>looks at sister sexually

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Matsuri was right

Matsuri was wrong

Matsuri was wrong and right.

When Yuzu's pent up lust and Mei's autistically reserved personality finally crumble they're going to get kicked out of the love hotel for being too loud.

>love hotel
>not desacrating grandpa's room
Think big.

>Mei doesn't even bother to cover grandpa's picture

>the picture has a camera
>everyone sees and hears them
>grandpa has heart attack #2

A long time ago I was sure Citrus would eventually have a scene where Yuzu talks to Mei about kissing while they're alone in the radio room without realising the loudspeaker is on so the whole school hears it. But I'm very glad the story never went there.

Have some self control, for fucks sake, you're taking a picture, there will be graphical evidence! God damn, just think with the big head!

>Arrives home from the hospital.
>See's this.

Yuzu's brain resides in her now painfully swollen clitoris.

And they will be sent a bill afterwards for breaking the bed and "water" damage on the ceiling.

Yo, how will this effect volume 4, since now the pic is only on Yuzu's phone? Sara calls Yuzu's phone, so she can't just forget her phone in the bath instead.

Anime change incoming.

Time vindicated her actions.


Does she even touch herself? She's got to be in a constant state of blueballing. Can't be good.

She needs to, or her clit would hurt really bad.

I can't imagine it being a very drastic change. The fact that you're even asking this is probably already overthinking it.

"Yuzucchi, I can hear your clitoris throbbing"

I want Mei to hug me

>they remembered to fix Mei's ass

We know, Yuzu. We know. ;_;


The most I could see happening is that Sara won't find out the night before and she'll find out once Mei rejects her during the date instead, so Sara will figure out on her own who Mei likes by hearing the other side of the story.

You haven't suffered enough today.

Reminder that Citrus plot will end with a bicycle scene

What do you mean? Is it canon that Mei has a huge ass?

Reminder that Citrus is confirmed to have a "Happy End"

I can't anymore user.

"I hear my big sister is having a problem, you don't mind if I help out right?"

That sounds a lot like the finale of Friends.

One of the Mei-Musketeers/Fellowship of the Rings here.

I still believe in Mei. I've stuck with her from the start and invested three years of emotions in this relationship.

Reminder that being a Mei supporter means being a Yuzu supporter and vice versa.

Can you imagine all of Mei's pent up desires and frustrations, sexual or otherwise, she bottled away for years and years - having resigned herself to a strict and pleasureless life ending in a loveless marriage - all spilling over in the bedroom with Yuzu?
and then the doujins are just of them two awkwardly lying on top of each other like most yuri ero.

>current year
>needs to marry a man to inherit the academy

I love this girl.

Begs the question why does she need to marry anyone?

Conservative rich parents don't want to send their daughters to a school run by a lesbian and Aihara family needs a new heir, so Mei has to have children.

>Aihara family needs a new heir, so Mei has to have children.
I don't think they've ever actually touched upon this subject in the manga.

>and Aihara family needs a new heir, so Mei has to have children.
Stupid Yuzu, why didn't you impregnate Mei?

Is grandpa expecting a positive pregnancy test before he hits the dirt?

It's not too late to pee in her butt

Is that how lesbians make babies?

So anime-only people, what do you think of Matsuri?

Gotta love Matsuri's reaction of thinking Mitsuko would see them and punish them for rule breaking.

>Screw you fucks, I'm outta here!

Didn't try to warn the others at all.

What kind of guy would be able to make Yuzu straight again?

Why are they sexualizing a middle school girl so much? Why not just make her a high school student?

Stoic and mommy issues.

futa Mei

Her voice is insufferable. She's a good antagonist though

Technically I'm reading the manga alongside the anime. She's a manipulative bitch but I like how it's done.

>making harumin a straight character would not only keep things from being just another "all girls school where everyone conveniently is lesbian", but doing otherwise would be a huge hypocrisy, considering how harumin clearly stated at the beginning of the series she despises the idea of girls just making out and doing gay things for fun

She's fine with the idea of girls fooling around, she just doesn't want Yuzu to get her heart broken by thinking the other girl is serious when she isn't. She even offered to "comfort" Yuzu herself at that time in the manga. Also, expecting any straight girls in a yuri series, particularly a fan favorite like Harumin, is silly.

Mei's twin brother


Didn't expect that, did ya?


Fuck why is this so disgusting


Lighten up, it was an April Fool's joke.

Reporting for duty, sir.

Why does she have these dreams?

Why doesn't Yuzu just masturbate, geez.

Oh no Mei. As of this weekend, your hugs are no longer free.

> was just looking around on twitter to see more people crying about chapter 36 and some people was saying that will be a total of 50 chapter, someone even posted some print, not that this kind of source is reliable but I really hope so

Do these retards realize it's counting the volume bonus chapters in that number? Those are current chapters, not future chapters, those retards.

Yuzu a pervert!

The absolute state of the western casual fanbase.

Those are the same ones who thinks Citrus will have a sad ending. They're retards, after all.

>Mitsuko gets mentioned

So, yeah, if a rumor the series will have 50 chapters starts, it's complete bs by dumbasses.

Masturbation is just sexual gratification. Being with another person is different, much more.

>I was prepared to kick the author
Why do western fans feel the need to write this stuff? Sabu's mentions on Twitter were full of comments like this after the chapter was out. Why can't you just say you were shocked by the new chapter, why do you have to include that you want to fly to Japan to shoot the author?

Sadly sequel hook doesn't translate to actual sequel. Plenty of anime have ended with unresolved plot threads.

Don't shoot me down so soon, user.

I just imagined this. No.

That was stupid as fuck. I'd like to see some confirmation if volume 10 is the last, but it's likely we'll have to wait until chapter 39's preview


Deepest lore.

It can't end at chapter 50 anyway, since that would be mid-volume. And the number went up to 51 when they posted the most current chapter.

Citrus will end at volume 12 because it took them 4 volumes to get together and another 4 to break up. Now it will take another 4 volumes to get back together

Because Yuzu is a turbo dyke.

She's into chastity and only wants Mei to make her orgasm.

I can't have another year or two of this.
Let me off this ride.

