makeup




Best looking LOGH ship. He deserved it too.


And while at it, maschinen krieger is fucking awesome.

Shin is the GOAT edgy anti-hero



Why does it look so human here but looks like an angel?

perspective, duh

One of the many reasons why I like Dorohedoro so much is that it shows the "villains" just in their more-or-less daily lives and being normal.
While En's bunch are not really villains per se, the majority of the time they are in an antagonist role, and in a more conventional plot they wouldn't be explored further.
Shin and Noi are cute.

I really like enemy design in Resonance of Fate.

Speaking of good designs.


Mave or Super Sylph?



Best fictional motorbike

never seen bleach but I love this character design



Best and most over the top mecha launch sequence

*Blocks your path*



I think they took a lot from Sakura for Akarin's character design.

No bubblegum crisis ?

The teeth seem to have some armor too in OP's pic

Early Code Geass had superb KMF designs

That separate ejectable cockpit thing was a neat idea, made them quite unique


Simple recognizeable design. Even added a hat for good measure.

So, basically, Sukhoi Su-47.

Yeah, I dont know who that is.

Looks cool and intimidating as fuck

Left looks stronger

The only protagonists the Yugi-oh series done right. The sequels' are just so colorful

good one, that world was very artistic in general.

>that fuccboi
>good design

That's a big figure

Most delicious of brown.

Is the top the newer chapter?

Still one of my favourite character designs of all time. Simple yet charming.

best girl

Yeah, in the way of " I'm so cool that I don't mind spending half an hour with those belts every single time I dress/undress."


This is the real deal

Stand designs in general are just the coolest.
Among the protags, Jolyne's Stone Free looks the best. SF has a lot of attitude about it: the electric blue, the neon green eyeguards, the quasi-leatheriness

I really like the look of Doppio. He's instantly striking.

Nice. What series is this from?


Too bad we wont see him animated till like 2099 since Rohan get's a billion hour movie series now.

Very /fa/

The second newest chapter.


Great character designs but absolutely shit characters


I really like the uniforms

how is griffith's design not good?

I agree with this, and I fucking hate this show.


JJBA is far too lucrative to stall an anime adaption. ;_; fingers crossed


I really like the Gawain. For a character, I prefer military uniform Cornelia.

R1 was perfect grunt porn.
And then everyone had ace custom in R2 which was lame.

I like R1 and R2 for different reasons. R1 because Lelouch loses face time and again due to personal flaws. R2 for the fuck it all lets kill everything Lelouch.

Yugioh Kallen has a cute design.

There are better mech designs and you know it.

Maybe someone already posted it but watching these suits in action gave me chills down my spine every time.
I really loved the art in this movie.

They managed to somehow make the shoulder-pad not retarded

Yeah, it's not so in the way that it detracts from the seriousness of the scenes. It just helps to make the riot police look extremely terrifying.
The effectiveness of them in the movie just drove home how imposing they were to me. Love that scene where they wipe the rebels out in the sewer.

Is it a fucking diaper?

simple and sweet.


I agree with this, and I fucking love the show.


Bubblegum crisis 2033

My nigga.


>Bubblegum crisis
so thats where they got it from

yes but the baseline mobile suit design is great too.

I didn't mean Griffith had bad design, it's just objectively worse compared to Guts's design.

Both look like dogshit in nu-Berserk though nowadays.


Hmm I dunno. When I think of good character design I also think of it being effective in the way it helps convey the character, not just the way it looks right off the bat.




Desert Punk's armours were pretty badass.

Can someone please tell me WHERE THE FUCK IS ALUCARD ITT??



esto es el fin

Wasted on fucking Overlard

back to


I like his aesthetic.

he looks so fucking cool, i think he's actually based on Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha

stupid question but, how's related Crows and Worst? The drawing style seems to have changed really a lot, is it like a continuation? Is harumichi still around? Can't really tell since a lot of the new characters look alike, the last time i read crows i was at volume 8 i think

Speaking of Overlord

Holt shit looks like poju



>implying samegorillaface bunchofbananashair anime has ever had a good design


Pretty much everything part 4 and later (and even most of part 4) is over designed garbage, pic included.


>> nu-kino

Try to imagine you never heard of Dragon Ball.
Try to imagine your brain isn't used to these characters, that seeing Piccolo doesn't trigger the "daily dose" meme in your brain, that you don't relate DB with "entry level for plebs" or whatever.

Try to imagine this is the first time you're seeing these characters.