As long as they get back together soon and the rest is them getting married and stuff with less heart breaking drama. A girl can dream. ;__;

Yuzu is so lewdpure.

They didn't break up until 5 volumes after they started dating. And that's only because of number symbology in Japan. 4 is death and 9 is torture/suffering. There's n


why is mei such a shit? treating yuzu so poorly should be a crime

*There's no meaning besides that. So no, there's nothing indicating it will have 12 volumes.

Am I gonna be able to watch this without fapping the whole time?

I bet Yuzu's so broken now she's top 3.

Wow, so she spoiled it purely by pairing 4 (Death) Hitsugi with 9 (Agony) Chitaru. Bravo. Japanese and their unlucky numbers and yuri.

It's not.

Mei, stop using the bear for your breast-fondling technique!

How can lesbians have loud sex? Not like there's going to be a squeaky bed.

Until you agree with this

But that's the exact opposite.

Anyone have that shot of the Sakura trick OP on Cred Forums?

Not after chapter 36

First result on google images. Apply yourself.

They'll get back together in a couple of months

Enough, NeneLARPer.

It's all part of Ume's master plan.

Chapter 37
>Yuzu will make up her mind and will throw away her ring because suffering for a person is not worth it

Yuzu should mail it back to Mei. Then when we finally get the healing we deserve, Mei can at last put the ring on Yuzu's finger properly.

>Mei putting the ring on Yuzu
Only after winning her back, with Yuzu not making it easy for Mei

This feels silly. The manga seems back in spring, so we could end up back in summer vacation for the resolution. Memorable summer alright, just one year later than the one we thought Saburouta was talking about.

Sending the ring back, pouring her heart out in her own letter, and saying it hurts too much to carry, would be a pretty deep blow.

Unfortunately, Yuzu is a saint, too pure for this word, so she'll let Mei back with a good enough apology.

Ah yes, Matsuri. The girl that ruined Citrus.

*The girl that could've saved citrus.

>Matsuri, the girl that was right about Mei the whole time

>Ah yes, Mei. The girl that ruined Citrus.

>Matsuri in the Denny's
>Yuzu crying

It was perfectly fine beforehand for a yuri manga. Matsuri is a retarded character that brought a fuck ton of unnecessary drama and character assassination. Every single arc she's involved in is worse because of her.

>character assassination

Sorry, "character" assassination

>"character" assassination

So right she got BTFO the next chapters.

Reminder to beat the shit out of Saburouta when you meet her in the street.

But then who would draw Yuzu's smile?

I think I like her. I look forward to what she does down the line.

is it wrong that I want to fuck Matsuri?

Yes, literally just called the police, you degeneratel.

I hate her. Enough to make me consider dripping the show.


I'm so fucking upset with this chapter, you have no idea. I was having a bad week already and now I feel like garbage.

Why? She's a vapid sociopath. It's the worst of two worlds.

She's better in the anime than in the manga, thus gar

I will give it to Sabu that she made me really love Yuzu
too bad she's not real ;_;

are they getting married

And she's the only one who can make Yuzu smile again, so you have no choice in the matter.

>ear grating voice
>pink hair
I can't stand her.

>hating best hair color

uh huh

I think Sabu drew a pic of them getting married for some extra in this YH.

>hating pink hair

yuzu is too good for citrus

>Harumin is too good for citrus

Let your girlfriend comfort you while cuddling.

>Peace signs and winks
Jesus Christ, no wonder she is being bullied.

Shut your whore mouth, Yuzu a cute and a best.

please delete this image

2d girls should be with 2d girls



Matsuri isn't even a natural pinky, she's a bottle blossom.

Really? This manga makes you feel things? I honestly can't empathize. It's about a dumb MC girl who immediately falls head over heels in love with a total cunt. Neither of them are honest with each other. They suck and deserve all their suffering, because it is entirely of their own making.

How, just HOW does one fuck up so badly at selecting voice actors?

The killing bites thread is a few blocks down.

>It's about a dumb MC girl who immediately falls head over heels in love with a total cunt. Neither of them are honest with each other. They suck and deserve all their suffering,
God I wish that were me

fuck teledildonics, why is no one working on bluetooth/wifi cuddle tech yet

I like her so far. It's fun seeing what she does to Yuzu and Mei's relationship.

Picture this:
Himeko x Matsuri

I thought I was going to like her but turns out I didn't.
She's so excessively clingy and her voice grates my ears.

I want to KICK her like a sign

Agreed. The voice actress did a fine job regarding tone, but her voice just doesn't fit the character. It's not her fault; just bad casting.

Annoying cunt. I saw someone mention that she shares a VA with Nanachi, which surprises me. I usually like nasally characters like Nanachi or Nonon but she really grates.

Picture this:
Mei x proper display of affection towards Yuzu

And therefore Cred Forums. How was your valentine's day? Mine was boring.

Shiraho x Nene is the superior crackship.

>She's so excessively clingy
Her parents completely neglected her growing up and she has almost no friends. So if she likes someone she won't leave them alone. She did this to Yuzu at first and starts showing signs of this to Harumin later on.

What's wrong with this whore?

Mei rejected her, so Yuzu is fair game at this point.

She knew deep inside that Matsuri was a better option.

>yuzu, aka aihara academy's most eligible bachelorette

>If you're a pretty dyke

If Aihara Yuzu is 97, who is the Aihara at 99?


I'd laugh if she did better than Mei, but I doubt it. Maybe it's to show that Aihara really is a common name, which is why the students didn't figure out Yuzu was Mei's stepsister sooner.

Translation mistake. The name isn’t the same in Japanese, but there are look alike.

No trolling here.
Can people enlighten me and help me win my bet with my fellow friend who thinks it was the last chapter?
What are the proofs that we will have a chapter 37?

Is Yuzu gay or something, how could you possible refuse a horny and partially undressed Mei?

Citrus showed up in the preview for next Yuri Hime, but it was a mistake so new chapter not until April.

Also, they'd be retarded to think the last chapter wouldn't be announced in advance.

Matsuri gives her the attention that Mei will never give her. Matsuri is the "nice guy" by comparisson and she's a clingy weirdo into enjo kosai

How they announce last chapter usually? The author makes a note?

Something to do with Japanese culture. The same reason girls in doujins always scream no when cumming.