Is there a good translation for this yet?

Specifically this outfit. I always liked the Future Androids better.

There is like 14 different devil man designs though...

Based on how her design got reused so obviously this season it must mean something.


I want more animated Amano stuff, his art has somethign really special to it that makes me want to look at it for hours and it worked suprisingly well in motion.



>tfw you fall in love with a dinosaur demon

The amount of times other shows have copies this, and the popularity of the character and the other versions of her, kind of proves that this design was pretty good.

Did the manga end ? I feel like i've read it all and being fairly disappointing with the ending.


Kubo is literally only good at designs at fashion. Literally all of the designs are good, some are just fantastic. I wish he would illustrate for a good writer.

the happiest girl in the world

I really miss late gainax character designs.

FLCL and Diebuster just have something about the art style that nothing else since has really tapped into.

Are these the worst designs in anime history?

Maybe the original higurashi is worse.

Who else

Cute bug.

Reminds me of Jedah.

This is going to sound gay as fuck but only the male designs posted in this thread are actually god tier. The only exception is maybe laphos. Are there really no god tier female characters in anime?

More or less all designs but the MC in a default outfit are decent or awesome.

Her fashion sense makes me cringe hard tbph. That being said, Void in a kimono is bae.

So you consider this to be a mediocre design? You've piqued my interest.
Looking forward to seeing what you consider worthy.

>he doesn't like her kimono with boots and red leather jacket
It clashes so hard it makes her unforgettable.

You take that back

MC looks good in pretty much everything but his default MMO attire.



I'm probably devaluing my opinion by being honest instead of vague, but among females in this thread my favorites are and pic related as I said earlier. Yours is actually one of my least favorites.

Probably the case of a radically different taste, then. Your example looks totally bland and unremarkable to me.

It was pretty shitty honestly. The parts do not blend nicely together, it looks like he dessicated a barbie and glued some crap together without a care in the world.

Probably, it did start in 1990.

Worst is a sequel of Crows. Bouya doesn't feature in Worst at all (and is actually only mentioned twice), the only characters who appear in both were people who were Freshmen at the end of Crows; they are seniors at the start of Worst and then they all dissappear after graduating as well.

In my opinion Crows is much better than Worst.


PS I've managed to speedread through the post. I've meant that one Phos looks amazing.

good taste

Isn't he actually a pretty old man - looking?

Real disturbing lack of OG Alita in this thread

My fuckin nigga. Resonance of Fate just had god tier design all around. From enemy designs to the protagonists being ridiculously /fa/.


semi Cred Forums related.


Designer knows what's up.

Shame about that stupid-looking left arm.


Shoebill is great. Even if she's not wearing her usual dress up.


God Warriors are so sick in terms of both visual and narrative design.

No, he actually looks rather young for someone that has been serving Mensab for eons

It's a shame that the Earth Engine jobbed so much until the final episodes. Yeah, Daichi wasn't much of a pilot but I wanted to see it kick alien ass.

Honestly, I fucking love most giant monster designs


Nobody lists the Leo. What the fuck Neo-Cred Forums? This is the only mobile suit that has a part to play from Episode 1 of it's series to the final episode.

How can she fly if she's fat?


Yeah, it ended.

There's a disturbing lack of Variable Fighters in this thread.

>Torino arc animation never ever

it doesnt bother me. eva01 face was rebuild several times, also, evas can change their shape.


may waifu


You win.

Sauce my shit up, boss.


Magane Chikujoin from Re:Creators. Didn't watch it yet, but the girl is pretty nice.




Post the right one next time.


Love these girls

Beat me to it
I like Ebisu too

There are no *good* designs in OPM.
They serve their purpose but there's nothing outstanding

Objectively incorrect


Here's 3 god tier designs in one image.

Somewhere below the Major and Pip.

The Mk.II does the same thing in two series.


Is that Tohsaka?


This thread is good

beautiful minimalism


Simple and impressive

Hot, isn't?

Personal favourite.


The VF-1 +Super Pack is too fucking cool.

bankai ichigo is better than this shit

We reached image limit but I vote for android 21

so good

>tfw you will never be the candy she eats

Excellent taste

War Hammer is a good design but you’re delusional if you think it out ranks Colossal, it being perhaps the most iconic titan of the series, manga or anime.

What said. It's the perfect blend of feudal and modern clothing that works well and is very distinctive.

War Hammer is piloted from underground through umbilical code. That's so lame.