Lets just appreciate how Yuzu is stacked in her own dreams.

Japanese want women to say no, but then get fucked anyway. Rape is kind of their thing. Ask the Koreans.

Matsuri doesn't do enjo kosai, she only blackmails Mei into doing it.

It gets previewed in the issue before the last chapter. Let's say for example that chapter 40 were the last, then Yuri Hime with chapter 39 in it would announce the ending. Nothing about Citrus ending soon has been announced.

whats the significance of the title citrus?

Thank for then precision. This chapter sounded so final it was disturbing.

Considering that both her drama CD voice actress and her anime voice actress sound similar, maybe this is the kind of voice Saburouta had in mind for Matsuri. I don't like it, but maybe it'll grow on me.

Thanks for the spoiler. Now I like Matsuri

They just wanted Mei's sayonara at the end of the chapter to feel impactful, so they used it in place of the usual To be continued. Saburouta even tweeted that it was an experimental chapter for her.

Author promised happy yuri ending in previous volumes author notes. So sad break up het ending should have already made people realize it wasn't the ending.

not your blog edgefag

because after you read it you want to rub lemons in your eyes

Yuzu means citrus.

They'd have disowned me by now if they knew.

Is this a big issue in jap-gaijin relationships?

Huh, interesting. I never noticed that before. Fun detail considering she apparently is selfconcious about her boobs

She's basically the psychopathic ex-girlfriend from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Literally a shit

Breaking the main couple in a way that seem they could never recover near the end is an old J-drama/shoujo trick. I remember some anons were speculating unironically that NTR Trap would have a sad ending

The word citrus almost looks like clitoris.

not really


Matsuri does something to my dick.

I mean, nobody cares watches Citrus for Matsuri, so I'm sure it'll grow on us.

I will regard you as the first comment on my blog

Yeah. It's weird.

The funny thing is, all things considered (het, and Hotaru shenanigans), NTR ended having less melodrama than Citrus.

Hotaru had a fuckton of issues, but she was earnest when it came down to Yuma. Yuma was her priority. When she left you knew there was a good reason to it - she tried to make it look like the gay was entirely on her and Yuma was some victim. Hotaru would never have hurt Yuma.

Citrus, on the other hand, is about a considerably toxic relationship in which Yuzu is pretty much an angel who makes everyone become better people, but Mei cannot get over her issues, leads Yuzu on but always ends up harming her in the end, because of her own insecurities and the fact she cannot give her the priority she deserves.


Not so much, as Nips expecting women to just lay down in bed and do close to nothing. So, women who want to be active in bed come off as weird to them.

I recall a friend of mine telling me he felt gay after having had sex with some American girl.


Yes, she is quite handsome. Can you say you're surprised though given the themes of both shows? i don't save many images, it was the best confused one i had

Stories need conflict or else they aren't interesting. She seems to be doing a good job of providing that so far, forcing Mei to explore her feelings by creating jealousy.

her voice is annoying as shit

>Not the cemetery on top of Yuzu's dad
>And on the train to there and back

Reminder to read chapter 36 with Plastic Love on loop for maximum suffering.

>the fact she cannot give her the priority she deserves
That's you projecting what you think Mei's priorities should be. The fact is that from the start, Yuzu and Mei are completely different people with different priorities in life. I love Yuzu, I agree with what you said about her but she's short sighted about her life. First ep she says that the only courses a high school girl needs is on friendship and fashion. In chap 35, she did say she wants to achieve and get into a good uni, but the motivation was so that she can go to the same uni as Mei. Everything revolves around her relationship and her love for Mei.
Yuzu can do that because she doesn't have anything outside her relationship with Mei pulling her any which way. Mei does. She cannot give Yuzu the same priority and this is not a weakness. All her other anchors has existed before Yuzu. She needs to work it out on her own and return to Yuzu as her own person.

aw man, I thought mei was going to push matsuri down those stairs

Don't be stupid. I'm not saying Mei should just drop all her societal obligations (though she can, yet I can understand her situation since she probably doesn't want to do her grandfather a disservice, and I wouldn't do it either), but that if she really loved Yuzu she should have been honest with her, tell her she was planning on following her family's obligations and that following that path had no space for a relationship with her.

Not only did she keep Yuzu in the dark about her engagement, she purposefully asked two people to keep this secret from her, and when she finally decided to drop the bomb on Yuzu, she did it through a fucking letter - claiming doing it face-to-face would have been too much for her to bear.

The only person who thought Yuzu deserved to know about the engagement was Himeko.

That's what I meant by priority. If Mei's love was as real as she claimed it to be in that retarded letter, she would have confronted Yuzu earlier, told her what her circumstances were, what her own resolution was, and why she was breaking up with her. Yuzu deserved that much.

Yeah you are right about Yuzu but what Mei does is as unhealthy as that, maybe even worse. Mei doesn't really have a private life without Yuzu, all she does is work for the school because she sees it as her duty.
This is almost the only thing she has and I don't think it will change even when she has children and a nice husband who cares about her because she kinda made her decision to dedicate her life to the school. Look what kind of person her father is and I have the feeling she is even more autistic than her father was before her.

It's a lazy plot device where the writer stops a sexual event just short of actual intercourse to keep leading the readers on.

I call it the pussy plot armor


What's the point of all this retarded suffering. Yuzu does everything man, shes devoted and cares deeply for Mei but she gets shafted by the author every single time. She does nothing wrong, fuck this drama bullshit in every single arc of this mango. I just want her to be happy.

everyone needs a friend like harumin
also yuzu's hair was cute in this scene, one of my favorites so far

French braid is for Übermenschen.

>breathes in

>"Are you hiding it from your friends while secretly fooling around with each other at school?"

I think this is the only series in all anime where the MC doesn't wear the same hairstyle every day. And it is amazing. I love Yuzu.

riko in love lab changed her hair quite often
now that I think about it her and yuzu are quite similar

Harumin a cutest!

I don't disagree that it was a shitty thing that Mei did. In defense of Mei though, she is such an incredibly socially dysfunctional character. We've seen that time and time again. She doesn't know how to talk about her feelings and every time she's emotionally distraught, she goes completely off tangent and does something self sabotaging instead. The one time she almost tells Yuzu she loves her face-to-face, Yuzu was pressuring her. Also, I think she deserves some credit for trying to tell Yuzu in chap 35, but Yuzu herself smothers over that conversation and didn't want to hear it. That's the point Mei probably realized that she can't do it face-to-face because any reaction from Yuzu; crying, asking why, saying don't do this, would probably make her change her mind. What of her resolve then?
There is an argument to be made that if Mei was afraid her resolve would break, then that itself means she's making the wrong decision. But we always feel more strongly for things that are closer to us than things that are far away. Mei doesn't equate intensity of feelings with measure of importance. As for the letter, confessing in that way doesn't invalidate her love for Yuzu. It was cowardly and weak, both things she admitted. It also matches her pattern of behavior so far. What determines if Mei's character progresses or regresses is not this action, but what she does after this.

To me, this shows clearly how very opposite they are to each other. Yuzu's focus is very internal, Mei's is very external. Neither are right, and for the relationship to work it shouldn't be on either of them to be the only ones giving up. They both need to meet in the middle.


What an awful chapter. Why is Yuzu after such a bitch?

That's me and my last relationship.

Hey Mei it's me Yuzu, i just called you to say that i pawned my ring and with the money i will go buy a new one for my new girlfriend.
No biggie ok? Farewell one-chan.


First review of Yuri Hime on Does the read think Citrus stole the light in this magazine? I don't understand well the use of 持っていった

You're defending the undefendable.
The problem isn't limited to Mei's social autism, but that she also led Yuzu on.
Think about her main reason for breaking up with her - that is the engagement. The engagement isn't solely to join the Aiahara with another family, they could probably overlook that considering the teacher Mei was previously engaged to didn't seem to be from a rich family. The reason for the engagement is just purely for tradition, as to show her becoming an adult.
Her relationship with Yuzu cannot go on, because lesbianism is a social taboo, especially among rich people who are more likely to be more conservative than the rest of the populace.

Yet, the one time Yuzu had to deal with how society would see them, and how that would affect Mei's status, which teared her apart from within, Mei told her they could do nothing about what others thought, and that all they could do was to carry on as they were. That was a powerful message and one of Mei's best moments (if not the best). However, now it turns out societal norms are important, because she wants to be headmaster and she can't be gay while doing that job.

She also agreed to receive Yuzu's ring, and to keep turning their relationship into something deeper and more serious. She even sought out Yuzu on her own several times.

Even for her social autism there should have been a point in which she ought to have realised that going further would only have been cruel to Yuzu. Yet, she went nearly all the way before dumping her.

Is this bitch really necessary?

>Yuzu making loud sex noises with Harumin

I can understand Mei and I find her letter beautiful and moving. But she led Yuzu fall for her to the point to envision Mei as her wife and make projects to a shared future. she didn't cut Yuzu from her sooner.
Yuzu cannot recover now. She could have if Mei would have rejected the rings and stopped after the date.

But, she wrote the letter when she was aware Yuzu was so deep in love. And she expects Yuzu to find happiness... I see a very troubled and suffering girl in pure denial. Mei suffers, it's clear, but she deprived Yuzu a real closure and any chance to do something. Really, I wonder how the author can redeem Mei without using a deus ex machina (manager + rings; Shou...).

Seems the chapter is indeed viewed as a memorable one and a masterpiece that cast shadow on other titles in the issue.

I will add, seriously, leaving this note in the love notebook where Yuzu has to bear the sight of her cute and romantic antics and drawings to please Mei before stumbling on this letter is purely cruel. Or a "please save me" hidden call. But cruel and weak. At least, a letter outside the notebook.

Well it certainly made us all sad and obsessed with it. So I guess it is a masterpiece in trolling.

To be honest I wouldn't put all the blame to Mei, she obviously didn't realize her love for Yuzu until it's too late.

Don't worry guys.
Next YH anime will be this.
Free of drama and just comedy fanservice everywhere.

I don't think it says that.
I'm not confident about my moon reading, but it seems to say the Reviwer expect Citrus to have been the best part of this months Yuri Hime, but there's some new manga that's been serialised that he thinks is really good, and cannot decide between the two,

This, blaming people with autism for being autistic is racist or something, it's not Mei's fault.

Ok, indeed they are new series that are interesting. But Citrus chapter indeed took some light as expected.


I like how you can tell it's a fantasy because Yuzu has breasts.

Shitter they pulled out of their arse in order to add even more drama to a show that didn't need it.

Isn't it something like
>This month, Citrus has it all
>This month, it's all about Citrus

She does have breasts. They're just not nearly big enough to contain a cellphone between them.

This isn't something you should be talking about around people you don't know.

What’s so special about chapter 36?

I don't think you understand what this show is. It's drama. It's literally just drama.

What's that?

It's like hitting a concrete wall at 100 miles per hour.

She's great, but they should have gone all the way and made her a loli.

Do you mind sharing what happens?
I don’t really care about spoilers at this point.

If you don't then just go ahead and read the manga.

Yeah, something like that. So the consensus in Japan is the chapter is memorable. People are triggered. I will wait for tomorrow when the usual readers buy their volume in the open days.

>Citrus has it all
Didn't precise.

She did, but it is not her fault. It's like blaming a kamikaze instead of blaming the ones that brainwashed him into doing it.

Airing next Season.

Indeed, remember that one time when:

Gramps: Mei, if you're going to play with girls, be sure to ditch those bitches before you turn 18.
Mei: Yes, ojii-sama
Gramps: Be sure to make them feel like they have a chance, and then break them as hard as you can for maximum damage.
Mei: Yes, ojii-sama!

No, but I remember the time when Gramps set an arranged marriage for her, which basically implies all of your snarky dialogue. Mainly because it happened twice.


Oh totally.

Gramps: Mei, so you're going to get married with this dude.
Mei: Yes, ojii-sama!
Gramp: You know what you have to do, right?

But she didn't. She broke with her well in advance precisely because she didn't want to make her suffer any more.

Mei haters are brainlets.

Oh yeah, she broke up with her only after a few months of leading her, knowing full well she was serious.

No biggie. Totally gramps and Shou's fault. Mei did nothing wrong.

Mei is a shit but a shit with a chance at redemption

Matsuri on the other hand is shit forever

Mei fell in love with Yuzu, she didn't lead her on in that respect. If anything, she tried not to fall in love. And of course she has her faults, who says she doesn't? But this shit IS because of her upbringing.

She didn't. Let me remind you this is generally the norm in her academy, and let me remind you Mei only knows about the academy. She simply wasn't able to understand that she loved Yuzu until very recently. And she ALWAYS was reluctant to accept Yuzu's advances anyway. It wasn't till the part with the wedding dresses that she couldn't handle it anymore. She knew Yuzu was super serious, she knew that she herself was super serious by that point, and she knew she'd have to break with her sooner or later because of the marriage and her family and the academy, so she broke with her right then and there.

Leave Matsuri's rehab to me.

based as fuck. finally we get an alpha in this fucking anime

Literately just Yui as a harem MC.

She didn't lead her? She went on with their relationship knowing full well how serious Yuzu was about her. Mei also knew she couldn't go all the way because of the role she had and chose to play, and despite that, she went on with that charade.

The norm in the Academy is that they play around during highschool, and then they get married with some dude. All the girls do that, and thus they all know they'r not being serious.
However, Yuzu made it clear from early on she was serious about her. Hell, Mei even made a fucking scene in volume 4, simply because Yuzu wouldn't openly confess, for fucks sake.

She didn't realise Yuzu was serious during the wedding dress scene. What she realised was that her breaking up with Yuzu was long overdue.

Mei is limited in her social interactions but she isn't mentally challenged. She knew full well what she meant to Yuzu since long ago. She knew how serious she was about her, at the very least, since the ending of volume 4.

Even if Mei didn't fully realise her own feelings until recently, she did know what Yuzu's feelings were. And there's no way to excuse her through Gramps or Shou here. This was all her own doing.

Bringing the goods.

>is she pretending they're tits?

>Matsuri on the other hand is shit forever
Mama Harumin will change that

Yes and that it's Yuzu in her lap.

Love is like a battlefield.

You might lose a battle but you have to keep trying harder to win the war of love.

Mei must be really good with her hands.

Well, let's hope she'll use them in volume 10.

Why is Yuzu such a miracle of the universe, is this torture porn of a really cute lesbian who only deserves the best, is seeing such an innocent beautiful baby crumble the main appeal

as much as I want to see mei stop being such a clustercuck yuzu does not deserve this.

>Some Yuzus are alright, don’t go to school tomorrow.

Too soon?

I want to see more yuzu justifiably angry at mei.

Seems like a plausible outcome

But Matsuri is happily attending the Academy with her beloved Taniguchi-senpai. Together they can look at Nene in utter contempt and disgust.

Is she listening to Pumped up Kicks?

wew laddy

The time has come and so do i

wow fuck I actually liked that but I never thought about listening to it while being somewhat sad. thanks I guess.

>jewish weapons
>school shooting
checks out

This is so fucking cute look at how autistic she is


What kind of fucking skirt/dress is that?

Shelltered dork

Hopeless Yuzu.

Mei really makes you want to protect her

She's literally autistic and not in the meme way.

Why does everyone in this show have mental issues?
Yuzu is a complete sperg, Mei is unironically autistic, Matsuri is sociopathic, Himeko is chuuni. I think Harumin is the only normal character in this show

Mei indeed a cute.


Ah, the classic lesbian leg straddle.

yuzu is one of the more normal characters, she's hardly a sperg

How the hell did that song get s resurgence of popularity? It has a really nice beat, I'll grant you that.

Meanwhile, on nip MAL.百合/

This is so good, I like the new rival.
Mei needed an antagonist to come along to realize that she's playing with her sisters emotions and to be real.

Jelly Mei is top cute.

I want to save Harumin from hanging out with all these turbo dykes and mating press her.

Cuteness ranking

Crying Yuzu > Jelly Mei = Regular Yuzu > rest

I want Harumin to get mating pressed by Matsuri

I feel like Matsuri wasn't intended to be in the story for long at first, introducing her as a sociopath who wanted to screw with whatever love life Yuzu might had out of boredom, without actually caring about her. But the author had doubts about what direction she wanted to take it in, so in the end, she decided to write it as "she a good girl after all" to keep her in the story as a side character.

Whoever that is, she's fucking gorgeous.

yeah she sounds kind of strange

I fucking love this cute autist but why does she have to make us suffer?
Like just give a giant middle finger to everything and go live your happy life with your beloved Yuzu instead of writing a stupid apology letter and letting other control your life.

She has cute autism user, it comes with the package of being a cute autist, Yuzu has to take care and love her with all her problems because she's cute

I just hope that one day both Yuzu and Mei will take the letter and laugh about it

big if true

Because she can't just send her grandfather to his death, you know?

It's quite refreshing to see an anime that's not yuribait and just about lesbians grtting on with being lesbians. I know Sakura Trick also exists, but it was shit.

>next chapter we see grandpa on his death bed

>yuki yuna is a brave man
what the fuck google translate?

The problem with ST is that it focused too much on smut. Here is all about girls fighting the system and severe autism for their love.

Is Matsuri the best thing that happened to this series yet?
All these autistic moments from Mei, she really deserves to be cucked

That'd still be seen as an unsatisfactory conclusion. She has to change her mind and choose Yuzu over the academy before anything else happens.

I liked Sakura Trick. I think it was very cute.

I still think it should be Harumin x Yuzu
>inb4 shin

>I have to protect our family tradition because it was my dead gramps dying wish
God, no.

The YH anime for next season is literally just yuri harem hijinks.


Nope, I'm here for the feelings. Sorry.

What is it?

Sakura Trick was great, I still like it better than Citrus.

Tachibanakan ToLie Angle.


Don't worry, she has more than 2 girls on her harem.

We should do one for Citrus t b h

13 year olds can't be this sexy!

but with a collage of girls crying in the beckground

And attempts at sex.

>more vapid smut
Oh, great. I can't wait...

As expected, Citrus is trending once again, even though the competition is hard with top trending trusted by the Olympic Games. The usual, and they already made an advertising for the new Yuri Hime Comic.

Matsuri will do this in the next chapter.

Oh man, that was legitimately one of the funniest threads I have ever seen on Cred Forums. I was laughing for an hour straight.

What other options do we have?
Kase-san is boring fluff, Yagakimi is boring drama.

If you only care about the physical aspect of it, then just go watch some fucking porn.

>Kase-san is boring fluff, Yagakimi is boring drama.

that scene where she licked the lid automatically made me think she was a jojo character and i began dubbing her with manly voices because her original voice a shit

Seriously, the Va is good in the sense that she needs to be hated and very disturbing. So she succeed since people find her character so cunty.

And for Japanese, her voice is known, so really, just our tastes here. And seriously, do they care in Japan? Some people liked former Va, I don't see a big difference. Maybe this one was chosen for planning convenience or other reasons.

>he doesn't know

>well the japanese...
No one gives a shit you fucking weaboo.

Chill mate, all is a matter of point of view.

Kase-san is better than this trash you pleb

That's not really an accomplishment.

The subs translated it as flirting with each other at school. Not sure if mistranslation or if the anime changed the line.

What on earth are you talking about?

She realized it in volume 7. She let it drag on for two more volumes after that.

Chapter 35 --> chapter 36 with fake broken smile and tears.

Good job Mei!

It’s the first time i’ve actually cared about a character. I can’t wait to see she smiling again.

I was readying some reviews in Dynasty, and i’m wondering why some readers actually think that Mei will marry the manager. I mean, this fucking manga is published in Yurihime, and is one of the most popular series published there, i doubt the editors would permit something like this. There’s no way Saburouta will do a het ending in Citrus. She loves her characters and promised the happy ending countless times.

I don't. What?

But it's clear, in the manga at least, that Matsuri's actions were motivated by jealousy over Mei. Yuzu was the only one who paid attention to Matsuri as a kid. I question if what Matsuri felt for her was really love, since it seemed more like dependence, but her feelings are genuine whatever they are.

And Matsuri was already starting to be set up for redemption by the end of her arc when she wishes Yuzu and Mei well. She's still a prankster, but not as extreme as before. Then the story started playing her character off of Harumin instead.

I want to fuck Mei while Yuzu is looking.

Saburouta tweet the 31th of December 2017


This sentence mentions Yuzu and Mei's bound together for happiness. I may have missed something, but I think the idea is here.
At this moment, chapter 35 was already done, and 36 in the works. So... the author said it herself once again.

The only reason why people made that one for ST was because people were (rightfully) complaining about it.

So they have never had a bad ending in the history of the magazine?

That guy is delusional. While I think they won't go for that end, I'm pretty confident it'll have a bittersweet ending.

Wasn't this just in one author's afterword? I hope for a happy end but there is always an open option of a dry normal end that would be NOT COOL

What's your idea of a bittersweet ending? Mei and Yuzu coming back together after years?

Author already promised Yuzu and Mei having a happy future together in her author notes for the volume releases.

It is in all the author's afterwords in volume 5,6,7,8 after Mei and Yuzu became a couple in volume 5 (end volume 4 with the confession).

Some anons still don't want to accept it apparently and just be drama queens.

And in her tweet here. I may add, she always mentions Mei and Yuzu together in her wish and also in signature events meetings.
Let's not forget the benefits and collectors that people blindly buy as fans of the couple. They buy it because it materializes their OTP, if the OTP is broken like the chapter 36 did, and it ends like that, people won't buy the bonus content for an inexistent couple.

That’s why i doubt she would just give us a sad ending. Saburouta is crazy, but i don’t think she would lie in the volume notes.

That'd be it. She married the guy, she had children with him, she inherited the academy, but in the end she and Yuzu came back together. Happy ending, so everything is fine, amiright?

Sakura Trick was one of the comfiest, pure-hearted romances I've ever seen.

Then Saburouta can say good bye to her career, right? Also, Yurihime would lost several subscribers.

That's not how magazines work, user. Otherwise Kodama Naoko would be unemployed and YH would already be dead.
That's not even mentioned Yuri Danshi

It actually says
>In next tear too, I wish both Yuzu and Mei are accompanied by happiness (or good luck)

>Citrus challenges today's anime standards by introducing interesting topics like "How cringy can character dialogue become in an anime until I drop it?" and "Is it sexual assault if I kiss my step sister without consent...and get away with it?"
>Now on to the topic of Gay bait. Is this show some gay bait for people that browse through tumblr and reddit 24/7? Yes. Yes it is. Instead of developing a genuine, natural romance between two highschool students that happen to be girls, we get some of the most rapey, uncomfortable yuri scenes I had the displeasure to watch. It is amazing how people are willing to justify abusive and toxic romance as long as it's gay.

I want to fuck Yuzu while Mei is looking.

inb4 happiness by the author definition is both of them walking their own path.

In NTR, Hotaru and Yuma ended up together at least. It had het throughout of the series, but the ending is yuri.

Doesn't sound like it.

Every story Saburouta has ever written has had a traditional happy ending. Just look at her oneshot Partners. To her drama is just a tease before the actual happy ending.

So you'd be fine with Mei marrying the guy then?

I want both of you to go fuck yourselves.

That's not how Saburouta writes. She's not a first timer. All her stories are cliche happy endings.

was it even romance? I thought it was just kissing porn with girls who weren't even dating

>one precure doujin
>one wildrose oneshot
Not seeing it.

Chapter 37 spoilers

Yuzu will lose her shit and go kidnap Mei

what happened with Yuri Danshi?

I was talking about Kodama’s work. Saburouta’s situation is totally different. The only het scene happened in chapter 1, after that everything focused around Yuzu and Mei.

>Next year too, if Mei and Yuzu would be dating, it would be "happines" (as in awesome)
This one is spooky, I don't like it, hope I'm wrong.

Truly best girl of the series.

The physics engine was awesome. pic related.

Nah, Yuzu won't go see her. Ume will though.

It's more of a SoL with yuri then a pure romance yuri. The couples are at different states of their relationships but pic were basically already dating from the start.

Kissing a girl in second grade on the playground is a romance. You don't have to get married after for it to be a romance.

>I didn't make you share a bed with my daughter so you could go take dick for the rest of your miserable life

I'd rather have Shou come back though.

Shou would be cheap since he coming back would solve everything without Mei having to do anything, and it's too late for that.

Something like: in next year, we would be happy/it would be awesome if Mei and yuzu could be together (as a couple, implied).

Many nuances, but the idea is Yuzu + Mei next year.

We all know Mei isn't going to do shit, it'll be her Fiancee noticing the ring and probably making an offhanded comment about how its similar to one Yuzu worked at his cafe to afford for her partner.

I'd like that, bulldozer Yuzu back in action. But, Mei would be wasted in her progression.

Truck-Kun will save the day. Yuzu in a coma, Mei ready to let down everything, including taking the risk to reject the family legacy while still losing Yuzu whose health is in danger.

>Truck-kun saving the day
Well I'll be damned.

He doesn't have to commit to the academy, but he can reconcile with his own dad, and get Mei to stop being stupid.

If we accept someone is going to give Mei her epiphany I think Shou is the most reasonable route. Maybe the manager or Himeko?
Having your ex's mom talk to you is weird.

I mean Saburouta always follows the same pattern. Her het manga has all the couples happy at the end and it also has lewd. Same with her one-shot. Anyone who is talking about bad/bittersweet end is a shitposter.

There's obviously not going to be a wedding to anyone who's paying attention. Mei kept the ring, the story emphasizes the rings constantly, the manager would recognize the ring and would not go along with the marriage when he finds out.

No, the idea is that it would be awesome IF they were together, not that they are gonna be together and they aren't. I'm starting to lean towards my second translation because "itadaku" is in conditional form. I believe, though.

Ok can somebody explain me how this retarded engaged marriage thing works???

Like if my brother will inherit my family business then why MUST i the second brother have a engaged marriage too???

Strengthening family connections with other well off families.

I am baffled by Yuzu's strength, the girl decided to follow a structured life, no happiness or pleasure anymore, but she stands no matter what and didn't kill herself.

I mean, if we are a little realistic here, Mei did take the risk to cause Yuzu's suicide.

But she's also her mom now. Which sure, that only makes it more awkward, but she could be focusing on the fact that she doesn't want her new daughter to have a fake marriage and a sad life.

So it's all about the money?

Mei can't marry outside her family. If she married a man, she would take his name, and the Aihara family line would dissapear.

The way you solve this problem, is by adopting your daughter's fiance. The manager will become an Aihara, and then when Mei marries him she'll still be Aihara Mei.
No family will give up their first born son like this, so it makes sense he's a younger sibling.

Well, I agree, it's conditional but it's normal, she has to let us steam a little.

Yuzu will have a happy ending for sure. She’s suffering now, but i’m glad that Harumin, Nene and Matsuri are by her side.

makes me think, did I look at my sister sexually? did people notice?

how is it that the eyes are able to betray things like this?

>Mei did take the risk to cause Yuzu's suicide
Why would Yuzu kill herself over a girl? this is the stupidest thing to do imo, i know that love hurts, but she is young and beautiful if she wants she could find another Mei

Wow i'm spechless

>another Mei
Let's talk upgrades

Mei 2.0. should definitely come with an autism suppression device installed and an upgrade in common sense ram.

>I mean, if we are a little realistic here, Mei did take the risk to cause Yuzu's suicide
It's a bit extreme to think that everyone would kill themselves after a breakup, no matter how bad. Life goes on, it sucks but time heals everything.

But her autism is one of her adorable traits.

Why did Sakura Trick received lots of hate??
All i see are lots of hetshit, rape pics of the red hair girl.
Did the anime made jokes about lonely fatassess waifufags perhaps???

To be fair, this is teen lesbians we're dealing with.

We're talking about teenagers here though. And not only teenagers, buy Japanese ones at that. It's no joke.

If Harumin was ever heartbroken, which would explain her fear of getting hurt (again), then she can have a heart to heart with Yuzu and give her some advice on how to deal with the breakup. We still don't know if Harumin knows that Yuzu dated Mei.

Ok, fine, but tone it down a little.

This would be good. An ass pull, and beg the question why she waited 6 to 8 months, but good.

Everybody and their moms knows. Literally. The only one who doesn't is Nene cause she's a poor idiot. They're just being retardedly considerated about all that. It's yet another retarded Japanese trait.

Harumin's fear of relationships was brought up in volume 3, but never elaborated on. But since Saburouta loves to bring up long forgotten plot threads, it could make a come back.

I can't wait to see the rage of purity fags when it happens.

>But since Saburouta loves to bring up long forgotten plot threads
Exactly. Everything can happen.

Since Saburouta seems to pair Harumin with Matsuri it's perfect, since they're both tainted then.

Harumin used to look like a nerd. Maybe a hot girl gave her a makeover and Harumin fell for her. But the other girl was just playing around and Harumin was left heartbroken. So Harumin adopted a carefree persona and just dedicated her time to fun and friends to cope.

I love autistic Mei

>beneath that nerdy exterior was a vicious yuri carnivore, who went through qts like drinking water
>decided to go to the academy to play around with a whole school of repressed young women

Because /u/ invaded every show that wasn't yuri and pretended it was yuri, for years, so when an actual yuri show popped up, a major shitstorm erupted.

Everyone loves autistic Mei when she does cute dere things.
Then there's the time she straight up abandons her waifu, leaving only a short note.

>Harumin fell for her. But the other girl was just playing around and Harumin was left heartbroken
Seeing the usual cheery Harumin like that would be soul crushing, so it's totally going to happen.

Wasn't the reason they give in the manga her sister, though? When onee-chan left the school Harumin didn't have to be scared of her and stay in her shadow anymore and was free to be herself

Because it was garbage and was all about the two main girls kissing in secret in various places, That was it.

I think people over-attribute Harumin's behavior to Mitsuko. She said she became half-assed because of her sister, but that doesn't explain how she got into being a gyaru in the first place. And her sister is still around, but on seemingly business trips sometimes.

>Because /u/ invaded every show that wasn't yuri and pretended it was yuri
>this will happen again once this season ends, since next season will have way fewer yuri series

next season has tachibanakan, can't wait

>mahou shoujo site
>comic girls
>uma musume (maybe?)
>fumikiri jikan
It has plenty, going from bait to full on yuri.




But we're talking about japanese lesbian teen girls.
Fucking nippon is the world champion in suicide.
They even invented different flavors of suicide.

It's where they accidentally said there'd be a new chapter next month even though volume 9 is releasing. No new chapter next month, so it will come end up coming out in April instead.

Ah thank you.

Normal suicide
Kamikaze pilot suicide

You left out hanging themselves in forest of death so an obnoxious youtuber can record them for clicks.

>first two stories of the CITRUS anthology are already done with translation and typeset, please be patient for the quality checks etc. the anthology will come by 2 stories at a time.

>Then there's the time she straight up abandons her waifu, leaving only a short note

Don't worry Yuzu and Mei will burn that note the day of their marriage

Oh thank God, please give me some brief happiness.

I hope it's full of HaruMatsu like the previous one.

This anthology focuses mainly on Yuzu/Mei, but luckily Harumin/Matsuri pairing is present in two of the stories, with Matsuri hanging on Harumin in a third when they go to visit sick Mei.

Do girls find Rei clones appealing? The main audience on Japan are horny males but there are nip women following Citrus. I remember there's an interview where Chiaki Kuriyama mentioned that while growing up she saw Rei Ayanami as an example of femininity or something

Source of the pic?

Is Yuzu gay or just dumb?


First anthology, eight chapter I think, but all of them are great.


She's a miserable pile of lust.

From previous anthology, it's called Continue. Look up Citrus: Lovely Party.

>miserable pile of lust.
No wonder Cred Forums likes her so much, because they can relate.

Both. Also, a miracle of the universe.

>dropped citrus manga halfway through matsuri's arc 4 years ago due to mei's autism
>see citrus animu is airing
>out of curiousity decide to check out the latest chapter to see if it got any better
>mei's autism only intensified and she's still a shitty character
Im glad I dropped this

Yuzu has the raging hormonal level of a teenage boy.

Where can I read this, can't find a site to read it.

And I love her for that. Much better than the usual reserved and polite yuri MC

Dumb gay sexycute

This could have been avoided if Yuzu had a bloody phone lock screen.

She can't, the lock screen is gayproof.

Why is she so perfect

…for target practice?

droopy eyes

>Citrus: Lovely Party
Just put that in google user. It's not that hard.


I want to see her masturbating

You'll have to give her money, ojisan.

I love Matsuri and she's my favorite citrus, but even I think her voice didn't match quite as well. When she went a bit deeper around the time she was molesting Yuzu on the couch, I liked the tone better. Anyways Maturi a cute and perfect antagonist.

HaruMatsu is god.

>Do girls find Rei clones appealing?
Anyone can find Rei clones appealing. Speaking from an objective standpoint, dandere are among the most interesting dere of all.

>Mei fell asleep while undressing


But Mei is a kuudere though.

dynasty scans

It's a weird voice indeed, but it grew on me pretty quickly.

Are anthologies canon

I'd say she's a bit of both, but personally I think she doesn't fall too strongly into either category.
But we're talking about Rei-clones.
And I wasn't really following the conversation.

Same here, but I'm likely a bit newer to the manga than most.

picked the fuck up

No, they're official, which isn't the same as canon, but it's close enough. Kinda like the drama CDs. I don't know how anthologies work but Saburouta must have had a hand in which stories got included. Maybe she approved them.

>but it's close enough
Not really. Take this gem from the GochiUsa anthology for instance.

I don't get that last panel.

At what point can you read the anthology? I assume it has spoilers for later arcs.

I don't know if by the time the next chapter is out (April) I'll want to see the direct continuation of this melodrama, or some short break for healing, slightly connected to the main plot, but focused on Harumi and Matsuri.

Anyhow, I think the time is ripe for the series to change the PoV to Mei. By now, there's absolutely nothing to gain by keeping her "mysterious" and I think the story would gain a lot giving us her perspective instead, and leaving us wondering about Yuzu.

We've already seen Yuzu do all within her power to help Mei and make her happy. However, the current circumstances no longer involve external factors or Mei making decisions out of negative emotions, but her making a clear choice out of her own will. Thus, currently, there's nothing Yuzu can do other than begging Mei to reconsider, and Mei made it clear in her letter that she's not meeting Yuzu precisely because she wants to avoid those type of circumstances. So, right now, the plot can only move through Mei - well, it could be moved by Gramps, Shou or the Manager calling off the engagement for whatever reason, but I'm sure no one wants to see that (well, maybe Nips wouldn't care, since they don't seem to hold the idea of seizing your own happiness by yourself as something important, and are likely okay with just being handed it over). So, giving Mei the PoV from now on would be the best possible course, in my opinion.

You won't regret it user, Haruka a cute!

Western fans were a mistake.

Chiya got Sharo the same present as Rize but knew Sharo would prefer it from Rize more than her so threw hers away. NTR stuff basically.

How much have you read? The stories are mostly light and funny.

Tell me about her. Why does she wear the napkin?

I'm keeping up to pace with the anime, although I haven't read the equivalent of the latest episode so Ch.8 currently.


I guess that there'd be spoilers about their relationship, and maybe characters that you don't know yet.

Some western fans are retards. It's obvious that Yuzu and Mei will end up together. They're just dumb to believe that Citrus will have a bad end. Did they actually believe that Citrus will have a fucking het ending?

I'm pretty sure the next chapter will be all about Mei, starting with Ume going to talk with her that very same night, then meeting the manager and he noticing the ring, and some scene with Gramps as well.

gaijins are simply despicable

Didn't the death threats come from Chinese fans?
I read here that spics were making some threats, but I checked out like 3 hashtags and whilst there was plenty of posting by them, most of it involved them being sad and hyped about this development. I couldn't find a single death threat.

I did see plenty of Chinese posts, but I cannot read Chinese and I read about the death threats from them here and two other websites.

I guess the next volume is indeed the last one. So Shou will probably come back after finding his ''answer''. Also, there's a reason why the Manager is the fiancé. If we put everything together, it's obvious the outcome of this drama.

I wouldn't mind if they have a role, but only after Mei makes up her mind.
Otherwise, if Mei is just handed a "Free from Jail" card, I would be honestly disappointed.

Anthology translation dump in a bit.

New thread? It's page 10.